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Author: Daren Wride

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Helping pastors and their spouses craft a focused, sustainable life and ministry.
230 Episodes
Making Marriage Work: Leave

Making Marriage Work: Leave


The first principle in Making Marriage Work
An intro a message on Making Marriage Work
When you go through the pain of cleaning up, you’re more motivated to keep from re-polluting yourself.
Do people get what they see with you? Are you an integrated leader or is there something nasty under the surface?
It’s easy to articulate what you are against. How clear are you about what you are for?
What is a conflict of interest in a church and what to do about them.
What are the key issues in deciding to stay or go, in starting and ending a ministry well? I get asked about this a lot. Here are the key points.
Sharing a bit of the process of how to compile your church's history.
PPX222 Road Trip Checklist

PPX222 Road Trip Checklist


Here are a few items that can make your travel more pleasant and effective.
Do you ever find yourself coasting in ministry, not engaging fully in the calling at hand? There are two valid options for you (and me) to consider.
Some considerations for evaluating an offer of employment to serve as a pastor in a church.
A simple upgrade I took too long to make which instantly made me more productive. (Hint: HD to SSD)
I’ve been impressed with the time saved by using Prime, as well as the way it helps fill in some of the gaps of living in a small community.
What do you do when you are on a church staff and the lead pastor is clearly out of line, abusive, unethical or just plain nuts?
What do you do when you find yourself in a broken staffing situation, and you’re supposed to be the boss?
Do you understand the weaknesses of your church’s or denominations polity?
I’ve made the same mistake both out hunting and in leadership: Looking too far ahead.
A quick list of some tools that church boards might find useful in doing their work. For more info on any of them, feel free to contact me.
These are the things we bump into again and again in transitional ministry. Don’t let these things happen in your church!
Out of all the energy you have, there is a segment that can be used for creative work, and when it’s gone it’s gone. Here are a few things I’m learning about rationing my creative energy.
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