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Author: The Washington Post

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Post Reports is the daily podcast from The Washington Post. Unparalleled reporting. Expert insight. Clear analysis. Everything you’ve come to expect from the newsroom of The Post. For your ears. Martine Powers is your host, asking the questions you didn’t know you wanted answered. Published weekdays by 5 p.m. Eastern time.
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Today on Post Reports, business reporter Tracy Jan tells the story of one family for whom reparations mean more than money. Geoff Edgers explains the hidden history of Roberta Flack’s hit song “Killing Me Softly.Read more:This family faced slavery and internment during World War II. To them, reparations mean more than money.The true story behind the song ‘Killing me softly.’Subscribe to The Washington Post:
Amber Phillips tells us about the latest antics by the world’s greatest deliberative body: One senator read a book Thursday while one doodled through another day of the impeachment trial. After Jeff Bezos and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia exchanged numbers at a dinner party, Bezos was hacked. Marc Fisher explains how the hack went down. And, Emily Yahr on why we’re obsessed with Wikipedia’s “personal life” section. Background reading: The Senate impeachment trial continues. Read live impeachment trial updates from The Washington Post: ‘Hello MBS,’ Jeff Bezos wrote in a text. Then, he was hacked: with Wikipedia ‘personal life’ entries? You’re not alone:
Amber Phillips on the opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial. Anna Fifield and Lena Sun on the rapidly spreading coronavirus. And David Fahrenthold reports on how Trump’s D.C. hotel blurs lines of private interests and public life.
The rules of engagement

The rules of engagement


Aaron Blake explains Tuesday’s Senate debate on the rules for Trump’s impeachment trial. Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig on their new book “A Very Stable Genius.” And Rosalind Helderman answers your questions on impeachment.
Robert Samuels on the opportunity black activists see in a city’s crumbling highway section. And DeNeen L. Brown tells the surprising story of how Martin Luther King Jr. got his name.
Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s video about her battle with alopecia has renewed conversations around the politics of hair. Jena McGregor outlines the growing protections against race-based hair discrimination. And Chico Harlan on the tensions between two popes.
The Senate gavels in for the impeachment trial. Paul Sonne unpacks the latest evidence implicating President Trump in the Ukraine scandal. Drew Harwell on the tech companies manufacturing diversity. And Philip Bump brings us the “Impeachment Polka.”
Rosalind S. Helderman explains what’s happening with impeachment — and the new documents made public by House Democrats. Robert Costa on Bernie Sanders and the candidate’s quiet rise in Iowa. And a new contract for the WNBA.
Michael Scherer on Mike Bloomberg’s campaign strategy. Shane Harris explains the administration’s conflicting rationales for the strike on Iran’s Qasem Soleimani. And Drew Harwell unpacks the effect of doctored photos on politics.
Rachel Siegel reports women outnumber men in the U.S. workforce for just the second time. Moriah Balingit on how a book-burning at Georgia Southern ignited a conversation about race. And Arelis Hernández on the earthquakes rattling Puerto Rico.
Jason Rezaian contextualizes the current relationship between the United States and Iran and describes what leaders can illuminate from the past about the present.
Australia burning

Australia burning


Kate Shuttleworth and Sarah Kaplan on the wildfires ravaging Australia. Colby Itkowitz breaks down how President Trump has reshaped the most important courts in the country. And Jennifer Hassan gives context to Britain’s “Megxit.”
Ishaan Tharoor unpacks the White House response to attacks from Iran. Paul Kane reports from the chambers of the least deliberative Senate in modern history. And Abha Bhattarai on a new approach to thank-you cards.
Mike DeBonis explains the impeachment trial’s delay. Liz Sly unravels the fraught history of U.S.-Iraq relations. And Kayla Epstein assuages young people’s concerns about the draft.
Shane Harris explains how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shaped the decision to kill a top Iranian military commander. Phil Rucker describes President Trump’s wartime posture. And Anthony Faiola on the fight over Venezuela’s National Assembly.
Missy Ryan examines the fallout of a U.S. airstrike that killed Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani. Plus, Sebastian Smee describes the stunning photo that changed how we see our planet.
What’s in and out for 2020

What’s in and out for 2020


The Washington Post’s annual guide to what’s out from 2019 and what’s in for 2020. And, how gender bias in science also affects lab rats.
Martine Powers talks with N.K. Jemisin, Jasmine Guillory and Lauren Wilkinson about challenging narrow perceptions of race in literary genres. And Bilal Qureshi discusses Toni Morrison’s legacy.
Michael Kranish dives into the tumultuous relationship between President Trump and Mike Bloomberg. Plus: Robin Givhan remembers a bombastic legend of the fashion world.
Altamont 1969 was meant to be the Woodstock of the West. Eyewitnesses recount how this free concert turned into a deadly disaster.
Comments (44)

Philly Burbs

background music is too loud if ur over 55. it just. stopped Remember, for next time😎

Jan 21st

Linda Samuelson

This man was never be qualified to be president. Whoever follows them is a chump and an idiot. The only person Donald Trump cares about is himself as evidenced in the emoluments Clause he has constantly been breaking since being in office. He thinks he's above the Law and it's about time to boot him out of office!

