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A podcast co-hosted by Gus and Nick, who like to talk about all things movies and tv, and play all things pong! As in ping pong. Every month we take a deep dive into the latest movie of the month, a throwback classic, some awards season buzz and predictions, a chat with a spicy special guest, surprise special segments, the heated match of pong, and, generally, just pondering the meaning of life. Why are we here? Only Keanu knows. Pong fiction is a podcast that appreciates and explores the nature of filmmaking, life, creativity, philosophy, and Sean Chandler's youtube channel. "So with that in mind", if you love film, tv, the Oscars, the Emmys, gaining insight into the minds of some spicy individuals, the answers to all the big questions in life, and Timothee Chalamet...
This relaxing hour going to sleep, working out, doing chores or just having a bit of quiet time might brighten in consequence.
And if you've read this whole description and still won't press "play", thanks for the support champion.
All podcasts are made beautiful by the exquisite Editor Luca, a friend of the show and regular guest.
- Your hosts Nick and Gus.

Podcast upload will be on the last day of every month at 8:30pm. AEST
13 Episodes
Host Nick just takes a quick sitdown to take you, shmucks, through all 23 categories of the Oscars coming up in a couple of days. It includes what he'd pick if he were a betting man as well as if he were himself; which he is. Many burning questions are answered: will the brits help Hopkins dethrone Boseman? Has Mulligan lost steam after losing SAG? And does it even matter that she "would've won BAFTA"? Is Nomadland suffering from frontrunner fatigue despite winning everything? All that and more in this second edition of PF Awards Talk, a.k.a. "In Bed With Nick". And if you've read this far and still haven't pressed 'play', thanks for the support champ!Sincerely,- Host Nick
The Easter edition of Pong Fiction has arrived, and it's a little empty to be quite honest. Host Luca joins Nick as they debate the realm of anime, and his obsession with it (he dubs it folks!). Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Deathnote and Haikyu!! are all topics of conversation plus the return of the B'Odenc*ck in John Wick's working-class, edgy cousin Nobody. We review that film as well as have our famous game of pong, and that's about it. Besides Host Nick being an absolute cerebral vegetable the entire time of course. Anyway, it's a shorter, different one nonetheless so you might enjoy it. And if you've read this far and still haven't shown us the courtesy of pressing 'play', thanks for the support champ!Sincerely,Your Hosts Nick and Luca
We're finally back for the first episode of Pong Fiction's 2021 season. This episode covers our adventures over the months of February and March, in which we watched a shit tonne of films including Minarrrrrr (Minari), Nomadland, Promising Young Woman and even Host Nick's very own directorial debut 'In This Climate'. We have a chat about them and how ok they are, and how fantastic Host Nick's is (not really but f*ck you for questioning me). So strap in folks, the erotic sound of pong is back! And if you've read this far but still haven't pressed 'play', thanks for the support champ!Sincerely,Your hosts Gus and Nick.
#9 - "My name's Imelda!"

#9 - "My name's Imelda!"


