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This podcast provides information for you about how to stay safe around electricity, save energy and money, learn about new energy technologies and the value of your cooperative membership. Find us on Facebook and Instagram.Even though your electric cooperative is locally owned and committed to your local community, we are part of something bigger too. We are a network of 51 distribution cooperatives in Missouri, southern Iowa and northeastern Oklahoma, serving 910,000 member homes, farms and businesses. We receive power generation through six regional generation and transmission (G&T) cooperatives and one collective G&T, Associated Electric Cooperative.
28 Episodes
Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles


Welcome to Power for Your life: On the Road, a podcast dedicated to Electric Vehicles. Join host Harrison Waters from Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. and guest Payton Oehlschlager from White River Valley Electric Cooperative Inc. as they discuss topics like EV suitability, range anxiety, home and business charging, and more. Visit for resources and follow us on social media for updates. Subscribe now for an electrifying journey into the world of EVs!White River Valley Electric Cooperative
Avoiding Bill Shock

Avoiding Bill Shock


Avoid potential bill shock by listening to our recent Power for Your Life podcast episode. Sean Vanslyke and Angie Byford, from SEMO Electric Cooperative, discuss strategies to help members take control of their energy usage and share some low-cost energy savings tips.
Heather Dietiker, from Black River Electric Cooperative, helps us find some no-cost energy savings throughout the house! Some of these solutions only take a few minutes to check or perform and can save your household big bucks annually! Take a listen!
Nick Seiner, from Southwest Electric Cooperative, helps us answer why your electric bill likely goes up in the winter. There are a few season specific factors that drive up energy costs, plus we discuss a few household tips that could also be affecting your bill.
Whether at home or on vacation, boating, fishing and swimming can be fun ways to enjoy the great outdoors. And safety precautions like life jackets are a given for millions of families who take to the water. But there is an unseen danger that lake-goers everywhere should be aware of. It’s called electric shock drowning, or ESD. Electric Shock Drowning occurs when a person drowns after being electrocuted while swimming in water that is charged with an electrical current. Learn how to avoid this scary situation by listening to our podcast. Hear from Byron Dudley, Manager of Communication & Member Service and Terry Rosenthal, Manager of Engineering at Laclede Electric Cooperative as they detail what boat and dock owners must do to keep the water safe; and what swimmers need to know to stay safe.Resources:Members First - How to Prevent Dock ShockAmerican Boat & Yacht Council - ESD What you need to knowSafe Electricity - Enjoy Water Recreation Safely
Dig Safely

Dig Safely


Does spring give you the urge to plant or build? If your spring DIY project involves digging, be sure to call 8-1-1 first to submit a request to have underground utilities marked. It’s free, and it’s easy. Listen to Derek Leffert from Missouri One Call and Dan Ulhorn from Macon Electric Cooperative discuss how members can stay safe and avoid legal issues by calling 8-1-1 before they dig.
Farm Planting Safety

