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Pops in a Pod is a weekly podcast hosted by first time dads, Nadir and Peter from Mumbai, India. They discuss all aspects of being a parent along with their guests. Join the "pop duo" on their parenting journey
12 Episodes
On Episode 9, the Pop duo ended with an optimistic take on Covid-19, 2 weeks later they are now home bound with a lock down implemented across India. On this episode, Nadir Pop and Peter Pop discuss how they manage working from home with kids, keeping their kids engaged and more. How are you managing with working from home, let us know . Follow us on @popsinapod on Instagram
Our guest is a Mumbai based sleep consultant, author of Sleep, Baby, Sleep - Kerry Bajaj. She has studied infant and child sleep in America and a member of the Indian Society for Sleep Research. We spoke to her about kids and sleep, her book and much more.  Let us know if your child has had an interesting sleep journey - .  Follow us on @popsinapod on Instagram
As concern has spread across the world due to the Coronavirus aka Covid-19, Nadir Pop and Peter Pop discuss the impact it has had on their lives in Mumbai, India where the virus is finding its way in. They also discuss how to talk about this to their children and also the preventive measure they are taking.  Let us know how you are dealing with Coronavirus with your children on Follow us on @popsinapod on Instagram
José Covaco is a media personality popular on social media for his funny videos. He is also a DAD, to his 5 year old daughter. José speaks to Nadir Pop and Peter Pop about his parenting antics, striking the balance between family and work and much more.  Follow Jose on instagram @hoezaay (if you haven't already) and us @popsinapod Let us know what you think of this episode and share your stories on 
Warren Mendonsa is a Mumbai based guitarist known for his band Blackstratblues. In a candid conversation with Nadir Pop & Peter Pop, he shares his journey as a Dad, balancing his career and his family and much more.  What kind of music do you enjoy with your child? Share it with us at Follow us on
Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are back again in the second part of THE WIVES with their significant others Sabiha and Karen to discuss their parenting journey post delivery. The highs and lows of bringing the baby home, transisiton back to work and even POOP! Do you have an interesting story? Share it with us at  Follow us on
Presenting our very first guests, our better halves Sabiha and Karen. Listen to their side of the journey of parenting with the Pop duo from the joy of finding out about the pregnancy to the delivery and everything in between. Do you have an interesting pregnancy experience? Share it with us at  Follow us on
To buy or not to buy that is the question, whether it's ok to subject your mind to outrageous baby product prices or to just sit back and wait. This week, Nadir and Peter discuss their experiences buying (or not) baby products. Tune in to find out all about it. Pops & Moms, what was your experience like? Exciting? Bad? Share it with us at Follow us on Link to the article referenced  -
Nadir & Peter pick up the story from where they left off. In the final part of 'The Planning' they delve deeper into other aspects of pre-parenting life like finance, emotional, mental and more. But is so much planning needed? Listen to find out and tell us your journey to being parents, we'd love to hear and you might even become our guest on the show :-)    Send in your stories, feedback and more at Follow us on  
On this episode, Nadir & Peter discuss the stages before they became Dads - finding the perfect partner and the right time to become parents. The Pop duo go through the initial stages of togetherness and how they took to 'planning' in a big way. Send in your stories, feedback and more at Follow us on Recorded at Cuckoo Club, Bandra, Mumbai.
EP 1 - The Delivery

EP 1 - The Delivery


In this episode, Nadir Pop & Peter Pop share stories from the biggest days in their lives (so far). Listen to what made this day one of the most memorable day, the one that will be etched in their memory forever.  Do you have a memorable delivery story too? Share it with the Pop duo at
Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are finally here with Pops in a Pod! In this one the pop duo discuss how the podcast came into existence. Unsurprisingly, it has everything to do with moms... ALL MOMS
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