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A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast providing a weekly report on all things Star Trek - Films/TV, Games, and more!
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From this week's Star Trek headlines, we #TrekOut how ViacomCBS is an arms dealer in the streaming wars, Ron Moore’s latest adventures, and rumors fresh off the mill! Then, in Gaming, Star Trek Online gets reactionary with it’s newest Legendary Ship offerings, and we finally break down our review of Anniversary’s featured episodes. Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages This Week’s Community Questions are: CQ: Where do you think Captain Archer might make an appearance? Picard, Strange New Worlds, or something new. If so what kind of story do you hope they tell about him? AND CQ: Are you getting the 2021 Legendary Ship Bundle, now that all the ships have been revealed and all the updates have been made? AND CQ: Will you be using a cloaked torpedo build on your Temer Raider? If not what kind of build will you use? Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! TREK IT OUT Ronald D. Moore Makes a Move As the streaming wars heat up so does the struggle to keep highly talented show creators locked into deals at a single production studio. J.J. Abrahms made headlines recently jumping from Paramount to Warner Bros. and now the Hollywood Reporter is saying Star Trek alum Ronald D. Moore is making a move. Having produced shows for both Starz and Apple TV+ under Sony TV, Moore has secured a deal with Disney’s recently acquired 20th Television where he will start with a recreation of a Swiss Family Robinson series for Disney+. Moore seemed very excited about the move, saying “I grew up loving Disney movies, TV shows, and theme parks, and I still do to this day, so the chance to work on some of the same classic titles like Swiss Family Robinson was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.” Moore will remain involved with both Outlander on Starz and For All Mankind on Apple TV+. The latter of which has just premiered its sophomore season. Gives Us More From Moore In an exclusive interview with, Moore talked about the creation of the show, how they ride the line of an alternate reality space race while keeping it recognizable, and how working on Star Trek taught him how to write for television and the importance of diversity. For All Mankind is set in a fictional reality where a Russian cosmonaut was the first human to set foot on the moon and how that event would affect the subsequent space race to follow. “Star Trek basically taught me everything about writing for television in a lot of ways. And we did a lot of time travel episodes. We talked internally about a lot of history, a lot of alternate history ideas.” One of the biggest changes with this fictional reality is the diversification of NASA astronaut crews nearly 15 years earlier. Moore said that was one of the core concepts of the show, to make a bigger and better space program. “why is it better? We’re creating a better world. To bring it back to Trek, it’s the road to Star Trek. So what [does] the road to Star Trek entail? It entails becoming a better society.” For more information on Moore’s move to Disney and the full interview with Trek Movie, the links are in our show notes. Bob Bakish Talks Arms Dealing We’ve been talking on the show for a while now about CBS All Access – soon to be Paramount Plus – and how the broadcast home of Star Trek fits in among the plethora of streaming services out there. One analogy that we’ve overlooked is, perhaps surprisingly, “arms dealer.” At least, that’s what ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish calls it. We’ve talked in the past about how CBS has been a lot more cavalier with licensing its extensive library to other services. I can still watch star trek reruns on Netflix, for example. However, they’ve made it a habit to sell their new content off as well. According to an article on, they’ve sold an Aaron Sorkin drama to Netflix and a movie about Billie Holliday to Hulu. Oh, and that Coming to America sequel? Paramount made it, but Amazon is going to distribute it. And maybe worst of all, they sold a popular Western-themed series called Yellowstone to Peacock. Yeah… Peacock. According to the article, licensing deals like that account for nearly a quarter of the company’s revenue. And with movie theaters closed and the stiff competition among services, that’s money that they can’t afford to just give up. They can’t even pay to get their stuff back. According to the article, Peacock wouldn’t release ViacomCBS from the Yellowstone deal, so they’re just gonna make a prequel. Because if there’s one thing ViacomCBS and Paramount Plus know how to do, it’s how to do reboots and prequels that everyone loves. RUMORS! Well, this week, the rumor-mill was churning out some good ones… But, remember.. These are ONLY rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt! For starters, Drew Dietsch at GiantFreakingRobot has heard reports that Paramount is moving forward with a fourth installment of the Kelvin Timeline --- but, instead of it being a strictly theatrical release, ViacomCBS plans to release it simultaneously via its streaming service and theatres. According to their sources, Pine and the rest of the cast will be involved -- although a new director has not yet been selected. The Plot… they’re going back to the timey-wimey Pine Kirk meets Daddy Hemsworth. As if THAT wasn’t rumor enough, the article goes on to say that the studio is trying to get Shatner to appear as well! MORE RUMORS! While we’re on the topic of returning cast: Dietsch has a separate report suggesting that Scott Bakula -- who played Captain Jonathan Archer is Star Trek: Enterprise -- will come back to reprise the role on Star Trek: Picard. According to the article, the studio hopes to //quote// bring Scott Bakula back by having him cameo in another Star Trek show and then leave the door open for him to headline his own solo series. //end quote// On the topic of filming… while we anxiously await new Trek to grace our television screens, Social Media might help you pass the time. Especially if you follow folks like actors… showrunners… you know… industry folk. You see, earlier this week, actors like Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romijn posted some innocuous social media updates… random pictures FROM CANADA! Then, unrelated, Star Trek Picard’s Showrunner made a tweet that was quickly removed… In it, he wrote, “Day One of many…” with a little film-camera emoji. So… if we piece it all together, we can assume that filming has begun for BOTH Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Picard. Now… if only we had release dates!! Billy Campbell Goes Prodigy Enough w/ the Rumors!!! We do have ONE confirmed appearance of a legacy Trek Actor reprising their role!! On episode 360 of Comic Book Central, Billy Campbell -- who you might recall played Thadiun Okona on TNG’s Season 2 episode titled, “The Outrageous Okona” let slip that he’ll be returning to the role on Nickelodeon’s Star Trek: Prodigy! In the interview, Campbell goes on to talk about his experience on Star Trek and even teases how his character will return Star Trek Gaming News by Thomas Reynolds & Shane Hoover The 2021 Legendary Ships: Initial Scans By Thomas Reynolds Captains, we have all four of the 2021 Legendary Klingon and Klingon-adjacent ships on sensors. The B’Rel Bird of Prey and Vor’cha Command Support Battlecruiser will bring honor to the Empire, as the Excelsior Miracle Worker Heavy Cruiser and Temporal Support Cruiser represent Federation ships entwined with Klingon history. In-depth analyses will come after the Bundle is available, but we have some thoughts to share while we wait. Priority One wants to hear your opinions too, so analyze the ship stat links in our shownotes.  House Reborn: Treachery, Faith, and the Lava Flow By Thomas Reynolds Previously on Star Trek Online, the Klingon Civil War went south as J’Ula’s truth bombs jump-started an Imperial polyfaction spree. In “Knowledge is Power”, J’Ula’s friends (and not you) join Tenavik on her run-and-gun vision quest through the Boreth monastery. One bad trip leads to another, as they resurrect the late Chancellor L’Rell as an icon of reunification. What the time crystals left out is that her soul’s in Gre’thor so it’s time to do a little soul-searching. Don’t do time crystal, kids, it’s bad for you. “Leap of Faith” closes the loop with the whole gang suffocating themselves Flatliners-style to storm Gre’thor’s gates and liberate L’Rell. You meet Gowron in the Rio’s smoking area on your way to the Barge of the Dead and Fek’lhr’s throne. Gowron takes L’Rell’s place in Gre’thor–because, I mean, the Rio–but J’Ula makes a counteroffer: maybe J’mpok’s and Aakar’s souls instead? She was going to kill them anyway–but first, you have a lot of demons between you and the waking world. House Reborn is another two-mission addition you could call an episode (we won’t, but that targ’s been beaten to death already). The Klingon Civil War only totals six missions, but might be STO’s most engaging story since the Iconian War ended. We’re not dissing Victory is Life in any way, but make this a miniseries and we’re there with the popcorn. Three Houses down, and it’s clear STO’s writers aren’t afraid of the narrative swerve. What separates this from what we see on CBS Al–sorry, Paramount Plus, is that the hard pivots are plausible. This is the Star Trek we wish was on TV...but as we’ll see later, that might not be all good. Talking about TV: with Chieffo, O’Reilly, and Hurtzler behind the mic, is anyone surprised that the voice acting’s so good? It’s an out-and-out pleasure to have them back in our Trekkie lives, ridges or no ridges. J’Ula and Adet’pa are mostly the game’s invention, but Mara Junot and Rehka Sharma make them worthy of screen time. Let’s Talks Gameplay By Thomas Reynolds Pivoting to gameplay…eehhh. The missions are very different, so we’ll address each individually, but in ten words or less? More–and more–of the same. “Knowledge is Power” follows the traditional formula of “warp in, [BEEP] things up, warp out.” Space combat as Captain Yourself bookends a protracted slog as J’Ula around the monastery.  J’You’La is also the strike-from-shadows type of matriarch, not a drag-out brawler, making it even more tedious. Go back and watch the engineering room cutscene in “Secrets.” See what she has with her? Mobs of goons providing cover fire and Ripper chow. You will draw aggro as the largest damage source on your side, and the hypospray can’t recharge fast enough. The curse of competence, I guess. Bless Cryptic for reinforcing hand-to-hand combat’s prominence in Klingon culture, religion, children’s birthday parties, and the Qo’noS dating scene. The game just isn’t suited to it. This is painfully apparent as you spam J’Ula’s single melee attack in one-button battles of attrition. If there’s an upside, the cathartic thrill of very Klingon. So, uh, immersion? How About A “Leap Of Faith”? By Thomas Reynolds In comparison “Leap of Faith” is a lot easier: you’re yourself again, with your crew and the loadouts you’re used to. Three ambushes in the afterlife precede  the fun of clawing your way out to the get-a-way barge. The mission is capped by a final space battle to remind you this, in fact, is still Star Trek. “Not as bad as the first” is damning with faint praise, but really: “Leap of Faith” just works better. The ambushes are sudden and believably short. Escaping Gre’thor is actually a plot point with a clear narrative start and end. The space battle can be a challenge even at Normal, and not just from how long the portals stay open. Say what you will about Fer’ang dreadnoughts as event ships: they’re a lot more beastly when pointed at you. However as associate producer Shane put it, “Surface Tension’ is long. It's always been long. But unlike the new missions, every step tells the story. Every stage of every fight advances that story. Instead of being long while you're in it, it just feels like it's big stakes and large scale. It's like [Victory is Life’s] ‘Home’ in that way”. House Reborn, on the other hand, struggles where Shattered did too. Gameplay is a grinding vehicle between dialogue boxes and cutscenes. That’s where the money is, and it certainly shows. But as Shane pointed out, we know it’s possible to have engaging gameplay that advances the story, too. Alarmed at Our Own Temer-ity By Shane Hoover Whether you bought out or grinded for the long haul, odds are good that you have your Temer now. Its 5/1 weapons layout and 5/2/3 Tac/Sci/Eng console allotment clearly mean it’s an alpha-strike ship. Ride up, drop the cloak, let your cannons rip, and slink into darkness while they’re mopping up their Earl Grey. Or, and hear us out on this one, maybe not? The Temer’s Enhanced Battle Cloak lets you fire torpedoes, mines, and Captain/Boff abilities without fully switching it off. Therefore it’s also a perfectly competent Gravity Well and/or torpedo boat, even with its low Science console capacity. Yes, your cloak drops momentarily to light them up, but it’s still considered active as traits are concerned. Just make sure your hull is up to it, since you’re spending most of the fight without shields. Zhat’s All, Folks By Thomas Reynolds and Shane Hoover So, you have a stack of lockbox keys in one inventory slot, and Zhat Vash lockboxes in another. You got a Number One ground pet on your first try–by far the most important item you can get. Now what? You could always put the rest on the Exchange, but Priority One Podcast thinks there’s still value to be found. We think these prizes are worth the Zen you’ll spend to unlock them. Dhailkhina Command Strike Wing Warbird: taking the highest risk for the highest reward? How very Romulan. Or you could cheat and get it off the Exchange for 690 million EC. Also very Romulan. Zhat Vash Disruptor Weapons: who doesn’t like a weapon that adds its own stacking damage buff and reduces the target’s damage resistance? Zhat Vash Venom Ground Trait: kind of gross, very entertaining. Plus, if your ground build is terrible you’ll get a lot of mileage out of the death-triggered AoE attack. From Hell’s heart I spray at thee! Choose to Live Ground Trait: very handy for your Klingon Recruit as they grind those melee kill objectives. (Current Exchange price:  Scopelyashi Maru AKA “A Million Ways to Die in the Test” By Shane Hoover We all know mobile developer Scopely as the studio that brings us Star Trek: Fleet Command. And now they’re the creators of a new web-based 8-bit piece of Star Trek history. In a blog posted to the company site on February 11th, Scopely announced a new contest inviting players to beat Star Trek’s infamous Kobayashi Maru scenario. Put your command abilities to the test against deadly dangers like Dagger Pox, hidden poison and, of course, Klingon ambush!  But “CONTEST?!” you say? Yes, Captains, if you’re able to defeat this Kobayashi Maru faster than anyone else, you could win one of several big prizes. The First Prize winner takes home a lifetime subscription to Paramount Plus and an Original Series Captain Kirk Green Wrap tunic as seen on Season One. Second Prize includes a $500 Eaglemoss Ship Collectibles package, a Captain Kirk Standee, and a personalized Captain’s Assignment Letter to the U.S.S. Enterprise. And Third Prize wins a $200 Star Trek gift shop gift card and a Starfleet Academy Personalized Certificate.  But you won’t win. You can’t win. It’s a no-win scenario! After all, a connected Facebook account is required to enter the contest. Talk about a no-win scenario!
This week on Episode 496 of Priority One: We Trek Out the Roddenberry Foundation’s latest gift and ViacomCBS’s latest revamp-ination! Then, we continue our coverage of Star Trek Online’s 11th Anniversary with a reminder to finish your daily mission to earn the free ship AND an interview with Star Trek Discovery’s Mary Chieffo! Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages This Week’s Community Question is: CQ:  If you’re currently subscribed to CBS All Access and sticking around for Paramout+ -- what features do you hope they’ll introduce?!  Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! TREK IT OUT "The Roddenberries Showdown 2020 Virtual Extravaganza" on Vimeo By Elio lleo Captains, if you missed The Roddenberries Showdown 2020 Virtual Extravaganza featuring Martok and Gowron then… get out! … nah, just playin’... You now have another chance to catch one of the best pandemic performances you’ll ever see!!! The Roddenberries have released the event to rent or purchase via VIMEO for 4.99 to rent or $15 to buy. Now, we can spend time talking up the event and performance but, you really need to see this for yourself… More importantly, you’ll be supporting local artists who are continuing to work to make ends meat during a time when live performances and concerts are nearly impossible! So, #TrekOut the links in the show notes and please consider supporting the band!... You will NOT be disappointed. The Roddenberry Foundation Gives Back By Tony Hunter The Roddenberry Foundation announced a $100,000 donation to the Comic-Con museum in San Diego. In recognition of that generosity, the museum will name its main lobby after the late, great, star trek creator - Gene Roddenberry. I know what you’re thinking, “Hey, conventions aren’t dead. So why are they getting put in a museum?” Rest easy, friends, because the museum isn’t commemorating a lost ritual, but is “intended to celebrate the spirit of the San Diego Comic-Con experience throughout the year.”  But for now, they’ll just have to celebrate reaching the halfway mark on the way to their $34 million fundraising goal. Gene’s son Rod told "We hope to inspire others to recognize the power of popular arts and comics in providing a unifying force to bring together our society and create a better future." Photo Via Paramount+ Ads Paying Dividens By Cat Hough If you were watching the SuperBowl, even if it was just for the commercials, you may have noticed frequent references to Paramount+ - especially since those ads aired more times than the Chiefs were called for stupid penalties.  Well, ViacomCBS is making a concerted effort to position CBS as an ‘upscale’ content provider, all of which hinges on its offerings coming from it’s ‘CBS Originals’ production company (funny because the guy in charge came from Amazon Originals) and providing more options for live, on-demand or streaming its content.  Newly-appointed network President and chief marketing officer, Mike Benson, says, “I feel like we’re really working to elevate the brand and make a broadcast brand feel premium. It’s free premium.” Well, all of these efforts may pay off as we get closer to the launch of Paramount+ on March 4. The stock price for ViacomCBS has certainly rebounded since we last discussed, closing Monday at $54.50 a share - compare that to the $11.28 price from last March. Nevertheless, investors remain concerned that the transition to Paramount+ will be a struggle for ViacomCBS considering the competition in the marketplace, lower profit margins for streaming services, generally - plus increased demand for content licensing - which includes renewing the NFL license. Photo Via Paramount+ 50% OFF By Cat Hough But, if you decide you want to subscribe to Paramount+ it would be worth mentioning that you can currently save 50% on a 1 year subscription to Paramount+.... Dropping the no-commercial option from $100 down to $50… you can also save on the commercial plan but, let’s be real --- who wants commercials?! In order to take advantage of it you’ll need to sign up via CBS All Access and you’ll need to do it no later than March 3 --- the discount code is paramountplus ((all one word and spelled out… no “plus” symbols)).. Now, if you aren’t already aware, we’ve got affiliate links on our website which help support this production… so if you plan to take advantage of the discount and sign up… please use our affiliate code! Photo Via Star Trek Gaming News by Thomas Reynolds & Shane Hoover Tick-Tock on Temer Time By Thomas Reynolds By the time you’re hearing this, the 11th Anniversary and Klingon Recruitment Events will already be halfway over. Fortunately you only have to create your Recruit(s) before the 25th; you can complete the objectives at your leisure later. But if you haven’t started accruing Progress for the Temer yet, things are decidedly more desperate. With 14 days left, you’ll need at least a partial Zen buyout to complete it in time. The Temer’s full buyout price during the Event is 6000 Zen; the second-chance buyout will probably be the same. We recommend getting as much Progress as possible before hitting the bank, just to take some of the sting out. Mary Chieffo Be sure to follow Mary Chieffo for all her latest projects!
