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We know clinicians are tired. They spend hours and hours each week entering data into EHRs, checking protocol, and hopefully, treating patients. This is about an hour every week where they can come to talk about the things they love, the things that burn them out, and the reason they got into this in the first place. The next time you're post-call, or even if you just feel like it, spend it with us. The information in this podcast is provided for informational and educational purposes only.
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Emi takes the MDedge weekly quiz, she gives some advice for all the new interns out there, Nick suggests movies that could help interns and residents identify with the struggle, and Nick and Emi discuss the commentary "Better Words for Better Deaths" by this week's guest, Anna DeForest, MD. Show Outline: MDedge Quiz Emi answers questions from the #SoMeDocs Twitter chat. Nick's intern survival movie list: Miracle Whiplash Somm Nick and Emi discuss "Better Words for Better Deaths".  Interview: Interview with Anna DeForest, MD about her work in the New England Journal of Medicine. Reasons to Live (Short stories by Amy Hempel). Terror Management Theory   You can contact the show by emailing us at and you can interact with Nick on Twitter @tribnic.
Welcome the new cohost of the MDedge Postcall Podcast, Emi Okamoto, MD.  In this episode, Dr. Okamoto and Nick take the MDedge Weekly Quiz, dive into the 2019 annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, and get to know Dr. Okamoto, or Emi, as she prefers.  Emi talks about what she does to unwind after a long day, what advice she'd give trainees as a new attending, and more.  You can email Emi and Nick at, and you can follow Nick on Twitter at @Tribnic Time Stamps: MDedge Weekly Quiz (02:00) Cool Stuff: American Academy of Neurology (5:50) Interview with Emi Okamoto, MD (12:50) Links from the show: Weekly Quiz American Academy of Neurology coverage by MDedge Employed physicians now outnumber independent doctors Green light as therapy for chronic pain? Walk in nature as good as a cup of coffee via the Telegraph U.K. Dystextia is a real thing and it can help with stroke diagnoses  
Doron Schneider, MD, joins Nick from the 2019 annual internal medicine meeting of the American College of Physicians to talk about a precourse he led on improving practice efficiency.  Dr. Schneider is with Abbington Hospital which is now a part of the Jefferson Health Family of Thomas Jefferson University and the Sidney Kimmel Medical College.  He told Nick about what bringing in a coach can do for your practice, and who it's important to collaborate.  Remember, you can contact the show with feedback, questions, ideas, and shoutouts for your friends, family or colleagues by emailing us at  You can follow Nick on Twitter @tribnic, if you tweet at him with #PostcallPodcast, you may have your thoughts read on a future episode.  
Eileen Barrett, MD, wants to help doctors beat burnout. After her pre-course at Internal Medicine 2019, the annual meeting of the American College of Physicians, in Philadelphia, Dr. Barrett spoke with Postcall host Nick Andrews about the real problem of physician burnout and how it exacerbates other underlying issues. She uses a famous quote from Anna Karenina to illustrate the issue as she sees it (07:02). She also tells an anecdote about how a passing comment in her hospital turned into a new protocol for administering vaccines. She discusses how this simple interaction increased her gratitude for her non-physician colleagues and exemplifies how clinicians, administrators, and non-clinical professionals can come together to improve outcomes, "help the bottom line," and solve a logistical issue (11:45). Contact us: @MDedgeTweets   This week in MDedge: Psychcast Ep 57: Physician Burnout Blood & Cancer Ep 14: CAR T-Cell Therapy Dermatology Weekly Ep 08: Are parabens safe?
Women in leadership: IM2019

Women in leadership: IM2019


Nick talks to Fariah Shafi, MD about women in medical leadership now and moving forward.  
In episode 25, Richard Wenzel, MD, joins nick to talk about his article in the New England Journal of Medicine on RVU medicine and physician loneliness  Nick would love to hear from you with your suggestions, ideas, feedback, or questions. You can email the show at and you can follow him on Twitter at @Tribnic.  You can read Dr. Wenzel's article here. 
In this episode, Nick continues his conversation with Samuel Shem. 
Doctor Stephen Bergman now goes by Samuel Shem and lives outside Boston, but in the 1970s, he published arguably one of the most impactful books on medicine in recent memory -- the cult classic, the House of God Newsweek named the House of God the second best satirical piece of fiction of all time behind Don Quixote. In this conversation, Shem tells me about his motivation for the House of God and reveals that there will be a sequel in 2019 on the current state of medicine.
Colleen Farrell, MD, is back for part II of her conversation with Nick on her Medical Humanities Twitter chat group.   You can contact the show by emailing or on Twitter @MDedgeTweets. You can follow Nick on Twitter @tribnic, and Dr. Farrell @colleenmfarrell. 
Colleen Farrell is a medical resident who started a twitter chat aimed at marrying humanities and medicine.   Contact us: Nick Andrews Twitter: @Tribnic    
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