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Naomi Haile is a creative storyteller and community builder who takes you into the lives of creatives and founders about their purpose. The goal of the Power of Why is to share stories of people who have unfastened the weight of trying to be something other than who they are. These conversations are meant to inspire you to trust your own wisdom and live on your own terms.
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"When burnout is present, it is impossible to experience well-being". – Richard Balon. How many times have you ignored what your body was saying to you in times of burnout or depletion? How often do you sacrifice your health or sanity for the sake of pleasing others? Whether we are aware or not, our body is constantly speaking to us. Our body is telling us what it needs to be healthy, conscious, and happy. Do we listen? Do we take these demands seriously? In this episode, Mallory Rowan indulges us in a conversation about energy and her personal experience understanding and navigating burnout. And walks us through how she built a thriving business without sacrificing her well-being. Mallory is a 26-year-old entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people create business systems, while respecting their lifestyle. Today, she inspires thousands online, works with entrepreneurs and creatives who want to build and grow their businesses without burnout. She speaks at events, partners with powerful brands, and is actively creating the life she wants to lead. **Also, on August 10th, 2020, Mallory is hosting a free workshop called From Likes to Leads. She will be talking about how to land clients using your free online platforms, by showing up as yourself and ensuring that you never running out of content ideas. Register here: Connect with Mallory: Connect with Naomi:
Fight. For. Your. Joy. What does it mean to fight for your joy? What does it mean to claim who you are and your identity? And do so, unapologetically. In a time where the media, news channels, and advertisers online are vying for your attention and moments of peace, it has become crucial to exercise your boundaries and clarify who you are. As Joan brilliantly put it: "You either become so entrenched in what is happening that you forget who you are or what is happening polarizes inside so much that you start to question who you are." Joan Rupram is a healer and educator focused on ushering wellness as the foundation of sustainable leadership. Bridging the gap between the spiritual and the practical, Joan’s mission is to build the inner caliber of Millennial change doers and new school thought leaders to be and build the change they seek in today's world. Joan on Instagram: Have a meaningful conversation with Joan: Connect with Naomi:
In this episode, Gwen Elliot, Online Course Producer, walks us through her journey in TV production and how she creatively made her way into the eLearning space. And what an incredible space to be in. According to Forbes, it is projected that the eLearning industry will grow to $325 billion by 2025. Today, Gwen has co-created more than 30 courses reaching over 450,000 learners. She currently works at Shopify, and runs a business helping authors and experts turn their books, workshops, and expertise into online education. Connect with Gwen: Read the show notes at: Connect with Naomi:
In this episode, Jesmine Onyeukwu, Organizing and Productivity Coach, talks about creating and intentional life through very simple principles. Jesmine believes that you CAN, in fact, "have it all" if you manage your priorities well. And that you can not afford to change the world at the expense of everything else in your life. Read the shownotes at: Check out my website:
Fatuma's manifesto is that we each have a gift. That our souls are uniquely crafted to make the world a better and a more inclusive place. Her art is a way of self- expression and to call to attention the beauty in diversity. In 2019, I first came across Fatuma's art at the Women Who Work Gala held by The Embassy of Gabon and Gwen Madiba in Ottawa. Fatuma was showcasing her art in prime space - right at the entrance for people to admire and enjoy before they Gala started. It was through her art, that I felt that I had already met her. In 2018, Fatuma became a published author and even held her first book signing a year later in 2019. She continues to surprise and delight her audience and her work inspires the community to express themselves. Fatuma writes, draws, paints, and on her days off, spends time giving back to the community at the local shelter in Ottawa, Canada. Fatuma’s passion is to encourage people to embrace their own uniqueness. Every piece of art holds meaning and is a vessel to tell many stories. She is capturing the human experience through her unique lens. Connect with Fatuma Check out Fatuma's art on her Website Connect with Fatuma on Instagram Order Fatuma's books on Amazon Connect with Naomi Check out Naomi's Website Connect with Naomi on LinkedIn Keep updated with the podcast on Instagram Connect with Naomi on Twitter
Do you feel that you truly belong at work? How about in your social circles? Sarah recounts her personal story and how this led her to building a purpose-driven company, Tribute. Sarah is on a personal mission to make the workplace more human centered, by helping individuals feel a greater sense of belonging and purpose at work. I wanted to bring Sarah on to speak about how we can be creative and the importance of belonging in the workplace and in your social circles. Sarah shares that her company, Tribute, is about paying tribute to who you are and that makeup of experiences and how you can pay that forward to other people. I can’t wait for you to hear more about Sarah's mission and her why.
