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Author: Primal Potential with Elizabeth Benton

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The Primal Potential Podcast is about transformation, not information. So many of us KNOW what we need to do to achieve our goals but we aren't DOING it. There's a continuous gap between our INTENTIONS and our ACTIONS. Primal Potential is a TOOL to help you create massive change in your life and ENJOY the journey!
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If there was a shortcut, what would it be? I've so got it for you - you don't want to miss this episode, it is likely the one that changes everything for you!
In today's episode, I share a big breakthrough that came from the darkest part of my life. As we celebrate Primal Potential's 6th anniversary, I'm answering your questions about the biggest lessons, changes and challenges as well as what I see ahead!
What is the fear behind your excuses? When you say, "I can't...", what lies beneath? Today we're diving into fear, "body positivity" and tools for taking charge of your life with Megan Everett.
"You can't expect YOU from other people." We all agree, but HOW? How do we manage expectations? How do we manage UNMET expectations? This episode might change your life and your relationships!
782: "How To..."

782: "How To..."


Today I'm answering your "how to" questions! How to overcome overeating How to decide on a fitness or nutrition plan How to deal with family members who don't get your choices How to take action whether you're motivated or not Enjoy the episode!
I wasn't always a morning person. In fact, I used to stay up late and wake up at the last minute, still feeling exhausted. I felt like there was never enough time and I was always behind. Since that's changed, I feel like mornings are magical and our guest today is going to take us through the how's and the why's of magic mornings!
We all go through stressful times or seasons of struggle and today I've got you covered with 7 strategies to employ in those seasons!
On today's Q&A episode of the podcast I'm turning your questions into powerful questions that will help you create breakthroughs. We're tacking temptation, organization, mom-guilt, depression, nutrition and more!
It's not your circumstances that are in the way; it's your story. You might be telling the story of your past but it's time to shift into the story of your potential.
Rachel Luna is a cancer survivor, an Iraqi war veteran and a woman who is changing the world. In this episode we're discussing tools you can use TODAY to change your outlook and your life!
Are you waiting for your mood to match your motive? Waiting to not be stressed? Waiting to not be sad? Are you waiting to feel focused or motivated? If so, you're creating an artificial holding pattern and today's episode WILL help!
Today we have author and brain optimization expert John Assaraf. If you know your brain is powerful but you aren't sure how to harness that power, today's episode is for you!
If you're someone who has been on every diet in the world, you've lost weight and put it back on or you feel like nothing "sticks", this is the episode for you!
Today we're diving into some awesome listener questions and the theme seems to be why change feels hard. What do we do when consistency feels so hard? What do we do when follow through or getting started seem so hard?
If you've wondered about what you might be able to create and achieve through the tools we develop in the 12 Weeks to Transformation, today you'll hear Tracey share how it changed her mindset, her finances, her marriage, her health and more!
Does your goal have you yes? Or, does it have your "sometimes"? Your "maybe"? Your "if I feel like it"? If your goal doesn't have your unconditional yes, you're going to find this episode super helpful!
Do you have questions about the 12 Weeks to Transformation? I've got answers!
3 Ways to Get Unstuck

3 Ways to Get Unstuck


Bonus episode diving into 3 ways to get unstuck, transform results and create permanent progress! Through Friday June 12th, use the coupon code SUMMER200 to save $200
771: No Drama Llama

771: No Drama Llama


I always ask my 12 Weeks to Transformation clients if there's been a tool or strategy that has helped them more than any other or if there's a change they've made that was the biggest difference maker. This week, 2 of my clients shared the same answer, applied to different goals: Identifying and eliminating DRAMA. In one case, it was drama around food. In the other, it was drama around simple decisions (which could include food). Today, I want you to hear how these two clients have identified and removed drama and the change it made in their lives.
Is life derailing you? Does it feel that way sometimes? In today's Q&A episode of the podcast we're diving into that & so much more including what to do when we don't do the thing we KNOW makes us feel better!
Comments (8)

Elise Burriss

It's like you know exactly what I'm doing and thinking and how to make me turn things around! i reserve this podcast for the days when im feeling unmotivated and in my head too much. Just one episode really helps improve my day.

Dec 9th

Curtis Spencer

Hi there, I'm very interested in the study regarding the Naloxone use. Can you please cite your sources for the study? Don't get me wrong, I agree with nearly everything you're saying but saying things like "studies have been conducted" or "they did this study," without citing any sources isn't very useful when combating against mainstream "health" authorities. Thanks for everything you're doing!

Dec 15th

Ann Marie

HIGHLY recommend to anyone needing a little guidance owning their own life! EB is fantastic!

Sep 30th

Marna Marie' Strauss

Love it.. "be different right now, take control right now"

Jul 19th

Charity Kennedy

Love this episode and the idea of rebranding.

May 28th

Linda Lewis


Feb 7th

Jennifer Britt Herman

I recently found your podcast on Castbox. Absolutely love every episode I've listened to. You nail so many subjects that I struggle with and I so appreciate you doing the podcast every week. Keep up the good work and know that you are making changes in people's lives.

Jan 23rd

Jennifer Britt Herman

GReat podcast! Just what I needed on the drive home when I didn't want to work out and now I'm going to!

Jan 23rd
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