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Welcome to our last episode of season 3 where we regale you with stories of poopenings that happened during Quarantine and some tips and tricks or hacks, if you will, for your potty times!  Please join us for our free WORLD TOILET DAY virtual event on November 19th!! Get your tickets here! If you are able to and would like to donate to our fundraiser the link for your glorious donations is here!Thank you! We appreciate you all so much!!! Have a shitty week!
Hey baby, are you looking for a good time?**  Then listen to this episode!! Sex do you feel about it?? Join us as we discuss one of the most taboo topics of all time. Have you ever thought about selling sex? Have you ever thought of buying a sexual experience? What's the line between harm and charm? How do you guarantee that you're not hurting someone's spouse by being the person someone cheats with? What kind of person wants to sell sex for money? Do all sex workers have a trauma that needs therapizing? Wondering these questions isn't new, but it definitely is a new topic we hadn't discussed yet on Potty Mouth Poopcast, so join us for our first episode in our "Let's Talk About Sex" Series. The first one is free ;)         (Jk, all our episodes are free of course!) **good time not guaranteedTo tell  us your thoughts on the topic or anything else's your dog's birthday? Email us at PottyMouthPoopcast@gmail.comInstagramFacebookTwitterTrigger Warning: child sex trafficking, sex work, sex slavery, pornography, infidelity, and other triggering terminology around sex and sexual experiences.
Welcome to our emotions! Trigger Warnings: *Depression *Suicide *Mental Health *Death *Strong opinions about Covid-19 and the Vaccine NOTE: in the beginning of the episode we say we are going to be talking about period products but we obviously took a turn and discussed the following instead.. In this episode, we get vulnerable on our mental state and how the pandemic and life until now has weighed on us. We also discuss the hottest new taboo topic since breastfeeding in public: The Covid Vaccine! To be pricked or not to be pricked, that is SOME people's question. In true taboo topic fashion, we understand you might feel strong emotions as you listen. If you feel so inclined to message us your rage or your praise, below are some platforms you may use.  Thank you for holding space for us. E-mail: pottymouthpoopcast@gmail.comInstagramFacebookTwitter
Trigger warning: depression, suicide attempt, emotional abuse topics, illegal immigration.“Mexican comes to suburbs”, part of a headline printed for an article featuring our mom!But how did she get to the ‘burbs you may ask?Listen to the tale of how our mom realized her “American Dream”.Find out what drove her to stand up for her dreams of going to school and moving to the United States. Tell us which “mami-ism” is your favorite! If there was ever a time to feel grateful for our upbringing, this is it. Our mother’s life journey is inspiring and we hope it gives you some perspective, patience, and empathy for people who might not say the right things in the right order.....some of the time.Gracias! Adiós!Picture of article “Mexican comes to the suburbs to get the degree she wanted.” on our Instagram.InstagramFacebookTwitterEmail us your favorite “Mami-ism”, is it Munkchip? OR tell us the stories of your family members who have immigrated!
What is Toilet Spray?? Maybe you think it's just air freshener? Join us on this episode and find out all about toilet sprays and how they work and how they will help you poop confidently when you're at your boss's BBQ party or when your in-laws are visiting, or perhaps you don't want to assault the senses of your tinder date just on the other side of the bathroom door!We compared four toilet sprays, braking down the scent options, bottle design, product performance, and price points.  We also tell you some do's and don'ts about toilet sprays. We dare you to try toilet spray and you'll understand our devotion to them.InstagramFacebookTwitterE-Mail: #Masktoiletspray #squattypotty #vipoo #ToiletSpray #poop
Why is gender still a thing in comdey? Let's explore. Pack your indignant-proof pants and your emotional walking stick and let's get to listening! In this episode we discuss our hopes for the comedy landscape, some history, some of our favorite comedians (Mindy Kaling please be our friend), and ask ourselves....are WOMEN EVEN FUNNY???Article by Lynn HarrisInstagramFacebookTwitter
How do we not censor our youth so that they, as future adults, have a healthier relationship with taboo and difficult to talk about topics, especially when we have been raised to not talk about certain things ourselves? Basically, this is how to be woke-ass-parents.........if you want to. You do you. But also, like try it. :D We have the potential to gift our children with some very powerful emotional, mental, & empathic intelligence. Let us know what you liked about this episode. We definitely dropped the C word....How did that make you feel? E-mail: pottymouthpoopcast@gmail.comInstagramFacebookTwitter
"We gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable."- Heather D. Horton Grief is not the 5 step process we were taught in school.In this episode, Heather blows our minds as to what grief really is and how learning to manage our emotions around loss and change (even "small" changes) can create a better functioning life experience for ourselves and those around us. This episode is hefty with information and thought provoking subjects. A take-away, for parents/guardians, cry in front of your children/loved ones! Let them see you feel emotions and talk about those emotions.Let's get to work!Heather's:Website: www.heatherdhorton.comPodcast: Grief UnpluggedResource for grief recovery:  www.griefrecoverymethod.comPotty Mouth PoopcastInstagramFacebookTwitterE-Mail:
Sure you could do a quick Google search about Wombat poop to find out why we chose it as our main topic today, OR you could listen to a 30 plus minute podcast episode about it. We know what we’d choose! Karla and Sarah discuss how to tell the difference between bat droppings and mouse droppings, don’t worry, it doesn’t involve rolling it between your fingers or anything gross like that. NOT!!Are we still doing Not Jokes??Also, we discover the mystery of where in the heck do baby Robins poop?!Enjoy the episode!Do you have any suggestions for what animal’s poop we should talk about next? Send us an E-Mail to  PottyMouthPoopcast@gmail.comText a friend a link to an episode of our podcast and share a screenshot to us on Instagram or Facebook @pottymouthpoopcastTweet at us what your favorite part of this (or any) episode was! @poop_castAnd as always, thank you for listening and have a shitty week!