Sabrina believes that in today's social and political climate, organizations have the potential to be powerful stewards of social change. And her goal is to equip organizations with the tools, knowledge and approach to move along the diversity and inclusion continuum. All of these things combined with Sabrina’s energy make her a powerful force for positive change in the world! You can find Sabrina's work here: Email Sabrina here Sabrina's website Sabrina on Linkedin Article by Sabrina: What the Amazon GO Store Teaches Us About Inclusion Article by Sabrina: Do You Hire Like You Date? 5 Ways To Level Up Your Recruitment Game You can find Naomi Haile's work here: Naomi's website Naomi on LinkedIn Naomi on Instagram Naomi on Twitter
Jennifer Vassel is the author of “I Am Unique!”, a book and empowerment brand about self-love and the importance of sharing your unique gifts with the world. Her goal is to position Erin as the global face of self-love. To encourage and empower young people to own their voice, power, and unique identity. If you are a writer and are even thinking about writing specifically for children, listen to this episode to gain some insight into the impact that you can have. You can find Jennifer's work here: Jennifer Vassel on Instagram "I Am Unique!" Website  "I Am Unique!" on Instagram "I Am Unique!" on Twitter Jennifer's feature on Forbes You can find Naomi Haile's work here: Website Instagram LinkedIn Twitter
David Young values opportunities to help people in the realm of health and fitness. He believes that we need more holistic and encompassing approaches to our activities, goals and ambitions. Through his trainer and practice, he works with clients and has built a team to help people focus on their nutrition, sleep, stress and spirit. How can you build a lifestyle that is healthy, instead of struggling day-to-day to keep up with your habits? You can find David Young's work here: Instagram: David's HealthN.E.S.S podcast on anchor: You can reach David at or by phone 613-617-7288 You can find Naomi Haile's work here: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter:
Karina recounts: “From childhood to adolescence to adulthood, everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere. But sometimes, there is that one thing that makes you feel out of place at times. For me, that was my hearing impairment”. Find the full episode transcription here.  Transcribed by Karina Cotran. Karina has an empowering story about her personal journey of hearing loss and receiving a cochlear implant at an early age. Karina's journey is explored in her book Hearing Differently. Karina is 24 years-old, a writer, and has a BA in Professional Writing and Communications and has extensive experience in marketing, communications, and the world of creating captivating content. Karina Cotran is a professional communicator, and a published author of a collection of short stories that is centered around growing up with hearing loss. This inspired Karina to launch her blog: Hearing Differently. This blog and her book are some of the ways that she embraced her journey as a hearing loss advocate for young professionals in the deaf and hard of hearing community. Through her writing, she wants to empower those with hearing loss by providing a platform that those with hearing loss can relate to, and that others can learn from. You can find Karina Cotran's work here: Get the book Hearing Differently Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: You can find Naomi Haile's work here: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter:
Dr. Naomi I. Maria beautifully recounts her childhood experiences and how this shaped her to embrace her truth. She is a passionate and dedicated Immunologist from the small Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. Dr. Naomi I. Maria’s academic training and research experience has provided her with a broad background in multiple biological disciplines including molecular biology, pharmacology, immunology and rheumatology, with specific training in clinical autoimmunity. She completed her B.Sc. and Masters of Science in the Netherlands. Currently, Naomi is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at The Feinstein Institute in New York City. You can find Dr. Naomi I. Maria's work here: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: You can find Naomi Haile's work here: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter:
Hanieh and Shabana are working to change the face of publishing through their work and venture, Peacock Press. Their love for creating and uplifting the community is what keeps them going on this journey. A lot of writers struggle to get their voices heard. When you are out there in the world trying to show people what you are working on, oftentimes, it’s women’s voices that are stifled. Peacock Press was born because we felt we needed to give a platform to women to have their voices heard. A platform where they can talk, share their stories, and reach out to people. It was born from that need to give other people their space to share their voices – especially to women of colour, First Nations people, LGBTQ+, anyone with a disability, we want to give voice to those who have been historically unheard. Have you seen the cover of “Because I Can”? Every single person is purposefully placed on the cover of the book.
