S4 Ep. 8 Let's Talk Sound! Anatomy of Sound LLC and AOS-Wellness

Would you like to hear about it? We're featuring snippets from my movie Anatomy of Sound made in 2012. Ten years later, my guest is movement coach Laura Dwyer, my partner in Anatomy of Sound LLC and AOS-Wellness.com We're going to introduce you to a place you can come to for answers beyond the clinic and you'll meet your new Breathing Buddy. Interested in telling your story about the pandemic and your musical growth from it on the next episode? How are you pulling yourself forward or pulling back? Talk to us here by leaving an audio message. https://anchor.fm/amy-porter9/message


S4 Ep. 7 Blue Flute Alumni Composer Nina Shekhar: Exploring the intersection of identity, vulnerability, love, and laughter

Blue Flute Alumni and award winning composer Nina Shekhar is my guest and we really give the attention and light to female and nonbinary composers. We want to live in the solution. From her  bio "Nina Shekhar is a composer who explores the intersection of identity, vulnerability, love, and laughter to create bold and intensely personal works." Enjoy the podcast as we feature some of her works!


S4 Ep. 6 Composer Talk: Meet Daniel Dorff, VP of Publishing for Theodore Presser Company.

Meet Daniel Dorff. Flutists adore playing his music and I adore his humor. Featuring excerpts with Katie Leung, pianist in my live performance of Dorff's Sonata (Three Lakes).


S4 Ep. 5 Villa Lobos Specialist, Musicologist, Ethnomusicologist Thomas G. Garcia

I met Tom Garcia at Juilliard as a tuba major. Then we formed the Porter/Garcia Flute and Guitar Duo and the rest is history. Born in Brazil, he's an expert in all things Villa Lobos and even makes his own period Latin American guitars. He is Professor of Ethnomusicology and Musicology at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  


S4 Ep.4 Symphony Stories with Christina Smith, Principal Flute, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

We were appointed in the same week. My flute sister for 8 years, Christina Smith, is here to talk about how we played then, and how we play now. And, of course, we serve up some Tea.


S3 Ep. 15 Storytime: Stories From Our Time

The Juilliard 1980s reunion continues as we tell stories from our time at Juilliard in the 1980s and living in New York City's Ansonia Hotel. We invited two of my closest buddies, a girlfriend who’s just a great girlfriend and a neighbor who was just a great neighbor. Violist and educator Rebecca Young and pianist, composer and educator Robert Apostle. I went to the vault and found a Sonata that’s a favorite among flute players- Christopher Caliendo’s Sonata No 8 Movement 3 the Ride of the Headless Horseman. It tells an amazing story and I appreciate that I received the dedication and the premiere. Pianist David Gilliland.


S3 Ep. 14 Stay Well, Play Well: Your Guide on The Side

I’ll give you just a few thoughts from my experience over 20 years at Michigan on the relationships with a teacher of your instrument and  highlight work that students can do personally to have everything click. Featuring Gieseking Sonata with Tim Carey on piano.


S3 Ep. 13 Friendcast: A Juilliard Flute Reunion

I chose to invite the 6 female peers that I felt influenced me the most from the Juilliard School from 1982-1987. They also always had a smile, always played their best and are such beautiful souls in this world. Welcoming in Wendy Stern (Montclair State), Liz Mann (Orpheus and St. Lukes), Sharon Wood Sparrow (Detroit Symphony), and Liz Buck (Arizona State University). Here in spirit, Marina Piccinini and Laura Gilbert.


S3, Ep. 12 Go Blue Flutes: Alumni Updates and the Audition Process

In honor of December application deadlines we have some advice on auditioning for the UMICH SMTD Flute studio. And there are four Blue Flute alumni updates!


S3, Ep. 11 Business 101: 501.C3 Non-Profit Organizations AFC and SEMFA

Let's dive deeper into the the stories behind the Atlanta Flute Club (Founded in 1997) with Kathy Farmer and Southeast Michigan Flute Association (Founded in 2002) with Debbie Ash and Holly Clemans. We also discuss flute choirs and their development. Featuring Desert Echoes Flute Project Flute Choir with member and co-producer of PorterFLute Pod, Alan Tomasetti. Performing "Flourishes" by Kathy Farmer.