Join Karla and Sarah on a little generational timeline. Why are Boomers the way they are? What's a Zellennial? Who really ruined everything??  They say Millennials ruin everything.....but do they really? Listen and let us know what you think!Instagram: @pottymouthpoopcastFacebook: @pottymouthpoopcastTwitter: @poop_castSend us an E-mail and let us know what you'd like us to talk about or any comments you'd like to share. Tell us what you had for dinner!Thank you for listening and have a shitty week!
What A Woman!Only the intro and outro in both Breastfeeding episodes are the same but the point of view in this here episode of interviews is from Females. Remember to listen to the Male perspective episode available now!In this episode we interview some kick-ass women on their experience as breastfeeding mothers. It's not always magical-oneness-with-the-universe-moments between mom and baby. We talk formula vs breast milk, breastfeeding in public, spouse duty, pumping at work, crying on kitchen floors and silent screaming! We ask it worth it?? Listen and judge for yourself!All in all we hope this episode will help you feel more empathy, compassion, and understanding for people who breastfeed and also to know you're not alone in the roller coaster that is keeping a baby fed!Thank you for listening and have a shitty week!
Man Oh Man!Only the intro and outro in both Breastfeeding episodes are the same but the point of view in this here episode of interviews is from Males.Remember to listen to the Female perspective episode available now! In this episode we hear what a couple of fathers and one single male knows and thinks of breastfeeding & things that they've learned from being closely involved with their spouse's breastfeeding journey. You'll learn a few insights from our single male interviewee as he also asked a few questions of his own! All in all we hope this episode will help you feel more empathy, compassion, and understanding for people who breastfeed and also to know you're not alone in the roller coaster that is keeping a baby fed!Thank you for listening and have a shitty week!
Ever wonder what it's like to be a plumber? We poured ourselves some adult beverages and had a laid back but very fun and informative conversation with our cousin Job Banda, who is a Licensed Plumber!We decided to give you this Bonus episode on Thanksgiving Day in gratitude of all of our plumbers and sanitation professionals."World Toilet Day is a United Nations Observance that celebrates toilets and raises awareness of the 4.2 billion people living without access to safely managed sanitation. It is about taking action to tackle the global sanitation crisis and achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030."
We're so happy to be back! We kick off Season 3 with an episode about Marijuana.  Illinois (where we live) made recreational use legal at the beginning of 2020; it's almost like they knew what this year would entail. We decided to do a bit of research and see what grand informations we could bestow upon our loyal listeners!In this episode Karla also finds out a not so secret secret about my dad and can not get over it, which Sarah finds hilarious. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook:@pottymouthpoopcast 
Instagram Live recap of Podfest 2020! Little did we know how life would be so different after that event.  We talk about the Highlights and sprinkle in some Lowlights about this year's podcasting conference that is Podfest. Coming off of a high-energy event is clear as we run things off at break neck speed.Some podcasts we mention in this episode:Pit Lane ParleyLove Your VanlifeWeekly WoosahB.S. with Bobby & SarahThe Point of MeHate To Weight
Karla and Sarah discuss challenges faced in season 2, what we learned and what we still love about Potty Mouth Poopcast. We also have an announcement!!! Listen and keep us accountable for our season 3 goals.  P.S. tell a friend or a foe about this podcast 
We have more animals and their oh so interesting excretion! Karla and Sarah get philosophical and meta about human evolution and the expansion of the Universe. Karla tells us the possible dangers of cat urine, especially around pregnant humans. Sarah tells us the curious way this spider disguises itself by making its web look like bird droppings and the spider itself looks like a bird turd. NEATO!  
B.S. with Bobby & Sarah is a podcast that Sarah also co-hosts with her long time college friend Bobby. This crossover episode was a shit-ton of fun!! Karla tells us her theory on why women love True Crime podcasts, Bobby tells us how he lost a Puma sock to a poo incident! We talk New Year goals, a Chinchilla as president, a pilot idea for a Chicago based t.v. show, learn some Spanish, and many other shenanigans! And in true B.S. with Bobby & Sarah form, we play a game - Two Truths and a Lie-! "This is the year of Mime"-------B.S. with Bobby & Sarah------- Mouth Poopcast-------
Just in time for all the holiday parties and gatherings, in this episode Karla and Sarah discuss how to provide the best possible potty experience if you're hosting a gathering, and some excellent tips for having a successful bathroom experience as a guest! Avoiding a clogged toilet and emergency unclogging ideas among other brilliant gems! This might be one of our most helpful episodes. Enjoy. Or don't. You do you. Poo, a haiku. 
Karla tells us what she did after realizing there was a kid alone in a car in a parking lot! She also tells us about the two very different reactions she got from her post about it on social media. We want to know what YOU would have done and why?!
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