This week on Episode 495 of Priority One: We Trek Out what Brent Spiner is currently working on, how much of a Trekkie Robin Williams is, and Michael Chabon expands the universe with a dive into Free Cloud. Then, we continue our coverage of Star Trek Online’s 11th Anniversary with an interview featuring Design Director Al “CaptainGeko” Rivera! Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! TREK IT OUT Robin Williams And Neelix Over the history of Trek-dom, there’s been an exceeding long list of guest stars on Star Trek. Who’s your favorite Star Trek guest star? Mine is [Iggy Pop]. The crew of Voyager named some of theirs during a recent virtual GalaxyCon panel. Who made the list? In no particular order, Johnathan Rhys-Davies who played Leonardo DaVinci, Sarah Silverman showing up as a 20th century astronomer from Los Angeles, Jason Alexander and his big brain, and who could forget Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson cooking up some gladiator-tights action. But what about those guest stars that never were? Robert Picardo said that he lobbied the writers pretty hard to get DeForrest Kelly onto the show, but unfortunately Kelly’s health was failing and he was not well enough to perform.  Also, some of you may recall that Robin Williams was a big fan of Star Trek, but you may not know that Neelix was one of his favorite characters. During production of Voyager, Williams was filming the Birdcage on the same lot and had a lovely encounter with Ethan Phillips. As Phillips recounted, “He sees me and goes, ‘Oh my God, Mr. Neelix!’ Then he does this whole routine about what it’s like to be a chef in outer space. ‘The eggs are floating, the pancakes are getting too big!’, a Robin Williams schtick. I had a private performance for like a minute and it was really funny. Then he came up, gave me a big hug and said, ‘I love your character, sir.’ Such a sweet, sweet man. I’ll never forget that.” Photo Via Brent Spiner the Showman If there’s ever a Star Trek actor who never takes themselves too seriously, it’s Brent Spiner. Those of you who have had an opportunity to see him on stage at a convention know that he’s a showman!... And even when he’s not supposed to be on stage, he manages to surprise his Star Trek colleagues with a cameo appearance. Well, even though he may have retired from the character of Data on Star Trek PIcard, Spiner is still willing to take us on an adventure… of his life! Whether via a web series like his 2011 Fresh Hell… or last year’s musical Brentwood, Brent Spiner knows his fans love him and will keep coming back for more! So, in keeping up with demand, Spiner has a announced a new book he’s working on titled, “Fan Fiction: A Mem-Noir: Inspired by True Events” In an exclusive interview with ScyFy Wire’s Vanessa Armstrong, Spiner describes the book as “a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but it's primarily fiction. There are slices of my own life in it, and then there are also people I have known…it's a mashup: It's a thriller, it's a comedy, it's a dark comedy. And it's partially a memoir, but none of it's real, really, even though a lot of things actually happened.” Unfortunately, according to the article, which parts of the story are true and which are false will be a closely guarded secret. Michael Chabon Talks Freecloud One of the whistle-stops on the Jean-Luc Revival Tour in Season one of Picard was a hotbed of commerce, villainy and bar gunfights. What we saw on screen was an easter egg filled skyline and two interior sets. But what you didn’t see was a whole 200 year history of a planet on the edge of known space. Straight from the notepad of Season one showrunner Michael Chabon, we bring you a full tourist guide to the anarcho-existentialist enclave known as Freecloud.You want geography? Its got a single continent surrounded by a mountain range which is in turn surrounded by a single ocean so wild you can only travel it by submarine. You want weather? Get a load of the full range of an M-class world, from polar caps to tropical jungle with mega-hurricanes and a monsoon season. You want history? Check out its tenuous neutrality, tacitly enforced by the Klingons, Romulans and Federation due to its status as a criminal, corporate and smuggling hub. You want politics? They’ve got a five sentence constitution and no organized police force… but every “Freec” aged 16 and up is a member of the militia. Basically for life. It’s a fun bit of world building that will no doubt make its way into every Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG, either as a campaign setting or mission hub Star Trek Gaming News by Thomas Reynolds & Shane Hoover This Bundle Goes Up To Eleven (And Then Some) By Thomas Reynolds Captains, it might feel like we were just discussing the 10th Anniversary Legendary Bundle(s). It certainly does feel that way here at Priority One, at least. But STO’s racked up another year on the Final Frontier, and the game’s celebrating with the 2021 Legendary Bundle. Cryptic continues its tantalizingly slow roll-out of the Bundle’s four ships, so we’re holding detailed coverage until all is revealed in time. We do know this year’s Legendary Bundle comes in one tier and is largely composed of consumables, services, and items. We also know it will sell for a (discounted eighteen thousand, seven hundred and fifty)Zen from February 18th to March 4th. After that it reverts to its regular (twenty-five thousand)Zen price, so scrape them nickels and hit the dabo table. The Legendary Bundle isn’t just a purchase, it’s an  investment.
This week on this Star Trek News Podcast: We Trek Out news about Star Trek Prodigy, how a Cuban helped pave the way for Star Trek, Michael Dorn’s “Captain Worf” pitch, and Nichelle Nichol’s final appearance on screen. In Star Trek Gaming, the MMO Star Trek Online has launched its 11th Anniversary Celebrations, and we run down what you should expect! We Trek Out news about Star Trek Prodigy, how a Cuban helped pave the way for Star Trek, Michael Dorn’s “Captain Worf” pitch, and Nichelle Nichol’s final appearance on screen. In Star Trek Gaming, the MMO Star Trek Online has launched its 11th Anniversary Celebrations, and we run down what you should expect! Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages! Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! TREK IT OUT Kate Mulgrew and Prodigy By Cat Hough We have some breaking news from Twitter regarding the Nickelodeon animated show, Star Trek: Prodigy. On Monday, January 24, Kate Mulgrew was asked about the show, saying that she has already finished recording for Prodigy season 1 and how much she enjoyed returning to the role of Kathryn Janeway. Mulgrew ended the chat, saying, “I think we are going into the next season very soon.” Worf In The Captain’s Seat: The Sequel By Cat Hough On last week’s episode of Priority One, we just discussed the likelihood of Michael Dorn reprising his role of Worf in any of the new Trek shows. Coincidentally, in an interview with that was posted earlier this week, Dorn was asked if he was interested in playing Worf in Star Trek: Picard. He replied, ”It depends on the role...I don’t want to get in makeup and just stand around and scowl at people.” He also said he has not yet been contacted by anyone from Picard or Lower Decks, so I suppose we can draw our own conclusions.  Image courtesy of However, he did go into some detail about the script he wrote about Captain Worf, saying that he envisioned telling stories about the Federation and Starfleet from the Klingon point of view. Worf would essentially be more like an ambassador of the KDF trying to bring unity to the Klingon Empire. One Last Show for Nichelle Nichols By Tony Hunter It was just last week we were raising a glass to the memory of the Star Trek fan film ecosystem of the mid 20-teens. And then what do we find? It’s an article from WFMZ-TV out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, describing the Kickstarter for the sequel to the fan-produced “Star Trek Renegades” from 2015, directed by Tim Russ. The earlier film had quite a few notable appearances from Star Trek alums, including Walter Koenig as Admiral Chekhov, Robert Picardo as the Doctor, and Tim Russ as Tuvok, just to name a few. And seriously, that’s just a few. You can’t go 10 minutes in that show without saying “isn’t that the guy from…?” Yes, yes it is. Image courtesy of Star Trek: Renegades/Kickstarter Image courtesy of Star Trek: Renegades/Kickstarter The sequel, entitled Renegades Ominara, is boasting that they have lined up the “final performance” of Nichelle Nichols, but she will not be playing Uhura. And Walter Koenig will return, but not as Admiral Chekhov. Tim Russ is back in the director’s chair, leading a newer cast of stars with a few credits each on their TV CVs. The Kickstarter is sitting at just under $26,000 as we record, two-thirds of the way to its goal of $35,000, with 12 days to go. Lawyer alert! Lawyer alert! We’ll put links in the shownotes to the article and the Kickstarter, but a quick word of warning here from the spoilsport lawyers. This project, as it’s currently advertised, might not pass muster with the CBS legal eagles. For one thing, it’s advertised as “a full-40-minute show (which is a network hour-long television show)”, which does not work with the fan film limits of one single 15 minute project or 2 15 minute segments of a single project. Also, the participation of Nichols, Koenig and Russ seems to run afoul of the rule that “creators, actors and all other participants must be amateurs, cannot be compensated for their services, and cannot be currently or previously employed on any Star Trek series, films, production of DVDs or with any of CBS or Paramount Pictures’ licensees.” So, it looks like a fun project, so long as the fun police don’t shut it down. How a Cuban Helped Make Star Trek By Elio Lleo  If you fancy yourself a television history buff or have dived into the books and stories detailing the behind-the-scenes development of Star Trek, then you’ve probably already heard that if Gene Roddenberry is Star Trek’s father...then Lucille Ball would certainly be its mother. This–for the most part–is true. By the time Star Trek was ready to begin filming, Lucille Ball had taken full control of Desilu Productions. And, if you’ve read Marc Cushman’s These Are The Voyages, you’ll have read a fun little piece of lore that Lucy once swept the sound stage of Star Trek just to help keep the production on schedule and on budget. Image from Los Angeles Times photographic library/UCLA, courtesy of Wikipedia. But, the road to Star Trek was being paved years earlier with Desi Arnaz very much in the picture. In a recent episode of NPR’s Planet Money, the hosts give you a quick rundown of how this immigrant from Cuba helped shape television today. From abandoning the classic kinescope to introducing the three rolling cameras to insisting on a live-studio audience, Desi Arnaz's influence can be seen today in all your favorite sitcoms… from the Fresh Prince…to Friends…to Fraiser. And when Lucy got pregnant in real life and the I Love Lucy Show had to go on hiatus, well, Desi had an answer for that too. Reruns and syndication! For anyone looking to enhance their appreciation for the history of television–and if you liked watching I Love Lucy and are curious to learn a bit more about the loud-bombastic Cuban man who loves Lucy–TrekOut the shownotes. In Memoriam: Richard Arnold (1954-2021) Last, but certainly not least, it is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of Richard Arnold. For those of you not familiar with the name, Arnold was known as Gene Roddenberry’s “right hand man” during the production of the series and later went on the convention circuit as a “Star Trek Expert.” According to Rod Roddenberry, in a post on Facebook “Richard’s voice was the one my father most often listened to; because Richard listened to the fans." Our hearts go out to his and the Roddenberry family. Star Trek Gaming News by Thomas Reynolds & Shane Hoover Abandon Every Hope, Who Battle Here By Thomas Reynolds When we journeyed two-thirds of the Year’s way, we found ourselves within a blazing fortress, for we had kept Cryptic’s path that does not stray. It is hard to speak of what Gre’thor was, that hellish prison, cowardly and shameful, which even in recall renews my disgust––glorious death is ever more dear! Of course, you've not experienced Dante until you have...well, you know the rest. In the beginning, we fought to preserve the Empire as a warrior’s paradise. Together with its wayward son K’mtar, the House of Mogh endured the Warzone’s purgatory. Now we stand at the Gateway to Gre’thor–the inferno itself–to draw the Year of Klingon to its fiery conclusion. Cryptic’s yearlong revamp of the Klingon Starting Experience concludes with the launch of the Anniversary Event–and if the new Klingon hell doesn’t do it for you, nothing will. We could wax rhapsodic for hours about the new maps, environment textures, enemies, the Dishonorable Three, and hair options. But the link is in our shownotes, captains. You have to see the screencaps to believe them. Recruit First, Ask Questions Later By Thomas Reynolds With the starting Klingon experience refresh complete, this would be the perfect time to see the new sights with a new KDF toon. Also, the Klingon Civil War still rages on and both sides desperately need cannon fodd--I mean, brave warriors. But Sto-vo-kor’s eternal glory isn’t enough for some people: they want dilithium, ships, and shiny new ways to kill people. Starting with the Anniversary Event, Cryptic kicked off Star Trek Online’s fourth Recruitment Event: this time, for the Klingon Empire. Until February 25th, new Klingon characters (using the free character slot Cryptic’ll give you) will be officially dubbed Klingon Recruits. Like in previous events, Klingon Recruits get special rewards for meeting certain goals during the story and into the endgame. This includes (what sound like) the optional story objectives you completed with other faction Recruits, but naturally more violent. Enemies of the Empire abound, and whoever’s on the other end of your transponder wants them dead and gone. Happy hunting! Your other characters also get benefits from the Recruit’s progress like currencies, ship and ground traits, and “piezoelectric execution sceptres.” That alone sounds like it’s worth the effort--but if pain sticks aren’t your style, how about a ship instead? Yes, Klingon Recruits also get the M’Chla Bird of Prey of 2255, refitted for battle in 2411. Details for the scaling T6 ship, along with the other Recruit rewards, will be in our shownotes. As a side note, you can also play a Klingon from 2255 too. Discovery-era Klingons are now available as a KDF race, although identical to their modern counterparts other than looks and uniform. Fortunately no one’s ever had strong opinions about how the Klingons looked in Discovery, so this should be controversy-free. The Fire In Which Houses Are Reborn By Thomas Reynolds Are you dying to see the new Gre’thor (get it?), but don’t have time to start your Recruit right now? Well, the other massive Klingon story content drop timed to the Anniversary Event has you covered. House Reborn continues the Klingon Civil War arc, as J’Ula’s path to redeem the Empire brings us more familiar faces. Our proper review will come next week, once we have time to reflect and replay. But if you’re hearing this before playing, and you haven’t looked at Twitter in a while, here’s a slight spoiler. The title’s more appropriate than you might expect. Infinite Ships in Finite Factions By Thomas Reynolds Hoo boy, captains. Red Alert and brace for impact, because we’re about to hit the Wall. Or not! Because ships aren’t restricted to factions anymore! But they are. Kind of. Look, it’s a complicated discussion on in-game policies: exactly the Earl Grey tea that Priority One loves to spill. As of January 26th, having a level 65 KDF officer on your account will unlock both factions’ ships for all Fed and KDF officers on your account. Coming with the ships are their Admiralty cards, registries, prefixes, bridges, interiors, and any associated items like consoles or pets. Existing Zen Store purchases are reclaimable across the divide, so your Orion engineer can have the Presidio-class cruiser of their dreams. But your Fed-aligned Romulan won’t be getting their hands on a D4x anytime soon. The faction wall for ships still applies to Fed and KDF allies. or now, at least. Forever? Who can say? Ship availability across Red vs. Blue also means the end of other ways Cryptic’s tried bridging the divide. Cross-faction packs for ship-specific traits and consoles aren’t going away. You can still find them in non-Zen stores or on the Exchange. However you won’t be able to get new traits or consoles that way from here on out--get ready to pay for those in the Zen store instead. Fear the Temer-Class Alliance Raider By Shane Hoover We did say your Fed-Aligned Romulan still won’t be getting on the bridge of a D4x, but if that’s what you’re after then the brand new Temer-Class Alliance Raider just might make you smile. This year’s Event Grand Prize for the 11th Anniversary event is the account unlock of the T6 Temer-Class Raider. Carrying on the spirit of cooperation that was embodied in the Khitomer-Class Battlecruiser, the Temer is a joint Romulan and Klingon design available to all factions. The ship stats were published Saturday, January 23rd by Ambassador Kael, and they look pretty tempting. This is a T6 Raider with a 5/1 weapon layout, Enhanced Battle Cloak, Improved Raider Flanking, and Command seating. The Repulsor Blaster experimental weapon and the Sniper starship trait firmly establish the Temer as a maximum range torpedo boat. So prepare to decloak at 10km on someone’s flank, unload a volley of torpedoes, and watch the fireworks! All you need to do is earn 40 or more Daily Progress in the Anniversary Event, and the Temer-Class is yours. Zhat Vash Some Lockbox, Vashn’t It? By Shane Hoover It wouldn’t be a Star Trek Online content update without a new lockbox, right? And this time we’ve got a box inspired by CBS’s newest live-action Star Trek show, Picard. Specifically, the “Picard Zhat Vash” lockbox is inspired by the shadowy Romulan cabal that served as the antagonists for Picard’s first season. The lockbox has all of the lockbox offerings we’ve come to expect: Personal Ground and Space traits, Kit Modules, Duty Officer assignments, new Weapon packs, Lobi store items, a new Pit Bull pet, and a Grand Prize T6 ship, which we’ll discuss shortly. In every box there’s also something new to the game, The Impossible Device. This new consumable will instantly remove one injury status at random from any ground player or player starship not currently in combat. If used on another player, the device also applies an HP and outgoing healing buff for 30 minutes. To see the details of everything this new lockbox has to offer, Trek out the link in our shownotes. Oh! It’s That Romulan Ship! By Shane Hoover If you find yourself lucky enough to unpack a Grand Prize from the new Zhat Vash lockbox, you’ll get your hands on the brand new Dhailkhina Command Strike Wing Warbird. This new cross-faction Zhat Vash Warbird was last seen in Star Trek: Picard confronting Captain Riker and the U.S.S. Zheng He.The ship sports a 5/2 weapon layout, plus the experimental weapon slot, which are typical for the ship type. The Carbon Scorcher experimental weapon deals physical damage plus a heavy physical damage over time effect, with a bonus damage resistance debuff. Specialty bridge seats include a Command Tactical/Command seat and a Lt. Commander Universal/Intel seat. The new Universal Console, Bombing Run, passively boosts Plasma damage and Crit Chance, while clicking for a heavy Kinetic and Plasma damage attack. The ship’s trait, Commanded Singularities, adds a “micro singularity” hazard to the current target’s location whenever a Command or Singularity ability is activated. So tell us, Captains, are you going to give Riker an “excuse to kick your treacherous Tal Shiar ass”? The link to all of the ship stats and details is in our show notes.
