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Author: C. Elijah Bronner

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The daily commute can be very challenging, from frustration to boredom and everything in between.
Tune in to Prayer Drive for an uplifting experience while you travel. No more missing personal time with God. We're your on-the-go daily devotional.
632 Episodes
God will always take care of you.
Get ready for a test today. A promotion must be around the next corner.
Become a wise learner today!
Understanding the key to great leadership is a click away.
Walking with God will change your life forever.
Your joy is directly related to your connection with Him.
Smile and brighten someone's day.
Laugh out loud today!
Be filled with Joy today!
June 19, 2024 - Laugh!

June 19, 2024 - Laugh!


A joyful heart is medicine to the soul.
God has wonderful things in store for you. He loves you and you can rest in His love.
I have the Joy of the Lord and my joy is over flowing!
Hold on to the Joy of the Lord enduring difficult times. God is with you - always.
Smile, laugh, and enjoy the joy of the Lord.
May your life be filled with the Joy of the Lord today!
Righteous living is the key to a fulfilling life.
We are healed, strong, sound, and well through the covenant of healing.
Keeping these good things in mind will change your life.
Spend time with God everyday.
God honors His word above His name.