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We know clinicians are tired. They spend hours and hours each week entering data into EHRs, checking protocol, and hopefully, treating patients. This is about an hour every week where they can come to talk about the things they love, the things that burn them out, and the reason they got into this in the first place. The next time you're post-call, or even if you just feel like it, spend it with us. The information in this podcast is provided for informational and educational purposes only.
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Shannon Tosounian, DO, aka @Shanny_DO is an internal med and GI fellow. She also blogs and coordinates an Instagram account with more than 50,000 followers.  Postcall hosts Nick and Emi Okamoto, MD, pick Dr. Tosounian's brain about being an "influencer," blogging, and how to manage time.  Links: Shanny_DO on Instagram @shanny_do Dr. Tousonian's blog CBD blog Childbearing years blog   For more MDedge Podcasts, go to You can contact the show by emailing us at or by interacting with us on Twitter @mdedgetweets.       
Ep 37: Time Stamps: Quiz (00:59) Tech tool for drug prices (04:35) Dating Advice for Doctors (08:05) Meet Pooja Lakshmin, MD (10:04) Dr. Shadowgazer medical puns (10:55) Interview with Dr. Lakshmin (12:11) Links: Quiz articles Fireworks injuries Dairy products  and metabolic syndrome Cryptosporidiosis Transgender guidelines Vaccine legislation and vaccine rates Doctors slow to adopt tech tools that may save patients money on drugs Dr. Shadowgazer medical puns Pooja Lakshmin, MD, bio Dr. Lakshmin's website "We don't need self-care; we need boundaries"   For more MDedge podcasts, go to Email the show:
Episode 36: Independence Day Special Nick Andrews and Emi Okamoto, MD, continue Pride Month into the first week of July, discussing the NYPD's "long overdue" apology to the LGBT community and to those involved in the infamous Stonewall riots in New York City. Jack Drescher, MD, authored an article on the 50th anniversary of the riots and the overdue apology for Psychology Today. This week's Postcall Podcast is a reprise of Dr. Drescher's appearance in episode 35 of the Psychcast discussing conversion therapy. Dr. Drescher is the author of "Psychoanalytic Therapy & The Gay Man". Postcall Podcast will return with a new episode and new interview on 07/12/19. 
This week’s interview is with Kaz Nelson, MD, a psychiatrist and podcast host. Also, Nick and Emi Okamoto, MD, chat about a recent, controversial study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, the looming closure of a major hospital, and credit card hacks.  Dr. Okamoto is an internal medicine clinician in Philadelphia and a guest writer on The Curbsiders podcast. Feedback:  Nick Andrews on Twitter at @Tribnic Time Stamps: Weekly quiz (1:20) Advice for your first/new job (06:18) Credit card hacks (08:41) AJEM controversial study (12:41)  Hahnemann Hospital to close (17:38) Interview with Kaz Nelson, MD (22:00) Relevant links: Quiz articles: World Trade Center responders' cancer Cannabis use among pregnant women 2002-2017 Surprise out-of-network medical bills Teen/YA suicide rate Aplisol shortage Other links: Hahnemann Hospital to close Credit card tweet and tread Nerdwallet AJEM article "Does physician gender have a significant impact on first-pass success rate of emergency endotracheal intubation?" Kaz (Katherine) Nelson, MD, bio The Mind Deconstructed podcast Interview: Kaz Nelson, MD, associate professor and vice chair of education in the department of psychiatry at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.  Dr. Nelson hosts The Mind Deconstructed, a podcast that aims to "dispel myths, address listener questions, talk directly about serious topics (such as suicide), and inform the public about what they need to know to maintain mental health and a life worth living."  You can find the official website by clicking here. You can find Dr. Nelson on Twitter @KazJNelson   For more MDedge Podcasts, go to Email the show:  
This week: Emi Okamoto, MD, takes the quiz Nick opens up about being overprescribed opioids back in high school Interview with Amy Fiedler, MD, about back-and-forth editorials in academia and what the point of "Beyond #ILookLikeASurgeon" looks like.  Time Stamps: Weekly Quiz: 01:44 Nick Opens up about Opioids: 07:38 Interview Intro: 15:49 Interview: 19:10   Relevant references: Quiz Articles: Question 1 article (Rabes) Question 2 article (Facebook) Question 3 article (Herpes Zoster) Question 4 article (HIV USPSTF) Question 5 article (Reproductive Law) WSJ opioid essay Amy Fiedler, MD "Beyond #ILookLikeASurgeon" Battle of the Sexes We have met the enemy; the enemy is us  
Show Notes: The first ever Postcall Lounge with Emi Okamoto, MD, and Ed DelSole, MD.  You can contact the show at and you can find Nick on Twitter at @tribnic. Dr. DelSole is an orthopedic spine surgeon with the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, PA soon to be in practice in Scranton, PA. He and Dr. Okamota know one another from their med school days. Topics this week include an op-ed by Danielle Ofri, MD, published in the New York Times in early June 2019 which addressed how business exploits healthcare workers, especially doctors and nurses. Emi also opens up about how she and her colleagues address burnout in her workplace, Dr. DelSole gives five tips that have helped him stay optimistic throughout med school, training and into his career.  Time Stamps: Dr. Ofri op-ed - 05:05 Dr. DelSole's op-ed on the biggest problem in medicine - 09:01 Burnout in Emi's clinic - 12:55 How internal medicine residents spend their days - 13:58 "You have more power than you think" - 16:53 5 things that keep Dr. DelSole optimistic - 20:49 Book recommendations about the life of doctors and surgeons - 25:40  Outline and Links: Danielle Ofri, MD, NYT op-ed from June 2019. Ed DelSole, MD, op-ed. Assessment of Inpatient Time Allocation Among First-Year Internal Medicine Residents Using Time-Motion Observations JAMA Internal Medicine(Krisda H. Chaiyachati, MD, MPH, MSHP; Judy A. Shae, PhD; David A. Asch, MD, MBA) Dr. DelSole's 5 things: Don't do it for the money. The core of the profession is the relationships that you have with patients. The profession is grounded in service; there's going to be sacrifice: be cautious of your online voice Don't be afraid to get paid. You Deserve it.  Book recommendations about being a doctor: On Doctoring Letters to a Young Doctor When Breath Becomes Air