This week on Episode 493 of Priority One: We Trek Out several interviews happening around the Trek-verse, Star Trek Online gears up for it’s 11th Anniversary celebrations, while other mobile games spin up their own Trek-themed celebrations, and Dr. Robert Hurt explains why space is darker than we thought… much darker. Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! TREK IT OUT Michael Dorn May Play Worf Again By Elio LLeo With Picard now starting to film its second season in just a few weeks, many of us are eager to learn about who - of the OG TNG cast - might make an appearance. We’ve already seen Brent Spiner reprise his role as Data… Our hearts were warmed by Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis reprising their roles… What about Gates McFadden? LeVar Burton?.... Michael Dorn?? Well, we’ve got an update from Mr. Dorn via an interview with the podcast Literary Joe’s Inner Child. In the short segment of the podcast - which is under 7 minutes - Dorn pulls no punches when expressing his disdain for the makeup process. Patrick Stewart on Picard S2 By Cat Hough So how far along is Season Two of Picard? Well, Sir Patrick Stewart tells us in an interview posted on January 11, 2021, by that, “I’ve got the first five scripts of the show and different drafts of those scripts. I spend hours every day with them." So even though getting a production rolling during a pandemic is a whole new experience, Stewart has been keeping himself busy writing his memoirs, reciting Shakespeare’s sonnets, watching “Schitt’s Creek, and putting together jigsaw puzzles.” He says of jigsaw puzzles,"That’s one of my passions. I finished the Last Supper two nights ago and it was one of the best moments of my life!” He chuckles, but then gets serious. “But all the while inside, I know I have to work. That’s what I’m here for. That’s my job. I want a script in my hand. I want actors in front of me.” Interview with Mary Wiseman By Cat Hough Now that Discovery Season 3 has wrapped, recapped some recent in-depth conversations with some of our favorite Discovery characters. The first was Mary Wiseman, and although the audio glitched during her interview, thanks to an enterprising YouTuber who can read lips, it was later confirmed that Wiseman said she was not straight. When asked for confirmation, she said “I did say this! It’s not a big deal at all. I just didn’t want to say I’m straight when I’m not! Before Noah [Averbach-Katz, Wiseman’s husband who played Ryn the Andorian], I dated and loved people of all genders. I never liked it when straight-presenting women dominated conversations about bisexuality/pansexuality when I was with women, so I try not to do it now, but I also don’t want it to feel like I’m hiding anything because I’m queer and proud!” Wiseman goes on to deliver a personal message to fans who defended her on social media when she fell victim to online bullying and body-shaming, saying “I just want to say that all the people who step in, to back me up like that, your presence is like little angels, blocking out these little trolls. It means something to me. I see those things and they hurt me because I'm a person. I'm a human being, you know? And to have somebody step in and defend you is really meaningful.” The close relationship between Rapp and del Barrio definitely comes across on-screen with Stamets taking a fatherly role towards Adira.  Also helping to build bonds in real-life between cast mates, many of the actors, including new-comer, Ian Alexander who plays Gray, have been playing Dungeons & Dragons via Zoom. Production is underway for Season 4 of Discovery.  Galaxy Quest Sequel By Elio Lleo  Our last interview -- although not specifically Star Trek related -- does touch on one of Star Trek’s greatest films… Galaxy Quest!!! Now, for several years, there have been rumblings and rumors about a potential sequel to the film or perhaps a small screen adaptation. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tim Allen was asked about the status of the film replying “I haven't reached out to anybody in the last week, but we talk about it all the time. There is constantly a little flicker of a butane torch that we could reboot it with. Without giving too much away, a member of Alan's Galaxy Quest family could step in and the idea would still work.” James Cawley On Phase II By Tony Hunter  Long time listeners of the show may remember the glory days of the early-to-mid-teens, when there were literally dozens of fan-film productions of star trek stories. Spanning the timelines from post-Enterprise pre-Federation, all the way to post-Nemesis pre-JJ-Verse, the quality bar that each show cleared was as varied as the eras they were set in. I’ll give you a minute on that one. But some of the highest quality efforts belonged to James Cawley’s New Voyages and Phase II productions. And until certain lawsuits were filed, they were busy filming and editing new episodes. Unfortunately, CBS’s fan production guidelines, which were released in 2016, basically killed productions like Cawley’s. Origins: The Protracted Man However, one of those productions, a TOS prequel named, appropriately, Origins: The Protracted Man, just escaped into the wild. I say escaped, because to say it was released would be a gross overstatement. There are effects shots missing, and we know this because there are little cards telling you what you should be seeing. Sound is sometimes iffy, and the whole thing is squashed horizontally. It’s very clearly not a finished product. According to the article at, the two files containing the rough cut were up on YouTube temporarily, and then taken down. However, while it was online, the movies were downloaded and then reposted anonymously. Even short-time listeners of the show will know that Cat is now rolling to a slow boil on the intellectual property problems all this implies – and we’ll certainly get to those – but there’s more to the story. One of the screenwriters, Trek novelist Dave Gallanter, recently died of cancer. Mr. Gallanter had worked on several of the Phase II projects, and this one – co-written with Tribble creator David Gerrold – may have been release… uh “liberated”… as a final farewell to a cherished member of the old crew. So, as we are about to discuss – why, listeners, you know this is illegal – maybe the proper answer is “now, don’t be a prig.” Star Trek Gaming News by Thomas Reynolds & Shane Hoover STO Outlines the 11th Anniversary Event By Shane Hoover Finally putting an end to our breathless antici... pation, Cryptic released a new blog to announce some details of the upcoming 11th Anniversary Event. This year’s event is scheduled to kick off for PC players on January 26th and it will wrap up on February 25th. As with other recent events, players will collect daily progress points through missions, TFOs, and patrols. Upon collection of 40 progress points, players will receive the brand new account-unlocked Temer Class Alliance Raider. No stats are available for the new ship yet, but it’s a Klingon/Romulan hybrid raider carrying on the spirit of the recent Khitomer class. And, as always, the anniversary event brings us those sweet sweet Omega Tech Upgrades! So get ready to get busy collecting Omega Traces, captains Sam Witwer Plays Kenneth Mitchell Playing Tenavik By Shane Hoover The Anniversary Event also means that if you’re like us, you’re probably most excited by the imminent arrival of brand new story content! In another blog released this week, Ambassador Kael announced two forthcoming new missions with contributions from two new stars. The new missions are called “Knowledge is Power” and “Leap of Faith”, and they’ll take us back to the Klingon monastery on the planet Boreth. Visited by Captain Pike on Star Trek: Discovery, the monastery is home to the mysterious and powerful Time Crystals. Kael’s blog has teased that Boreth’s secrets will bring about a “new era” for STO’s Klingons, and it will be up to players to pursue them. That means meeting with Tenavik, the guardian of the Time Crystals. On Discovery, Tenavik was played by Kenneth Mitchell. He was originally going to reprise the role for STO, but circumstances prevented him from that. Instead, he’s personally chosen friend, veteran actor, and STO super-fan Sam Witwer to lend his voice to Tenavik. With Mitchells’ coaching and Witwer’s talents, it should be exciting to see what surprises Tenavik has in store for us. Five-Year Missions, Five Years of Timelines By Thomas Reynolds Elsewhere in the gaming world, Star Trek Timelines passed its fifth anniversary with no signs of slowing down. Associate product manager WRGBen took to the Wicked Realms official forum on the 14th, saying they’re "proud of what we’ve built throughout the years, and of what the game means to so many of our players. With that in mind we’re looking forward to the years ahead". Looking to the future, WRGBen also promised a “big new feature” in the game later this year. Timelines’ longevity is nothing to dismiss: mobile gaming has been fickle and unrewarding to the Trek franchise before. Of the nine games released for mobile platforms, only Timelines and Fleet Command remain in business (Trexels II launched in 2018 and shut its doors to new players only last August). Jetpack Joyride Star Trek Event If you’ve spent even a nano-second browsing through your phone’s app store you’ve probably noticed the popular fast-paced, endless running, side-scrolling mobile game, Jetpack Joyride. In it you play as Barry Steakfries, a down-on-his-luck gramophone salesman who has snuck into a jetpack lab, stolen the machine gun jetpack, and now needs to escape. Why does any of this matter in a Star Trek podcast? Because just like the Borg, the mega marketing machine at CBS assimilates everything in its path. From now until February 3rd, Jetpack Joyride is running a Star Trek event. By playing the event you can earn Star Trek themed items for the game including, but not limited to, Starship jetpacks, Uniform jumpsuits from Discovery, Voyager, Enterprise, and more. Character replacements like Michael Burnham, Janeway, Picard, and Kirk. And much more. And what free to play mobile game wouldn’t be complete without a way to buy everything. You can also purchase the items from the event singly or in bundles from $2.99 to $29.99. TOS Event in Star Trek Fleet Command Staying on the mobile device, Star Trek Fleet Command is continuing its Prime Timeline content rollout with a TOS event which started this month. During the first part of the event players can earn recruit tokens for Original Series crew. Epic Kirk, Epic Spock, and Rare Uhura. Part one of the event runs from now until January 29th
This week on Episode 492 of Priority One: We ‘Trek Out’ Pirates, interviews and podcasts with some of the Leading Ladies of Trek, Star Trek Discovery’s Season 3 Finale, and the state of Star Trek Gaming. This Week’s Community Questions are: CQ: Has Saru earned the same level of reverence as Kirk, Picard, Sisko? AND CQ: If 2021 introduced a new Star Trek Game-- what would you hope it would play like? Or if STO made sweeping changes, what do you hope they would be? Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! TREK IT OUT A Pirate’s Tale By Elio LLeo // story time // Let me tell you a story… a story about a pirate… a digital pirate. Many moons ago, when the general public was strong-armed into agreeing to ridiculous cable-company contracts, bundles, and upsells --- The Digital Pirate would “stick it to the man” by surfing the untamed web in search of desired content. Then, as if by some miracle of the gods, a company dared to challenge the status-quo. This company would soon help the lowly pirate set anchor and hang their pirate hat. But, the evil cable companies weren’t very happy that this new trailblazer was luring customers away on the backs of their own infrastructure. Before long, the lowly viewer would again find themselves spending nearly the same amount per month subscribing to peacocks, all accesses, hulus, pluses and maxes… and more! It wasn’t long before pirates set sail once again to find their most treasured content….  // end of storytime // Photo Courtesy of Star Let’s be clear… it’s wrong to pirate your shows from torrents or other rogue sites. And we, here at Priority One, would never encourage you to conduct illegal activities. But, what we can do is report on some interesting trends. In an article published by Variety by Jamie Lang, we get an inside look of what the hottest pirated shows are for 2020. Where does Star Trek fit on that list? Well, from most to least popular: The Mandalorian, The Boys, Westworld, Vikings, and in the fifth spot: Star Trek: Picard. Now, Lang points out that these rankings don’t account for illegal streaming services but, we think this is a pretty accurate representation of Star Trek’s market share as a whole. Michelle Paradise and Season 3 By Elio LLeo While we’re on the topic of the Season Finale for Star Trek Discovery, Co-Showrunner Michelle Paradise spoke about the third season’s arc and what we might expect in Season 4 with TVLine’s Dave Nemetz. When asked about Michael Burnham’s journey towards the captaincy, Paradise had quite a bit to say… including how audiences pretty much expected that was where she’d end up. But, according to Paradise, it was all about the journey saying, //quote // So giving her the opportunity to come into this new future and be here for a year without the rest of our heroes on Discovery, and allowing her to grow and change during that time and come back and figure out where she fits in, it felt like the right kind of journey for the character. It also allowed us, over the course of Season 3, to find new layers for that character, and of course new layers for our amazing actress to play.  But, where are we headed in Season 4? Well, Paradise couldn’t say much other than to try to paint a clearer picture about what the goal was for Season 3, describing it as  …all about connection and disconnection and finding our way back to one another.  Now, what about that incredible quote from Gene Roddenberry at the end? Well, according to Paradise, its inclusion was a decision made during editing --- a message to reflect our global state of affairs. Paradise goes on to discuss Stamet’s relationship to Burnham after she tossed him out of an airlock, whether or not Saru will return (which he will), and Book’s impact on the crew. Whoopi Goldberg on Star Trek: Picard By Tony Hunter The interviews continue with the leading ladies of Trek. First off, Whoopi Goldberg is kinda-sorta confirming her return as Guinan in Season 2 of Star Trek Picard. This reprise of the role is, of course, at the personal invitation of Sir Patrick, as delivered on national television last year on The View. Whoopi told SFX Magazine “Hopefully, I will be joining their cast for a little while next year. I’m very excited about that.” And Sonequa Martin Green sat down with Vulture to talk about Season 3 of Discovery and Michael Burnham’s journey to the Big Chair. She says that this was always the plan, all the way back to Season one, with every Executive Producer from Berg to Paradise saying “Burnham would be on this journey of self-actualization that would also be the journey to the chair” For more about her views on Michael’s year of change and a promise that the Emerald Chain ain’t goin’ away next season, check out the link in the show notes. NEW PODCAST ALERT! By Cat Hough Moving on to another iconic Woman of Trek… Back in September, our favorite Tap Dancin’ Doctor - Beverly Crusher, otherwise (in real life known as) Gates McFadden, announced that she will be hosting a podcast and she’s been busy recording episodes. So far, McFadden says she’s got episodes with Jonathan Frakes, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton and Marina Sirtis.  Episodes are expected to start airing this month - but the podcast has yet to reveal the title. However- the company producing the podcast, The Nacelle Company, has produced several television series about pop culture - such as The Toys That Made Us and the The Movies That Made Us. As the company name suggests, the CEO and founder, Brian Volk-Weiss is a huge Trek fan. ANOTHER AWARDS SHOW - THE SUPER AWARDS SHOW By Cat Hough Tired of having your favorite shows snubbed during awards season? Or really tired of your favorite shows only being nominated in categories like “best costume,” “special effects” or “editing?” Well, you are in luck - because there’s now an awards show just for genre fans - just like us! This year, the Critics Choice Association decided it was time to start another - less boring - awards show. Called the Critics Choice Super Awards, it was created to specifically honor our favorite films and TV shows in the genres of action, horror, superhero, science fiction and fantasy. And the best part? You don’t have to sit through a litany of technical categories. In fact - the only categories included were the Bests — Movie, TV Series, Actor, and Actress — for each genre. Star Trek was honored with several nominations. The franchise itself was also honored with the inaugural Legacy Award, to recognize  “the cultural impact it has had across multiple decades while continuing to appeal to and grow its loyal fanbase with new stories and characters.”  Sir Patrick Stewart won for Best Actor for Star Trek: Picard. And while she was nominated for Best Actress, Sonequa Martin Green lost out to Natasia Demetriou for What we do in the Shadows. Both Stewart and Martin-Green accepted the Legacy Award on behalf of the franchise. Stewart said that he and Green represented the “heart” of Star Trek. Though polar opposites on the outside — a young Black woman and an older white man — they represented the range of what Star Trek included, every kind of being imaginable. He went on to say that in these times, the inclusivity and hope provided by the Star Trek universe are needed more than ever. Star Trek Gaming News by Thomas Reynolds & Shane Hoover Red Alerts Wherever We Go By Thomas Reynolds From now through January 26th, Star Trek Online’s having a party and you’re all invited! No, it’s not the 11th Anniversary event, but you really should attend. Please, for the love of the Great Bird, show up for this party. Because it’s not actually a party: it’s a Galactic Red Alert event. Every enemy of the Alliance is coming after us, and they’re not even bringing snacks. Rude. Like all repeating daily events, playing one of five Red Alert TFOs each day grants progress towards a grand prize. This time, the magic number is 10 Daily Progress, and the grand prize package includes a Spec Point, Ultimate Tech Upgrade, and Experimental Ship Upgrade. Note that the Tzenkethi Red Alert still includes a fail condition that prevents you from getting your Daily Progress. Also, the Tholians want us to know they’re going gluten-free. All the Discovery Ships Fit to Print By Elio Lleo If you’ve been holding out for a physical copy of your in-game U.S.S. Buran, I’ve got great news. According to this week’s PC patch notes, Gameprint’s now accepting Discovery-era ships and materials for export and printing. The full list of ships and material types now available will be in our shownotes. There’s no programmable matter option yet, but it’s only a matter of time.
