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We confess right at the start of this one that we were not fans of Ms Carey in the early 90s but tried to keep an open mind going into the episode. And it's fair to say that more than once we were very pleasantly surprised; consider some of those words completely eaten. Alongside singing along to some massive power ballads we take the opportunity to talk about other acts such as The Wildhearts, Stone Temple Pilots and The Breeders among others. Check out all of our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), our Spotify playlist for this episode and our ongoing Podcast Playlist featuring hand-picked songs from each number one album we've talked about so far. 
We've got halfway through the number one albums of 1993 and have come across this beast which was at the top spot for seven weeks that summer. Is that because it's totally amazing and the British public were right to keep on buying it? Or is it because they did an Elvis cover that was lightweight enough to get on the radio constantly? It's a mystery. Thankfully alongside having to discuss this record we get to talk about other acts such as Clutch, Cypress Hill and, er, Snow. We'd also like to take the opportunity to plug some of our previous podcast guests who have new podcasts out themselves at the minute: Sean Mcloughlin who joined us for our ABBA special has a new one up and running with fellow comedian Jonny Pelham called Failing Better and their guest on the current episode is Ed Gamble; and Rob Mulholland who joined us for our Hip Hop in 1991 special is going great guns with his new podcast Dead Men Talking alongside co-host Freddy Quinne (warning - this one is not for the easily offended). So do go and check them out if they sound up your street.
What DO you do after releasing 'Achtung Baby' and already going off piste from what you're known for? Well, if you're U2 in 1993 then the answer is you go even more experimental and try new things to see what works.  For this episode we have a very special guest in the form of Stephen Hill from Metal Hammer and the Riot Act podcast who is probably the biggest U2 fan we know and agreed to come on and tell us why we're wrong if we say we don't like one of their songs. It was a real treat for us to have this chat with him - go and follow him on Twitter so you can read some of the articles he writes about bands like Tool and Radiohead and make sure you check out the Riot Act Podcast itself to keep yourself up to date with all the new releases worth knowing about. Oh, and most importantly you can hear the Broken Records podcast that they do as well where they try and seek out the worst albums ever made. At least we have an excuse for listening to some of the rubbish we have to do for this podcast. They're doing it for fun. As well as talking about U2 on this episode we also squeeze in some chat about bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Cypress Hill, and, er, Spin Doctors. July 1993 was a wild time. You'll find links to all our social media and spotify playlists etc on our website
Back with a new episode about everyone's favourite Acid Jazz hat-botherer and his band Jamiroquai and for this one we have drafted in the absolutely wonderful comedian Phil Lucas to help us out as he is a massive fan of the band and promised us he wouldn't fall out with us too much if we were nasty about Jay Kay during the recording. If you haven't already heard the podcast that Phil Lucas produced with the much-missed Phil Jerrod, Crash Bang Wallop, then we cannot recommend it enough if you like laughing until you're sore. Along the way in this episode we also talk about the likes of Chaka Demus & Pliers, House of Love and Phil introduces us to the wonders of fake porno soundtrack composer Klaus Harmony. Also during our conversation we refer to a couple of video clips which we promised to link and so here they are: A truly horrifying 'Stars In Their Eyes'-style show featuring a white woman becoming Stevie Wonder; and The Fast Show's very thinly veiled pisstake of Jamiroquai. As always, please follow us on social media if you're not already, all the links are on our website. And tell your mates how good we are, go on. Do us a favour.
We knew it was coming, it was inescapable. We weren't looking forward to it because surely we'll run out of things to say about what is probably going to be the same song 14 times in a row? Well it turns out we didn't run out of things to say and despite the source material this one turned out pretty well if we do say so ourselves. Inbetween marvelling at Ray Slijngaard's quite astonishing rapping we take the opportunity to chat about some other bands like Gunshot, Fugazi and the Spin Doctors. As always please do give us a follow on our social media platforms and why not go and give us a nice rating over on Spotify now that you're able to while you're checking out this episode's companion playlist and our ongoing and sprawling playlist of songs from each album that we do an episode on. Cheers!
A Very PCL Christmas!

A Very PCL Christmas!


