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Post Purchase PRO - Profitable Email Marketing For Amazon Sellers
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Post Purchase PRO - Profitable Email Marketing For Amazon Sellers

Author: Post Purchase PRO - Seth Stevens & Shawn Hart

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Post purchase marketing is the fastest way to gain an advantage when selling on Amazon. While most sellers ignore this channel the founders of Post Purchase PRO have fast tracked their Amazon success by creating a real relationship with customers. "Instead of treating our Amazon customers like a transaction, we develop an insanely profitable ongoing relationship with them by continuing to deliver value for them all while generating repeat purchases for our business." It's through email marketing that we've been able to add an additional 66% of revenue to our business. Email is just the beginning though, we use SMS text, direct mail, retargeting, and other channels outside of Amazon to further our growth. In this podcast, the founders Seth Stevens and Shawn Hart discuss many of the secrets to their ongoing success.
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Nick Penev - Partnership Manager and webinar host @ hellotax and Founder @ XTREME POWER brands.  Nick is a co-founder of Xtreme Power brands in 2010 - Private Label Supplement development company. He and his partners developed and launched 20+ Private Label Supplement brands across Europe. He exited his brands in 2020 and since then he has rebranded XTREME POWER brands into a Partnership as a service agency for ecommerce service providers. He and his team helps these companies to grow through partnerships in the ecommerce space. He has done or participated in 100+ webinars and events with partners in the ecommerce space.Fully Remote since 2010 🏠Linkedin: - helps Amazon sellers to expand in Europe and provides online VAT and OSS Registration & VAT Filings to reduce your workload in Europe.Stay tax compliant within Europe and start monitoring your thresholds with their free tool today.1 min hellotax dashboard demo video: viewer/listener of Post Purchase Pro can get a 15% discount for your viewers/listeners/clients. Coupon code:  PPPRO
Dylan Frost, who has sold over $56M+ worth of products over the last 8 years, and most of those on Amazon, may be the single best Amazon product listing expert in the world. For most products, he can diagnose problems or changes that can increase your sales as much as 2x, 5x or even 20 minutes or less.Dan & Dylan are two of the most well-known thought leaders in the Amazon retail space. Clients they’ve served have generated over a billion dollars in revenue on Amazon using their strategies and tactics. Dan & Dylan understand Amazon at every level. They’ve been hired by billion-dollar companies, and they’ve worked with charities teaching families how to earn an income through Amazon selling.
Seth and Shawn interview Mina Elias of Trivium Group and discuss "next level" Amazon seller strategy.TRIVIUM GROUP IS AN AWARD-WINNING AMAZON ADVERTISING AGENCY.Mina “The Egyptian Prescription” Elias - CEO and Founder of Trivium GroupStarting on Amazon as a new seller with no experience, just an excellent knowledge of supplements, Mina operated his own Amazon PPC advertising campaigns for many years. While working in a corporate 9-5 position as a chemical engineer, Mina spent every spare moment developing a deep understanding of the “ins and outs” of Amazon PPC advertising. Through experience and trial and error, and spending hundreds of thousands of his own money on advertising spend, he developed successful methods and strategies and, in time, grew a highly profitable brand that still exists today.
William Kouns Managing Director and founder of AwsimcoThe One Source to Greater Sales & Stability within the Online MarketplaceWe are a multi-faceted company that leverages the industry’s best expertise and resources to protect and grow brands within the world’s online marketplaces.Unlike many companies, we take a solutions based – collaborative approach removing the transactional based experience and providing value beyond your current experience and expectations.Our mission is to empower brands through:Trust through transparencyConstructing better brand presence and product positioning Driving sales growth & stabilityOur ValuesAwsimco was founded upon on 7 principled values of:Trust – the key principle to have each and every day Positivity – to embrace the power of a positive, can do attitude Transparency – openly communicate whether good or badExcellence – Lead with value.  Do great work. Stand out.Mutual Respect – treat each other with respect and empathy Teamwork – collaborate to reach a common goal for the brandOwnership – be accountable for delivering on our commitments
Ian Smith founder of Evolve Media Agency an Amazon Marketing Agency led by digital marketing expert and Amazon pro. They help Amazon sellers create winning content to improve their listings, generate more qualified external traffic to their product detail pages, and boost their conversion rates so they can rank higher than other sellers in their category and become a leading Amazon
chris@ecommercechris.comChris McCabe founder of ecommerceChris worked for several years on Amazon’s performance and policy enforcement teams and in recent times, helped compose appeals in the reinstatement of hundreds of sellers. Their expertise as ex-Amazonians positions them to complete successful reinstatement early and often, given their nearly two decades of combined experience. Their intimate knowledge of internal teams is unsurpassed by any other seller consulting service.  
