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Tired of wondering where your next lead will come from? What if you had a reliable, and predictable, source of new potential customers coming into your sales funnel each month? This is Predictable Prospecting and here I'll show you how some of the best sales leaders in the industry are creating consistent, and measurable procedures to bring in fresh, qualified leads to their sales funnels each and every month.
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Episode 115: Maintaining Relationships with Prospects - Nick Hart
Prospecting involves more than just one conversation. It’s a series of conversations, and as the prospector, it’s up to you to keep the interactions going. This can result in a lot of work. You need to remember when the last time was that you talked to a particular prospect, work out when the next good time to contact them will be, and figure out what to say – and you have to repeat this process for multiple prospects. Luckily, there are tools that can help streamline this process for you. Today’s guest is Nick Hart, a strategic customer service manager for Outreach is a tool that performs much of the work for you. It can help you plan your follow-up conversations, make sure that the correct messages are being delivered at the right times and to the right people, and prevent you from forgetting or delaying crucial follow-ups. Listen the episode to hear Nick explain what Outreach does, how to use different types of messaging, and what types of email statistics Nick sees on a regular basis. Episode Highlights: What Outreach does How Outreach helps salespeople get the right message across at the right time The importance of being both efficient and effective How certain types of messaging can help prospects see salespeople as real people, which can make prospects more responsive How asking permission can be a form of a call to action How to slow down and space out value ads across multiple emails The importance of crafting different messages for different personas Statistics for email open rates, reply rates, and bounce rates Resources: Nick Hart Outreach Email Nick at:
Episode 114: Timing is Everything - Alex Greer
When you’re prospecting, having just a little bit of information can be the key to getting your foot in the door and growing your pipeline. Timing your call or email just right or having the perfect conversation starter can make all the difference when it comes to making a sale. If you know that the company you’re looking at has just launched a new project that can benefit from the products you sell or is getting ready to evaluate solutions for the type of service you’re selling, you’re better able to strike while the iron is hot. Today’s guest is Alex Greer, the founder and CEO of Signal HQ. Signal is a type of technology that you can use to help you get the kind of information that you need to make your sales pitch more effective and help you strategize more easily. Listen the episode to hear Alex explain what Signal HQ does and how it can help with sales. Episode Highlights: What Alex did before becoming the founder and CEO of Signal HQ What Signal HQ does Why Alex started Signal HQ Which types of signals Alex’s company focuses on, and which types of signals might also get focus as time goes on How Signal HQ can help prospectors prioritize and make the most effective decisions about how to use their time Why sales teams are slower than other departments to pick up on some newer technologies that can help them sell more effectively How the data provided by Signal HQ can help sales people start conversations with prospects Resources: Alex Greer Signal HQ
Episode 113: Establishing a Sales Team - Rex Biberston and Kevin Hopp
Great sales people and effective sales processes are pivotal for any organization to make money. But for startups, it can be difficult to transition from founder-led sales to establishing a good sales team and putting the structure in place for effective sales processes. This can cause some serious disruption in an otherwise good business. Today’s guests understand this problem and know how to address it. Rex Biberston and Kevin Hopp of help organizations build internal sales teams with their company, The Sales Developers. Although outsourcing is a small part of what they do, they built the company with the intent of giving companies the systems, and processes, and methodologies needed to improve their own sales companies. Listen to the episode to hear what Rex and Kevin have to say about what they do, tools that they use to improve efficiency and messaging, and what it’s like to be a millennial in sales.  Episode Highlights: Kevin’s and Rex’s company, The Sales Developers, and how they got started How The Sales Developers help their clients by giving them the tools they need to build internal sales organizations The gap between the startup phase of a company and the time when the company is a fully-formed organization, and how that affects sales How Kevin’s background showed him the difficulty of scaling a sales team inside of a startup How The Sales Developers can make sales people more effective by improving the company’s sales processes Tools that can help companies handle both full and part-time prospecting Why the number of conversations is more important than the number of dials per day in sales How salespeople can focus on the things that are going to bring them closest to revenue The Sales Developers’ Message Builder tool and how it can improve sales messaging The book Rex co-authored, Outbound Sales, No Fluff How getting the messaging right affects the closing ratio Why Rex mentioned that he and co-author Ryan Reisert were millennials in their book Resources: The Sales Developers Rex Biberston Kevin Hopp