S3, Ep. 10 - Etude Edition: A Winter's Rose: 32 Etudes by Cyril Rose

We come bearing a Rose - etude that is. It’s our  Etude edition and Cyril Rose etudes for clarinet are discussed today since I’ve recently recorded them all from my edition published by Carl Fisher. and we’ll be looking into them more creatively with my two colleagues from UMICH SMTD, Professors Chad Burrow and Dan Gilbert.


S3, Ep. 9 - Performance Therapy: Inside the Interview Audition for Academia

We’re bringing some advice to those students wondering if they can have a career teaching and performing as an instrumentalist – together – and not put into a box of being one or the other. Meet the most recent Doctorate graduates that have jobs here in the US - Dr. Erika Boysen, University of North Carolina, Greensboro and Dr. Maria Castillo, University of TN, in Knoxville. Both women weigh in on being DMA graduates from UMICH and young Professors in the 21st century.


S3, Ep. 8 - Storytime with Composer Lowell Liebermann

Meet Lowell Liebermann, composer, pianist, Juilliard friend and lover of all things music. We feature his Sonata for Flute and Piano published by Theodore Presser. Chia-Chi Hsu, piano.


S3, E. 7 - Stay Well Play Well: Injury and Injury Prevention

Long podcast alert! Repetitive overuse is preventable and we can avoid it at an early age. Meet Angela McCuiston from "Music Strong" and hear stories of overuse from our co-producer Alan J. Tomassetti and professional flutists Angela Massey and Melissa Mashner Donker.  Featuring my recording of JS Bach's Cello Suite in D minor from my album "In Translation."


S3, Ep. 6 - Friendcast: The Flute Bros

Jake and Gabe Fridkis are both flutists in the Fort Worth Symphony and talk about growing up with each other, guiding each other and asking for each other's help along the way. These two brothers will inspire you keep going, always with a laugh and stay practicing. I've never met The Flute Bros. and Oh my Goodness! These guys are worthy of cult status, don't you think? Featuring their performance of Andante and Rondo by Doppler. Esther Park, piano


S3, Ep. 5 - Go Blue Flutes! Meet The Freshmen

Meet Ella, Isabella, Ting-Yu, Joyce and Mia, all freshmen at UMICH SMTD who are pursuing flute as something important in their life. And they want to spend time hearing what I have to say. OK!! I love that! And I appreciate and value their dreams. Go Blue Flutes!


S3, Ep. 4 - Business 101: The future of music and commissioning

This convo is for ALL Composers and Commissioners. Our guest Michael Haithcock is a pro when it comes to programming, commissioning and scheduling. In other words, making the future of live music happen. Professor Haithcock conducts the internationally renowned University of Michigan Symphony Band, guides the acclaimed graduate band and wind ensemble conducting program, and provides administrative leadership for all aspects of the University of Michigan’s diverse and historic band program. Featuring Joel Puckett's flute concerto Shadow of Sirius from the Artifacts recording.


S3, Ep. 3 - Etudes: Karg-Elert Caprices: Etudes or Concert Pieces?

Let's take a dive into my 2005 Karg-Elert Caprice Study guide and hear some of the fun facts and interesting takes on performing these complicated caprices we call etudes. I think we can play them in concerts! Featured is audio from the Study Guide and presents Marie Herseth with an historical commentary as well as some of the lectures from Caprices #12,23,25 & 28. Thanks to Margaret Jane Radin for the seed money, to UMICH SMTD and UMICH CLRT for the grants.


S3, Ep. 2 - Performance Therapy: Taking the Fear out of Contemporary Music

Featuring our Co-Producer Justine Sedky answering Who, What, When, Where and Why? and Shanna Pranaitis and her FluteXpansions.com website. I know it’s challenging to be in a situation you don’t like, especially on the flute, but there are rewards in working with the magic that is upon you! It’s a composer’s dream to have their creation produced, It’s up to us to believe in ourselves and our own magic to produce it.


S3, Ep. 1 - What's Up Amy?

What's Up Amy? Join us for our Season 3 preview, Season 2 review and catch up on updates from the summer of 2021. You'll learn about a new member of Trio Virado and find out about the latest invention that we can't talk about! Featuring "Blaze" for five flutes by Nina Shekhar. Performed by Amy Porter, Chappy Gibb, Henry Woolf, Rachel Reyes and Emily Claman  from Brevard Music Center's flute studio 2021.


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