This week on Episode 491 of Priority One: We ‘Trek Out’ a couple of interviews with Star Trek’s Doug Jones and Sir Patrick Stewart. Chabon fleshes out some Troi-Riker backstory. Star Trek Gaming has been quiet over the Holidays but, Star Trek Adventures isn’t oblivious to how table-top gaming has been affected by COVID. Later, we review Star Trek: Discovery’s episode “There Is A Tide…” This Week’s Community Questions are: CQ: Has Saru earned the same level of reverence as Kirk, Picard, Sisko? AND CQ: If 2021 introduced a new Star Trek Game-- what would you hope it would play like? Or if STO made sweeping changes, what do you hope they would be? Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! TREK IT OUT Doug Jones Looks Back on Saru's Long, Strange Star Trek Journey By Elio LLeo On the heels of Star Trek: Discovery’s third season episode titled “Su’Kal” --- Doug Jones is granted the opportunity to perform without layers of makeup --- io9’s James Witbrook sad down with the actor to discuss his character’s journey and relationships aboard the Discovery. Though it’s a bit of a puff-piece interview, it definitely provides an opportunity to look at the character of Saru through Jones’s perspective. For instance, when asked about being the first alien Captain of the title ship, Jones replied “Don’t think the gravity of that is lost on me. I know being the captain of a title starship in a Star Trek series—it’s a badge of honor. That’s huge, for me. But then also to be the first alien in that position is’s a little bit of TV history here. And to be a part of that is truly, truly a humbling honor”. Which got me thinking… Are DISCOVERY viewers already immortalizing Saru in the same way we do Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko? Perhaps, what’s holding me back from elevating him to those standards is the choices that the writers have made with maturing his character. The interview continued and, Interestingly, the follow-up dives into Jones’s preparation: Where some actors are given an option to explore a long arch with the writers, Jones’s prefers to explore the character much like we do -- episode by episode saying telling io9 // I’ve chosen to be...well, ‘give me some essentials I might need to prepare for, otherwise, episode-by-episode I’m fine.’ When I get a script, I’m like, ‘ooh! What’s this one?’ I have no idea what’s coming. So, when I first signed my first contract for the show—season one—I was Lieutenant Commander Saru, Science Officer on the Starship Shenzhou. I had no idea what was coming.  Sir Patrick Gets Personal By Elio LLeo In another interview, NPR’s Sam Briger of FRESH AIR spoke with Sir. Patrick Stewart back in July about his reprisal of Jean Luc Picard in the new series, Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access. During the interview, Briger asked Sir Patrick if he had revisited some old episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation to brush up on the character to which Sir Patrick replied “I'm going to watch "Encounter At Farpoint," which was our pilot episode of the series. And I never did. I ended up never watching a moment of "Next Generation" because - OK, I would have been reminded of some things that I'd forgotten. But that character was inside me.” Given the plot fo S1 of Star Trek: Picard surrounding A.I., NPR’s Briger then played Picard’s monologue from TNG’s Measure of a Man. Despite not having heard himself deliver the speech in over 30 years, Sir Patrick had quite a bit to say about his own performance. But, that’s not the interesting part of his reply -- when reflecting upon the speech, he recalled a conversation with Whoopi Goldberg “And I don't know who was responsible for that speech, but I've got a feeling that there is one word in what we've just heard that actually didn't belong to one of the writers. I use the word slavery at one point, and that word was given me by Whoopi Goldberg. I remember when she and I - it might have been the same episode, "The Measure Of A Man" - I think it could have been - when Whoopi and I had a scene in the bar of Ten Forward. And in a break, Whoopi said to me, you know, what we're actually talking about here is slavery, and I think it wouldn't be a mistake to introduce that. And so I think that was why that word cropped up. And I was so thrilled that Whoopi had proposed it and so proud that everyone approved it and it went into the episode.” The interview goes on to discuss Sir Patrick’s personal life -- including his youth and relationship with his father who likely suffered PTSD after serving in the war, his start in acting, and what’s different for him now as an 80 year old actor vs when he was 35. It’s a fascinating insight into the man, so be sure to listen to the entire interview over at NPR. Links - of course - will be in the show notes. Chabon Talks Nepenthe By Elio LLeo Star Trek’s had more than hundreds of writers, over 50 years, to invent its worlds and try to flesh out their inhabitants. So color us impressed–and heartbroken––that Thaddeus Troi-Riker invented an entire planet before he could’ve gotten a 21st-century driver license. Picard’s season one showrunner Michael Chabon took to Medium to expand on Thad’s early life aboard the Titan, briefly mentioned in the episode “Nepenthe”, and his formative interactions with its diverse crew.  It’d be in that early life, where “home” began at Fore and ended at Aft, that the linguistic prodigy started building his own homeworld. And as a natural linguist, he started with its language, Kelu – based on the crew’s own native languages, and eventually adopted as the ship’s unofficial slang. Before his early death, Thad would build his fictional world of Ardani based on this early exercise in, well, world-building. And when we say world, we’re not talking Ardani’s mere geography: its resident civilizations (six in total), their languages (six, plus the four spoken by non-humanoid “animal” species), and over 5,000 years of shared cultural and political history. The link will be in the show notes – there’s a Tolkeinesque-level of sociopolitical analysis to go through. Now Elio, I remember you being unsatisfied by story content like this being put in novels and comics like Countdown, rather than on the actual shows. Nothing in Chabon’s post is important to understanding Picard. And we never even get to meet Thad in the show because of his terminal case of Plot Syndrome. But do we leave Ardani feeling enlightened by what we’ve learned about the show, or frustrated by what we couldn’t have in its 13-episode season? Doohan Smuggled into Space By Cat Hough On December 19, Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan, tweeted that he had been keeping a secret for over 12 years. What was this big secret? Well, back in 2008, his father’s ashes were smuggled onto the International Space Station. His father, James Doohan, better known as Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, died in 2005 at the age of 85, had always wanted to go to space, so his son Chris concocted a plan to get him there.  He enlisted the help of Richard Garriott, who was one of the first private citizens to make it to the ISS. Garriott carried 3 laminated cards that included some of his ashes and a photo of Doohan. One of the cards  was brought back to give to Chris and is now framed in his California home, another card, Garriott let float off into space, the other was hidden in the space station’s Columbus module. Garriott stated, “James Doohan got his resting place among the stars.” Notable Notes Voyager Documentary, crowdfunding campaign starts March 1 - here’s the video announcement Lower Decks - coming to Amazon Prime on January 22 - finally International folks can watch!  John De Lancie - Cameo announcement - there’s more of him to come!  Star Trek Gaming News by Thomas Reynolds & Shane Hoover Is Today A Good Day For Dice? By Thomas Reynolds You’re stuck at home. You’ve gone through your bookshelf twice. And your goldfish don’t have any more good Netflix recommendations. Computer: set course for immersion. If the pandemic has been a boon to anything, it has to be online gaming. But this crisis too shall pass, leaving tabletop RPG players wondering: is online play where it’ll be at from now on? Are the days of dead tree sourcebooks, clacky dice, and actual physical interactions behind us? Apologies to our vast Vulcan audience, but the answer’s a perfectly illogical yesno. Michael Dismuke’s recent poll on the Star Trek Adventures TTRPG Facebook site posed a simple question: how many players would stay online for their STA experiences? The benefits are clear: recent explosive growth of online STA platform support, relatively easier scheduling, all in the pantsless comfort of your own home. The poll results were mixed, yet somewhat symmetrical. Half of the respondents (52%, technically) said they’d return to mixed platform play, while 18% said they were never going back or had always played online. Finally, 4% said they’d either stay on their online platform of choice, or never had used them in the first place. But what the community universally appreciates is STA’s unique roots in a hopeful message. As Dismuke notes, “While we sit amidst a bed of social unrest, Star Trek promises a better future where the problems of today have been solved in the ‘morrow….[h]aving players walk away feeling like their characters have made a positive contribution to society is a big plus. Not all RPGs are designed to do this. Thank goodness we have STA.  With respect to the dataset, we can conclude...meh. People will seek their own ways to the Final Frontier, we just want them to do it safely.”
2020 Bloopers

2020 Bloopers


This Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast always wraps the year and ushers in a new one with a retrospective and blooper episode!! Come laugh with us!
In the Star Trek Multiverse this week: We ‘Trek Out’ Star Trek Discovery's "cigarette-smoking man," Gersha’s Mirror, how not easy it is to be green, and RUMORS. In Star Trek gaming, use the word Halcyon while previewing the new recon ships, before interviewing Star Trek Online’s Executive Producer Andre Emerson. Then we look “On Screen” to review Discovery’s Season 3 episode, “Terra Firma: Part 1”ry.” This Week’s Community Question is: CQ: What do you think of the Emerald Chain? Are they menacing, or do they leave something to be desired? Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan David Cronenberg is Back for Discovery Season 4 “The mysterious stranger” is a long running trope, but it’s a pretty cool one. The cigarette smoking man from “The X-Files” and Strider from “The Lord of the Rings” come to mind, men whose motivations are always in question . Now Star Trek has its own mysterious stranger, and just like so many others, he’s a riddle. We’re - of course - talking about David Cronenberg’s Kovich. This week, Cronenberg sat down with Variety to talk about his newest role. The Fly, directed by David Cronenberg, Via Before the interview got rolling, Variety broke the exclusive news that Kovich - and by extension David Cronenberg - would not only appear in more season 3 episodes, but also return for Discovery season 4! The 77 year old Canadian director shared how he got the part of Kovich, telling Variety’s Adam Vary ”I’m cheap and I’m available. I live in Toronto, and it’s being shot in Toronto. I think that’s my main qualification. But I just got a note through people that I know, casting people, saying that [executive producer] Alex Kurtzman was really thinking of having me do a spot on the show. I said, of course, I’d be absolutely delighted.” Cronenberg noted that he was a Original Series fan, but only dabbled in the spin-offs - and hadn’t watched any of Discovery before joining the show. He never expected to be a part of the franchise, and when asked if he had interest in directing an episode of Star Trek, Cronenberg said bluntly ”No, really not. It’s a very different kind of directing. It’s almost like another job entirely, you know, and that’s another thing that I was very interested to see. [...] If I do direct again, it wouldn’t be to direct an episode of a series.” David Cronenberg as Kovich via Variety Gersha Phillips Looks in the Mirror - Or Something Like That SPOILER ALERT - if you haven’t seen Star Trek Discovery season 3 episode 9 “Terra Firma Part 1”, you may want to skip this story! Where starting...NOW Much like Georgiou went back to the Mirror Universe, we are going back to Variety. Okay, the two really aren’t that much alike, but you get what we’re going for. This time around - at Variety, not the Mirror Universe - we hear from Discovery’s Costume Designer, Gersha Phillips, and her re-imagining of the Mirror Universe uniforms. Burnham Via Variety Phillips talked about the challenges of her first go around with the Mirror Universe and her thoughts this time around, tellin Jazz Tangcay ”It’s supposed to be an alternative version of what took place the last time we were there the last time — the team said it was a few days before. The idea was the Emperor was in her prime. I called it the 2.0 version because this time we wanted to do it better. Last time, on our first pass there, we didn’t have the time or budget. I talked about wanting to elevate everything.” In talking about designing Georgiou’s look, Phillips may have dipped that Trek nugget, saying ”We knew we were going to jump into the future because of Michelle Yeoh, and how she was getting out of our world and into the ‘Section 31’ world which is the next series, so it was an early conversation,” If you’re interested in costume design, Phillips dives deep into the process, so be sure to trek out the link in our show notes for more! Georgiou via Variety Janet Kidder Reminds Us It Isn’t That Easy Being Green It's not that easy bein' green Having to pillage each day Hearing whining and pleas When I think it could be nicer Stealing dilithium or gold Without the moaning and griping like that Poor Osyraa, all that belly-aching she has to listen to! This week, Osyraa actress Janet Kidder sat down with to talk about her time in the green make-up, and what’s next for the leader of the Emerald Chain. Image of Janet Kidder as Osayraa Janet Kidder, niece of the late Margot Kidder, discussed Osyraa’s motivations telling Jamie Lovett ”The best for her people. How to create a powerful and a strong empire for the race that was typically enslaved. [...] I think it's about just striving to support her people. And I'm not saying that she makes the best choices in doing that. She's a tough cookie, but she definitely feels that she's doing it for the best for her people.” As for what’s next, Kidder says ”They can just definitely look forward to seeing more of her and possibly she puts on her business shoes later on, and you can see her actually stepping up and trying to put into action what she feels is motivating her. She'll be back. She'll be around. I think that she's a wonderful character and I just hope that everyone enjoys seeing her as much as I enjoyed playing her. And they'll see lots of fun stuff from her in later episodes.” Rumor Report! Finally this week - it’s the RUMOR REPORT! As is always the case, any story that shows up in the rumor report should be taken with a grain of salt - so with that said - Manifest! Our first story comes from the Spanish speaking Star Trek website NacionTrek. On December 9th, the team tweeted an image of a sign that read “Strange New Worlds. Cast and Crew Testing Area”. According to the translated tweet ”The pre-production of #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds in Mississauga, Canada. Filming will begin in mid-February 2021.”. This hasn’t been confirmed by anyone anywhere, so we’re calling this a rumor; though the evidence - including production magazine listings - points to this being accurate. SQUEE!!! Our next stop is Gossip site  Scott Campbell is “reporting” that A-lister Chris Evan’s is in talks to appear in Star Trek. According to the site ”insider Daniel Richtman is claiming this week that Chris Evans is in talks to join Star Trek, but the tipster doesn’t expand on the role in question or even which one of the many projects in development he’s interested in.”. That’s it. That’s the rumor. Star Trek Gaming News by Thomas Reynolds & Shane Hoover A Re(con)naissance for Allied Shipbuilding By Thomas Reynolds Cast your minds back to the halcyon year of 2018: we were still hesitant about Anson Mount as Captain Pike (which in retrospect, whoo!). Picard had just been announced to great fanfare at STLV (which in retrospect, oof). And in 2411, Recon Destroyers hit Star Trek Online and proved that you could never have too many nacelles. The Lafayette and Kefka Ketha classes put a jubilant cadence in our hearts, yet allied factions were left out of the fun. At long last, Cryptic has addressed that imbalance with the Jem’Hadar Vanguard and Romulan Rahhae Recon Destroyers. Now Dominion and Republic captains can unleash hyper-trinary hell on unlucky targets in a faction flavor-appropriate manner. The Rahhae and Vanguard Recon Destroyers are, in all other respects, identical to their Fed and KDF counterparts. For our overall impression of the Recon Destroyer class, slingshot around to Episode 379 of Priority One Podcast. Recon Ships Via Star Trek Online Ship Packs on Earth and Goodwill Towards Players By Thomas Reynolds Well captains, have you been good this year? Yes? No? Is humanity a dangerous, savage child race and all morality an artificial construct anyway? Who cares! It’s time to buy stuff! Until January 3rd, Cryptic is selling packs of 3 T6 Ship Coupons and 3 Experimental Ship Upgrades for 7500 Zen. But before you drop that Zen, know that price will change during sales that just might happen during that time. You might want to wait and see if this already great deal gets even better. T6 Coupn image Via Star Trek Online Do Bad Robots Make Good Games? By Shane Hoover As recently reported by, J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot has made a significant hiring to boot up its in-house gaming studio. Bad Robot Games has hired Mike Booth to GM the new studio tied to the Bad Robot production company. Booth was most recently at Facebook as social VR director, though he’s perhaps most well known as the creator and lead designer of the game “Left 4 Dead.” Reporting to Bad Robot Games CEO, Anna Sweet, Booth is tasked with developing original games to accompany Bad Robot’s film and TV projects. Booth has this to say about his new position,  My career has been driven by a desire to innovate new ways of bringing people together for epic adventures online, leaving them with exciting stories they can tell their friends afterwards. The games I create center around people working together to survive and thrive in fantastic worlds, which seems an excellent fit for J.J. Abrams’ approach to movie making. Mike Booth Via Variety
This episode of Priority One is brought to you by Eaglemoss Hero Collector and the brand new Official Star Trek Online Starship Collection.  Check out all the exclusive ship models – including the U.S.S. Gagarin and the U.S.S. Chimera – at and use code PRIORITY10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase with FREE SHIPPING. This week on Episode 489 of Priority One ~ We ‘Trek Out’ Mike McMahan’s new deal, the start of Star Trek-ish-y filming, Manny Coto worship, and Star Trek actors get - wait for it - political *gasp* . In Star Trek gaming, we preview the new synth ship - but not the one you think- and we trek out the tribble giveaway. Then we look “On Screen” to review Discovery’s Season 3 episode, “Sanctuary.” Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages This Week’s Community Question is: CQ: Are you more excited for Star Trek Discovery Season 4, Picard Season 2, Lower Decks Season 2, or The Orville Season 3? Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan & Elio LLeo Star Trek Gets Political *GASP* By Elio Lleo Although the United States General Elections happened a month ago -- and Joe Biden is our President Elect -- all eyes are focused on the state of Georgia where a critical run-off election is about to take place in January. Two seats are up for grabs in the Senate… two. very. important. seats. So, just because you might have already voted, your state’s been counted, and recounted, and counted again… that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about what’s going on in Georgia… Especially when Star Trek gets involved. On December 12th, a virtual event will take place with guests that include fan favorites from all generations of Trek. TOS’s George Takei. TNG’s Frakes, McFadden, Burton, Spinner. NuTrek’s Pill, Cruz, Rap, Cabrera, Martin-Green. That’s just naming a few. Headlined by one of Georgia’s leading activists and former gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, the goal is to raise funds for the two Democratic Candidates, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. For more information on how you can watch the event and show your support visit the ActBlue website and donate! According to Deadline  “Tickets start at $5 per person, at the “Tribble” level, and rise to $500 per person at the “Vulcan” level. Proceeds go to the Georgia Senate Victory Fund.”  Image of U.S. Senate Raphael Warnock, left, and Jon Ossoff, right Via Deadline Mike McMahon Inks a New Deal With ViacomCBS By Elio Lleo & Jake Morgan So -- Star Trek: Lower Decks has had a couple months to simmer in the grander lexicon of Star Trek television. It turns out, the show, and its creator, are nowhere near being done. Variety’s Will Thorne reports Mike McMahan has just signed a two-year deal with Paramount/CBS. The announcement was made by CBS Studios Senior Vice President Alec Botnick, who said of the signing ”We feel so fortunate that Mike chose to partner with us for this next stage of his career. He is a true savant whose passion for and knowledge of animation is inspirational. Being able to be a part of his journey and helping him realize the stories he wants to tell, and how he wants to tell them is the reason many of us got into this business.”. The deal locks up the creator/writer for two years, and includes exclusive rights to produce all of McMahon’s TV content. McMahon expressed his feelings on the signing, saying ”I’m so excited to continue my television journey with my friends at CBS. I’ve always wanted to be allies with a corporation whose logo is a giant, unblinking eye. I think we’ll be able to make some truly weird stuff together.” Mike McMahan via Variety The Orville Restarts Production By Jake Morgan If Star Trek: Discovery or its counterpart Star Trek: Picard aren’t reaching your nostalgic Star Trek itch, The Orville is likely your go-to back-scratcher - and if that’s the case, we’ve got some good news for you. Season 3 has begun filming! The Orville’s official twitter handle tweeted on December 4th ”And we’re back! Season 3 filming has officially started. #TheOrville 💫”. The show’s senior editor and co-executive producer Tom Constantino joined the Twitter fun, giving us a behind the scenes image of a personal-protective-equipment wearing crew hard at work. Later, a mask-clad Chad Coleman - the one and only Bortus - hit Instagram with a video message proclaiming ”Even Mockled’s mask up!” While no official announcement regarding release dates have been made, it is likely that we won’t get to watch The Orville’s third season until the end of 2021 - at the earliest. But it’s nice to know it’s coming! Manny Coto Reflects on His Time With Enterprise By Jake Morgan If you’ve listened for any length of time to this podcast, you probably know our feelings on Star Trek: Enterprise’s fourth season - right Tony? This week, the man responsible for some of that season 4 magic - showrunner and writer Manny Coto - sat down with Looper to talk about his prolific career, and reflected on his time with Enterprise. Manny Coto via Looper Coto recalled that the series was all-but cancelled prior to his taking the reins, and he used the opportunity to tell stories he felt were worth telling. ”my goal wasn't to really patch anything up; it was simply to kind of do the episodes that I would want to see because I knew this was going to be one season. [...] I knew and everybody knew that it was not going to come back. And Paramount was already thinking of the next incarnation. So, I just set about trying to have as much fun and do as many interesting episodes as I possibly could.” But did the experience of Captaining a damned ship sour Coto’s possible return to the franchise? Would Coto return to Star Trek? ”Oh, definitely. I would jump on it. I mean, Trek was what got me into the business as a kid and it's what... "got me in" meaning it's what I fell in love with that made me want to do this. And so, it's in my genes and I will never really properly escape it.” Via Looper Star Trek Gaming News by Thomas Reynolds & Shane Hoover The Doctrine of Original Synth By Thomas Reynolds As the Angel’s Wake Lockbox pops back into the far future, the Infinity Lockbox gains a new old ship with a somewhat checkered past. The Deimos-class Pilot Destroyer [T6], possibly familiar as a “synth frigate,” reflects the 2411 Federation’s focus on restoring older classes for duty. True, these ships took part in the 2385 Mars attack, but they were being piloted by suborned Soong synths at that time. Alliance engineers have retooled them for squishy organic hands now, so it’s fine. It’s fine! This is fine, everything’s fine. The Deimos sports the standard 5/2 Destroyer weapon layout with 3 device, 5 tactical, 4 engineering, and 2 science console slots. For organic commanders, it hosts stations for Commander Tactical/Pilot, Lieutenant Commander Tactical/Intelligence, Lieutenant Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Science, and Ensign Universal bridge officers. As a Destroyer it supports Experimental Weapons like the Kinetic Feedback Matrix, hitting targets hard and buffing Energy Weapon Haste with every hit. Like you’d expect, the Deimos’ console is another weapon: an Immolating Phaser Lance that stores and fires off in charges like the Omega Torpedo Launcher. Finally the Deimos’s Ship Mastery trait, “Formation Flying,” summons two allied Destroyers that fire their Lances in time to yours, because the real treasure were the shipyards we destroyed along the way. Maybe. Via Star Trek Online Note that the Deimos-class isn’t the “synth frigate” we blew out of the Martian sky during the “Synthwave” TFO event. That synth frigate may or may not be part of the game in the future. Be sure to follow the link in our shownotes to see the proper ship model. Synth Frigate Via STO Winter Tribble Giveaway By Shane Hoover What’s red and white, furry all over, and probably killed Edward Larkin? That’s right, it’s a Tribble! And from now until December 22nd, Cryptic and TribbleToys are running a sweepstakes to give a large Winter Tribble to twelve lucky winners. Each winner also receives a PC-Only code for an in-game Black Alert Tribble. Head on over to STO’s tweet announcing the sweepstakes via the link in our show notes. Rumor has it Winter Tribbles are especially fond of peppermints and gingerbread. So keep it away from your holiday candy stash or you’ll be up to your Santa hat in Tribbles.
This episode of Priority One is brought to you by Eaglemoss Hero Collector and the brand new Official Star Trek Online Starship Collection.  Check out all the exclusive ship models – including the U.S.S. Gagarin and the U.S.S. Chimera – at and use code PRIORITY10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase with FREE SHIPPING. This week on Episode 488 of Priority One, we ‘Trek Out’ Noah Hawley’s thoughts on the future, Tartantino’s beef with Pegg, Dan Curry’s artistry, and MEGA PUBLISHERS. In Star Trek gaming, there’s Klingon Adventures, Star Trek Online’s Winter Wonderland, and Grudge! Later, Dr. Robert Hurt joins us for an Astrometrics Report and joins us for “On Screen” to review Discovery’s Season 3 episode, “Unification III.” Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages.Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan Hawley Trek Hardly Likely If you were looking forward to “Fargo” creator Noah Hawley’s vision for Star Trek, then we have some bad news. According to the creator, “it doesn’t appear to be in the immediate future." The 53 year-old Hawley sat down with Deadline this week to talk about the aforementioned “Fargo” series 4 finale, a possible “Aliens” series, and Star Trek. On the latter, Hawley told Deadline that ”It doesn’t appear to be in my immediate future. I think when Emma came in, she took a look at the franchise and wanted to go in a different direction with it. But you know, life is long, we were very close to production but in this business that doesn’t mean much. You got to get out of the gate to be in the race if you know what I mean.” Nothing definitive, but it doesn’t sound great. Image linked from FX Networks Is Tarantino Mad, Bro? Moving on to another likely-dead Star Trek film, is there a feud between director Quentin Tarantino and star Simon Pegg. Back in July of 2019, Tarantino told Deadline ”I get annoyed at Simon Pegg. He doesn’t know anything about what’s going on and he keeps making all these comments as if he knows about stuff. One of the comments he said, he’s like “Well, look, it’s not going to be Pulp Fiction in space.” Yes, it is! [laughs hard]. If I do it, that’s exactly what it’ll be. It’ll be Pulp Fiction in space. That Pulp Fiction-y aspect, when I read the script, I felt, I have never read a science fiction movie that has this sh*t in it, ever.” Image linked from Deadline But was Tarantino mad, bro? According to Simon Pegg, no. In an interview with Radio Times, Pegg said ”I was just saying the opposite of what people were assuming it was going to be. Then I heard this story that Quentin was mad at me! I haven’t read his treatment [of Star Trek], but I’ve heard it’s very ‘Quentin Tarantino does Star Trek’, you know. And it’s everything you would hope from that.Actually, I saw him at a Once Upon a Time in Hollywood thing. I was like ‘You’re not mad at me, are you?’ He was like, ‘No, man, no! The press are blowing it all out of proportion!’ We had a good laugh about it.” So...good? Image linked from The Artistry of Star Trek with Dan Curry Releasing on the day of this recording, December 1st, a new book outlining the visual beauty of Star Trek, titled Star Trek: The Artistry of Dan Curry will hit bookshelves. The creator of the art, Dan Curry,  sat down with to talk about his time with Star Trek. Image copyright Titan Books, linked from Curry reflected on his time with the Peace Corps, and how his travels through Asia affected his designs ”when you see exteriors of Klingon cities or Klingon outposts, most of them were matte paintings by the great Syd Dutton. I'd work with him on evolving a style that was a composite of Thai, Lao, and Nepali architecture. I did some of the matte paintings myself, like the Klingon Lamasery, which is a Tibetan-looking building on a mountaintop inspired by a train trip I took through the Canadian Rockies.” In regards to his on-set memorabilia, Curry says ”It was frowned upon. Anything I wanted, I'd ask the producers for. I do have Bat'leth #1 and Mek'leth #1 and I have a little hand prop from "Deep Space Nine," a Cardassian device like an alien iPad that has my face on it as a deceased mad scientist. I have some of the shards left over when we'd blow up a model. Sometimes I'd make space debris made out of plastic parts melted over a candle. If we came upon a destroyed spaceship, the random plastic parts would be the debris that would fly by. I did keep a lot of my storyboards and concept sketches.” To read the article, or for a link to purchase “Star Trek: The Artistry of Dan Curry” - written by Curry and Herocollector’s own Ben Robinson - you can follow the link in our show notes. Simon & Schuster Sold to Penguin If you’re a fan of Star trek novels, listen up! ViacomCBS has struck a deal with publisher Penguin Randomhouse to sell its publishing arm - Simon and Schuster. The deal was struck on Wednesday, November 25th for a whopping $2B dollars, which according to the New York Times creates the first “megapublisher." The deal will certainly shake up the publishing world, giving Penguin Randomhouse access to authors like Stephen King and Doris Kearns Goodwin, as well as the Star Trek catalogue - but what does it mean for the Star Trek novels?  Penguin Randomhouse CEO Jonathan Karp said in an interview ”This is a company that respects the creative autonomy of publishers.  We’ll all still be competing against each other. Publishing is a business driven by individual passions for books and for writers.” Best case scenario - the books keep coming, but get more push from the megapublisher. Worst case - the books stop all together. For now, it's a waiting game. Stay tuned, we'll bring you more as we hear it! ASTROMETRICS REPORT by Dr. Robert Hurt and Thomas Reynolds Via con Dios, Arecibo On December 1st, the Arecibo Observatory's main telescope suffered catastrophic structural failure when its instrument platform fell into the 305 m dish. Footage from the main control tower and an aerial drone captured the collapse, as one of the three support cable sets failed and the falling platform pulled the rest down into the dish. Image source: Ricardo Arduengo/AFP via Getty Images and Gizmodo Severely damaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017, and subsequent earthquakes in 2018 and 2019, the telescope was slated for controlled deconstruction mere weeks ago. The Observatory's visitor center, secondary radio telescope, and LIDAR array were fortunately left undamaged and are expected to continue operations. Mergers & Astrometrics: The Blue Ring Nebula For the better part of two decades, the enigmatic Blue Ring Nebula has been a picturesque astronomic puzzle. Invisible to the human eye, ultraviolet imaging from the NASA GALEX satellite showed a thick dust ring around the structure's central star (thus the name). For all purposes it looked like a dead star's remains, but with an active star in the center that shouldn't be there. So...what gives? According to simulations by Hoadley et al., it's actually wreckage from a head-on stellar collision from thousands of years ago. Stars crashing into each other is nothing new in our galaxy, but until now we've only had examples that are hundreds of times older. Therefore the Blue Ring isn't just the most recent stellar merger for astronomers to study, it's also one of the most valuable. Blue Ring Nebula (historical re-enactment). Image via Center for Sacramento History STAR TREK GAMING NEWS by Thomas Reynolds Tokens of Our Aggression The virtual role-playing tabletop endures, now more than ever, but there’ll always be something satisfying about physical space. And if Klingon warriors understand anything, it’s getting physical. No, not like...well actually, yes like...anyway, Modiphius understands as well, and has the tools of violence to accommodate. Preorders are open for the Star Trek Adventures Klingon Empire Dice Set and Gamemaster Toolkit, with expected release next February. The Dice set includes four Star Trek Adventures-branded d6s and two d20s for $19.96 US. For $46.59 US, the Toolkit combines PDF and printed and GM screens, player reference sheets, and a 20-page one-shot story. The Toolkit also offers double-sided maps of Klingon space and Alpha/Beta Quadrants, but in the original Klingonese. Good thing you have until February to learn the language. Image linked from The Winter of Our Disco-Content Image linked from Everyone knows what’s the best temperature for serving revenge. But what about holiday cheer? Is it the steamy heat of a mug of mulled bloodwine? The thrilling chill of a full-impulse snowball to the face? The searing torment of Grethor’s flames? Who knows? The omnipotent Q does, and he’s oh so ready to share with you. Hang the gummi fish and prime your snowblowers: Q’s Winter Wonderland approaches. The 2020 Winter Event runs from December 8th to January 7th on all platforms. This year, all your favorite activities contribute to daily progress towards the new T6 Gok’tad Carrier. We only have a beauty shot of the flaming Fek’Ihri boat to go on for now. Image linked from Until ship stats are released, let’s journey through the catalog of this year’s wonderful new toys: The Purple Nanopulse Discovery-Era Bat’Leth finally bridges the so-called Red vs. Blue divide in Star Trek Online. Sort of. Image linked from Be the pride of the Quadrant with rainbow winter coats and faction-appropriate winter sweaters Image linked from Judge friends and family this year, with the one chair that outranks the Captain: the consumable Q’s Chair, specifically Image linked from Sing holiday carols of ice and fire with Grethor-themed training manuals and kit modules Image linked from Help is always on the way with the Rescue St. Bernard ground pet, which--oh who cares about holiday theming, IT’S A PUPPY Image linked from, and also PUPPYYYYYY!!!!! Tweetwatch: Feline Fine in Star Trek Online Closing out this week’s news with some light frivolity because, dang it, we’ve earned some. On November 30th, the STO Twitter shared a picture of Grudge, Discovery season 3’s break-out star, in NCC 1031-A’s captain’s chair. Cryptic mused that they’re “Wondering what her VO rate is like,” but it’s undoubtedly worth it. Grudge’s vocal performances are second only to Morn’s, and would only enrich the game further. No word on how Captain Killy (remember her?) might react, should they cross paths in-game. But consider this, captains: Grudge is already a queen. Might she, dare we suggest, be an Emperor as well? Image linked from Twitter
This episode of Priority One is brought to you by Eaglemoss Hero Collector and the brand new Official Star Trek Online Starship Collection.  Check out all the exclusive ship models – including the U.S.S. Gagarin and the U.S.S. Chimera – at and use code PRIORITY10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase with FREE SHIPPING. This week on Episode 487 of Priority One ~ We ‘Trek Out’ Streaming numbers, ViacomCBS BIPOC initiatives, what is “who will be the next Jeopardy host”, and Brentwood. In Star Trek gaming, we talk about Star Trek Online’s Tzenkethi Lobi Bundle, the dreaded Mudd bundle of also-dread, and STO’s monetization model! Then we head On Screen to watch Star Trek: Discovery’s newest episode - “Die Trying” Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! This Week’s Community Questions are: CQ: Do you think LeVar Burton should be the next host of Jeopardy? If so, did you sign the petition? If not,  who should be? AND CQ: How do you feel about the selection and pricing of new STO Ships in 2020? TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan Where CBS All Access Measures Up We love numbers! They can tell us so much about a wide variety of topics - or nothing at all. So take this exciting adventure with us, dear listeners, as we dive into the rush of alphanumerics - Streaming numbers! This week, as they do most weeks, Business Insider ranked the top streaming shows for the week - and Star Trek: Discovery hit number 3 on that list!  The ratings, provided by Parrot Analytics, placed Star Trek higher than “The Umbrella Academy” and “The Boys”, but still looking up at “Stranger Things” and “The Mandalorian”. Star Trek: Discovery’s MetaCritic rating for the current season (93%) is also third on the list, topped by “The Boys” (97%) and the newest season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” (100%). But, numbers. According to Forbes “The State Of The Streaming Wars”, CBS All Access - the streaming platform that streams all-things Star Trek - has the lowest subscribers of any premium service; And they rolled Showtime subscribers into the CBS All Access tally. Netflix tops the list with 195 million subscribers, newcomer Peacock checks in with a solid 22 million, and CBS All Access? 17.9 million subscribers. But what does all of this mean? Well, like I said in the intro - numbers can tell us so much, and at the same time so little. ViacomCBS’ Plans For BIPOC Inclusion If 2020 has done anything, it’s given of us all crippling anxiety - but it has also raised awareness of social injustice. This week, ViacomCBS continued to institute policies that will hopefully make Star Trek’s future of inclusion and equality a reality. According to Deadline, CBS has enacted an edict that would require 50% of its reality television cast to be Black, Indigenous or People of Color - or BIPOC. Further, at least 25% of the show's development budget must be spent on BIPOC creators and producers. Why is this important? Well, most programming for the 2020-2021 season has shifted towards reality programming due to the global pandemic, and the edict brings reality television in-line with ViacomCBS’ policies regarding its scripted-brethren. Back in July, ViacomCBS announced that ”The broadcaster is committing 25% of its script development budget to projects from creators, writers and producers who are Black, Indigenous and people of color. The scheme will begin with the 2021/22 development season. It is also mandating that writers’ rooms for CBS shows must be staffed with a minimum of 40% BIPOC representation for the 2021/22 broadcast season. This will be increased to 50% for the 2022/23 season.” LeVar Burton - Game Show Host? Last week, Canadian born Game Show Icon Alex Trebek passed after a battle with pancreatic cancer. The 80 year-old Trebek spent 37 seasons hosting the popular trivia game show “Jeopardy”, and following his passing many were left wondering - who would replace the legendary host?  While no one could truly replace Trebek, some fans had a suggestion for the vacancy - Roots, Reading Rainbow, and Star Trek star LeVar Burton! Fan Joshua Sanders started a petition for the 63 year-old Burton, saying ”Between hosting 21 seasons of the educational Reading Rainbow, playing the brainiac engineer Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: the Next Generation, and filling the roll of Kunta Kinte in the ever important mini-series Roots, LeVar Burton has inspired and shaped the minds of several generations of trivia-loving nerds. This petition is to show Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. and producers Mike Richards and Harry Friedman just how much love the public has for Burton, and how much we'd all love to see him as the next host of Jeopardy!”.  At the time of this writing, the petition had over 89,000 signatures, with a goal of 150,000. On November 12th, the man of the hour - LeVar Burton - tweeted about the petition, saying ”Even if nothing comes from it, I can’t tell [you] much how I appreciate all y’alls love and support! Folded handsHeart suit!” Brentwood Sounds like everyone loves LeVar Burton, right? WRONG. Brent Spiner HATES LeVar Burton - and after all of those evites, who can blame him? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re going to want to follow the link in our show notes - after you're done listening to this show of course! Spiner, and the aforementioned LeVar Burton, star in the Omeleto short film titled “Brentwood”. In the short-form comedy, Spiner plays an exaggerated version of himself - think Larry David from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” - who hates his neighbors, conventions, awards shows, podcasts,and especially LeVar Burton.  There’s singing, dancing, shrimp, epi-pens - and content totally inappropriate for younger audiences, so keep that in mind before watching. The twelve minute film was Directed by Sharon Everitt and written by Karen Anderson, Jeff Cosgrove and Everitt. Trek out our show notes if you want to watch the film - and trust me you want to watch the film! Star Trek Gaming News by Shane Hoover and Thomas Reynolds Shell Games: the Tzenkethi Lobi Bundle By Thomas Reynolds Bundles, bundles, bundles: if there’s anything that typifies the current player experience in STO, it’s the ever-expanding number of bundles for sale. By far, the majority of bundles have been available through the C-Store. Isn’t it time the Lobi store got some love? Well fear not, PC captains, because the Tzenkethi are here to help. Sort of. Hooray. The limited-edition Tzenkethi Lobi Bundle will be locking its trajectory into the PC Lobi store from November 20th through the 30th. Captains who drop 1800 Lobi(!) and walk the Path of Spending will get these character-bound Bundle contents: Tzenkethi Shuk-din Escort [T6] 5 Diffusive Tetryon Weapons Console - Universal - Shared Processing Integration Tzenkethi Vanity Shield Tzenkethi Duty Officer Assignments 6 Ultimate Tech Upgrades Dread of Zen. Dread of Not-Zen. By Shane Hoover Thief. Swindler. Con man. Liar. Rogue. Yes, Harcourt Fenton Mudd has warped into the C-Store with another of his infamous Mudd’s Market Choice Packs. This week’s new offering is called Mudd’s Choice Pack of Dread. Since we’re all getting pretty familiar with the idea of Mudd’s Choice Packs by now, let’s just cover the essential details quickly. From the Choice Pack, you can choose any three of the following: Hur’q Vecrid Hive Dreadnought [T6] Tholian Tarantula Dreadnought [T6] Temporal Paradox Dreadnought [T6] 50 Master Keys 2 Coupons for 100% Off a T6 C-Store ship 10 Ultimate Tech Upgrades And let’s not forget, those T6 Dreadnoughts are account-wide unlocks only when purchased here. If you buy the same ship with Lobi, it’s a character locked ship. First, let us state something clearly - the value proposition for this bundle looks decent in the mathematics, like pretty much all of the Legendary bundles or Mudd’s packs. If these choices look good to you, and you’ve got the disposable cash, then you probably won’t get struck with buyer’s remorse. Mudd's Market Now, let’s talk about why we’re not going to rave over another Mudd’s Market bundle. Not to put too fine a point on it, 2020 has been a year of seismic change in how Star Trek Online wants you to buy starships. If I asked you how many brand new Tier 6 ships hit the C-Store for individual, non-bundle, purchase in 2020, what would you guess? If you guess more than four, you’re wrong. August’s Cross-Faction Support Carrier Bundle introduced the only four individually available ships new to the C-Store THIS YEAR. Now, how many new or re-modeled Tier 6 ships hit the C-Store this year locked into a bundle of $60 or $120? The correct answer, I believe, is seven ships. For bonus points, how many new T6 ships arrived via Lockbox or Promotional box in 2020? We count five of those.  Which brings us back to the topic at hand… Mudd’s Market, where another deal slides in at $295 “regular price” for three ships. This is the third Mudd’s Choice pack of 2020. A few other ships appeared solo in Mudd’s Market as well. This takes us to something like 23 out of 27 ships in 2020 not available for single purchase via Zen. It seems painfully clear that the direction of monetization in Star Trek Online has taken a drastic turn towards high stakes purchases. So we don’t think it’s just a question of whether there’s value in these Bundles. Clearly there is. But what has happened to the offerings for lower stakes, more casual players? We all want to enjoy the amazing work of STO’s talented ship artists and ship designers. It shouldn’t be monetized so far out of reach. And for the love of the Great Bird, don’t even mention the Reputation Tier 5 buyout, or we’re going to lose it over here. Disco & Dungeons & Dragons By Shane Hoover There was also some lighthearted Star Trek related gaming news this past week. Anthony Rapp, Discovery’s Paul Stamets, tweeted out a #NerdAlert on the 9th. In the tweet, Rapp declared that “there’s a small but mighty group of Star Trek Discovery cast members who’ve begun a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.” . Rapp himself is apparently playing a half-elf Druid, even going so far as sharing a screenshot of his character sheet. The gaming group on-set is composed of the DM, Mary Wise’s husband Noah, plus Rapp and four fellow castmates. In the ensuing Twitter discussion, Rapp named party members as Blu del Barrio (playing tiefling wizard Bink), Ian Alexander (playing elf bard Vyvee), and Emily Coutts (playing half-elf cleric Airlia). The final member of the party is unnamed, but Rapp says they’re playing a Goliath ranger. When asked about playing a Star Trek Adventures tabletop campaign, Anthony replied, “We get to play Star Trek for a living. It’s a very very very pleasurable living! But DnD is our escape” Don’t Say the Titan’s Back, It’s Been Here For Years By Thomas Reynolds Writer’s note: Cryptic made the following announcement on November 18th, after we recorded everything you just heard. So if this seems out of left field, after we just went off about Cryptic not releasing new ships...well, it is. Such is life. Listeners may remember that, back in episode 482, associate producer Thomas declared that STO would have a T6 Luna-class vessel by the end of 2020. It’d be the perfect time, with an appearance in Lower Decks and the long-standing player demand for such a ship. And wouldn’t you know it: next week, we’re getting just that. Who was right? Yes, Thomas was right. Arriving on PC on November 20th, the Titan-class Science Destroyer [T6] offers a compelling platform for pewpewing new life and new civilizations. Like the Dyson destroyers before it, the Titan-class toggles between Science and Tactical modes, reflecting its dual roles in exploration and combat. It also comes with the Opening Salvo universal console, which fires variable projectiles depending on your ship’s current mode (like the Arbiter’s V.A.T.A. console). The projectiles do kinetic damage in both modes, but in default (Science) mode they temporarily disable all of the target’s subsystems. Flipped to Tactical, the salvo will do kinetic AoE and inflict a damage resistance debuff instead. Finally, the Opening Salvo console boosts EPG and weapon specialization so it’ll be a welcome addition whatever mode, or mood, you’re in. As a T6 ship, the Titan-class also features the “It’s Another Enterprise” starship trait. When slotted, activating your captain’s Fleet ability will summon your faction’s flagship for temporary assistance. This update also introduces a Fleet T6 version of the Titan, and gives the existing Luna-class model a hi-fi redo like those seen in the Ship of the Line bundles.
This episode of Priority One is brought to you by Eaglemoss Hero Collector and the brand new Official Star Trek Online Starship Collection.  Check out all the exclusive ship models – including the U.S.S. Gagarin and the U.S.S. Chimera – at and use code PRIORITY10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase with FREE SHIPPING. This week on Episode 486 of Priority One - We ‘Trek Out’ Stream Dreams, LGBTQ representation, Tuvix gets political, and Roddenberry is recognized. In Star Trek gaming, we talk about Star Trek Online’s discount of a lifetime, Legendary package of a not-so-lifetime, and how a 10 year old game stays funky-fresh - Hint: it’s Quality of Life Improvements! Then we head On Screen to watch Star Trek: Discovery’s newest episode - “Forget me Not” Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! This Week’s Community Questions are: CQ: Was Janeway justified in splitting Tuvix to save Tuvok and Neelix? Did she murder Tuvix? AND CQ: Has the shift in content release models affected how often you play Star Trek Online? TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan ViacomCBS’ Plans For 2021...and BEYOND This week, ViacomCBS presented their Quarter 3 earnings call to the media. Exciting,right? The call might not have sparked as intense a debate as new chairs on the Cerritos, but there was enough information shared to get us excited. It’s Earning’s-Call-Time According to an article on “The Verge” outlining the November 6th call, ViacomCBS’ plan is to streamline its streaming platforms - with a focus on Paramount+ and Pluto TV - continue to push its original content, and license some of its many properties to the competition. We talked about this plan a bit in episode 472 of Priority One, so trek it out if you need a refresher! The long-and-short of it - ViacomCBS believes they have enough content to draw in subscribers, retain them - and can still viably license out the rest! Star Trek was referred to several times throughout the call. Most notably, ViacomCBS President and CEO Bob Bakish had praise for the franchise, saying ”Star Trek, [...] [is] arguably the original proof of concept for CBS All Access, there are now multiple variance of it on All Access, it works well for us.” Image Linked From The Verge Kurtzman, Paradise, del Barrio, and Alexander Talk the Importance of Representation Hey you. Yeah you. Stop right there! If you haven’t seen Star Trek: Discovery season 3,episode 4 - “Forget Me Not" - skip this story! You’ll get your Trek nuggets covered in sauce. SPOILER ALERT Okay, for those still here, this week's episode of Star Trek: Discovery introduced us to Ian Alexander’s ‘Gray’. We’ll certainly talk more about Adira and Gray in this week’s “On Screen”, but in the context of this story it’s important to note that Gray’s appearance was Star Trek’s first unquestioned inclusion of a trans character. In honor of the historic event, Alex Kurtzman, Michelle Paradise, Ian Alexander, and Adira actor Blu del Barrio spoke with Variety  about LGBTQ representation in Star Trek. Discovery showrunner Michelle Paradise talked about the discussion to introduce a non-binary and trans character to the series, saying ”We really wanted to look around and see what sorts of new stories we could tell. ‘Star Trek’ has always represented a myriad of voices. Who are the voices that we are not hearing from? Which are the characters that we are not seeing? Right now, what’s an important voice that we want to hear through these characters?” Image courtesy of Variety LGBTQ Inclusion We discussed Blu del Barrio’s introduction last week - so we don’t want to rehash that conversation - though del Barrio did reiterate their comfort on set during the interview. Ian Alexander echoed those feelings, recounting a story in which the Discovery team had a binder ready for his use before a request was made. Though Alexander notes that ”any trans storyline should have a trans writer” he was comfortable with the way his story unfolded in season 4.  ”I haven’t had any concerns about Gray’s character yet, because it’s just been such a collaborative process from the very beginning. I really do trust Michelle, that she’s putting in the work of being a good trans ally and checking in with me, and also making sure to always include Gray in the storyline in a way that’s not alienating or othering them. They want to have trans characters existing in this universe and to not have to struggle or to suffer. They’re just simply existing.” Behind the Scenes Shot Via Variety AOC on Tuvix? If you aren’t sick of Politics by now, you may have the patience of a saint. Or maybe a Vulcan? But if you are FED up with the back and forth of the two opposing sides, rip yourself away from them and talk Star Trek with us - and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. That rambling madness is a lead-in to a twitter exchange that happened this week. New York Congressional Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is no stranger to Twitch. The newly re-elected Ocasio-Cortez made her debut on the streaming platform to mobilize young voters. Playing the popular “Among US”, AOC hit an amazing 435,000 viewers, putting her in the top 20 Twitch streams EVER. On November 4th, Ocasio-Cortez received a request to stream again - to which she suggested she would ,before asking for requests. The US Representative received a response from Star Trek community member Trekonimics saying ”We need to talk about justice for Tuvix, I understand it's a very niche issue but it matters in so far as it raises the delicate and dare I say, eminently *political* question of whether ends justify means.” To which AOC replied ”This one is deep. Would definitely have to rewatch it but this is solid” It Gets Better Cool, right? But wait, there’s more! The Captain herself - Kate Mulgrew - had a few things to say about the matter.  ”Willing to hear the crew’s thoughts, as always. However, shouldn’t Tuvok and Neelix have the biggest say...oh wait, they couldn’t! I stand by my decision to restore them to their lives. Rewatch and report back, AOC - and congrats on your win!” One of the men she saved, or the actor who played him - Tim Russ - also joined the show, saying ”Thank you Kate...I appreciate that!  and thank you for the positive message AOC. “Live Long and Prosper”” We WILL let you know if US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes to Twitch to talk Star Trek! In the meantime, trek out our show notes for links to the tweets! Young Artist Academy Honors Rod Roddenberry Finally this week, we’d like to congratulate our friend Rod Roddenberry on his 2020 Special Merit “Contribution to Science” Award from the Young Artists Academy. The Young Artists Academy is Hollywood's longest running Youth Awards Show since 1978. Social Activist and Star Trek legend George Takei will present the award to Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. Fellow Star Trek Alumni Sir Patrick Stewart will also be honored. He will be presented the Lifetime Achievement Award by friend and colleague Jonathan Frakes. From the Young Artist Academy Press Release, ”The 41st Young Artist Academy™ awards will be a first-ever digital show, streaming on YouTube Premieres Saturday, November 21st at 4:00pm PST, and available on VivaLiveTV. Ticket holders will have VIP access to a virtual Red Carpet Pre-show + Member/Press Lounge, and have opportunities to interact with fellow attendees durring the awards show with video, messaging, trivia, games and prizes.”. Join us in sending sincere congratulations to both Sir Patrick Stewart and our very own Rod Roddenberry on their well-deserved accolades!!! Rod Roddenberry via IMDB Star Trek Gaming News by Shane Hoover and Thomas Reynolds Doing 200 to Life(time By Thomas Reynolds “Life--time! The less-expensive Life-time! Two hundred for a Life-time! Yes--it’s--true!” [beepadeepaabeepaboop] The year 2020 is mercifully drawing to a close, which inevitably means one thing: the holidays are upon us. And that, in turn, inevitably means two things: family gatherings and holiday sales. But if the former fills you with dread, PC captains, Cryptic has your back with the latter. From now through December 10th, Lifetime subscriptions for Star Trek Online are on sale for US$199.99--a significant 33% discount. A hold-over from the pre-F2P era, purchasing a Lifetime subscription unlocks over a dozen enhancements and services for the game. Some appeal to very specific parts of the player base, like the playable Talaxian and Liberated Borg character races. However automatically refining 8000 dilithium/day on all characters, and 500 free Zen/month, are benefits everyone can get behind. Boosting Ambition By Thomas Reynolds Discovery season 3 is bringing the Crossfield-class crew to the strange new worlds of future year 3188. But being stuck in the less-future year of 2411 doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the action. Captains will also be able to launch their Discovery-era characters far into the future with the Legendary Discovery Captain Bundle. This bundle is available on PC November 12th (day of recording), and sometime before 2021 on console. Like this summer’s Legendary Romulan Captain Bundle, the new bundle lets you advance one Discovery-faction character to level 65. In fact, other than your hologram boffs representing Discovery show characters, the new bundle’s boost content is identical to the last… the list is long… but here some of our favorites: 1,000,000 Energy Credits 1,000,000 Expertise 250,000 Reputation Dilithium Vouchers A set of five Bridge Officer Specializations (one for each type) 5 Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrades 36 inventory slots 12 account bank slots 6 Bridge Officer Slots 2 starship slots Very Rare Mk XIV ground and space equipment for a complete captain build 6 Commander-rank Very Rare Discovery Photonic Bridge Officers, with all basic abilities trained and Very Rare Mk XIV ground sets As a Legendary bundle, it also includes the new Legendary Walker Light Battlecruiser for all Federation-aligned characters on your account. We’ll get to it a moment, but great discoveries come with great costs and this one’s no exception. The Legendary Discovery Captain Bundle will hit you for an eye-watering 12,000 Zen, or 6,000 at release. It’s a major investment for one toon, ship notwithstanding–you’d better plan to get a lot of mileage out of them. Priority One Podcast asked our social media followers what they thought about the bundle, and oh did they have opinions: Via Star Trek Online Feedback @brianetters: “i'll think about it when they give us the lvl 65 token separately” @selig_joshua: “I will try to be civil, but seriously, do the Devs not realise that we are in a pandemic, that the world economy has in effect tanked and a lot of people can barely hold it together mentally or fearful for their jobs and then they charge this are they on a different planet?” @zeuslegion: “I'd buy the more expensive ships if they included a ‘LaForge Modular Engineering Systems’ mechanic that let me live out the dream of getting 96% engine efficiency by mixing, matching, and tweaking 9 to 12 components on a slotted grid.” Joye McCaster on Facebook: “Hate it, would buy the ship at a normal c-store price or even for 5$ extra because of the account skill. But the bundle is just way too overpriced. I don't see a single thing in it that gives that kind of value. If you have bought any of the prior packs that had anything related to the walker class you will already have the skins, or the t4 ship which really cheapens their value and purpose of buying them.” Walk(er) It Back Now, Y’all By Shane Hoover Okay Captains, let’s reign in the hyperventilating by taking a closer look at that new Legendary Walker Light Battlecruiser. We’ll cut straight to the important question here and ask “How does this thing compare with the T6 Walker we’ve already got?” The biggest differences players will care about are the changes to the Bridge Officer Stations. Rather than the T6 Walker’s Ensign Engineering/Intel station, the Legendary Walker sports a nice Commander Engineering/Command station. So that Rank 3 Concentrate Firepower ability is tempting. It also drops a Science station to Lieutenant, while raising an Ensign Engineering station to Lieutenant. The Legendary ship’s console layout bumps up Tactical and Science slots while dropping two Engineering slots. Like all Legendary ships, the Walker comes with the Universal console from its T6 predecessor. It also comes with the Cyclical Polarity Modulator and Antimatter Spread consoles.  These consoles do not constitute a set, though, unlike many other Legendary ships’ consoles. In fact, the Antimatter Spread console is part of a completely different three piece set.  Via Star Trek Online Thoughts If you ask us, strictly in terms of ship stats, this isn’t really a huge improvement over the T6 Walker. If you already love the Walker you’ve got, you probably don’t need to rush for this. And if you want a solid Battlecruiser, there are cheaper high quality options on the C-Store like the Gagarin or Arbiter. But there is one other wrinkle worth consideration here. The T6 Walker Light Exploration Cruiser is a Lobi ship, which is Character-bound. This new Legendary Walker Light Battlecruiser is an account-wide unlock for all Federation aligned characters. So if you want a Walker on two, three, or a handful of characters, then you’re definitely in the market for this. The $60 on-sale price is significantly better value than multiple Lobi ship unlocks. Hallelujah, We Have Traits In Loadouts! By Thomas Reynolds Traaaits in loadouts! Traaaits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts! Traits in looooaadouts! Weeee have been WANting this! Almost seven years (traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts!) Eeeeeever since Season 8-point-5 lauuuunched them (traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts!) Noooo more forgEh-ehtiiiing to slot Hooonored Dead Aaand you shall be! Ready! for all random queues (traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts!) Soooo that Gravity Kills doesn’t suck as bad (traits in! Load! Outs!) The active rep trait slooooots shall be no moooooore Instead you shall have ten: five for space traits, and five for ground! And now they REspect Vis-u-als Onnn and Off Yes now they REspect Vis-u-als Onnn and Off LOAD! OUT! TRAIIIITTS (traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts!) FOR SPACE! MAP! BUIIIIIILDS! (traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts!) Shall be on P-C soon and consoles laaaaater! Soon on PC! Consoles later! Soon on PC! Consoles later! Traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts! Traits in loadouts! TRAAAAAITS IIIIIIIIN LOOOAAAAADOUUUUTS Keeping It Fresh on the Final Frontier By Thomas Reynolds Star Trek Online’s content release model has dramatically--and intentionally--changed in the last three years. Previously each “season” introduced a mission arc that, with over a dozen episodes, felt like a season of television. In addition, it seemed we could reliably expect a new reputation to grind with every other release or so (The Sphere, Legacy of Romulus, Delta Rising, Agents of Yesterday, and so on). Now, however, a “season” release is considered one or two mission stories and one or two new TFOs, spaced apart with special events. This isn’t an indictment, mind you--we’re not J’accuse-ing any one at Cryptic--but it’s definitely changed how we feel logging in day after day, if not week after week. When grind events take up the vast majority of the calendar, how do you keep the game feeling new and interesting?
