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The Polymaticast is the official podcast of The podcast is focussed on a plethora of subjects. Where "poly" is the many part and matic is our "making" and "development" backgrounds. You can expect interesting discussions between the hosts Alan Chaess and John Bakker about things like Space travel, Cord cutting ,Making , Art and plenty of other subjects. We try to have on guests as often as possible to give us some insights into subject matter we can't cover ourselves.
57 Episodes
This week Alan and John discuss trouble with the Nokia 7.1 Android One phone. And Alan is getting ready for some big purchase.And we discuss Avengers Endgame.Spoilers start around the 16:26 markOur shares this week:Fun stuff:john | The science of minecraft – Shoddycast | | Gerald Undone | Depth of Field Myths | | Jacob Collier | Hideaway | by Sahy Uhns (CC-BY). Which you can find at Alan  or John or feedback: podcast@polymatic.mediaTwitter polymatic:
This episode Alan and John .. well mostly Alan .. discuss some super hero movies, and the gear they plan to purchase in the near stuffalan | In The Time It Takes To Get There | | Adobe magic | | Orla Gartland | Flatline | | J. Views – Why | Credits:Music by Sahy Uhns (CC-BY). Which you can find at Alan  or John or feedback: podcast@polymatic.mediaTwitter polymatic:
Our main topic this episode is Article 13 and how it affects creators and new and small communities/platforms. You can
Polymaticast 54 – NAS FTW

Polymaticast 54 – NAS FTW


This week we talk about the storage for our projects. Mainly why Alan is sticking to a portable drive and
This episode we discuss our plans for 2019, Alan’s trouble with blue flames and where to put them, Upgrading shortner
This episode we discuss Tumblr’s impending doom, and the disconnect certain social media providers have with their user base. We
This week Alan and John discuss the different IDE’s and editors they use in their work. Meanwhile a building near
Do we still need passwords ? Alan and John discuss the problems with passwords and possible ways of making them
Discussed john | Emoji: Jack-o-lantern | john | OLO printer “success” | Fun stuff john | Chiitan |
This episode we talk about what we do with our old gear and John is late for recording and getting
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