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This week on The Power Hour Podcast, we're excited to share an inspiring story of entrepreneurial success with Dr. Arun Garg, a dentist who has built a staggering 41 companies over the past 20 years. From humble beginnings as an academic earning $42,000 to becoming a successful entrepreneur earning 50 times that amount.  
This week, we are thrilled to welcome two exceptional doctors and all-around great humans - Dr. Aaron Law from Eyecare Specialties and Dr. Ryan Stybel from Positive Eye Ons and Look Optometry. These two graduated together and are now about 15 years into their careers, having both built impressive practices and showing no signs of slowing down. As Dr. Ryan Stybel puts it: "Never be complacent. Always push forward."
If you had the chance to sit down with the CEO or leader of a major retail operation, what burning questions would you ask them? On the latest episode of the Power Hour podcast, host Eugene Shatsman sits down with retail veteran Stephanie Pugliese to unpack her valuable insights for optometrists and business leaders alike. 
We've heard so many Power Hour listeners express frustration and curiosity about the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) recent ban on non-compete agreements. Today, Eugene Shatsman speaks with legal whiz Ali Oromchian from Dental and Medical Counsel. Is this a disaster for businesses? A win for workers? They break down the new rules, how it affects you, and surprising legal secrets entrepreneurs should know (like mistakes most lawyers won't tell you about). Tune in for a lively discussion that's sure to spark debate – and equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the new employment landscape.
Ever wondered how Disney consistently delivers magical experiences? In this episode of the Power Hour, host Eugene Shatsman sits down with Dennis Snow, a customer experience legend who spent over two decades at Disney. Dennis shares invaluable insights from his time at the Disney Institute and reveals how their principles can be applied to elevate your optometry practice. Eugene adds to the conversation by sharing real-world examples and anecdotes from his work with clients, emphasizing the importance of creating "wow" moments and fostering a positive patient experience.
Is Your Optometry Practice Ready for the AI Revolution? Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't just science fiction anymore – it's transforming optometry. In this episode of Power Hour, host Eugene Shatsman and AI expert Dr. Roya Attar dive into the cutting edge of clinical care and practice management.
This week’s latest episode of The Power Hour podcast unveils profitable subspecialties in eye care. Host Eugene Shatsman, joined by two industry experts, Dr. Julie Helmus and Matt Rosner - uncover valuable insights and strategies that could revolutionize your practice's profitability. Get ready as a wealth of expertise and experiences is shared in serving often overlooked patient populations with innovative solutions.
Unlocking Fortune 500 Efficiency: Conquering Backlog, Optimizing Workflow, and Overcoming Multitasking No one is more familiar with the world of business constraints than Dr. Alan Barnard. By optimizing companies like Nike, ABB, Cisco, and Intel, Dr. Alan BArnard of Goldratt Research Labs has become one of the world's leading decision scientists and theory of constraints experts. His accolades speak for themselves as one of the world's leading decision scientists and theory of constraints experts. If you’re familiar with ‘The Goal’, an optimizer's bible, then you will know Dr. Barnard was the powerhouse behind Goldratt Research Labs, and partner of the late Eli Goldratt, the mind behind that groundbreaking book.  In this episode, he unveils a framework that promises to revolutionize the way we approach constraints in business and beyond. Whether you're aiming to streamline workflow, eliminate backlog, or master the art of multitasking, Dr. Barnard’s insights are not to be missed. Episode Highlights:  Dr. Barnard presents mathematical proof of how multitasking significantly drains productivity, shedding light on why it defies intuition. He unveils his method for persuading the mind to tackle tasks that appear daunting or impossible. Eugene and Alan go through several examples and thought experiments to relate his concepts to the vision industry  
Join host Eugene Shatsman on the Power Hour podcast as he welcomes two distinguished guests, Dr. Ray Corbin-Simon and Dr. Eric Bran, both esteemed OD consultants from the renowned Power Practice. Known for prioritizing patient wellbeing, these consultants bring a wealth of experience and innovation to the table.
Join us as we welcome Marc Ferrara, the esteemed CEO of Jobson, for an exclusive discussion! Host Eugene Shatsman guides the discussion, placing a spotlight on Marc's influence in setting industry standards and analyzing the latest trends.