This episode of Priority One is brought to you by Eaglemoss Hero Collector and the brand new Official Star Trek Online Starship Collection.  Check out all the exclusive ship models – including the U.S.S. Gagarin and the U.S.S. Chimera – at and use code PRIORITY10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase with FREE SHIPPING. This week on Episode 485 of Priority One - We ‘Trek Out’ Shaved heads on the set of Discovery Season 4, Blu del Barrio’s Star Trek debut, David Ajala’s mischievous costumers, and  Doug Jones catches up with Collider. In Star Trek gaming, Star Trek Online joins the Vendor’s haul, the Prometheus gets a fresh coat of paint, Scopely gets paid, and we discuss the similarities of Klingon culture and cold soup! Then we head On Screen to watch Star Trek: Discovery’s newest episode - “People of Earth” Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! This Week’s Community Questions are: CQ: Are you shipping Burnham and Book? What’s their ship name? TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan Star Trek Discovery Production Has Begun! Take a trip through time with us, to an era vastly different than today. The year - 1990. The fall of the Berlin wall, the re-unification of East and West Germany, Poland's 1st direct presidential election. The western world felt like it was ending decades of Cold War hostility. Today - well today feels different. But at least we don’t have to wait a grueling three months to find out if Star Trek was going to return! In those dark-trek-times, no one knew whether Patrick Stewart would reprise the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Today we have word that Discovery is shooting it’s fourth season! And we’re only three episodes into its third! We reported in episode 483 that production for season 4 would start on September 2nd, but reports were confirmed via Twitter on Monday. Star Trek: Discovery Showrunner Michelle Paradise tweeted ”Day One of season 4! So proud of our room - breaking and writing from corners, kitchens, garages, & home offices. And our production team - prepping a new season is a lot, esp. in a pandemic. They've done INCREDIBLE work to get us here and keep everyone safe. #StarTrekDiscovery” Out of an abundance of caution, we’re going to hit the *SPOILER ALERT* klaxon for this next bit. Okay. Shortly after Paradise’s tweet, Saru’s Doug Jones tweeted a video shaving his head. Later, Jones shared a before and after photo. Soooo - that means, unlike in 1990, we’re SURE to be getting our current Captain back on-set! Blu Del Barrio Talks About Star Trek's Adira In the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery - “People of Earth” - we were introduced to the newest member of the Discovery crew - Adira. This week, Adira actor Blu del Barrio sat down with several news outlets to talk about her experience as Star Trek’s first non-binary star. Throughout del Barrio’s interviews with SyFy,, and Entertainment Tonight, it was clear that del Barrio understood the importance of their representation - both in regards to Star Trek and more broadly to television audiences. When asked by Riley Silverman of why Adira was referred to as she/her instead of they/them in “People of Earth”, del Barrio responded ”Yeah, so that will definitely be addressed. And Adira is non-binary. Even when people are using she/they pronouns, for Adira, because they have not shared their identity with the Discovery crew. Yes. And this was basically the case because I still wasn't really out to my family and I didn't want to be out on screen as a character who was out until I was.” Photo Via Breaking Star Trek's Trill Stereotypes Later in the interview, Silverman mentioned the importance of the Trill in the Trans and non-binary communities, despite cis actors playing those roles; and how Discovery is seemingly subverting the implication that the Trill are only Trans or Non-binary because of the symbiote. Del Barrio responded, saying in part ”There is definitely a lot of the queer community that attached itself to the Trill species. But not because the Trill were necessarily like “oh, you know because they are a host of multiple consciousnesses, they must be trans.” [...] Adira is non-binary, has always been non-binary before they were a host. It wasn't that having the symbiont brought out something else in them. But I do like how they've brought in the Trill species into Adira’s storyline, which kind of validates, maybe, a lot of what queer Star Trek fans have seen in the past and their identifying with the Trill in some ways.” We’ve only quoted from one of the three articles mentioned earlier in the story, but each is well worth a really - and really gives context to what we’ve talked about here. Photo Via David Ajala With Entertainment Tonight Another of Star Trek: Discovery’s new additions - Booker’s David Ajala - also sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk all things Star Trek. During the conversation with ET’s Philiana Ng‍, Ajala praised his character - Book - working with series star Sonequa Martin-Green, and the two cats that play his queen - Grudge. When asked by Entertainment Tonight about a possible romantic relationship between Book and Burnham, Ajala was a bit uncomfortable. ”I don't know what you are talking about. It's absolutely platonic. Absolutely, absolutely platonic. No idea what you are talking about. Sorry, nope. (Laughs.)”. Ajala expounded later, clarifying ”Those two characters definitely have an undeniable connection, which is special, and [...] the foundation of that connection is literally the two of them on many occasions have trust the other person with their life [...] But in terms of a romantic relationship, I don't know. We're going to phase out because it feels very platonic to me, but stranger things have happened.” Ajala also spoke about his experience wearing the starfleet uniform, saying ”Yeah. That was horrible, only because it was so tight. [...]when I did my costume fitting it was okay. I thought, "This looks pretty cool. I like it." And on the day of filming, I am convinced the costume department took in a half-inch or a lot of the seams on my costume. So when I'm wearing that costume in the scene and I'm complaining, it was freaking tight. I'm convinced that's what they did, absolutely convinced.” Photo Via Doug Jones Sits Down with Collider An old-time Discovery cast member ALSO hit the media circuit. This time, the incomparable Doug Jones sat down with Collider Connected to talk about his career, his future, and Star Trek! Jones discussed what’s ahead for the Discovery crew, and how the 900 plus year jump into the future will affect the series going forward. Jones later discussed the Federation, and how finding them could - but likely won’t - affect who’s in Discovery’s Captain’s chair. Star Trek Gaming News by Shane Hoover and Thomas Reynolds Star Trek Online Takes A Dive for Science By Thomas Reynolds During Star Trek’s more-than-50-year history, its relationship with real-world science has been...contentious, at times. I mean, take your pick: transwarp salamanders, weekly mystery-flavor particles, and the JJ-prise plummeting a quarter of a million miles to Earth in three minutes, just to name a few. Clearly Trekkies don’t find it bothersome--if anything, it’s part of the franchise’s charm (seriously though, three minutes???). That said, we’ll always appreciate verisimilitude whether we see it on screen or feel it in-game. Even if we need Dr. Hurt to point it out for us plebs. On November 7th, Star Trek Online is hosting a panel for the Vendor’s Haul Virtual Convention with some serious scientific star power. Franchise science advisor Erin Macdonald, “Bad Astronomer” Phil Plait, and Senior Content Designer Jesse Heinig will put the “Gravity Kills” TFO under the scope for both science and entertainment. How do you pull a story out of something so dense that light can’t escape it? Is spaghettification possible with the game engine? Join the panel at 10 AM PT to find out. Prometheus Bundled By Thomas Reynolds If escort carriers or science vessels aren’t your thing, then the Ships of the Line series has likely left you feeling left out. But we have good news, as long as you’re a fan of tactical escorts! The Prometheus is getting the Bundle treatment, including a remaster of the Prometheus ship model and material. The Bundle combines the T5 and T6 variants and tosses in a fleet module for 5,000 ZEN, and will be on sale for 35% off (so 3250 ZEN) until November 12th. Image via Star Trek Online Revenge: Back for Seconds By Thomas Reynolds Revenge is like gazpacho. No, it’s not because revenge is traditionally prepared with a mortar and pestle. Nor is it because modern variations of revenge might include seafood or watermelon. No, revenge is like gazpacho because it’s zesty. It’s refreshing. Most importantly, it is best served cold….and captains, I do hope you brought your appetites. The “Best Served Cold” TFO returns to all platforms on November 12th for the latest three-week special event. As usual, foiling Aakar’s prison break 14 times during the event will earn the Grand Prize, marks, and dilithium. Also, a Featured Episode Weekly Reward Box will be given for the first time the TFO is completed each week. However, characters on different platforms will get different Grand Prizes. Console players who defend the Empire will receive Molor’s Flaming Sword, which is obviously what it says: a Gre’thor-branded flaming sword. Less obviously, it also features a chain-pull attack, helping you bring enemies close and share the love. Or pain. Or both. Image Via Star Trek Online Meanwhile, victorious PC players will receive the cuddly, blood-curdling Nanopulse Targ Combat Pet first seen in the “House Shattered” story mission. However, it’s not the only spicy porcine powerhouse making an appearance. The magma Targ of Gre’thor charges into the Zen Store on November 12th, with a temporary 20% discount off its normal 500 Zen price. Fireproof oven mitts not included. Interestingly, equipping both combat pets at the same time yields the Targ Handler Bonus proc. Activating one pet will automatically summon a shorter-lived version of the other pet at the same time. Now cry havoc, and let slip the targs of war. Image Via Star Trek Online Scopely Get Paid 2 Win By Shane Hoover Star Trek: Fleet Command publisher, Scopely, has been doing business that even the Ferengi Commerce Authority would envy. According to a recent VentureBeat report, the mobile game publisher behind such titles as Marvel Strike Force, Scrabble Go and Yahtzee with Buddies recently secured a fifth round of venture capital funding worth $340 million. Commenting on the news, CEO Javier Ferreira said "We had a really successful year, and we will close the year with more than $900 million in revenue. " I think I just heard Quark choke on his root beer. The funding deal values Scopely at a remarkable $3.3 billion, and positions the publisher to continue its strategy of liberal application of Rules of Acquisition number 95 and number 3. Meanwhile, according to Ferreira, Star Trek: Fleet Command has just wrapped its eighth consecutive quarter of revenue growth. With the September expansion of the game to include all of the Star Trek film and TV multiverse, it’s safe to assume Fleet Command will endure significantly longer than Quark’s stint as Grand Nagus. Discussing Star Trek Online Experimental Ship Upgrades By Shane Hoover The Priority One Podcast team have had time to use our first few Star Trek Online Experimental Ship Upgrade Tokens, and we’d like to discuss our first impressions for our listeners. If you’ve been trapped in a transporter buffer for an extended time, let us remind you how the Experimental Ship Upgrade Tokens work. Purchased from the Zen Store for 1000 Zen each, or 3 for 2000 Zen, the tokens can be applied to any T5-U or Tier 6 starship. Upon application, the upgrade unlocks an additional Device slot, Universal Console slot, and Starship Trait slot on that specific Ship Class across your entire account. So, what’s the verdict on how these upgrades affect your gameplay? In our official (it’s not official) and extremely scientific (it wasn’t scientific) study, here’s what Priority One team members thought. The most basic impact we saw was the value of another Tactical Console, like a Fleet Vulnerability Locator. On our Tactical builds, this was a very noticeable jump in combat performance. With a bit more variation, the same is true for Science builds. With an additional Exotic Particle Focuser console, for example, your Exotic damage build can crank out even more Space Magic hurt. You might also find yourself able to stack 3 and 4 piece set bonuses that weren’t in your build before T6-X.  Starship Trait Slot The additional Starship Trait slot is also pretty powerful. The diversity of available Starship Traits means that how you use this slot, and how it affects your performance, will vary pretty widely. You might find that you can now add something like Honored Dead to your build to increase survivability without giving up any of your previous DPS. Or you might prefer to drive your damage output even higher with something like Emergency Weapon Cycle or Target Rich Environment. Remember, the only other way to add a Starship Trait slot to your build will cost you 250,000 Fleet Credits and 100,000 Dilithium. T5-U! The other big area of impact for these X Upgrades is the opportunity to bring your favorite T5-U ship’s performance up to levels that let you keep flying it even though it’s not Top-of-the-Line. Quite a few captains we’ve talked to have done just this. If your favorite ship is a T5 Tempest Patrol Escort or T5 Dyson Destroyer, these upgrades might just breathe new life into your enjoyment of it. Just remember, if you upgrade your T5-U ship to T5-UX, the upgrades won’t carry over when a Tier 6 refit of the ship comes down the line.  To get to the bottom line, these Experimental Upgrade Tokens seem to be worth the cost, whether you spend Zen or EC to get them. One of the best parts of Star Trek Online is taking your FAVORITE Trek ship out into the Universe. And improving the performance of your favorite ship just makes it more fun again.
