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Welcome to “Practical Catholic” where David Suess, will discuss how practical, Catholicism is in our lives and making Catholicism Practical to live
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Many Parents view Technology as one big frustration because they can only see the trouble it brings, whether it is the smart phone or internet. But technology can actually make a parent's job easier and become the "bad guy" when technology is used to enforce a family policy. Many companies use technology to enforce corporate polices and security. Families can do this as well to enforce family IT polices in the IT Challenge. This will provide some level of peace and security while creating an IT Family culture.Hello, everyone. Today's episode is about going over some technology that Parents should be aware of that can help with parenting and enforcing their family IT policies. We will also go over some technology, such as smart phones and social media, that have some troubling effects on children. We will discuss what the effects are and how to mitigate them. As Parents we can become saints by simply growing in virtue and holiness in this technology challenge. Not Theoretical, but practical; Real life Catholic advice from Practical Catholic. 10-Dec-2020
Technology is here to stay, and more importantly technology is an integral part of our daily lives whether at work or at home. But technology especially at a young age has many problems, such as technology addiction leading to poor social skills and a computer alter ego, or cyber bullying, predators and a lot of bad information, such as pornography, or violence that can shape our child's views of life. As stated in my last episode, episode 10, parents have a vital role in raising their children, and part of that is introducing and managing technology to their children. But parents are not alone. There are tools, techniques and other parents who can help us in parenting with technology. Hello, everyone. Today's episode is about parenting and technology, and talking specifically about using policies and other parents to help with this technology challenge. It is important to understand that as parents we cannot do it on our own. As the saying goes, "it takes a village to raise a child." I will discuss the idea of having a family technology policy which provides an easy way for parents to build a technology culture in a family. Lastly, we will discuss how to keep vigilant in this technology challenge. As parents, we can become saints by simply growing in virtue and holiness in this technology challenge. Not Theoretical, but practical; Real life Catholic advice from Practical Catholic. 03-Dec-2020
Technology is here to stay and is a great part of our lives, but is technology spiritually healthy? There is a wide spectrum of parents on the issue of technology. From the far right, who do not like technology and do not allow it, to the far left who have abdicated their parenting to technology and allow kids to freely use technology. They use technology on their kids like a pacifier is for infants. To keep them occupied and quiet. With COVID-19, we are seeing a greater use of technology, to socialize, educate and entertain. But is technology the issue or is it how we use it or what we allow as parents?Hello, everyone. Today's episode is about parenting and technology. Technology, like all things in life, is morally neutral, neither good or bad, like a gun or knife. It really depends on how and what we use it for. Yet many parents fear technology or don't care. I am going to discuss how parents can integrate technology in their children's life to maximize social safety and spiritual growth. As parents, we can become saints by simply growing in virtue and holiness in this technology challenge. Not Theoretical, but practical; Real life Catholic advise from Practical Catholic. 19-Nov-2020
Have you ever been chained up, either emotionally or intellectually or feel paralyzed or limited at work or family or even in your own identity. The worst stereotype in life are the ones we put on ourselves that limit us and tells us that "I don't do this," or "that's not me". As Catholics, we tend to bottle ourselves up and see the world as a bunch of "don’t's" or "No's" or feel like we are constantly judged by others. God only gave us 10 Commandments of the "do nots" and yet most Catholics think the world revolves around millions and million of "do nots" or we are measured by the millions of rules and rituals that sometimes seem not to make sense and make us feel guilty if we make a mistake. Hello, everyone. Today's episode is about becoming a joyful carefree Catholic and finding out that most of our chains are centered in our soul and not physical. That the world and Satan would want us to focus on the "do nots" and "no" to paralyze us. But, so many great saints, such as St. Maximilian Kolbe who was imprisoned and beaten in Auschwitz were physically imprisoned, but the soul was free and grew to great heights. We will learn what makes us chained up and how to break those chains to bring peace, love, and joy into our lives and really grow spiritually to succeed here, while growing as a child of God. Not Theoretical, but practical; real life Catholic advice from Practical Catholic. 12-Nov-2020