What if you could tap into the strategies behind billions in business growth? Jay has worked with titans like Daymond John and Tony Robbins, and now world-renowned business strategist Jay Abraham is ready to help you. Join Eugene Shatsman on The Power Hour for Jay's insider secrets on explosive growth.     If you're ready to unlock the secrets of explosive business growth, this episode is unmissable!  Business legend Jay Abraham joins Eugene Shatsman on The Power Hour Podcast, spilling decades of wisdom on maximizing profits, dominating your niche, and building an unstoppable business machine.  Jay's clients include titans of industry, and now he's ready to share his proven methods with you. Get ready to discover how strategic risk, calculated expansions, and laser-focused client service can transform your results.     In this episode: - Three core strategies for sustainable business growth - Advanced tactics to find hidden opportunities - The importance of testing and data-driven decision making - Building a powerful referral system - Leveraging partnerships for maximum impact   About Jay Abraham Jay Abraham is the founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc., based in Los Angeles, California. He has helped over 10,000 clients in more than 1,000 industries and over 7,200 to increase their bottom lines.    Jay focuses on helping business owners to solve complex problems, identify overlooked opportunities, and revive underperforming businesses. He has been featured in many publications, including the Investor Business Daily, Forbes Magazine, USA Today, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and many others.   Connect with Jay Abraham: Website -  Instagram -  YouTube -  Connect with Eugene Shatsman: Website -  Instagram -  LinkedIn -   
What exactly does the Vision Council do, and how can it help your practice thrive in the future? Join your host, Eugene Shatsman, on the Power Hour Podcast for an exclusive interview with Ashley Mills, CEO of the Vision Council, and Alysse Henkel, VP of Insights & Research. Gain actionable insights from over 60 million patient transactions and data points to make data-driven decisions for your practice's future. Learn how the Vision Council Advantage fuels industry growth with advocacy in action, education, and free marketing resources.   Unveiling the Future in Orlando: Discover why Orlando is the perfect destination for the next chapter of Vision Expo (and what to expect from the enhanced 2025 show).   Technology, Data, & Smart Eyewear: Gain actionable tips on integrating cutting-edge technology, leveraging valuable data to navigate the evolving landscape of optometry, and exploring the latest smart eyewear innovations that can improve patient care and give your practice a competitive edge. Tune in and get ready to be informed, inspired, and empowered!   In this episode: - Optical innovations and Vision Expo’s move to Orlando for 2025 - Myopia management data and trends  - Statistics on online versus in-person eyewear purchases - Data on current consumer trends in the optical industry  - The untapped potential in optical practices     Connect with Ashley Mills: Ashley Mills is the Chief Executive Officer of the Vision Council. She has served the Council as the Director of Marketing and Shows (2003-2006) and the Vice President of Trade Shows and Meetings since 2016. LinkedIn -  Connect with Alysse Henkel: Alysse Henkel serves the Vision Council as the Vice President of Research and Insights. LinkedIn -  Connect with Eugene Shatsman: Website - and  LinkedIn -
Be among the 5 lucky listeners to get a FREE Practice Profitability Audit ($2400 value). Join the conversation on and scroll to the bottom to request a FREE audit.     Dr. Gary Gerber, the founder of The Power Practice, returns in Season 12 to help announce new host, Eugene Shatsman.   The two further cement The Power Hour’s commitment to maximize impact on listeners and their practices by featuring conversations inside and outside the optometric industry, highlighting exclusive insights and data, and creating panel discussions around relevant industry topics.   Gary also shares insights from his extensive experience in optometry, including the importance of taking calculated risks, investing in people, and viewing patients as lifetime assets.   He also emphasizes the need for continuous learning, innovation, and embracing technology to enhance patient care and practice growth.   The conversation delves deep into myopia management, patient education, and engagement through current technology and social platforms. If you are looking for practical ways to scale your optometry practice, this episode is for you.   In this episode: - A look back at The Power Hour Podcast - The evolution of optometry - Improving myopia management - Enhancing patient care, experience, and engagement - Leveraging technology and social media in eye care - The importance of investing in staff - Effective communication and customer retention - Improving conversions for high-price eye care services     Connect with Gary Gerber: Websites -  LinkedIn -  Facebook -  Instagram -  Twitter -    Connect with Eugene Shatsman : Website -  LinkedIn -   
How do you define success for your business? Are you making time to balance your work with personal fulfillment, or are you stuck in the cycle of chasing endless profits?  In this episode, Bethany is joined by Ali Nasser, founder and CEO of AltruVista wealth planning firm, entrepreneur, and author of the best-selling book “The Business Owner’s Dilemma” for a conversation on how to truly define success.  Together they discuss an often-overlooked aspect of entrepreneurship: the relentless pursuit of financial gains at the expense of personal fulfillment. Speaking from his wealth professional expertise, Ali emphasizes the importance of measuring success by the concept of ROLE — “Return on Life Experience” — rather than solely on financial metrics.  Nasser shares insights from his professional encounters with business owners who achieved financial success but struggled with personal issues like identity, relationships, and health. He suggests that business owners should focus on what truly matters to them, such as time management, relationships, and personal growth, rather than solely on financial gains.  If you find yourself winning at business but struggling to find purpose outside of work, tune in to this episode to learn more about how to find the right balance for your life experiences!
In this episode, join Bethany as she gives some expert insight into the confusing and complex topic of creating a successful cold start practice. Drawing on over two decades of experience, including cold starting her own practice and guiding numerous other doctors in their cold start journeys, she offers invaluable insights into effective strategies and common pitfalls. Bethany cautions against the allure of equipping a new practice with the latest gadgets and technologies from the outset. Instead, she emphasizes the importance of cultivating a solid, dependable patient base with basic needs, and progressively enhancing technological resources and treatment capabilities as the practice flourishes. It's also important to have the right motivation and acquire the necessary business skills for success, similar to optometry training. Bethany advises practice owners to be easy to do business with, deliver an exceptional patient experience, and start out with good habits and solid business practices from the beginning.  Embarking on a cold start practice can be a remarkable opportunity for professional growth. Tune in to this episode to discover the most effective approaches to achieving the success and work-life balance you've always envisioned, while avoiding the common errors associated with this challenging yet rewarding endeavor.  