This week in Postcall, does Emi Okamoto, MD, finally get a 100% on the weekly quiz? Plus, advice for attending your first medical meeting, or improving your experience at meetings, and Dana Corriel, MD, talks about SoMeDocs and the good and bad of Twitter.  Time Stamps: Weekly Quiz (1:27) Missions good/bad (08:57) Medical meetings: advice and ideas (15:30) Interview Intro: (22:50) Interview with Dr. Corriel (25:50) MDedge Fast Facts Friday story links: Violent storms impact on mental health Tick-borne disease has become a national issue Gender equality, sexual harassment in healthcare Statement on warning for women of childbearing age about possible safety risks of dietary supplements containing vinpocetine House Committee Votes To Continue Ban On Genetically Modified Babies    Advice for attending and presenting at medical meetings: Interview with Dana Corriel, MD.  Dr. Corriel is the founder of SoMeDocs and a part-time internist in the NYC area. She is also a blogger, mother, wife, and iPhone Photography specialist.  You can check out her blog here. You can learn more about SoMeDocs here SoMeDocs on Twitter: @SoMeDocs Dr. Corriel on Twitter: @DrCorriel   
Nick and Emi Okamoto, MD, take the weekly quiz, Dr. Emi gives advice for talking to your friends and family about your crazy schedule, and can you tell if it's advice for residents or advice for newlyweds?   Time stamps: MDedge Quiz (02:09) Advice Game: Newlyweds or Residents? (06:45) This week in MedTwitter (09:46) How to participate in holidays when you're working/can't make it (10:58) "I feel, I think, I want," educating your family (11:55) Health equity (13:33) Interview Intro (15:27) Interview with Ilana Yurkiewicz, MD. 18:15) Meet Dr. Yurkiewicz: family, hobbies, etc. (31:06) What Dr. Yurkiewicz reads, Ted Cheng - Story of Your Life, Arrival (33:35) Best advice for residency/internship: (36:53) Worst advice for residency/internship (39:28) Dr. Yurkiewicz on the future of Hem/Onc. Credits (46:16) Blood & Cancer Clinical Correlation (47:07)   Show Notes: MDedge Weekly quiz source articles: The Effects persist for children who witnessed 9/11 Study Finds CBD effective in treating heroin addiction Thousands of cancer diagnoses tied to a poor diet, study finds A cadet died in a tragedy. Now is parents can use his sperm to create his child, a judge rules FDA clears first diagnostic tests for extragenital testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea   You can take this or more MDedge Quizzes by clicking this link.   Tweet of the week: "The most frustrating thing about being a nurse (or in the medical field period) is the complete lack of understanding or empathy for our schedules by some." -- Ari BSN, RN @ArianaMasGrande   Dr. Okamoto's strategy is "I think, I feel, I want"  More on this strategy here.   Health Equity Emi's passion for healthcare for all humans. Read more about health equity here.   Interview Intro: This week's guest is Ilana Yurkiewicz, MD, a hem/onc fellow at Stanford. She writes the Hard Qeustions Columng for MDedge Hematology/Oncology and writes/records/produces the Clinical Correlation segment of Blood & Cancer, the official podcast of MDedge Hematology/Oncology.   Dr. Yurkiewicz's 's articles: Doctor will you please lie to me? Should doctors disclose primary results?   A complete list of Dr. Yurkiewicz's column, Hard Questions is available here, and you can check out Blood & Cancer here.   Links from the interview: Ted Chiang Story of Your Life Exhalation Arrival
Emi takes the MDedge weekly quiz, she gives some advice for all the new interns out there, Nick suggests movies that could help interns and residents identify with the struggle, and Nick and Emi discuss the commentary "Better Words for Better Deaths" by this week's guest, Anna DeForest, MD. Show Outline: MDedge Quiz Emi answers questions from the #SoMeDocs Twitter chat. Nick's intern survival movie list: Miracle Whiplash Somm Nick and Emi discuss "Better Words for Better Deaths".  Interview: Interview with Anna DeForest, MD about her work in the New England Journal of Medicine. Reasons to Live (Short stories by Amy Hempel). Terror Management Theory   You can contact the show by emailing us at and you can interact with Nick on Twitter @tribnic.
Welcome the new cohost of the MDedge Postcall Podcast, Emi Okamoto, MD.  In this episode, Dr. Okamoto and Nick take the MDedge Weekly Quiz, dive into the 2019 annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, and get to know Dr. Okamoto, or Emi, as she prefers.  Emi talks about what she does to unwind after a long day, what advice she'd give trainees as a new attending, and more.  You can email Emi and Nick at, and you can follow Nick on Twitter at @Tribnic Time Stamps: MDedge Weekly Quiz (02:00) Cool Stuff: American Academy of Neurology (5:50) Interview with Emi Okamoto, MD (12:50) Links from the show: Weekly Quiz American Academy of Neurology coverage by MDedge Employed physicians now outnumber independent doctors Green light as therapy for chronic pain? Walk in nature as good as a cup of coffee via the Telegraph U.K. Dystextia is a real thing and it can help with stroke diagnoses  
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