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Pride in Protest is a Sydney based collective of activists who campaign for queer rights, refugee rights and Indigenous justice. You can reach us at on Instagram.

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Content Flag: Sexual Violence and Police ViolenceThis session of Provocations 2024 sees Melissa (from the Feminist Liberation Collective), Charlie and Vivian (both from the Sex Workers Action Collective) discussing their experiences of sexual violence in the workplace. In this episode, the panelists discuss the widespread issue of rape in retail jobs as well as in sex work, with Melissa explaining how she organised her coworkers against perpetrators, and Charlie and Vivian discussing iss...
Content Flag: Intense Racism, Police Violence, and Wh0rephobia.This session of Provocations 2024 sees Asian migrant sex worker activists Bee, Damien, and Na Mon talking about their experiences of the harmful impacts of ongoing anti-immigration racism & anti-sex worker policies across Australia. Chaired by Raven, the panelists discuss the Australian Border Force, Operation Inglenook, Racist Anti-Sex Worker Media, The Rescue Industry, and Anti-Trafficking Legislation.
The first session of Provocations 2024, featuring Lynda-June Coe, Taylah Rose Cooper, Keiran Stewart-Assheton, Senator Lidia Thorpe, and Jarrod Ralley, sees panelists discussing the way forward for the Blak Sovereignty Movement in the aftermath of the Voice Referendum. Chaired by Jesse Smith, activists from across so-called 'Australia' address constitutional recognition, treaty, and the nature of Blak, Palestinian, and Queer solidarity.This is the first installment in a series of podcast epis...
The final forum of Provocations 2023 is headed by Evan and Dashie, who discuss the political background of Australia's far right and the recent transphobic attacks they have organized against our queer communities. Strategies for combating this recent resurgence in far right action are outlined.
This Provocations 2023 panel, “Nothing About Us Without Us: Queer and Disability Activism”, has Cal, Margot, Mirri, and Robin discuss current issues surrounding disability organizing and its relation to Queer organizing.
This Provocations 2023 panel, “The Struggle for Safe Schools”, saw Damien, Darby, and Dashie talk about the Safe Schools Program's past, and discuss strategies to ensure it a future.
This Provocations 2023 forum was called “Material Girl: Why trans rights is class struggle,” which was a talk and discussion led by Sophie Cotton. Sophie Cotton is a National Tertiary Education Union representative at Sydney Uni and is on the Queer committee. She’s been a staunch activist in the fight for trans rights and gender affirmation leave.Cotton argues that class struggle is an avenue to winning trans rights, and that gender and trans experiences are a material fact in response to Kat...
"Truth, Treaty and Trickery" was the title of the first forum of Pride in Protest's Provocations conference, which happened on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of July 2023.This forum will answer questions about the political roots of the Voice. Why is it being pushed so heavily and by whom? What does the Voice actually mean for the sovereignty movement?Hear from Keiran Stewart-Assheton, Yuin man and the National President of the Black Peoples Union (or the BPU), and Seth, a member of the Austr...
Long time organiser with CARR and Pride in Protest Evan Van Zijl joins Pride in Protest and Mardi Gras board member Charlie Murphy and Lachlan Good from the Labor Party to discuss the Religious Freedoms Bill and the attack on workers rights in the queer and trans community.
In this episode, Charlie, Cleo and Evan talk about all things discussed in the Pride in Protest Sex Work Reading Group. This summary looks at The Nordic Model, the so-called "rescue" industry, and some attempts to unionise sex workers in Australia and what a union could do.
Content warning: violenceIn this episode, Dee Picton talks to Charlie about her experience of police violence as a trans woman. Both Dee and Charlie talk more widely about the place of trans women in society and police oppression of them, and the need to get the police out of community.Dee will be speaking at the upcoming Pride in Protest forum Cops Out of Pride! Cops out of Community! on Monday August 9, 6pm.
This episode we talk to Sophie*, from the NTEU casuals network, and Tilde, an organiser with RAFFWU about how transphobia is union business, the importance of transition leave, and the broader fight for equality as working class trans people.
Charlie and Evan summarise our past two sex work reading group sessions - covering the history of decriminalisation of sex work in New South Wales, breaking down why sex work politics should be abolitionist and making the case for unionization as a necessary future for sex work.
In this episode, Bridget talks to Malaika and Saria, the hosts of a new podcast called Womb For Improvement. They discuss the impact of capitalism and oppression on mental health, the opportunity of art and healing, and more! Trigger warning, this episode discusses mental illness and suicide.
In this episode, we reflect on Saturday's successful takeover of Oxford Street, the Department of Homo affairs protest at the SCG and what lessons we can take from this.
In this episode we discuss the events of the recent Mardi Gras AGM. We discuss our political analysis, the board election results, our own Mardi Gras event and most importantly... Where to from here?
In this episode of Pride in Protest: The Podcast, we chat to Madhuraa, a Queer Sri Lankan Tamil about the context of the Tamil community in Australia, Queer identity as a person of colour and the influence of TikTok on young people interested in social justice.
On this weeks episode of Pride in Protest: The Podcast, Alex, Bridget, and Evan discuss the motions that we will be presenting at the upcoming 2020 Mardi Gras AGM.You can read our motions here:
CW: Police brutality, and detailed descriptions of assaultIn this weeks episode of Pride in Protest: The Podcast, Alex Bouchet sits down with Bryn Hutchinson, who was brutally assaulted by the NSW police at the 2013 Mardi Gras Parade.In this episode, Bryn speaks about the experience, the court cases that followed, and how to hold power to account.
In this weeks episode of Pride in Protest: The Podcast, Charlie Murphy sits down with our lead candidate for the 2020 Mardi Gras AGM, Alex Bouchet.This conversation covers a huge range of topics including the police, the corporatisation of Mardi Gras, the artists and community open letter, our philosophy of activism, and much more. To sign the open letter: