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Join the team behind on The Praisecast as we discuss things that shape and influence the culture in which we live through the lens of praise and worship. Along the way there will be interviews with artists, actors, and leaders, as well as a thoughtful and sometimes humorous look at the world around us.
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Director Justin Baldoni and screenwriter Laura Sobiech from the movie “Clouds” join us to discuss how God brought the project to fruition, the importance of recognizing that each cancer patient has their own story, and how Laura learned to give her son back over to God at the end of his life. The Praisecast team mulls over various ways to put Thanksgiving back in the holiday mainstream, they determine whether it is ok for a Christian to be rich, and they search for three things to be thankful for in a year that has been fueled by the coronavirus pandemic. So, how do you successfully fit an entire turkey into a crockpot? We will tell you how!”
Six-time Dove Award winner John Cooper joins us to discuss Skillet’s latest releases, “Victorious: The Aftermath”, graphic novel “Eden II”, living life in quarantine, and civil unrest in his own hometown. The Praisecast team digs into a very serious topic … the cult of comparison on social media, Chris provides insight on his recent COVID-19 test, and they engage in the first Praisecast debate ever: Holy Ghost Wiener Roast vs. Trunk or Treat in the church parking lot. And by the way, Chris’s test was negative!”
Millennial author/speaker Ben Courson joins us to discuss his latest book, “Flirting with Darkness”, and to offer some practical ways to build hope in your darkest hour of depression. The Praisecast team offers up a few suggestions on how to not go crazy working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, Bekah provides highlights from her first Covid era birthday party, the team tries to determine whether it would be better to be Samson or Solomon. “I’m glad you said that because neuroplasticity is one of my favorite words!”
Chad Veach, Pastor of Zoe Church in Los Angeles joins us to share some thought provoking leadership principles from his latest book, “Help! I Work with People”, including this tasty nugget … it is important to be unproductive at work once in a while. The Praisecast team explores a Texas megachurch pastor’s decision to step away due to the sin of pride, they try to determine whether the traditional potluck church supper is a thing of the past because of COVID-19, and they introduce a new feature called Pop Quiz! “You only have three degrees of separation to Arnold Schwarzenegger? C’mon!”
Grammy-nominated contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Cory Asbury joins us to share how his song “Reckless Love” changed his entire musical trajectory, the profound benefits of a sabbatical, and how his time away helped him develop an entirely new perspective on his relationship with God. The Praisecast team takes a look at the five friends you need to stay in touch with right now during the coronavirus pandemic, and Bekah offers up an entirely new lineup of Products That Make You Go … Hmm? – the COVID-19 Back to School edition. “I dare say I would rather social distance by wearing a blow-up bubble ball with sprouting thorns than a facemask!”
Grammy-nominated contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Ryan Stvenson joins us to share about the deep facets of his life and experiences while allowing listeners to take a peek at the innermost corners of his heart and mind. The Praisecast team takes a look at 10 church phrases that really need to go away, they ponder the importance of naming a child to honor and glorify God, and they try to determine whether Bekah’s new boating license allows her to perform weddings at sea. “And if you are on the water, please wear a personal flotation device!”
Well-known activist/evangelist Christine Caine joins us to share about her new podcast Equip & Empower, her passion for reaching people with the Gospel message, and why it is important to make Scripture a focal point in everything we do. The Praisecast team discusses a new survey that indicates young white evangelicals are less likely to follow COVID-19 mandates, they examine how this year’s Fourth of July celebrations will be very different, and they take a look at few coronavirus facemasks that will make you go … hmm. “I’m not sure I want to live in a world where it is normal to wear my pet on my face!”
Popular Comedian Michael Jr. joins us to share about his new movie Selfie-Dad, why people struggle so much with their self-worth, and how comedy and laughter play vital roles in leading a life of purpose. The Praisecast team discusses the critically important topic of racial reconciliation with Dr. Jennifer E. Jones, who specializes in black studies as related to television and film, and they honor Father’s Day by telling some wacky Dad jokes. For example, how does a penguin build its house? Igloos it together!
Emerging contemporary Christian recording artist Jillian Edwards joins us share how our hunger for God is a blessing rather than a burden and how her EP, Meadow, is a place of peace and abundance. The Praisecast team discusses new trend that is causing single women to leave the Church, they provide updates on how churches are desperately trying to get back to normal despite the quarantine, and they cue up a new segment that is guaranteed to get results in less than five seconds! What happened to the good old days of meeting your future spouse by diving into a pile of shoes?
