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Author: Daniel Harrington

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We're just three dudes talking about what's happening in this crazy world. We don't really have any common sense but who needs that right? Come listen to us and step into this news jungle we call Earth. P.S I don't think you're prepared for us. Support this podcast:
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Welcome back to the podcast everyone! This episode we introduce our new co-host Aaron to the podcast. We're looking at getting things swinging again so join us as we discuss a few interesting topics! --- Support this podcast:
What's up everyone? It's our first time back in a while! We're still getting the hang of things and are working normal schedules again. This episode, we're talking about everything on our minds and it ranges from Brady winning his 7th ring, car buying, drug legalization, and our favorite TV Shows. If you're driving to or from work, just come hang out with us for a few minutes! Thanks for listening! More to come! --- Support this podcast:
What's up everyone? Been a while since our last podcast but today we hit on a few different subjects. Our conversation went from trending news as always, to "Do you really need a college degree?", all the way to starting our first TikTok Livestream. This podcast was really casual and had fun with it! Listen to this one OTW to work! --- Support this podcast:
We just winged this podcast but still had a great time! We covered topics trending in the news such as Joe Rogan's "Censorship",  the Tampa Bay Bucs picking up Leonard Fournette, all the way to "What would you do if you got fired?" We really don't know what we're doing but we do look good doing it! Thanks for keeping up with us and enjoy the episode! --- Support this podcast:
We got to thinking about this podcast episode and figure why not talk about conspiracy theories? There are so many of them so without a doubt this isn't our last on the subject. In this podcast we covered the Moon Landings, Flat Earth, Area 51, and the Reptile Elite. There are so many conspiracies out there so why not take a look at some the most out there ones? We had fun with this one and we hope y'all enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
(WARNING: Some language may be offensive. P.S. It's Cam's fault!!) In this episode of Primal Feelings Cam and I discuss trending news, mythical creatures, and some of the weirdest hobbies out there. Also our new intro is live! We had fun with this one as we tried out a new set of audio functions to improve the sound of the podcast. Also be sure to follow us on YouTube and most other media platforms. Thanks for listening! --- Support this podcast:
EPISODE 1: Swinging In

EPISODE 1: Swinging In


This episode is to introduce ourselves (Dan & Cam) and kind of get the feel for the podcast. We want to go ahead and thank everyone for tuning in as we begin this journey and look forward to create more polished and fruitful content in the future. As you would expect you can find us on most social media platforms to include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and now TikTok. --- Support this podcast: