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The Price of Business is one of the longest running shows of its kind, having started in 2001. It is nationally syndicated, coast to coast on broadcast stations nationwide. Its strategic partners include US Daily Review, USA Business Radio, USA Daily Chronicles, USA Daily Times, and others. Links to these partners are below.
112 Episodes
11-25-2020 Brian Gordon
11-25-2020 Janice Lynn
11-25-2020 Dan Roberts
11-25-2020 Dan Roberts
11-25-2020 Adam Shapiro
11 - 24 Cody Willard
11-24-2020 Cody Willard
11-24-2020 Lee Kaplan
11-23-2020 Dr. Shirley Davis
11-23-2020 Kristi Nelson
11-23-2020 Robert Freeman
11-23-2020 Phil Kline
11-23-2020 Mary Ann Faremouth
11-19-2020 Lt. Colonel Dan Rooney
11-18-2020 Elizabeth Thede
11-18-2020 Tom Kelly
11-18-2020 Jim Mosley
11-18-2020 Adam Shapiro
11-17-2020 Ian Pribyl
11-17-2020 Jana Kramer And Michael Caussin
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