Happy Christmas! Although it's all still a bit weird and no one knows what's going to happen in the next few weeks we hope that you're all having as lovely a time as you can under the circumstances. We decided to get together for a short bonus episode and talk some rubbish about Christmas in general, Christmas music, films etc etc and obviously Krister brought along some of the finest festive jokes known to mankind which pleased Dave no end as you'll hear throughout. We'll be back with another proper episode before long but in the meantime have a glass of eggnog and think of us. Cheers!
Almost halfway through 1993 now and after a few episodes of more leftfield (let's just forget that we ever talked about Cliff Richard) records we've come to a big pop album in the shape of 'janet.' by Janet Jackson. Neither of us have ever heard the full album before but since seven of the songs were released as singles surely we must know quite a lot of it already, right? Right? Along the way we also discuss things like Anthrax, Snow and Guru's Jazzamatazz. Nice. Do check out our social media platforms and have a listen to this episode's companion playlist with all of the Janet album as well as the other tunes that we talk about and play as well. And you can hear our ongoing Spotify playlist made up of our favourite tunes from each episode to date here.
Join us in this episode for a look at one of the most influential bands of the 80s and their only album from the 90s. After the whole Manchester scene had exploded around them, with baggy and shoegaze coming to the fore and then fading out again, with their label Factory Records and their club The Hacienda becoming the absolute epitomes of cool, could New Order find their place in a new decade? Along the way we also chat about things like Credit To The Nation, Rancid and Terrorvision to name but a few. Hope you enjoy this episode and don't forget to check out our ongoing Spotify playlist which features at least one song from every number one album we've done so far. 
I'm sorry, for a second there I could have sworn you said that this episode was all about a Cliff Richard album. Wait, what? Really? It actually got to number one in the UK album charts and so we have to listen to it and do a whole show on it? Fucking hell. Yes indeed, brace yourselves because this is actually happening. Songs tinged with Jesus and saxophone solos straight out of 1987 all over the place; let's take a minute to remember that this was whole grunge was taking over the whole world. Although while we mention it, do take the time to check out our saxophone solos quiz from last year if you haven't done so already - it's great fun. Thankfully we do also get the chance to talk about Porno For Pyros, Screaming Trees and Let Loose (about four times) so it's not wall to wall Cliff. As always, give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you fancy and feel free to get in contact with any thoughts about this or any episode. Check our website for more links and stuff.
Hey, remember that time that David Bowie said he wanted to create a new form of melodic house music? Of course you do, don't pretend otherwise. This episode we are looking at his 'Black Tie, White Noise' album from April 1993 and it's definitely pretty hard to categorise. It was hailed as a return to form by some people at the time but does it hold up nearly thirty years after release? In other music news we get to have a chat about acts like LL Cool J, The Fall and Poison among many others but it's realistic to say that the majority of our time is taken up being surprised by the amount of saxophone (and other horns) all over the Bowie album. We also mention the fact that this episode goes out to the memory of the wonderful Phil Jerrod who was a stand-up comic and good friend to Dave who sadly passed far too young just a few weeks back. And to regular listener and friend of the show Mat Davies who similarly left us just recently as well - our hearts go out to friends and family of both of these truly lovely, creative and kind men. As usual you can check all of our social media for stupid pictures and more nonsense, all links available on our website 
S04E05 Suede 'Suede'

S04E05 Suede 'Suede'


We are back after a short break to have a look at what the big deal was about Suede's debut, self-titled album which was released in April 1993. Krister remembers really liking those big three first singles while Dave remembers actively hating the band and all they stood for when he was an angry 17 year old. We also get the chance to chat about Tool, David Essex and Jade in the course of the show which must surely be the first time those three have ever been in the same sentence. And we really must thank Stephen and Remfry from the brilliant Riot Act podcast for letting us join them on their 90s One Hit Wonders special episode - we've seen loads of new listeners come on board after hearing us on there so we hope you enjoy what we're doing as well! You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, listen to this episode's bespoke Spotify playlist with all the songs we talk about on there, check out all previous episodes on our website and as always feel free to contact us via any of the above to say hi or tell us why we're wrong about most everything.
In this episode we get to talk about Depeche Mode AGAIN which is always fun - after our special on 'Violator' in season one how will this fare in comparison? We have invited a very special guest to discuss it with us, the wonderful comedian/podcaster/DJ/general music nerd Rich Wilson. As you'll be able to tell, we had a lot of fun recording this one. As well as general Depeche Mode chatter we also cover bands like Butthole Surfers, Stone Temple Pilots and the one and only Snow. As usual we've put together a playlist of all the songs on the episode's main album and whatever else we play along the way which can be found here; our Facebook page is here; and our Twitter page is here. But more importantly go and follow Rich Wilson on Twitter or Facebook, check out his podcasts Insane In The Men Brain and Insane In The Fem Brain where he talks to other comedians, musicians and people he just finds interesting about all aspects of mental health - loads of various links here (including his Twitch channel and radio show. He gets about a bit). 
THAT RIFF! THAT STYLE! THOSE FLARES! With Lenny Kravitz's 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' we may be checking out an album from 1993 but it's one that was trying to sound like it was from 1970 in the first place so buckle up for double time-travelling. Krister had never heard the whole album before and Dave only had the vaguest of memories of it so we went in pretty blind, hoping for a sea of big guitar rock and Hendrix-style solos all over the place but found something much more calm and reigned-in which was very unexpected.   But we also get to chat about Naughty By Nature, Right Said Fred (and a potential name for a tribute act) and Mark Lanegan. All of which are included on the episode's playlist along with the full Kravitz album. And as usual you can look at our Facebook, Twitter and website for more bits and pieces and subscribe to our ongoing Best Tracks from the Episodes playlist on Spotify to hear all of our favourite picks from each album we've talked about so far.
S04E01 Little Angels 'Jam'

S04E01 Little Angels 'Jam'


