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Author: Primal Potential with Elizabeth Benton

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The Primal Potential Podcast is about transformation, not information. So many of us KNOW what we need to do to achieve our goals but we aren't DOING it. There's a continuous gap between our INTENTIONS and our ACTIONS. Primal Potential is a TOOL to help you create massive change in your life and ENJOY the journey!
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In the last month or so, I've had a lot of conversations with clients and I've paid close attention to the tools, perspectives and themes that come up most frequently. On today's episode, I'm sharing them with you!
It's another Saturday show where I'm answering your questions! 1. How are you handling this election stress? 2. I’d love some advice. I take it 1 day at a time but some days I think ‘then what?’ I have nothing to look forward to. I have no purpose. 3. How do you find motivation for weight loss when you feel the motivation is lost or you’re just off track? 4. I live in WA where we go from 16 hours of sunlight in the summer to closer to 8 in the winter. Did you ever adjust your routine for the times of year? How do I keep myself from sitting in front of the TV when it's so dark by 6pm?? 5. What are good strategies on days I’m not at my best and feel defeated? 6. What are practical steps to block temptations when you can’t remove them. Specific example... I know I shouldn’t drink as much beer as I do but I struggle because 1) I really enjoy it and 2) with my husband it’s not going to ever not be in the house. 7. How do I lose weight using my thoughts? 8. How do you balance the desire to reach your goals, with your desire to enjoy life as it is and be grateful for everything you currently have? Plus, we're giving away FATCO today - my very favorite skin care! Go to and use the coupon code PRIMAL to save 10%
I feel like we all should be talking about money MORE. Today, I'm sharing some of my biggest money mistakes, my money goals and my philosophies about improvement, financial stability and strategy!
You guys have awesome questions this morning including: How do you manage your daily calendar for success? Do you include hour by hour planning? How do you fold your new habits into this cake set when you are practicing new habits and habit stacking? I have only listened to the one excuses podcast but I have failed so many times I just don't know how I can change. I just bought Chasing Cupcakes and am hoping that will help shed more light. How can I understand my purpose in life? What is your opinion on screen time ? How do I find the commitment to start? How do you know what diet or lifestyle change is best for you and your body type? What is the best "first step" in forming a healthy lifestyle?
Do you feel like you "start over" again and again? Does something slow you down or trip you up and you figure you need a new start? If you can relate, don't miss today's motivational minisode!
I see a lot of logic problems. Do you remember PEMDAS (please excuse my dear aunt sally) that taught us all the order of operations for a math problem? The fact is, even if you add and subtract correctly, if you do them in the wrong order, you have a logic problem that will give you the wrong answers. This is also true in the way we we think. If you ask crappy questions "What's wrong with me?" you're going to get a crappy answer. Today is a mini masterclass on getting better results by asking better questions.
EB and Chris share a special announcement and answer the questions you probably have about it! Enjoy!
For the longest time, I misunderstood the word productive. I thought it was about getting a lot of things done. If I emptied the dishwasher, folded the laundry, cleaned out the fridge and vacuumed, it was a productive night. However, I’ve totally shifted my understanding of the word productive in a way that has added tremendous value to my health, relationships, career and finances. If you strive to be productive, don’t miss today’s show!
Today I'm answering your questions - solo style - and we've got some great ones! How do we keep our intentions strong through the entire day? How do we snap out of a funky feeling? What's the best approach when our partners aren't on the same health page as we are? And so much more! Enjoy it and let me know what your questions are so I can tackle them in a future episode!
If you need to improve your ability to focus, your behavioral consistency or you're struggling to prioritize the many thing going on in your life, today's episode is yours! Since this episode contains content from an online workshop I gave, I reference a couple images which you can see below: 
Today we're answering your questions about fear of failure, fear of success, starting new initiatives and lots of business questions! Here's a link to the PDF I mentioned at the end of the show on what I'd do differently if I was starting over in business.  
Today is a mini book club episode - finally! We're diving into a book that is an incredible tool for growth, leadership and relationships: Warren Berger's The Book of Beautiful Questions. This episode is jammed packed with questions that will help you connect better, think more clearly, lead yourself more effectively and make better decisions. To check out the book, follow this link:
The theme of today's questions unintentionally seems to be around getting out of debt and losing weight and I definitely bring it with some tough love!
I've got a red-hot bonus episode for you guys! If money, business, fear or change are topics on your mind, I think you'll really get a lot from this special bonus episode!
I can't wait to introduce you to one of my favorite people in the whole world via today's episode: the BEST CrossFit coach in the entire world, Morgan Bungerz. Morgan was my coach during my time at CFNE, he remains a friend and he's launching the first ever VIRTUAL CrossFit gym to make strength and fitness more accessible to EVERYONE. This episode is incredibly important, regardless of your fitness level or experience. To learn more about Morgan and Gym Bungerz, visit
819: Ask Us Anything

819: Ask Us Anything


It's an "ask me anything" episode with me and Chris! We're answering a whole bunch of relationship questions, business questions and lots of mindset stuff, too! Don't miss it!
This one switch will make you better! I can't wait to hear what you think of it and how you incorporate it into your days!
Today is a GOOD Q&A podcast with epic questions about creating change, not being motivated, getting consistent and changing your inner dialogue. To learn more about the Daily Mindset Upgrades, visit
Today I'm taking you inside of one of the concepts we explore in Breaking Barriers - it explains the most overlooked and under appreciated strategy for achievement!
We're tackling it all today!  What small change has created the largest ripple effect for yourself or others? Are you ticklish? What has been the most action-creating business mindset advice you’ve received? i.e. someone told you something and it immediately called you into action on the thing you were creating. What is your #1 tool you recommend to use daily? And more!     
Comments (8)

Elise Burriss

It's like you know exactly what I'm doing and thinking and how to make me turn things around! i reserve this podcast for the days when im feeling unmotivated and in my head too much. Just one episode really helps improve my day.

Dec 9th

Curtis Spencer

Hi there, I'm very interested in the study regarding the Naloxone use. Can you please cite your sources for the study? Don't get me wrong, I agree with nearly everything you're saying but saying things like "studies have been conducted" or "they did this study," without citing any sources isn't very useful when combating against mainstream "health" authorities. Thanks for everything you're doing!

Dec 15th

Ann Marie

HIGHLY recommend to anyone needing a little guidance owning their own life! EB is fantastic!

Sep 30th

Marna Marie' Strauss

Love it.. "be different right now, take control right now"

Jul 19th

Charity Kennedy

Love this episode and the idea of rebranding.

May 28th

Linda Lewis


Feb 7th

Jennifer Britt Herman

I recently found your podcast on Castbox. Absolutely love every episode I've listened to. You nail so many subjects that I struggle with and I so appreciate you doing the podcast every week. Keep up the good work and know that you are making changes in people's lives.

Jan 23rd

Jennifer Britt Herman

GReat podcast! Just what I needed on the drive home when I didn't want to work out and now I'm going to!

Jan 23rd
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