Murdock speaks truth to power: "We are constantly experiencing road closures, constantly experiencing pot holes, constantly experiencing detours – does that mean my destination has changed? No. But the way in which I get there has to change. What purpose does, is speak: “even amidst needing to change how I get there, never forget where you are going”. Think about it... no matter where you stand, a compass will always appropriate itself to always show you north. That is what purpose is. It is a constant reminder. It is an accountability tool to show you where you are going". Want to learn more? Listen to this week's episode... You can find Anthony Murdock II's work here: Register for the Seminar: Power Moves Only: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: You can find Naomi Haile's work here: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Thank you for listening to this episode with Anthony Murdock II.
Alex Keenan loves and embraces the power of storytelling. She works with entrepreneurs and people who have causes they want to advance to help them share their purpose, their work, and their projects. Want to learn more? Listen to this week's episode... Alex Keenan is a public speaking coach who helps people overcome fear and self-doubt so that they learn how to shine. Through her business, Stage Light Communications, she runs public speaking classes that are known for being spontaneous, transformative - and fun. She is also the founder of Spice! Leadership, an initiative for preteens that boosts confidence and leadership skills. She helps people find the stories inside themselves, and importantly, the confidence and skills to share those stories with their community and the world. From courtrooms (back to her legal days), to conferences and crowded bars, Alex has spoken to crowds of all kinds and helped bridge communication gaps between people.
This is a great episode for anyone thinking about moving to a new place and may have a little fear about it. Rhianna Paige Hardy decided to disrupt her life by moving abroad to pursue new educational challenges. She uprooted her life in Canada and moved to the U.K. to pursue her passion for advocacy and people. She is currently a student at Cardiff University. Watch this episode if you are curious about what it’s like to take a risk and move abroad for a new adventure, to start school, a new job or simply to get outside your “normal”.
Trishala Pillai is fascinated by humans, machines and the impact human-AI collaboration will have on society and work. She is fuelled by work where she can be curios, contribute to revenue and growth, while creating shared prosperity. Trishala is the Partnerships Manager of AI + Voice Channel Partners at Myplanet, where she is working with big and emerging tech companies to help the world's most influential organizations take complex business problems and understand where AI can be useful. Her career in tech has made her realize that technology is advancing faster than human wisdom and to advance our collective knowledge on the challenges of our lifetime, we need to stay closely tied to our communities. Trishala founded a change project called The Dialogue Xchange which enables her to influence change within our community. This is a change project, that is backed by 2 leading incubators in Ontario and endorsed by the Ontario Government. You are double down on what makes us uniquely human and use dialogue as a hard tool to enable society to deal with the vast amount of change in the world. You are researching the ultimate human interest activity we take for granted and have historically struggled with...dialogue. Trishala's Why My why is to leave the world better than it was when I got here through my direct contribution – through something that I built or was a part of. I’m really passionate about systemic change and I really want to be a part of molding and shaping our systems that have not traditionally served as many people as it could. This is what motivates me every day. You can connect with Trishala Pillai here: Get acquainted with Trishala and her work: Trishala on Instagram: Trishala on Twitter: You can connect with Naomi Haile here: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter:
