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Author: @philcampbell & @dayleeo

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extracting the negative and replacing with a fix of positivity. adapting to change and remixing digital tools and batting those life curve balls into better life decisions with a side order of blockchain crypto coliving on the steem blockchain → tweet @ → and → discord → → donations welcomed Support this podcast:
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we just upgraded all the things, our first new podcast together using a great audio interface and some broadcast XLR mics, it's super nice -- we posted this to our main decentralized account ( on -- pumped to see it going out on multiple locations as well, i hope you will subscribe, looking to do these at very least once a week!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
we have a website now! -- -- both of our casts are there!today we wanted to get an early start on this one because we  missed out doing it yesterday, it's a rainy kinda day today as well so  although we start with rain it does get quieter as we move through the  cast -- as usual, end of february and things are starting to pick back  up, but dayle had a great topic for us to talk around today.It's the end of February and client budgets are taking about as long  to thaw as the winter ground. What do you do in the mean time? In  between the pockets, powerups and upgrade portals the Universe puts in  your path."Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
how's it going? enjoying your week. We've been head down, tinkering and playing with creative projects this week, compiling OBS sources from scratch and compiling ideas for landing pages for our projects. All good thou, feb is nearly at the end and i love going into March, are you ready for a new Month or What?!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
we had a heck of a hectic week, pushed a MVP product, updated and used our templates on for our tshirts store and for our podcasts -- we did not get to product sense yet but we will get this done before the end of the week! :)http://ihaz.carrd.cohttp://ampsteem.comhttp://beeb.eehttp://unfr.eewe got so much pushed! :)--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
it's been another packed week of project work but we are breaking  the back of it now, lots of things done, half way with the templates and  ready to push that micro  #steem  business up, look at setting up for our decentralized online  business and just a generally upbeat and focused time -- i like it when  things are like this.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
all is pretty good, the hatches are bolted down and we are in  the process of stock piling flour, chickpeas and rice for the rest of  the year, we've been going back to basics and building things out like  the ultra lean twin creative team we are. lots of positives this month,  not too many negatives, just keep on stepping through, lots of flat  bread making from scratch and oh, yeah. .. this. . (behold at the wonder of how stunning this youtube show is)--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
it's been really strange when i checked the stats, you seem to be watching our back catalog of audio which is weird but still very cool, we've just been really busy building some infrastructure out and putting together courses at the start of the year -- we just switched from the online zencastr tool using audio hijack and for some reason we had a bunch of issues with the output, props to @dayleeo for sorting it out thou! :)--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
not even sure how we managed to get this in today, clients are  already back on the radar and want things -- the christmas parties are  done and dusted however and we are back at the digital helm, in a few  weeks these will be even easier to get done, looking forward to that!  have a great happy new year going into 2019!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
every week seems to come with my things to grab our attention, it's been all change over on the social platform we use (steem) in recent weeks but the community has been really stepping up to the plate. we are slowly gearing up to recording both episodes today and recording twice a week, we don't have the days just yet but it's coming, we are working on it and thanks for the all the listens you guys have been doing! means a lot!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
sorry for what might have come across as radio silence but we just got offered some CPM promotional stuff via anchor and flipboard and two other sponsors for our other podcast so that pushed us to record new intros and outros that sound better and balanced and do the scripts they wanted from us so expect some little ad things in the middle of the podcast when you play it back through the anchor app or when you go to anywhere you get your podcast from -- did you know that anchor now covers like 40% of all the new podcasts served world wide, that's crazy! well done anchor!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
hey guys, sorry we slipped on our schedule, but work and life just get in the way some times, what with VISA applications, paperwork and just general life admin (dayle has a dry eye and i've got a weird hand nerve situation going on) you just have to take time out -- don't we got talking about our relationship with 'paperwork' and just had a chat around it!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
me and dayle were all over the map (universe) today, you know how these go with us too -- we are extremely thankful for the fact that the world has glass fibre that runs along the bottom of the oceans floor that can connect us in real time without any lag or latency with lovely sound HD sound, incredible when you think about it! :) --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
for the love of legacy

for the love of legacy


back once again in the land of dayle and phil talking about what makes us deep dive things and the usual things that have been triggering a couple that are currently three thousand miles apart from each other -- so come and drop in for an hour and have us on in the background, we would love to hear back from you! :)--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
we had a bit of a late start with this and i kinda forgot what a microphone was but we got there in the end, just a weekly catchup from three thousand miles apart as we step through the day to day catchup between the highlights and the positives of the week and the negative downsides that crop up occasionally, edging forward a little more, each day. --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
dayle and phil back again, sorry about that little interruption to the schedule we just got more client work and was stuck in that work life, creative life weirdness where your trying to spin the plates and ultimately you have to drop one because your schedules don't sync -- i mean we are three thousand miles apart so give us a break! :)--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
back once again with another episode, a little later this week of positively negative with dayle and phil (@dayleeo and @teamhumble) from their blogging home on the steem blockchain. yes, it's a place, slightly magically where this week we've had dapps leave for testnet chains and when all our mana was drained from our very souls.. .--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
it's been a bit of a crazy day here, midweek, we had to get this recorded to keep on track with our schedule for this week -- this day has been a bit of a car crash in some ways, so man threads I feel like a cpu running at 90% encoding a video! in this podcast me and @dayleeo got into our old jobs, what we did, what frustrated us and what we learned from them never to be repeated again! :)--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
it's been a crazy last few weeks, lots of things going on around here recently, lots of changes, updates, energy shifting between creative work, infrastructure building and brand new client relationships. it's been a difficult week to balance but here we are! :)--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Dayle picked an awesome topic this week and in usual fashion we went off about it for nearly an hour, take it as you will, it's been a hectic time over the last week, but while we are 3000 miles apart that's just the way it is -- but change is coming! :)--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
talking about the 'potential' futures of work and jobs, tasks and tokens... investments in digital communities and beyond. i know we will circle back around to this topic many times over.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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