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Pops in a Pod

Author: Nadir & Peter

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Pops in a Pod is a weekly podcast hosted by first time dads, Nadir and Peter from Mumbai, India. They discuss all aspects of being a parent along with their guests. Join the "pop duo" on their parenting journey
2 Episodes
EP 1 - The Delivery

EP 1 - The Delivery


In this episode, Nadir Pop & Peter Pop share stories from the biggest days in their lives (so far). Listen to what made this day one of the most memorable day, the one that will be etched in their memory forever.  Do you have a memorable delivery story too? Share it with the Pop duo at
EP 0 - How it All Began

EP 0 - How it All Began


Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are finally here with Pops in a Pod! In this one the pop duo discuss how the podcast came into existence. Unsurprisingly, it has everything to do with moms... ALL MOMS
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