Dec 19th
Reply (1)

Hector Soler

the post. is propaganda for the CIA Bolivia was a coup no doubt between the the propaganda pro stablishment midia are accomplices of the coup

Nov 20th
Reply (1)

Cheri Ann Schumann

what she did was not a great idea to her parents w/o a child abuse victim to help him understand what happened to him at home without any help being held hostage by someone else's daughter was not allowed into custody withholding information about herself outside off historic heights insurance companies and authorities for more severe damage to his ownership trusts for her work more important information about the future with autism spectrum disorders that she is still alive after being released after having anychildren inprison Ownership4andeersonI'toffificershelchihald Anderson was used against children under attack by researchers attending college educational services found throughout her campaign against https last November when police officer James Holmes and other mothers had no interest to help her child being diagnosed during hacking scandal last year in prison without any help from others who thought she would change anything to help patients receiving medical assistance from a child care program that they were being investigated for years tohttps about Howard Hughes in public schools w/o a new York fashion industry is a junkie with no doubts on behalf that would be detrimental towards helping her ownership of a child who would never get through something about himself being able personally to work with a woman whom he believed to have a lot more time to get a better understanding officer for years before she could possibly imagine her child in prison ownership charges for years before they were taken into account of America onlineedition that he would spend most critcal time with disabilities to be destroyed BYLAWS for David Rivera who doesn't care for using a child to help people understand how they feel about her family life insurance policy to prevent the information she received from her mom to get away without being taken seriously by police officers at home in her apartment at least someone who doesn't care about what she's been working on a daily basis with autism research programs at the journal of medicine in her family history of health benefits including social security's advice about himself as a result of this community service operation to CENSURE againsthttps heritages of the bank forex currency fraud identity theft using an email account from the information department and her mother to be sent back home from school districts that she didn't know what to make of this particular stock exchange rates in her account whichever he was already injured by a child in college education fund raising awareness about her family members accused BYLAWS of Pennsylvania medical getting ready to receive help from a doctor using her phone number of different groups including her ownership trust fund that was used by a group message to her daughter in Lawndale and her daughter was found to be in a coma after suffering some serious injuries everyday messages abusing my brain traumatic activity during hacking that would be detrimental towards treating a relationship without knowing what I

Oct 9th

Maxwell Smart

Idiotic discussion: these journalists are talking about Trump, Clinton Nixon as if these impeachments were all equal. Clinton lied about oral sex, Nixon at least respected the rule of law -- Trump violates campaign finance laws by paying off porn stars and other infidelities. Foriegn nations bribe him by patronizing his hotels, money that goes right to Trump. He alienates our allies but cozies w Putin, a known murders of journalists and anyone who displeases him. Now he shakes down a foriegn country, threatens them like John Gotti, unless they will open a phony investigation on Biden he will withhold money for military to fight the Russians. Trump is completely different than any president or impeachment that this country has ever seen. There is no moral equivalency here.

Sep 29th

Elephant Wig

I thought there were no cats in america, and that the streets were made of cheese. Am I good?

Aug 18th
Reply (1)

Norma Powell Byron

Love this podcast. I feel I learn so much about what's happening in the world.

Aug 12th
Reply (1)


I cannot for the life of me understand mitch McDonnell's decision regarding election security..why on Earth, how is this beneficial to our countty??! the more important question, however is how is this stance of mcconnell's beneficial to him & the Republican party? this next election is already a mess & from that POV, the russian's have already succeeded ..good grief

Jul 30th
Reply (5)

Ryan Pena

man that volume change broke my ears

Jul 25th
Reply (1)

Sigler Jorge

did Ellie Krieger seriously did a piece on words that we need to remove from food conversations including clean eating or guilty and bad food while she has a program calle "Ellie's real GOOD food"??? does putting "real" before the word good makes it then ok?????

Jul 23rd
Reply (1)

kevin bagley


Jul 7th

Ryan Pena

dude this Bernie story sounds sooo biased against him. SOCIALISM!!! scary! what I got from this is that he sticks to his principles and compromises when he can to get things moving in the right direction...sounds terrible

Jun 14th


as an adult who suffered from unspeakable acts as a child, my feeling is that if for nothing else, this mock funeral and having the kids write down what they wanted to bury, shows them someone cares, someone's listening ..and that's a start..great show

May 21st


Any relation to former Senator Capehart?

Apr 5th


So Donald Trump can grab someone by the pussy and brag about it & Joe Biden can't hug someone/kiss them in a fatherly way but yet somehow this is equal in importance. This is snowflake journalism that gives us normals a bad name.

Apr 1st

P J Smeed

9 n

Mar 25th


so who would get this "settlement" money, if imposed on Facebook?

Feb 21st
Reply (1)

Lyn Belzer-Tonnessen

At what time do new episodes come out?

Feb 20th

Wayne Clark

The piece on school lock-down drills was heartbreaking. The US is failing the next generation in so many ways, but I fear this may be doing terrible damage.

Feb 20th

Lori Clark

Completely looks over Canadas roll in this. Even though since Canada has detained Meng Wanzhou for the United States in China two Canadians have been detained and a Canadians how was convicted for drug trafficking was resentenced for death, in apparent retaliation. Plus the diplomat has been fired over his comments about this. I question what other stories have information missing. Wanted this to be better.

Feb 12th
Reply (1)
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