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Amy Porter has been praised by critics for her exceptional musical talent and passion for scholarship. With a versatile and distinguished career, she hosts special guests, tells stories and inspiring tips learned in her life as a classical musician and entrepreneur. Owner of small businesses, founder of 2 non-profits, designer of her own lifestyle brand, Amy Porter leads people in multiple ways. Teaching as a Professor, mentoring as a Coach and her Anatomy of Sound workshop has led her to create innovative thought in others. Porter Productions brings you Amy Porter in PorterFlute Pod.
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S6 Ep 9 What's Up Amy?

S6 Ep 9 What's Up Amy?


Lots of things are up - so I'll update you! Go Blue Flutes, where I'm playing next and some new recordings being released in 2024.
I’m happy to be coming to you with some prescriptions for naturally healing your fear of being in the hot seat during those pre-screening and live auditions for music school.  Let me tell you, I don’t like being judged any more than you do so let me tell you how to best be yourself, how to think, who to listen to when it comes to your playing (hint: it’s not you) and what is expected of student’s in an audition for schools, both undergrad and grad. With me in the pod, several of my unnamed alumni, in order to show you that they all are looking for a lot of the same things. Stay tuned to find out what those concepts and hard truths are.   
I learned the flute before the computer was portable and I’m often asked how I did it. After asking “did what?” and “what are you asking about?”  How I made a career before the ease of information and accessibility. I realize you all want to know how we got by without the internet or computer for gaining wisdom about classical music and how to play it. Sit down and listen. There's a lesson here.  
NFA Lifetime Service Award winner Penelope Fischer turns 80! Listen to our conversation in 2020 about and feature 3 of the works on the Phillipe Gaubert Study Guide we created together in 2017. Amy Porter, flute; Tim Carey, piano. Penny Fischer and AP discuss Nocturne & Allegro Scherzando, Madrigal and Sonata in A,
We review new ways to warm yourself up with two wonderful flutists! Discover Modal Flute Warmups from Laura Lentz in Rochester, NY and Daily exercises and Rubank duets online with Detroit Symphony's Amanda Blaikie. PLUS exciting news about a new method on the horizon from a very respected pedagogue. Listen in!
Listen in as distinguished professor Dr. Dowling teaches about how he quantified my sound for the audience at my 2019 Anatomy of Sound workshop. Apparently people wanted to know why I sounded and how I sounded like I sound! Dr. Dowling specializes in underwater acoustics, hydrodynamics, hydro-acoustics, structural acoustics and has worked for the Navy so - I trusted him in this study but it took some convincing on his part as to why I needed to see the Anatomy of Sound! Featuring Gaubert Sonata in A from Amy Porter's recording "Ballade".
My coach from 1988-1990 was Trudy Kane. Ms Kane was Principal Flute with the Metropolitan Opera 1976-2008 and is Professor Emeritus at the Frost School of Music, University of Miami. She received both her BM and MM from the Juilliard School. She is active in the commercial recording field and can be heard on the soundtracks of many film scores including The Untouchables and Beauty and the Beast (original). She can be heard and seen on many Met videos including Il Trittico, Manon Lescaut, Peter Grimes and three different La Bohemes. Her solo CD In the French Style includes Sonatas by Franck, Fauré and the Gieseking Sonatine.
What's up Amy? Featuring surprise guest Gareth Davies, Principal Flute, London Symphony. Plus updates on Trio Virado, Brevard Music Center and AP's summer reading list.
Happy (would have been) 87th Birthday WIBB on February 7th!  The legendary WIlliam Bennett died in May 2022 and he left a hole in all of the hearts of the musicians that knew him. I was never his student, only a fan, so today my guest is Lorna McGhee, and we discuss this incomparable flautist. I'm including some of his recordings, special memories and dedications from his students and friends Denis Bouriakov, Wissam Boustany, Emily Beynon, Joel Tse, and Jeffery Zook.
Drama! Stolen Flutes! Stolen Music! It's a backstory from 200 years ago. Plus - In the preface of the Drouet Etudes it mentions that they should be practiced after the Berbiguier etudes. I was so happy to read that because I needed something to bridge the gap from Berbiguier to Altes and Rose.
New York Flute legend Elizabeth Mann and Blue Flute Alum Karmen Gould bring the one piece advice that everyone needs when they say to themselves and others, "I want to play in the movies, the pit or in rock band!" If I had a nickel for every time I hear that. You have to love it, live it and be "the musician's musician."
Fear. Blame. Regret. All feelings that can emerge on the yoga mat, in a lesson and in a personal relationship. Today I want to discuss the concept that these feelings of fear, blame and regret represent the space between where you are RIGHT NOW (who you think you are) and where you want to be (who you are going to become). No one is producing this podcast except me, myself and I so get out your journal, sit on the couch and let’s discuss one mental health issue – feelings.
Get out your piccolo notebook in this therapy session everyone because In the pod with us is legendary Detroit musician Jefferey Zook and I ask him the questions you’ve asked me.
Meet Masters of Music flute students Minseo Kim from Korea and Lexi Eubanks from Georgia, along with DMA candidate Brandon LePage from Michigan. They're all checking in and letting us her their voices as they tell us in their words, how their experiences have been in 2022. 
Meet Viviana Guzman.
This episode takes a deep dive into the "Etudes for solo flute" by Korean composer Isang Yun. Here I excerpt the dissertation and feature the playing of Dr. Brian Dunbar, faculty at Anatomy of Sound and Professor of Flute at Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam.
Let's think about the awareness of our behavior in our business, or job, our workspace. We’ll speak about some of the things people are learning as young adults and are like, “HEY! I wish I knew that earlier!” Today I’m discussing what to say and how to behave in several different arts and artistic settings and hopefully it will elevate your purpose. Suggestions from Vicky Oliver, Janet Horvath, Alan J. Tomasetti, and the Cincinncati Metroplitan Orchestra.
Meet "Funny Girl" Alice K. Dade. She loves making people laugh in stand up comedy. AND she's a great musician and teacher. From the University of Missouri, welcome my friend Alice.
There are many projects in the air around here - stay in the loop and get updated on the latest from Porterflute!
Would you like to hear about it? We're featuring snippets from my movie Anatomy of Sound made in 2012. Ten years later, my guest is movement coach Laura Dwyer, my partner in Anatomy of Sound LLC and We're going to introduce you to a place you can come to for answers beyond the clinic and you'll meet your new Breathing Buddy. Interested in telling your story about the pandemic and your musical growth from it on the next episode? How are you pulling yourself forward or pulling back? Talk to us here by leaving an audio message.
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