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We met as eight strangers in the basement of an apartment complex in Bethesda, MD. Years later, we're still together, bound by friendship and the hobby we all love: tabletop roleplaying games. Join us each week, as we pack our episodes full of old news, tired conversation, and mediocre advice. All in under 60 minutes. Welcome to Potomac RPG, where our group is your group.
45 Episodes
S01E44: Dirty Jobs

S01E44: Dirty Jobs


John de Campos from Terrible Games joins Steve to bring some fetid filth to the gaming sphere.
Rachel joins the show for a special Valentine's Day edition of the podcast.
Sara and Thom join the show to discuss character progression and leveling up.
Matt and Ben join in to discuss encounters in tabletop roleplaying.
S01E40: Choo Choo

S01E40: Choo Choo


Sara and Steve jump in to discuss railroading and how to keep it out of your games.
S01E39: Solid Investment

S01E39: Solid Investment


Ben and Thom join the show to talk about increasing the connection between player and character.
S01E38: Page Turner

S01E38: Page Turner


Matt and Steve jump on to discuss fantasy novels and how they influence tabletop roleplaying games.
Sara and Thom jump in to discuss roleplaying different genders.
S01E36: System Shock

S01E36: System Shock


Matt and Ben join the show to discuss generalities around system design.
S01E35: Medieval Love

S01E35: Medieval Love


Sara and Steve join the show to dive into the dicey topic of love, sex, and romance in tabletop roleplaying.
Thom and special guest Mike discuss what it's like getting into tabletop roleplaying for the first time.
S01E33: The Good Fight

S01E33: The Good Fight


Sara and Matt jump on to discuss the fighter class.
Ben and Thom join in to talk about the final climactic fight against the BBEG.
Ben and Thom help lay out the rules for good manners around the table and at play.
Matt and Steve join in to discuss the use of shield in tabletop roleplaying.
Sara and Thom jump in to talk about the anxiety and nervousness we feel at the table.
Sara and Matt cleanse themselves with some holy light as we discuss the D&D cleric class.
Ben and Thom join in some Halloween fun as we discuss the undead in all its glory.
Sara and Matt jump on to discuss player backstories and how to use them.
Thom and Steve discuss the consequences of ushering people off the material plane.
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