Host Luca returns, and we sweep through some stuff we've been watching, including how 'The Queen's Gambit' trumps all other chess films, how 'Wonder Woman 1984' is rivalling 'KB2' for worst film of 2020 and how Kung Fu Panda 2 could be one of the greatest animated sequels of all time. But the real main event of Pong Fiction's December edition is our full breakdown as well as ranking of the entire Harry Potter film saga; startling disparities come to light. Just wait until we bring up Umbridge...This is the spoiler-heavy trailer for Pong Fiction: The December edition. And if you've read this and still haven't pressed 'play', thanks for the support champ!Sincerely,- Your Hosts Nick and Luca
Host Gus is back, and we give our thoughts on Christopher Nolan's 'cinema saviour' 'Tenet', as well as Sofia Coppola's dramedy 'On the Rocks'. Is Tenet ahead of its time? Is 'On the Rocks' deeper than you thought? All that and more in this November edition of Pong Fiction.And if you've read this far and still haven't pressed 'play', thanks for the support champ!Sincerely,- Your hosts Gus and Nick
The October edition of Pong Fiction is here... and late again as usual! (soz :)Co-host Luca and I finally took a trip to the cinema this month and saw Aaron Sorkin's oscar-hopeful 'The Trial of the Chicago 7'. We give it a good old review, analyse its oscar chances and reminisce about the beauty of Eddie Redmayne's Razzie-winning performance in 'Jupiter Ascending'. We also have a quick chat about 'Borat: Subsequent Movie Film', and "that ending". The banging section of the October edition is our second round of Sitcom Sizzle, in which we dish on what's criminally underrated, but also grossly overrated (sorry Jennifer). We have a deep chat about the state of our world, how sexy David Attenborough's nogen is, and also that documentary of his 'Seven Worlds, One Planet'. We give the rundown on the poor quality of Australian reality tv, but also the tactical advantages of watching Gogglebox. This would not be pong fiction without the monthly table tennis match, with this one going into over-time! And if that wasn't enough, we also have a little head scratch on why in the flying flameo hotman Jared Leto is coming back for the Synder Cut.All of this and more headline this edition of Pong Fiction, and if you've read this far and still haven't pressed 'play', thanks for the support champ!Sincerely,- Your hosts Nick and Luca
Welcome to the September edition of Pong Fiction. Although we may not have initially anticipated it, there was a lot to talk about this month! This episode we have a chat about the newly redistributed Cobra Kai, and its guilty pleasure-level trashiness. We also review the winners and losers at the Emmys, and the sole reason behind Luca's hatred for the television academy. Hint: his name is Saul. We do a SPOILER review of the new R-pat and Holland stan thirstfest that was The Devil All The Time, and debunk the real DELUSIONS that are present in the ambitious piece of filmmaking. We take a deep-dive into the Hollywood news that includes Harry 'Marvel' Styles, the unlikely success of Mulan, Ant-man 3 villain casting, the heartbreak of the Live-action Avatar Netflix series and a couple of other saucy items. But, of course, this episode would not be complete without our monthly pong battle, and a quick film ranking that may involve some animation. Hope you enjoy, and if you've read this far and still haven't pressed 'play', thanks. for the support champion!- Your hosts Luca and Nick
Just a quick 25-minute final predictions episode for the 23 categories of the Emmy Awards. I give my picks, as well as a couple of joker cards to watch out for.Have fun, and I made sure to keep it as short and succinct as possible.- Your host Nick
New month, new episode, new format, new co-host. Pong Fiction is back with our August edition. Due to some changes, we welcome our new co-host Luca, former editor. And this episode is a bit more chilled. Instead of complete segments, just an uncut 70-minute conversation about what we watched recently, a total DC Fandome breakdown, how shocking the Kissing Booth franchise is, our regular ping pong battle, how Gervais balances comedy and drama in After Life, and the beautiful love story of Bill Bur and Pete Davidson in The King of Staten Island. What else do you need? Probably Timothee Chalamet, but hopefull this will do. Hope you enjoy, and if you've read this far and still haven't pressed "play", thanks for the support champ.- Your hosts Luca and Nick
Pong Fiction: The July Edition is finally here (!), and despite the slight 2-week delay (sorry bout that...), this episode is our biggest and most GLORIOUS one yet, with a multiplicity of content -- both old and new -- coming in red-hot! This month we review the critically divided Richard Linklater's "Where d'you go, Bernadette?" (The one with Brunette Cate Blanchett that landed a surprise golden globe nomination). Then we head back into the illustrious Pong Fiction review archives to reminisce at our thoughts on Robert Eggers' completely bonkers -- yet still critically hailed -- "The Lighthouse" (The one with black-and-white Robert Pattinson). This is not all, with Editor Luca and Host Nick coming at you with our monthly TV talk segment. This month, we thoroughly discuss, and closely analyse three episodes from the legendary animated series "Avatar: The Last Airbender"'s first season (The one with the blue-arrowed bald kid that air-bends). Finally, we head into a surprise segment, where the whole gang band together to take a look at some films that everybody loved, but we just... didn't. Hope you enjoy, and if you've read this far and still haven't pressed "play", thanks for the support champ.Sincerely,- Your Hosts Gus and Nick
This June edition of Pong Fiction is our biggest yet! Clocking up at over 100 minutes, this month we are finally back at the pong table, reviewing harder and deeper than ever. Although cinemas still are closed due to the current global pandemic, that didn't stop us from scouring streaming service giant Netflix for our throwback special, Hiyao Miyazaki's 2001 spectacle Spirited Away, and our revised Oscar Buzz pick, Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods. We welcome back friend of the show Writer Charles for another special segment on his creative process for upcoming sci-fi novel trilogy, CABRECEUS. Editor Luca also joins the studio this month for a heated debate, "Sitcom Sizzle" about why he believes The Office (US) is the best sitcom ever, and how it compares to the original, The Office (UK). We also have a surprise new segment, "Coming back for seconds", brought to you by Writer Charles himself. But what is most exciting about this edition is our freedom to finally hang out face-to-face and have some good-old-fashioned banter. We hope this episode is nearly as good a listening experience as it was a creative one, andIf you've read this far and still haven't pressed play, thanks for the support champion!Sincerely,Your hosts Gus and Nick
The Pong Fiction May edition is here and it's a more mellow one this time around. We are unable to bring you the swift sound of pong due to social distancing from COVID-19. However, this does not deter us as we switch our attention to streaming services. This week we look at Master of None. co-creator Alan Yang's new Netflix original drama Tigertail, as well reminisce in the glory of throwback film Stephen Frears' Philomena, starring Judi Dench. We also have special guest and friend of the show Writer Charles joining us for a special segment on his upcoming Sci-Fi Novel "Cabreseus", in which we have a chat about the world that he has built, and tips and tricks for aspiring writers and storytellers looking to create worlds of their own. It might not be packed this month, but the quality is still there, as the firey banter continues between us two as we marvel at how. Netflix can single-handedly destroy movie during the editing process. Hope you enjoy, and if you've read this far and still haven't pressed play, good on ya champion!Your hosts,- Gus and Nick
The premiere episode of Pong Fiction is here, and there's a lot going on. This April special features a whole lot of things movies, while we play a whole lot of things pong, as in ping pong. Non-spoiler reviews for the Netflix original All The Bright Places and critic darling Queen and Slim headline the first segment as we roast the former and praise the latter. Later, we have our special guest Brother Sam for our post-show analysis and thoughts on the 2020 Oscars ceremony. Then, we finish off with a special segment with Editor Luca, where we have a chat about high riser Timothee Chalamet and rant about a couple of movies you need to say before you hit the grave. Hope you enjoy, and if you've read this far and still haven't pressed play, good on ya champion!Your Hosts,- Gus and Nick
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