COVID has currently killed over 231,000 people in the US and 1.2 million people world wide. That is a large number of deaths. Why would God allow this virus to kill people? Is there even a God who cares? We can always question God and his wisdom especially when great tragedy occurs such as a pandemic or natural disaster or even personal tragedies like cancer or heart failure that leads to death. Death is tragic, and we have to wonder why God allows it. Why does God allow almost 900,000 babies to die every year. There must be some great good in death that we are missing. What is it?Hello, everyone. Today's episode is about death. There so many questions, fears and hopes about death. Why is there death? What is the meaning of death? What is it to die? How many of us block out the idea of death until a tragedy occurs or death in a family member? And yet even when we block it out, we flirt with death by watching war movies or horror movies, or even dramas like CSI, NCIS or other shows that talk about autopsy. We have plenty of memorials to understand people have died before us, and yet do we think about our own death, which is inevitable. The moment we are born, the clock starts ticking on death. Not theoretical, but practical; real life Catholic advice from Practical Catholic. 05-Nov-2020
If you are asking the question, who should I vote for President this year, I totally understand. This presidential election is really tough to decide on who to vote for. On the one side, we have president Trump who is pitching the economy, "Law & order," relationships with foreign nations to bring peace, and minimizing the COVID-19 pandemic to open the economy. You have Vice-President Biden, who is pitching a better and universal healthcare, a solution about racism and underprivileged, and protection from COVID-19 Pandemic. I agree with both Candidates. So now what?Hello, everyone. Today's, episode is about helping you select the best presidential candidate. This is not a voter's guide, but an understanding and prioritizing of the issues to help select the best presidential candidate. This is not about Republican or Democrat or Socialism Vs Capitalism, but a true understanding of the issues and how to weigh each issue based on a real objective and prioritized criteria and not based on our feelings or emotions or some special interest. Not theoretical, but practical; real life Catholic advice from Practical Catholic. 29-Oct-2020
Dealing with difficult people is not easy to do. Many people either try to avoid them or try to reason or argue with them which either leads to anger, mistrust and rarely goes anywhere. When dealing with difficult people, we think, why can't they just get it? Or maybe we are optimistic and we think, if only they can get this one point, and then we beat them over the head with this one point. Hello, everyone. Today's episode is about working with difficult people, such as a family member, a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or boss and not only growing in holiness with them, but also having them do what you want them to do in most cases. The saints, like St. Therese, and I use a skill that helps us grow in virtue with difficult people and even in most cases can make the difficult person do what you want them to do. I will go over this skill, so you can grow in holiness and Love. Not Theoretical, but practical. Real life Catholic advice from Practical Catholic. 22-Oct-2020
Last episode, we discussed that great saints and mass shooters both heard voices. Great saints heard angelic voices to do great things while mass shooters heard diabolical voices to commit horrible shootings. The world chalks the latter as some crazy and mentally ill person, yet mental issues don't make a person a killer. It's these voices that lead people to do great acts or the worst of actions. We all hear and listen to voices, which influence our decisions and actions every day. Are we listening to the right voice or not? This is important, because these voices can make us a great saint or a bad sinner. Hello, everyone, today's episode is about discerning the voices in our head and harnessing the power of those voices to become holy like so many great and holy saints in the Catholic Church did. We will be doing a deeper dive on the four voices, which I call the voice of reason, the voice of passion, the angelic voices, and the diabolical voices. Not Theoretical, but practical; real life Catholic advice from Practical Catholic. 15-Oct-2020