Andrew - founder/ceo/cto; applied his previous experience building self driving cars to e-commerce AI engine. Karim - ecommerce guru,amazon growth expert, more than 500M+ in amazon sales. Alex - sales professional with a customer-first mindset. Passionate about building up teams to help them grow and expand by removing manual work and helping make the most efficient business
Derek is the owner and CEO of the Sports Supplement Company Strength Genesis.  Strength Genesis is committed to providing products and packaging that are both good for people and the planet.  Offering the BEST natural and wholesome dietary products to help individuals improve their health, fitness, and well-being. From our 100% Australian Macadamia Nut Oil to our Icelandic Cold-processed Omega-3 Fish Oil, we use the highest quality ingredients to deliver essential dietary supplementation with a low glycemic response. All of the products are responsibly sourced and responsibly packaged.  Better for you and better for the
Optimizing your FBA business for your inevitable Exit David Fairley is the founder and president of website which is the oldest  operating internet business brokerage with over $500M in gross sales and over 600 deals transacted. David is a serial entrepreneur who started his first online business in 1995 which turned into and he has personally created, bought and sold over 50 website businesses. His passion and focus for the last 2 decades has been helping fellow online entrepreneurs successfully sell their 
AndMakers is a Cenports company that is the world’s only eCommerce technology ecosystem that combines software, sales, and fulfillment to drive end-to-end sales for global makers and suppliers. Our mission is to help Brands to expand their sales and work with major retailers like Target, Home Depot, Wayfair and Lowes.
John’s vast experience owning and overseeing millions in sales on Amazon via his own brands led him to found his Full-Service Amazon agency, becoming a premier Amazon Channel Management provider for brands to scale fast with a supportive team around them. His deep understanding of the Amazon Seller experience led to developing the concept of Seller Candy, providing the expert Virtual Assistant experience, delivered as a service. Seller Candy is now taking care of the operations of hundreds of Amazon accounts all over the world and offers a huge menu of operational support items. Avid Tony Robbins fan and small dog enthusiast - looking forward to seeing all of you on the podcast! team of designers and content creators have years of experience with Amazon. Combining the two we create the perfect listing through great graphics, content, copywriting & keyword researchOptimizeAlready selling? We help you reach the next level with our optimization service. Whether it's just updating the keywords or redesigning your infographics, Our Team will analyze your listing and let you know what we can do to level up your listingsLaunchMost importantly, Launching and ranking your product. Mark understands the science behind ranking a product. We help you rank your products to the first page with our Industry leading ranking service which has helped tens of thousands of products get ranked to the first page to date.
Video, the secret weapon behind great brandsWe discuss the power of well designed video for branding, sales and storytelling across  Amazon and social. Share why Amazon has a corporate directive to elevate the quality of video across the platform and why they chose us as an early partner. Lastly, why each product video you produce needs to be specifically structured based on exactly which platform it will be shown on and for what purpose (ie, educate, sell, etc.) Michael Arking is the Co-founder of Social Motion, a dynamic video design agency that produces  high performing creative product videos for global and emerging brands including Mar's, Nestle and Pilot Pen.  He has more that 15 years experience in E-commerce, digital marketing and creative brand building. michael@socialmotionfilms.com
Drive brand growth with Google AdsGoogle Ads to Amazon to drive revenue and grow your brandTyler Gregg is the Director of Operations at Ampd. Tyler’s passionate about helping growing brands leverage Google Ads to take the next step in their growth journey. Prior to Ampd, Tyler worked for a management consultancy specializing in helping growth stage brands expand their operations and grow sales.Tyler and his team at Ampd are big data analysts who have spent +6 year building Google Ad tech and now bring that technology and knowledge to the Amazon industry allowing Amazon Sellers to unlock Google Ads.
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www.ecom.insureAshlin Hadden InsuranceNo matter if you are new to selling online or a Multi-Million-Dollar private seller, Ashlin Hadden Insurance has the RIGHT coverage to Protect Your Assets! We KNOW Amazon’s requirements and how to properly protect your growing business.Watch On:
We're pros at finding and exploiting opportunities to grow the reach of our marketing.From JV deals to list building and nurturing techniques, we've built several brands and unique businesses with a similar approach.We offer value, and a lot of it.This is how we attract clients and partners alike.Give give give until it hurts, and then give some more.Watch On...Twitter:
Brittany Dubins and Laura West of AVASK Group talk when and how to expand your Amazon business into foreign marketplaces. Learn what to avoid, and how to make your expansion seamless with AVASK Group who serves over 10K sellers
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