Farm Planting Safety


As farmers return to fields for planting, stay alert to the dangers of working near overhead power lines. Be cautious and think twice before acting when around electric lines. If you work on a farm or know someone who does, listen to expert guest, Melanie Oetting, Manager of Administrative Services at Consolidated Electric Cooperative to learn more about how to stay safe during spring planting.
Did you know… adding insulation to your home can be one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reduce your energy costs! Listen to expert guest Kris Williams, Director of Energy Services at Ozarks Electric Cooperative, discuss the advantages of insulation, different types, which is the best to use, R-values and more so you can learn how to save energy and money with insulation.Here are some links from the podcast to help you learn more:
Space heaters may help us stay warm during the cold winter months, but do you know how much it is costing you? Just one space heater can add almost $100 per month on your electric bill. Learn more by listening to Aaron Epstein, Member Services Representative from Intercounty Electric Cooperative, discuss how to stay warm while saving money and staying safe.Season 2 Episode 1
Avoid overloading outlets when decorating this holiday season. Check your outlets now to ensure there are no fire hazards. Listen to Genifer Cape, community relations representative at Crawford Electric Cooperative, as she discusses how you can stay safe while decorating with our new podcast host, Mark Viguet, senior manager of corporate communications at Associated Electric.
Your power supplier believes we have a responsibility to protect the environment; not only as a corporate citizen, but also as personal citizens. Our employees live in the community too; and take the responsibility to ensure our natural resources are protected seriously. Brent Ross, managing director, environmental, health & safety for Associated Electric Cooperative in Springfield, Mo. discusses how balancing reliable and affordable electricity with environmental responsibility is a longstanding commitment Associated Electric makes to those receiving its electricity.Season 1 Episode 18
Your power supplier’s goal is to match the needs of member-consumers to the most affordable generation resource. The ability to choose among different ways to generate power enables us to manage costs. Roger Clark, senior vice president and chief commercial officer for Associated Electric Cooperative in Springfield, Mo. discusses how Associated’s generating assets keep your energy costs affordable.Season 1 Episode 17
Have you ever heard of a business giving money back to you when they have excess revenue? Electric co-ops do that! The money paid to you is called capital credits, or dividends, and is just one of the many benefits of being an electric cooperative member. Hear from our expert guest, Kevin Hurd, of Cuivre River Electric Cooperative, as he discusses how co-ops provide this and many other benefits to members.Season 1 Episode 16
For most things in life, balance is healthy. The same is true for the power generation mix that delivers electricity to homes, farms and businesses. At Associated Electric Cooperative, balance is a key part of reliability. Ken Wilmot, senior vice president and chief operations officer for Associated Electric Cooperative in Springfield, MO talks about the reliability of Associated’s generating assets.Season 1 Episode 15
Youth are the foundation for the future of our country. There are about 56 million students in our schools. Of those, around three to three and a half million graduate from high school each year. Electric cooperatives have a commitment to the communities we serve and there is a strong desire to help educate our young people about co-ops. Stacy Howeth, director of member services for the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives and Chris Massman, vice president of member services for the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives share perspectives on educating today's youth through national and state efforts.Season 1 Episode 14
Associated Electric Cooperative generates wholesale electricity to six regional and 51 local electric cooperatives in Missouri, southeast Iowa and northeast Oklahoma that serve more than 910,000 members. In this episode, Mark Viguet, senior manager of corporate communications at Associated Electric shares what it means to have a balanced generation mix for members.Season 1 Episode 13
Fast, reliable Internet service is more essential today than it was a few short years ago. However, many Americans - one in three - do not enjoy high speed Internet. And most of those are in rural areas. Loyd Rice from SEMO Electric Cooperative/GoSEMO Fiber discusses the importance of delivering this essential service to rural southeast Missouri.Season 1 Episode 12
Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips


Now that summer is officially here, your electric cooperative urges you to stay safe while working on home improvement projects, traveling or working on your job site. Learn summer safety tips from Greg Hambrick, safety and loss control instructor at the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives. Plus, discover how the wet bulb globe temperature impacts stress on the body in the summer heat from Sid Sperry.Season 1 Episode 11
Have you heard of advanced, or smart, thermostats? Do you wonder if you could save money with one? Listen to our expert guest, Tom Hulse, from Co-Mo Electric Cooperative, discuss benefits, energy-saving potential, purchase tips and more. Season 1, Episode 10
Just because we are isolated, does not mean we are in isolation. Reach out for help if you are feeling down or depressed during this stressful time. Learn more as you listen to guest speaker Kevin Schriver, PsyD. discuss this month's important topic of mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. We are bringing you this unique and different topic from those we typically discuss, because we want our members to know we are here for you for more than just your electricity. One of your electric cooperative's guiding principles is “concern for community.” Because we live in your community too, and we want the people in our community to thrive together. *Kevin is the dean of education and social sciences and professor of psychology at Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Mo.Season 1 Episode 9
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Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) is an exceptional utility provider that truly understands the needs of its customers. From the moment I signed up for their services, I was impressed by their professionalism and commitment to delivering reliable power. The experience of using FPL has been nothing short of outstanding, for customer service contact visit . In terms of reliability, FPL is unparalleled. Even during severe weather conditions, their power supply remains steadfast, providing uninterrupted service. This level of dependability is crucial, especially during hurricane season, and FPL consistently delivers on their promise to keep the lights on. FPL's commitment to sustainability is commendable. They have made significant investments in renewable energy sources, such as solar power, which not only benefits the environment but also helps to stabilize energy costs for consumers. It's reassuring to

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