Episode 111: Personalizing Online Sales Interactions - Jon Ferrara
Social interaction is part of the business of selling. In the past, salespeople often met with prospects face-to-face and spent time with them in their homes or in social settings. In today’s sales environment, many of these in-person interactions have been replaced by online interactions on social media sites. However, these digital interactions are just as important as the in-person interactions that they’ve replaced. Today’s guest is Jon Ferrara. Jon is the founder and CEO of Nimble, a contact management solution that enhances basic contact information with richly detailed social information that helps you gain new insights about people in your network. This can help you deepen your social media relationships. Listen to the episode to hear what Jon has to say about the importance of social interactions in business, how Nimble can improve those interactions, and what role artificial intelligence plays in Nimble. You’ll also get a special offer from Jon. Episode Highlights: What made Jon want to start Nimble The importance of the social aspect of prospecting and business How to scale social media interactions How Nimble works What an effective curation methodology looks like Tools that can help curate content and engage prospects in conversation How Nimble is reimagining CRM and what it looks like to use Nimble How artificial intelligence factors into Nimble Why AI can automate processes but not replace human beings A special offer from Jon Resources: Jon Ferrara Email Jon at: Nimble Special Offer: Sign up for the Nimble free trial. Before the end of the 2-week free trial, enter promo code JON40 to get 40% off Nimble for the first 3 months.
Episode 110: Social Selling - Brynne Tillman
In a world powered by social media, social selling is a crucial aspect of sales. Social media allows salespeople to interact with prospects in a way that provides real value for those prospects. You can answer questions and offer useful content in a way that not only shows the prospect why they want to buy, but also why they would want to do business with you personally. Social selling allows you to create more loyal, engaged customers.  Today’s guest is Brynne Tillman. She’s an authority on social selling and the author of the book The LinkedIn Sales Playbook: A Tactical Guide to Social Selling. Listen to the episode to learn more about how social selling can be used to bring more predictability and reliability to your sales pipeline. Episode Highlights: How Brynne’s book lays out the step-by-step social selling process for LinkedIn The four major pieces of social selling How to take your LinkedIn profile from resume to resource When to connect with and message prospects on LinkedIn How you can use LinkedIn to identify and target connections of your connections How to set goals for social selling on LinkedIn Metrics that can help track the success of social sales What a typical scenario for onboarding of social selling environment for sales looks like Brynne’s work with Vangreso, and how she got started with that team Resources: Brynne Tillman The LinkedIn Sales Playbook: A Tactical Guide to Social Selling Vengreso
Episode 109: Learning how to Leverage LinkedIn - Viveka von Rosen
How can you keep yourself at the top of your prospects’ and clients’ minds? LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help you do just that, but only if you know how to use it. Unfortunately, LinkedIn can also be confusing and changeable, and even if you have a LinkedIn profile, you may not know how to leverage it to get the most out of it. Today’s guest is Viveka von Rosen. Viveka is an author, speaker, and LinkedIn expert. She’s also a CVO & Co-founder of Vangreso, a digital sales solution provider that works with people to help create their personal brand online and create content for sales. Listen to the episode to learn more about what Vangreso has to offer, as well as what Viveka has to say about the benefits of LinkedIn, the challenges of using LinkedIn more effectively, and what you should do to turn your LinkedIn profile into a useful resource. Episode Highlights: Viveka’s company and what they do The benefits that Viveka sees in LinkedIn The challenges of using LinkedIn Where to start learning how to use LinkedIn How LinkedIn can help you establish your brand within your company The importance of consistency when using LinkedIn Why it’s important to make your LinkedIn profile into a useful resource How creating a LinkedIn community to share content can drive visibility The importance of engaging with people who engage with the content on your LinkedIn feed How to use LinkedIn’s analytics How LinkedIn allows you to monitor and take advantage of opportunities presented when prospects move from one company to another What to do after creating a client-facing LinkedIn profile Resources: Viveka von Rosen Vengreso Email Viveka at:
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