What does Adam Lanza, the grade school shooter of Newtown, CT, who killed 27 people, of whom 20 were young children under the age of 7, Stephen Paddock, the Vegas shooter who killed 61 people and injured 861, of whom 411 were by his own gunfire, and St Francis and St Joan of Arc have in common? Answer: All four of them heard "voices in their head." But why such different actions and results, one group are infamous shooters, while the group became great and holy saints. All people hear voices in their head, some more drastic and diabolical and some holy and angelic. How can we tell the difference? Do we even hear the voices in our head?Hello everyone, todays, episode is about discerning the voices in our head and harnessing the power of those voices to become holy, like so many great and holy saints in the Catholic Church did. Not Theoretical, but practical; Real life Catholic advise from Practical Catholic. 08-Oct-2020
The blame game is as old as Adam and Eve. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the Serpent rather then taking the responsibility and saying forgive me Father for I have sinned. The Blame game destroys families, businesses, and even countries. It is the first and primary source of concrete, external manifestation of disunity and charity. When two spouses or parent child or business partners, start saying "well it's his or her fault", this is the blame game. There is no winner in the blame game, because blame games are circular argument that you can never win, like tic-tac-toe, the one who loses is one who makes a bad move, which is usually the week and defenseless.Hello, everyone. Today's topic is about how to avoid the blame game and grow in Holiness. As Catholics, we are not to separate or segregate but to unit in a loving relationship. The blame game is the destroyer of unity and love. If you look at great men and women in history and compare them to great and Holy men and women in history, you will find a common attribute and that is they take responsibility for their actions and never play the blame game.Not Theoretical, but practical; Real life Catholic advise from Practical Catholic. 01-Oct-2020
We often are told by the Priests in Homilies, or in retreats or even in confession or spiritual direction that we need to forgive, but rarely do they ever tell us how to forgive. It is wonderful to hear the Gospel reading which states that we should forgive not just 7X7, but 70X7. It's easier said then done!! It can even be frustrating hearing that we need to forgive and the benefits of forgiving, but not knowing how to do it. How do we forgive someone who has broken our trust, who destroyed everything we built or is so negative. Most of the time, these people I am talking about are not total strangers, but our own family members, our spouse our children, our brothers/sisters, etc. The world says run away; they are toxic. The world's solution is separate and segregate. Hello everyone, today's topic is about how to forgive and show mercy. As Catholics, we are not to separate or segregate but to unite in a loving relationship. This begins with forgiveness and mercy. I have a great secret that makes me forgive very easily. Not Theoretical, but practical; Real life Catholic advice from Practical Catholic. 24-Sep-2020
Great and Holy Men and Women are made in Times of Crises, are you one of them? In this Covid pandemic crises, which has devastated our economy and relationships and society, we have an opportunity to become holy and great. And how do we become holy and great in this crises? Easily by doing our DUTY. In World War II, it was the citizens and soldiers simply doing their duty, who made the "greatest generation". Our generation has an opportunity to become great by simply doing their duty. Like WW II citizens who went to the manufacturing job to build the industrial war machine and made sacrifices of food and comfort, by rationing and creating victory gardens. So their lives were impacted and it was simply duty that they were doing. We have an opportunity to be great by doing our duty. Hello everyone, todays, episode is about doing our duty and the virtue of obediace and how doing our duty brings us peace, stability, faith and hope. The best person to teach us duty is the great General MacArthur, who led the US Marines in the Pacific and in Korea. Not Theoretical, but practical; Real life Catholic advise from Practical Catholic. 05-Mar-2020
Hello, Everyone. Today's episode is about the spirit of Mercy and how to obtain this great spirit. As mentioned before, Mercy is so important to relationships. It is the "buffer" among individuals in a relationship, so relationships don't fall apart. Many Families fall under the "spirit of criticism" rather then the spirit of mercy, which can tear down a family or another person self esteem. This spirit of criticism can hit even pious families. We are going to learn how God shows us mercy and then how we can mimic his mercy and avoid the spirit of criticism. Not theoretical, but practical; real-life Catholic advice from Practical Catholic. 27-Feb-2020
