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P/REFLECTIONS is a series of conversations with original minds in which we reflect on present day society from a variety of angles. We peer through its cracks in anticipation of possible worlds to come. P/REFLECTIONS is brought to you by Nik Baerten, co-founder of Pantopicon, a foresight and design studio based in Antwerp, Belgium. Enjoy!
7 Episodes
A conversation with Ignace Schops, Goldman Environmental Prize winner, president of EUROParc and many other things, about the value of nature and how to translate it to inspire better decision making.
A conversation with Paolo Ciuccarelli, architect and information designer, on data as just another kind of malleable matter in the hands of designers, on making sense of complexity - and doing it justice - by visual means and beyond.
A conversation with biologist, artist, designer, engineer Angelo Vermeulen on what art and science mean to one another, on the inextricable bond between earth and space, on uncertainty in interstellar space-travel and the need to diversify our futures.
A conversation with Kurt Peleman, founder of social change collaborative "The Pond & The Waterfalls" & European Representative of the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, on global cultures and ecosystems of social impact, philanthropy and the transformative power of collaboration.
A conversation with Susan Yelavich, design scholar, critic, curator and Professor Emerita of Design Studies at Parsons School of Design, The New School (New York City), on how design is potential, how it is a web and how literature provides powerful pathways to its deeper meanings.
A conversation with Tom Wambeke, Chief Learning Innovation at the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization on learning in a complex world, the power of listening and taking a step back.
A conversation with Bert Brugghemans, Chief of Antwerp's Fire Service and systems thinker, on "societal continuity management" and so much more ...
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