Kevwe Mowarin wants women to feel empowered. The whole purpose of this is empowering and uplifting other women. This is what she thinks about as her true north and it defines everything that she does on a day to day with Koviem. Kevwe Mowarin has lived and worked in the grand city of New York City for the past 3 years. At 19 years old, Kevwe started working in the Finance industry, truly expecting to build a career in investment banking. She navigated her career as best she could, put in long hours, worked with high-profile clients and also found it quite difficult being “one of the very few”, as a woman of colour in the finance space. Kevwe who holds a degree in finance from the University of Texas. She spent 7 months studying fashion in Milan, and that was around the time that she started working on the designs for her business, and brought on a tailor shortly after. She invested in her vision and business. Kevwe is the Founder of Koveim, a company that is revolutionizing the custom suiting industry and specifically attending to the needs of women. Kevwe believes that the times where custom suits were: “once reserved for wealthy businessmen, [that] the power suit is now the uniform for the female of the future”. They are using AI technology to disrupt the industry to offer seamless, simple, and swift custom suits. She can really expand on her creative side through her startup, and during the day she is learning other business operations skills helps her realize the decisions that she needs to make now for her business. You can connect with Kevwe Mowarin here: Get acquainted with Koviem: Koviem on Instagram: Koviem on Facebook: Koviem on Twitter: Kevwe on Instagram: Message Kevwe on Linkedin: You can connect with Naomi Haile here: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter:
Tim Salau is a purpose-driven community builder, entrepreneur and leader, in this episode, Tim talks about what is required when you live your life on purpose and with purpose. Tim shares his origin story and how it led him to the path he‘s on today. Very early he learned that “adaptability is essential”, looked himself in the mirror, asked the tough questions (i.e. who is Tim?), and committed to his purpose. But it wasn’t a straight-lined path... Tim was a young boy who came from Nigeria in 1999. Understand this. Understand people’s origin story, because it informs who they are today. Tim recounts: “Being a Nigerian-American man, that moved to America, I think that I eventually found my purpose and passion as a community builder because of the community I’ve grown in Texas and the community that I always find when I live in a different city”. Tim is a community leader & keynote speaker who has taken his love for collaboration -- global. Tim is the CEO of guide a social e-learning platform helping high school students learn essential life skills from their favorite creators. Tim leads the Future of Work with WeWork as their Global Evangelist, and the founder of "Mentors & Mentees, a Guide community", a 10,000+ member community for students and professionals who want to take control of their careers to achieve career fulfillment and thrive in the Future of Work. You can connect with Tim Salau here: Work with Tim: Join the Mentors and Mentees Community: Message Tim on Linkedin: Tweet Tim: Instagram: Facebook: You can connect with Naomi Haile here: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter:
Lara talks about why she is intentional about EXPLORING. She is the definition of what it means to be diligent with your goals and business ventures. Her proudest achievements include successfully launching the first Pencils of Promise Club in Ottawa, starting an enterprise with a social purpose, Lawyerly, and moving to London, UK, to seek new challenges and opportunities. Thank you for listening this episode with Lara Hammoud. Check out the show notes here:
Lindsay's why is to be in service to females to show them their potential. To remind them that they are capable of anything they put their mind to. She uses nutrition, fitness, essential oils, and osteopathy to do facilitate this experience for others. Eating disorders, lack of confidence and self-esteem brought Lindsay into the wellness industry so that others don't experience what she did as a young adult. Lindsay started her entrepreneurial journey decorating wedding cakes when she was 14 years old. She’s had this entrepreneurial drive to create. During her time in high school, she was badly bullied and in her last year of school decided that she would take up yoga as a means to release the pain she felt. She got certified to teach yoga in grade 12 and after high school, traveled to Nicaragua to continue her yoga teacher training. Today, Lindsay is a nutritionist, food blogger, osteopathic and a woman who has a love and passion for health and wellness. Lindsay is currently studying Osteopathy at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Thank you for watching this episode with Lindsay Mustard! Check out the show notes here: You can connect with Lindsay Mustard here: Work with Lindsay: Instagram: Food Blog: You can connect with Naomi Haile here: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter:
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