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This podcast series explores how poverty affects the mind and emotions, human connections and the wider society, and what can be done to change this.

In conversation with scholars, policy makers, activists and those who are affected by poverty, we unpack the hidden dimensions of poverty. We cast a critical eye on common understandings and misconceptions and challenge conventional wisdom about how poverty can or should be addressed.

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4 Episodes
Blaming and shaming of people in poverty is endemic and needs to change. Being open to others’ experiences can create awareness that our commonalities outweigh our differences, one story at a time.In this episode, Mary O’Hara speaks about her most recent book ‘The Shame Game’. Mary is writer and award-winning journalist and has written about issues of poverty for more than 15 years.Find out more about this episode on the website:…ty-mary-ohara/
Poverty (measurement) is political, experiences of shame and exclusion are not exclusive to poverty alone, and if we really want to reduce poverty, we need more redistribution at both national and international level.In this episode, we interview Andrew Fischer, who is Associate Professor of Social Policy and Development Studies at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in the Hague in the Netherlands. He offers a critical perspective of how we measure and tackle poverty based on his book 'Poverty as Ideology': out more about this episode on the website:…ndrew-fischer/
At the height of this global health crisis, we hear that coronavirus does not discriminate and that we are all in this together. But is this really true? Is it really the case that everyone is equal in the face of a pandemic like COVID-19?In this episode – with perspectives from Bangladesh, Kenya, Paraguay and the UK – we hear that the measures put in place to contain the virus hits people living in poverty hard. Social distancing is a privilege, people in precarious conditions bear the brunt of the pandemic’s economic consequences and government support needs to be more accessibly, timely and coordinated.Find out more about this episode on the website:…of-a-pandemic/
In this episode of Poverty Unpacked, we speak with Diana Skelton from ATD 4th World in the UK. Key discussion points include the pervasiveness of shame and stigma in the experience of poverty worldwide; the need to co-create knowledge and formulate policies together with people with lived experiences of poverty in order to overcome poverty; and how a sense of solidarity and common purpose in working towards social justice and can be created by bringing people from different backgrounds together to learn about what it means to live in poverty. Find out more about this episode and the work by ATD 4th World here:…diana-skelton/
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