Is an MBA your golden ticket to career advancement, or is there a way to invest your time and money with better opportunities?  In this episode, Bethany is joined by Dan Koontz, MBA, former Wall Street senior equity analyst, in a conversation about the pitfalls of pursuing another advanced degree to attempt to improve your business acumen.  Dan offers deep insights into the value of an MBA for optometrists and entrepreneurs. He shares his journey from an English literature graduate at Cornell University to a successful career in finance, highlighting how an MBA from Columbia University paved his way to Wall Street where he was ultimately able to retire at the age of 40.  Together they challenge the necessity of an MBA for practice owners, discussing the mismatch between academic training and real-world business needs. He emphasizes the high costs and opportunity losses associated with pursuing an MBA, especially for entrepreneurs who might not need this credential. Dan encourages optometrists to seek targeted, practical business knowledge rather than a general MBA, suggesting alternative ways to acquire business acumen relevant to their field. This episode promises to be an eye-opener for professionals contemplating advanced business degrees, showcasing the importance of aligning education with specific career objectives. Check out Dan’s Groundnut Stew recipe  
The new year is a chance for everyone to take a step back and seek out ways to improve their life for the upcoming year. Could dropping a difficult vision plan be your answer for a happier and more successful 2024?  In this episode, Bethany is joined by Steve Alexander, the marketing director at Anagram and optometry insurance expert, as they discuss an impactful New Year's resolution for optometrists: simplifying their practices by re-evaluating and possibly dropping burdensome vision plans.  While this move may seem drastic, Steve elaborates on how this game-changing move aims to increase profitability, simplify operations, and enhance patient care quality. Learn how to strategically choose which plan to drop, understand the benefits of this decision, and explore the nuances of balancing patient volume with service quality.  They also delve into the critical aspect of preparing your practice for this change, ensuring a smooth transition for both staff and patients. This episode is not just about dropping a vision plan; it's about reshaping your business model for a more effective and fulfilling practice. Don't miss these expert insights that could transform your approach to optometry in the new year!  
Celebrations, Bonuses, and Gifts — the holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for everyone. What are you planning for your staff this holiday season?   In this episode, Bethany is joined by Allison Kraemer, Director of Client Services at The Power Practice as they discuss how to best approach holiday celebrations and year-end festivities in the workplace. Together they delve into a host of topics ranging from how best to acknowledge the accomplishments of your staff for the year to the distinctions between bonuses and gifts. They also discuss the nuances of holiday decorations in the office and how to toe the line between enhancing the work environment and creating extra burdens for your employees.  Tune in to hear ideas for inclusive, team-oriented holiday celebrations with practical strategies to make your office a respite from the hectic holiday season while accommodating diverse beliefs and preferences. Whether it's crafting personalized gifts or creating new traditions, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for practice owners seeking to foster a positive and appreciative workplace culture during the holidays.  
Lease renewals are the most common real estate transaction for healthcare providers. Unfortunately, they’re also the type of transaction where optometrists lose the most money. How can practice owners flip the odds to their favor and save money?  In this episode, Bethany is joined by Colin Carr, founder of CARR Realty, the nation’s leading provider of real estate services for healthcare professionals, as they dive into the critical topic of lease renewals for optometry practices.  Their enlightening discussion reveals a common pitfall: many optometrists unknowingly lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars by not being proactive in the lease renewal process. As a seasoned expert in the medical real estate landscape, Colin reveals strategies that the landlords don’t want practice owners to know, including: starting negotiations at least 12 months in advance, using a healthcare commercial real estate agent, and knowing your market options, whether you plan to stay or relocate. Carr emphasizes that renegotiating, even with an existing renewal option, can yield significant savings and better terms.  This episode is a wealth of information for practice owners looking to get the upper hand and turn the tedious process of lease renewal into a win-win for their office space and their balance sheet.  
2024 is fast approaching! That means that it’s time to consider making big purchases to improve your practice and avoid paying heavy tax bills — but what if there’s a better way to use your money?  In this episode, Bethany is joined by Adam Cmejla, founder of Integrated Planning and Wealth Management, a firm that does financial and retirement planning for optometric practice owners. Together they have an enlightening discussion on the best strategies to make your money work for you at the end of the year and clarify common misconceptions about taxes and managing practice finances.  While it may seem prudent to invest profits back into your business, Adam challenges the idea of reinvesting profits solely for tax benefits, advocating for a balanced approach that includes enjoying personal rewards. Tune in to learn practical expert advice on evaluating financials, understanding cash flow, and making smart, strategic decisions about savings and investments. Your practice is your most important asset - learn how to make sure that it’s working to benefit you both personally and professionally.