Many times good Catholic parents send their kids to a Catholic University all for the wrong Reasons. It might be because it has the major their child is pursuing, or is famous, or has great connections, or has a good football team, or it stands out in the secular world. But as parents our last major influence is the college or university to which we send our children. Many of my college friends became atheists because they were educated that way at the university I attended. Friends to this day are still influenced by atheism and are lost and have left the church. Even from good Catholic Families. If you are judging what college your son or daughter is going to based on secular standards, then don't be surprised if they become secular and leave the church.Hello, everyone. Today's, episode is about what you should be looking into when choosing a college or university. Don’t send them to a Catholic College unless you consider those things we are going to discuss today. Not Theoretical, but practical; Real life Catholic advice from Practical Catholic with David Suess 20-Feb-2020
Hello, everyone! Millions of Americans will be celebrating St. Valentine's day this year with candy, flowers, Romantic dinners, cards, etc. But does this really help us really find true Love and deepen our relationships? Those who are married, engaged or even dating understand that they were probably at first attracted by something that made them get more intimate with the other person. Maybe it was their looks, or conversation, or some suffering that made the relationship more than just friends, something intimate. We often hear of soulmates or love at first sight. All of these are words of intimacy, which is very beautiful. But you cannot base a loving relationship on intimacy alone, as this only leads to a broken heart. True love and relationships are based on both intimacy and commitment, which can bring about even greater intimacy in a time of struggle. 13-Feb-2020
Last week, we discussed "Is Adoption an Option" from an adoptee standpoint. Today's episode is about "Is Adoption and option" from a parent who adopts perspective. Hello, everyone. Today's episode is about adopting a child from my own experience and point of view. We will go over the challenges and successes to help those who want to adopt or parents who have adopted. Real life advice from Practical Catholic. 06-Feb-2020
Last Friday was the Pro-Life March in Washington, DC, and many will hold the sign "Adoption is an Option.” But is adoption an option? I recently joined an adoptee group, where many were disparaging their adoptions, one even implying that adoption is "legal human trafficking,” and a recent post of a young Korean adoptee who committed suicide. Hello, everyone. Today’s episode is about adoptions from my own experience and point of view. We will go over the good, the bad, the challenges and success to help those who are adopted and those parents who have adopted. All within the Practical Catholic Context. 30-Jan-2020
"Damit, I am sick and tired of you and this family!!" Would you believe I once said that to my wife. A lot of people would not believe it. Many Catholics have anger issues. Pent up anger that eventually explodes into a horrific verbal and sometimes physical abuse. Today we are going to talk about anger, its effect on the home, work, and a person's spiritual life, what causes anger, determining if anger is justified or not and how to overcome anger through the practical lessons of the Catholic Church. Hello, everyone. Today's episode is about anger and ways to identify and suggestions on how to overcame anger based on my experience. No psychology lessons, only good old practical Catholic lessons. 23-Jan-2020
Listen to David Suess at Practical Catholic. Mobile devices such as the iphone and andoid phones in the Catholic Church typically have a bad rap and are usually frowned on. Even at Mass they start telling people to silence or turn off their mobile devices. You just have to look at kids on their phones who are constantly texting, engaging in social media or taking picture of themselves. It's so addictive.Hello, everyone. Today's episode is about my 10 favorite mobile apps and how to effectively use them to grow spiritually. I also talk about the spiritual risks of using mobile devices and how to mitigate those risks. 16-Jan-2020
Listen to David Suess at Practical Catholic as he discusses learning from clichés. As I get older, I am realizing that a lot of the clichés that we know, such as the grass is always greener on the other side, are so true. They have such timeless wisdom that I started listening to them. We need to listen to them, but there is only one cliché that I totally disagree with, which I will explain at the end of this episode. But in most cases all of them have such timeless wisdom. Hello, everyone. Today's episode is about clichés, how they tie in with the Bible and theology, and how practical and theologically correct they are. 09-Jan-2020
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