On this milestone episode, legendary contemporary Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman joins us to discuss why unity is so important during the coronavirus pandemic, his latest song, “Together (We’ll Get Through This), and how this recording came together despite unprecedented obstacles. The Praisecast team celebrates their 50th podcast by taking a deep dive into all things related to the number 50, they applaud a Texas high school principal who traveled 800 miles to thank each of his graduating seniors individually, and they cue up some of the funniest moments from the first 50 episodes of the Praisecast. And by the way, tin makes a great wedding gift!
Known as Mr. Kari Jobe, up and coming praise and worship musical artist Cody Carnes joins us to share why God doesn’t always answer prayers the way you want Him to, how Johnny Cash has influenced his music, and why he won’t pick a favorite song from his new album. The Praisecast team wonders whether we should really go back to normal after the COVID-19 quarantine, Kanye West and Chick-fil-A team up with the LA Dream Center to provide thousands of meals to desperate people in need, and Chris, Bekah, Kimberly and Garrett provide a few suggestions for binge-watching while we are all stuck at home. Do you really think it’s bingeworthy?
In the second Praisecast of the COVID-19 pandemic, American Idol alum Colton Dixon joins us to discuss moving from selfish to selfless as a means to honor God, how he felt called to pursue music full-time at the age of 13, and how ‘flipping the script’ can reveal miracles in our lives. The Praisecast team offers up a few positive, uplifting stories that have emerged since the coronavirus stay-at-home orders took place, they discuss how Easter this year was a peculiar experience, and a few online video meeting experiences that will make you go … hmm? Is there such a thing as having a germ buddy?
On this very special edition of The Praisecast, five-time Dove Award winner Jeremy Camp joins us to discuss a new movie based on his life, his amazement that God is still using his song “I Still Believe” to minister to people all these years later, and his take on why bad things happen to good people. The Praisecast team offers up a few suggestions for ministering to your neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic, they try to get used to the nuances of recording remotely from five different locations, and Bekah has a few suggestions if you decide to take up gardening during this crisis. Growing vegetables from plant scraps?
Two-time Grammy Award winner Matt Redman joins us to share why the lyric is the ultimate part of a worship song, the need for traditional hymns to be a focal point of Christian music going forward, and the best ways to make worship culturally relevant. The Praisecast team discusses a new study that reveals that eight in ten evangelicals live outside of the United States, they offer up a few tips for fighting the coronavirus, and the gang takes a look at a few frozen foods that definitely make you … hmm? The deep-fried chocolate twinkie is real and allegedly edible!
On this special Valentine’s Day episode, licensed psychologist and certified Christian sex therapist Jessica McCLeese joins us to share her perspective on helping Christian couples enjoy a fulfilling marriage. She believes that God can restore those that experience emotional pain in their sexual intimacy. The Praisecast team discusses whether this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show featuring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez was fun, family entertainment or completely inappropriate, they walk th
Best known for his watershed book “Wild at Heart”, author John Eldredge joins us to share a few simple practices that will not only help to recover your soul but also to discover the restorative power of beauty. The Praisecast team reflects on the recent tragedies involving Kobe Bryant and tobyMac’s son and how to best minister to people who are hurting, they discuss the latest turmoil in the Royal Family, and Garrett opens up “The Tip Jar” to share some helpful suggestions to make a positive impact in your life as well as others.
Best known for his breakout hit “Chain Breaker” in 2017, Zach Williams joins us to share about his road to deliverance, the pressure to keep recording hit songs, and how God can use anything to write your ‘rescue story’. The Praisecast team takes a look at the possibility for a potential DC Talk movie, they discuss how less technology in your life can grow your faith, and Bekah spins up some classic Christian hit songs from the 1990s that seem to have been forgotten. “I really think that’s Steven Curtis Chapman.” Wrong!
Jerrad Lopes, pastor and founder of men’s ministry Dad Tired joins us to discuss equipping men to lead their family well and some fool proof ways to avoid stumbling their way through spiritual leadership. The Praisecast team takes a look at some “good news” stories from 2019 that will encourage and inspire you. They also share the Praisecast word of the year … and the nominees are Conundrum, Inculcate, Congeal, and Gobinet. Chris’s new beard looks like the Lorax? C’mon!
Big Daddy Weave front man Mike Weaver joins us to share about several of the band’s new projects, what has kept them going for 21 years, and how they found joy in places that hurt the most. The Praisecast team takes a look at the recent shocking revelation involving Christian comedian John Crist and how people of faith should respond. They also examine a list of Thanksgiving food products that will definitely make you go … hmm? And who on earth is this Gobinet guy?
Singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp joins us to share how a near debilitating time in his life has led into a new season of creativity that includes a new album, “The Story is Not Over” and a forthcoming movie about his life called “I Still Believe”. The Praisecast team updates listeners on the latest “Kanye in the News” and they discuss the six friends every Christian has and the one they really need. Finally, was actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley (“Father of the Bride”) really laughing at Chris at Dollywood?
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