WHAT THE HECK? Yes indeed, it's the first episode of Season 4! We've finished with the music of 1992 and are casting it off like a bootleg T-shirt that you bought outside the gig but then lost all of its backprint and one of its sleeves after just one wash. And here we are looking down the barrel of a very exciting 1993 with so many amazing bands and new genres appearing almost weekly, a brand new world. So obviously we're starting this journey off with Little Angels and their album 'Jam' which it turns out, no really, got to number one in January 1993. I know. It's a band and a genre that both of us thoroughly ignored at the time so neither of us had any clue what this was going to sound like - well I mean, that's not strictly true but you know what we mean. But along the way we do get to chat about other bands like Apache Indian, Jesus Jones and The The so that's always a treat. All of these acts, as well as the entire Little Angels album, are included on this episode's companion playlist. As usual follow us on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and check out our website for more links to stuff. And don't forget our ever-growing Spotify playlist of at least one song from each of the albums we chat about.
Another bonus for you to wrap up season three - this week we're doing a listener's choice of Sugar's 1992 debut album 'Copper Blue'. Both Dave and Krister remember this from the time but haven't revisited it in many years so it's all very fresh to our ears. Thanks to everyone who has listened along the way this season, we will be back with Season Four as soon as we can manage, seeing what delights 1993 can throw at us. Fingers crossed for some absolute quality, eh? Surely it couldn't be a year which sees number one albums from artists like 2 Unlimited and Cliff Richard, could it? As always, check out our Facebook, Twitter and website for more info and links to various things.
We're back with a very special bonus episode and you can interpret "special" any way you want. At the behest of a podcast listener who donated a far too generous amount of money to our paypal link we are covering an album of his choosing. It's possible he chose this particular one because he is a massive fan and knows that Dave is as well or it's possible that he knows how much Krister was likely to absolutely hate it. Who knows, it's a proper mystery.   Either way we hope you enjoy listening to us discuss this one but since the album is definitely an acquired taste and the episode is easily one of our most self-indulgent ones to date we won't mind if you skim this one or have to give up before the end. Although we'd much prefer if you didn't obviously. Have fun!
S03E11 The Orb 'U.F.Orb'

S03E11 The Orb 'U.F.Orb'


A seven track, 73 minute long, ambient album you say? And it got to number one in the UK? Well alright then! Chuck a load of drugs in your face and join us in a journey through space on an album where we really didn't know if we'd find anything to talk about [spoilers: we definitely did]. We do chat about a LOAD of other stuff that was going on in the charts at the time as well such as Kyuss, Jimmy Nail and the prevalence of rave tunes involving children's TV themes that seemed to be going on in 1992. Companion Spotify playlist available to listen to here with all the stuff we talk about, and the Orb's website we mention where they sell cannabis seeds FOR SOUVENIR PURPOSES ONLY is here.
We tried. We really did. We tried to bring you a full episode talking about Michael Ball's self-titled debut album but we just could not do it. For one thing, it's not on Spotify so we had to actually create a youtube playlist, and not all the songs are even on there so it was incomplete at best. And secondly, it's a Michael Ball album so we really, really didn't want to. Which means that we spend the bulk of the podcast talking about Faith No More's album 'Angel Dust' which came out around the same time and only got to number 2 in the charts which just doesn't seem fair. So that's what you're getting, hope you enjoy it. Leave us some comments on our social media as usual, we'd love to hear what you think about either of the above records, and also due to public demand we have now got a button on the website for donations which you're very welcome to use if you like all the stuff we're putting out and fancy chucking us the price of a pint. It's very very much appreciated you wonderful people.
Hang on to your denim jackets everyone, it's time to get in the pit and headbang along to some proper heavy flipping metal. Iron Maiden's 1992 one album is under the microscope this week and Krister and Dave have VERY differing views on the band as will be pretty instantly clear. How does this one sound nearly 30 years after release? Does heavy metal ever really age? We also get the chance to talk about Suede, Ugly Kid Joe and Life of Agony as well as playing a happy hardcore version of 'Fear Of The Dark' which actually exists. Mental. Check out that version as well as all the other stuff we talk about on our weekly episode companion playlist and get in contact via whichever of our social media you fancy with any comments, all links are on our website. Also head to our facebook page on Fridays at 8pm GMT during the lockdown to take part in our regular 90s music quiz. Until then, enjoy the episode and don't take anything that Krister says about Iron Maiden too personally!
Strange as it may seem to us nowadays, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine had an actual official number one album back in 1992. Grebo is an oft-overlooked genre from the time: is that for the best or are we unfairly overlooking what it had to offer? With opinions ranging from "not really bothered" to "actively disliked them" between Krister and Dave will this album win them round? We talk about loads more in this episode as well including the likes of En Vogue, R. Kelly and Aphex Twin. You can hear all of the songs we discuss in our companion Spotify playlist and immerse yourself more fully in 90s goodness with our ongoing "best of the albums we've featured" playlist. Links to everything on our website as usual.
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