This episode of Priority One is brought to you by Eaglemoss Hero Collector and the brand new Official Star Trek Online Starship Collection.  Check out all the exclusive ship models – including the U.S.S. Gagarin and the U.S.S. Chimera – at and use code PRIORITY10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase with FREE SHIPPING. This week on Episode 484 of Priority One --- We ‘Trek Out’ Janeway’s monumental day, a ProDigy Composer, Michelle Hurd’s reference to Medea, and an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie-grayish-printed-ship-in-3D! In Star Trek gaming, we dive even deeper into Star Trek Online’s “Partisans” before heading “On Screen” to trek out - “Far From Home” Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! This Week’s Community Questions are: CQ: What did you think of Star Trek Online’s new episode “Partisans”? AND CQ: What has been the highlight of the Year of Klingon content revamps for you? TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan Janeway’s Monumental Unveiling! It was a cool, cloudy Saturday morning in Bloomington, Indiana. The spectators would have huddled closer, were it not for the virus - the Pandemic. But they gathered nonetheless, mindfully social distancing and donning the standard facial accoutrements. What kept them warm that brisk morning wasn’t coats, or capes, or coffee - it was hope. Though to be fair, the coats, capes and coffee probably helped! On Saturday October 24th, the Captain Janeway Bloomington Collective unveiled the reason for the gathering - the Captain Kathryn Janeway Monument and Statue. We told you about the fundraiser back in January, but here’s a quick recap. The Captain Janeway Bloomington Collective fundraised for a proposed Captain Janeway Statue and Plaque to be erected at her fictional-birthplace, Bloomington, Indiana. The unveiling featured ”A bronze sculpture atop a limestone base, plated in steel, as well as an accompanying educational display was  designed to serve as a monument to Captain Janeway.” But what would the party be without the woman of honor? It’d be like a nebula without coffee. So, it was good that Captain Janeway herself - Kate Mulgrew - joined the unveiling via the magic of the internet. She shared that she is a first-time grandmother, thanked the attendees, and then she dished a bit about what brought her to the upcoming “Star Trek: Prodigy”. Photo Courtesy of Star Trek Prodigy’s Composer Announced Speaking of Prodigy, Star Trek’s newest animated series is looking - or sounding - like it is coming together. This week, another piece of the proverbial puzzle has been added - the series theme has a composer! The Film Music Reporter announced on Tuesday October 20th that Israeli-Dutch composer Nami Melumad would Compose for the anticipated new series, Star Trek: Prodigy. The 31-year-old Melumad’s recent work includes composing for Seth Rogen’s “American Pickle”, The Amazon series “Absentia”, and Star Trek: Short Trek’s “Q&A” - The one with Spock and Number One rocking “The Pirates of Penzance”.  According to the article, “Q&A” isn’t Melumad’s only Star Trek association. ”Melumad has also recently collaborated with Michael Giacchino on the score for the upcoming video game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, which is set to be released on December 11, 2020.”. Giacchino, of course, is the composer of the Kelvin-Timeline films and Director of the Short Trek “Ephraim and Dot” - the one with a tardigrade and a robot rocking the history of the Enterprise. Trek nuggets. Photo Courtesy of IMDB Michelle Hurd Talks With Inverse Lower Decks wrapped, Discovery is airing, Prodigy has a new composer - but what about Picard? This week, “Star Trek: Picard” star Michelle Hurd sat down with Inverse, and she shed some light on Picard’s production timetable and - more importantly - on her character, Raffi. In regards to when she plans on getting back on set, Hurd told Inverse’s Jen Glennon ”I believe we are going to be going back in January. That's the last thing I heard. So we're really excited about that. We just want to make sure that everybody's safe, and the protocols are in place so that we can keep our our captain as safe as we possibly can.” Raffi and Jean-Luc, before they both parted ways with Starfleet.Trae Patton/CBS Hurd Talks More About Raffi Hurd compared her character Raffi’s journey - and rejections - to that of the tragic Greek character, Medea. ”when Raffi makes that call to Starfleet, the last line of her friend saying, “Do me a favor, lose my number,” that’s another door that’s closed. This comes right after her son — rightly! — tells her, "you don't get to be absent from the majority of my life, then jump in saying you're better."”. Hurd went on to say ”The truth is that everybody's story may not be as happy as we assume. People struggle, and we should take the time to have more patience and empathy for people who are hiding their pain. I loved that juxtaposition, of Raffi being very blunt, clever, dramatic and fun, when the reality was it was just a facade.” Hurd later discussed the budding relationship of Raffi and Seven, telling Inverse ”I’d love to see a fluidity to their relationship. It's about connection — seeing someone, hearing someone, allowing those people to affect us — and acting upon that without judgment, without labels, without stigma. I have no idea exactly what will be happening in the future for Raffi and Seven. But I really have faith in the in the writers and their vision. I would really love to see that relationship taken to a place where that love is explored and embraced and celebrated.” Rios (Santiago Cabrera) comforts Raffi after a double-whammy rejection from her estranged son and an old friend sends her reeling.Trae Patton/CBS Tiny Voyager Flies! Okay, Voyagers cool, but have you ever seen a self-propelled micro-Intrepid class ship? That’s exactly what PC Gamer brought us this week, and it’s just too damned cute not to share. But also SCIENCE! When we say tiny, we mean TINY. This 3d printed Intrepid class vessel measures a mere 15 micrometers - that’s about 0.0006 inches for our stubborn non-metric users. TEENY TINY. But, why would anyone want to 3d print such a itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny starship? Artificial Microswimmering! From the PC Gamer article, artificial microswimmers are ”3D printed, synthetic "colloidal particles" (solid objects suspended in liquid) [that] have no moving parts, [but] instead [...] propel themselves through liquid by way of chemical reaction—platinum that reacts with hydrogen peroxide.” So now we know what a microswimmer is, but why bother making them? Researcher Daniella Kraft explains that research with ARTIFICIAL microswimmers could help understand BIOLOGICAL microswimmers. That includes white blood cells, sperm, and bacteria. (Image credit: Soft Matter Journal) Star Trek Gaming News by Shane Hoover and Thomas Reynolds Priority One Review: “Partisans” By Thomas Reynolds The latest episode in the Klingon Civil War arc, “Partisans” picks up sometime after the disastrous Khitomer conference. Adet’pa works her Witchy ways on J’Ula’s behalf, digging up a ragtag team of scoundrels with hearts of latinum and very particular sets of skills. Together you venture deep into J’mpok’s web of conspiracies to clear your name, and discover some fascinating new opportunities in pet ownership along the way. But the fight for truth, justice, and to remain Klingon goes disastrously well–and what you break might never be restored. Mission Structure In terms of mission structure, “Partisans” is familiar and unfortunately repetitive. Ground combat is favored over space, which makes sense for character-centric stories that take place in a few locations. However the fights in both environments get tiresome, as you protect NPC X from infinite waves of Enemy Y while they do Plot Thing Z.  The bar fight on Nimbus feels even longer, as it lacks a clear endpoint, and then suddenly it’s Oops! All Nausicans! Consider playing this mission in a team with AoE and control powers, so you can quicker pick off enemies that won’t acknowledge your aggro. Production Value Production values are likewise familiar, following the overall improvement we’ve seen since Victory is Life. The voice acting quality varies between decent and excellent, with show characters turning in professional work and others sincerely trying their best. Whether Wilkins’ heavy Southern drawl works for you or not depends more on personal taste than strength of performance. And we have to call out the impact of Westin’s animation work in making collections of polygons look alive. Storytelling But what of the story itself? Star Trek Online’s writing has always been one of its strengths, and “Partisans” is bookended with particular excellence. Opening the mission in Shangdu reinforces the permanence of this world, with all its minigun-wielding dancers and pet Vibriosaurs. These locations exist with their own positions and trajectories, even when we’re not there to observe them. Besides, everyone loves a good bar fight. On the other end, the narrative swerve into an Imperial free-for-all is intriguing and devastating. You might have expected J’Ula’s broadcast to draw the final battlelines, as the Great Houses finally choose sides in the fight for the Empire’s soul. Instead it precipitates a rush for the exits, with every House for themselves and J’mpok’s ambitions vaulting ever higher. That’s not the outcome we’re expecting but, as contentiously fractured as Klingon society is, could it have gone any other way? Conclusion Just as much a surprise is J’Ula’s transformation from a menacing figure to a tragic one. She’s a violent anachronism, fighting for a worldview centuries behind us. Yet we pity her for her success, as her good intentions destroy the unity her brother died to create. Whether you yourself are Klingon or just an interested observer, the disintegrated Empire has no safe harbors–only knives wherever you turn. “Partisans” gives us no rock, no hiding place, and nowhere to stand in the coming storm. It is profound and staggering, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Star Trek Online Year of Klingon Recap and Impressions By Shane Hoover At this point, we’re well into Star Trek Online’s “Year of Klingon”. So let’s take a quick look at the work Cryptic have done so far to freshen up some of the oldest Klingon content in the game. For starters, the art teams have brought their usual “A” games to this Year of Klingon party. This is one of the first things you’ll notice if you haven’t created or played a Klingon character in a long time. Right from the character creation wizards, you see all new, more detailed costume and character models. It may not seem like a big deal, but as you play through mission after mission you really appreciate it.  Year of Klingon - Star Trek Online Art Updates It’s especially noticeable when you start encountering NPCs that have been around the game a long time. J’mpok has never looked so unlikable! Worf has never looked so… WORF! Then there are the old generic NPCs like Aakar, Sirella, and Adet’pa who are now modeled in amazing detail after their real voice actors.  The art updates certainly don’t stop there, either. The environment art team have updated a lot of old maps for the Year of Klingon. Some parts of the Qo’nos social zone have been updated, like the sky and the lighting. There’s even a new Great Hall map, but you only see that inside episode missions for now. The mission maps used in the Tutorial and the Empire and Warzone story arcs have been remastered, too. These new maps really go a long way toward improving the sense that you’re playing a 10 year old game.  Reworked Mission Arcs The other revamps they’ve made to improve that “really old game” feel are the reworked Klingon Mission Arcs “Empire” and “Warzone”.  In the “Empire” arc, the mission progressions aren’t changed too drastically. But all of the new art, new voiceover work, and the amazing new cinematic cutscenes really stand out. The Khitomer and Rura Penthe ground maps are especially nicely redone. Then you hit the “Warzone” arc, and there’s some real change in progression. Where the old content often laid out mission objectives to leave you feel like you’re covering as much of the map mileage as possible, the revamps give a much more streamlined progress. To that end, what used to be 3 different missions are now merged into one, “Mars, the Bringer of War”. Instead of feeling like you’re wasting time covering ground all the time, you’re definitely moving the story ahead. And the story has some great improvements, too. Klingon Culture For one thing, it’s clear that the writers wanted to deep dive more into Klingon Culture with the new revamps. As an example, they devoted an entirely new cutscene to the Klingon Ak’Voh funeral rituals. Which brings us back to those new cutscenes. This has to be one of the biggest improvements in the Year of Klingon. With the much more expressive facial animations and motion capture of STO’s new generation of cutscenes, the drama factor gets kicked way up. Whether the High Council is arguing and slinging insults, or Torg is betraying the Empire with a knife in the back, or Worf is gripped with mourning, these new Klingon story beats feel a lot more invested than they used to.  There’s still quite a bit to come from the rest of the Year of Klingon, too.  So we’re definitely excited to see what comes next!
This episode of Priority One is brought to you by Eaglemoss Hero Collector and the brand new Official Star Trek Online Starship Collection.  Check out all the exclusive ship models – including the U.S.S. Gagarin and the U.S.S. Chimera – at and use code PRIORITY10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase with FREE SHIPPING. This week on Episode 483 of Priority One–we ‘Trek Out’ Star Trek Discovery’s season 4 renewal, the SFX info dump, and Mike McMahan’s second week of interviews! We’re also joined by The Roddenberries to talk about their upcoming Virtual Extravaganza! In Star Trek gaming, we look at Star Trek Online's Legen–wait for it–dary Mirror Bundle and Bort’s borked weapons. Finally, we head “On Screen” to trek out Discovery’s season 3 premiere - “That Hope Is You, Part 1” Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! This Weeks Community Question Is: CQ: Who do YOU think Discovery’s “Big Bad” will be? TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan Discovery Renewed for a Fourth Season Star Trek: Discovery’s third season took off–or crash landed– this past week, but the cast and crew continue to look towards the future. That’s true both in front of–and behind–the camera, because Star Trek: Discovery Season FOUR was officially announced on Star this week! The Star Trek website made the announcement via a 57 second video, with appearances from showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise–and series stars Sonequa Martin-Green and Doug Jones. But with COVID restrictions, how will the show start filming? Likely in much the same way season 3 wrapped. In an article published on IndieWire, Alex Kurtzman talked a bit about Star Trek’s pioneering home-created visual effects. ”Our editors, miraculously and heroically, took their editing bays into their living rooms, and we cut the entire season, in collaboration, just the way I’m talking to you right now. We also scored the entire season, mixed the entire season, color timed the entire season, all from this laptop [over which this Zoom interview occurred].” Image credit: CBS Kurtzman explained that even actors took the craft home, filming with motion-capture suits so they could be inserted later. ”It’s an actual actor at their home motion-capture studio, which then gets rendered in the computer as a living thing. It’s a real person… Each of our actors have been scanned, so we can actually impose their faces on a body, which is quite something.” The cast is reportedly in Toronto so that they may appropriately quarantine, and there may be a “Mandalorian”-ish AR wall heading to the Star Trek sets. So the future–of the future–looks pretty bright! Star Trek: Discovery on SFX “The World's Number One Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Mag”, SFX, caught up with the cast of Star Trek: Discovery–and its captain Alex Kurtzman–to talk about Discovery’s third season. But, since Kurtzman has the proverbial keys to the Star Trek castle, discussion veered to some of the other Trek offerings. Break out the bibs, polish your silverware, and grab a seat at the table–we have Trek Nuggets. Kurtzman told reporter Darren Scott that Discovery’s jump to the distant future wasn’t always in the cards. The plan was originally to jump a mere 300 years. When pressed about why that was changed, Kurtzman replied ”I can only answer half of your question – I don’t want to spoil things. But I will tell you that one thing that we were very excited about was being entirely free of canon. "Michelle [Paradise] and I certainly felt strongly that jumping 1,000 years into the future just gave us room to invent a lot of things. It allowed us to put Star Trek into a blender, meaning every assumption that you have about staples of the Trek universe can be upended in 1,000 years, because nothing could possibly be exactly what it was. That was a really exciting challenge for us”. Image credit: Future Discovery Freed from the Past(?) Kurtzman continued these sentiments when talking about Discovery’s “Big Bad”–which would NOT be the Borg, because that story was told by Picard. ”Yes! It goes back to what I was saying earlier, which is that putting things in a blender means people who used to be allies are now enemies and vice versa. That’s a really interesting thing to play with, because it forces you to take what you know about Star Trek, and some of the characters and some of the species and aliens, and see them through the looking glass in a different way.”.  When asked about the toll jumping 1000 into the future took on the Discovery crew, and whether the past would still play a part in season 3, Kurtzman responded cautiously. ”I’m trying to answer your question without spoiling too much. [...] Burnham is absolutely going to look to the past and try and understand what happened to Spock. [...] She will dive into that and she will get to see what became of her brother. And that will actually impact the story for her in a significant way. I’ve just told you more than I told anybody about that!” Alex Kurtzman with SFX Kurtzman explained the difficulties of filming during the epidemic, calling it “a very systematised, militarised operation”. But the Franchise Captain wasn’t throwing a pity-party. In fact, he mentioned there was some GOOD coming from the social distancing and crippling feelings of isolation. ”We would have been in production already on Picard, but we couldn’t be because of Covid. It’s pushed our Discovery and Strange New Worlds dates just a little bit, but I think we’re actually planning on staying on track for those. "The silver linings are that Akiva [Goldsman] and Henry [Alonso Myers] are ready to show up and able to really get ahead with scripts. By the time we go back into production, we will have a lot of scripts ready to go, which is not usually how it is for us. We’re always running ahead of the freight train that is production and trying not to get flattened, but this time we actually have some advanced warning with a lot of prep time." And what of the oft-discussed Star Trek films? Kurtzman has some thoughts on those, too. ”I have no involvement in it right now. I don’t know where that’s going. Frankly, I have my hands very full. Having done two of those films, I loved them so much, and I really would love to see continuity and unification between the features and the TV side, because I think it’s what’s good for Star Trek, and that can be done any number of ways.” The article is so full of info, we could spend an entire show going through it. We’ll post a link to the magazine, which features interviews with the cast and even MORE goodies, in our show notes. Mike McMahan on Humanity Following last week's interview extravaganza, Mike McMahan followed it up with - more interviews! Well, at least one more interview. This week the Lower Decks creator pulled up a chair with io9, Riker Maneuvering himself into discussing humanity. McMahan talked io9 reporter James Whitbrook about his feelings on Starfleet, perfection, and humans. ”We’re constantly examining this concept of Starfleet that’s like...everybody knows that Starfleet is the best of us, and they’re perfect, and they’re this unified group that’s out in the stars looking for truth and everything has to be moral and ethical, and Prime Directive-y. But at the same time they’re also human, you know? Every episode of Star Trek is about humanity as much as it is about our future—there’s aspects of humanity that just feel like...Star Trek has humans in it. It’s not a perfect, ideal, robotic future for us.” McMahon continued on topics he covered last week, like replicator programs and the ‘need-to-know’ struggles lower decker’s deal with. He also, again, discussed humanity's need for stories - and how that need affects Lower Decks. ”You see that a lot with our lower deckers, and with the bridge crew as well—humans are a species that gab. We process and we share information that is interesting to us. Part of the humanity on the Cerritos is they’re talking about Roga Danar! They’re talking about Data! These are the things that are interesting to them, and it serves a dual purpose of making that humanity come through and making that examination of context in Starfleet come through.” Image credit: CBS STAR TREK GAMING NEWS The Legendary Mirror Bundle By Thomas Reynolds Does your resume start with the words “bigoted, hateful warmonger” and go downhill from there? Is your superior officer’s back just begging for a knife or eight? Are you pathologically sensitive to bright lights and shirts with sleeves? Then Cryptic has an opportunity for you, you sicko. Invading on October 21st, the account-wide Legendary Mirror Bundle unlocks some of the worst offenses to galactic peace Star Trek Online offers: Burn it, burn it all with the Agony Phaser Torpedo Launcher and Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols Drop bombs and be a bombshell in the Mirror Odyssey, Antares, Sierra, Shorts, Romulan, Bort'asqu, and Leeta Uniforms Build your villainous retinue with the Mirror Porthos non-combat Rottweiler pet and Mirror Hakeev duty officer Show the galaxy you’re not to be trifled with, with faction-appropriate Mirror Universe Registries on all your ships Make sure history always remembers the name of your ship, as long as it’s the Legendary Dreadnought Cruiser The Bundle will cost you 6,000 Zen and whatever shred of humanity you may have still possessed. But who cares: it feels so good to be so bad. Image credit: Cryptic Studios What does this mean for you, the player? If the Bundle only included items, then it'd be for new players who really like Mirror Universe episodes–or Armada members preparing for Mirror Month. However the Legendary Dreadnought Cruiser throws all that math off. Depending on the nature of the T6 trait, it could be compelling for players who favor beam-based loadouts–or even necessary. Legendary Dreadnought Cruiser By Shane Hoover What kind of warship is so tough, so powerful, so dominant that Picard, Riker, Data, LaForge and…Reginald Barclay plotted to steal her from Edward Jellico? Well, as its story was told in the pages of IDW Comics, the answer is, of course, the I.S.S. Enterprise-D. Now the Mirror Universe’s most deadly warship has made its way to Star Trek Online as the T6 Legendary Dreadnought Cruiser. You could certainly call this the evil twin of the T6 Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought Cruiser that has been in the game for some time. The new ship diverges from the Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought in a few key spots. For starters, where the T6 Fleet Dreadnought sports a balanced 4/4 weapon loadout, the Legendary Dreadnought carries a more aggressive 5/3 layout. The Legendary ship also lets you double down on the Tactical abilities with a Lieutenant Commander Engineering/Command bridge seat. As with all Legendary ships, gaining maximum ship mastery grants access to the Starship Traits of its previous T6 variants.  It also comes with a brand new Starship Trait, “Best Hope of the Empire”, which grants a damage buff and temporary hull points on the use of Beam Overload or Lance abilities. Image credit: Cryptic Studios No More Power to Give, Captain By Thomas Reynolds Captains, you may have noticed that your Advanced Phaser or Disruptor arrays just don’t have the destructive pep they once did. Or your Risian Kit Frame doesn't stack powers like it’s supposed to, and the 30-day warranty already expired. You could try turning them off and on again (have you tried that?), or wait for Cryptic to make it all better. On October 17th, Jeremy “@BorticusCryptic” Randall clarified on Twitter that nonspecific issues with the Advanced beam arrays and Kit Frame power stacking were not intentional nerfs. Cryptic will fix them on an equally nonspecific timeline. Beamable Bankruptcy By Shane Hoover Mobile game developer Beamable, known as Disruptor Beam back when they released Star Trek Timelines, has filed for bankruptcy as of October 1st. According to a VentureBeat article quoting Beamable CEO Jon Radoff, the bankruptcy will not mean the end of Beamable or its employees. Radoff says “[t]he reality of Disruptor Beam was that we built some great games, but we weren’t really able to turn that into a sustainable business [...] But we did create this very valuable technology platform along the way. We will clean up the balance sheet, and then compete like any other startup.” The change at Beamable shouldn’t have any real impact on Star Trek Timelines at this point, since the game is now run by Tilting Point using the Beamable technology platform as a service. Image credit: Beamable
This episode of Priority One is brought to you by Eaglemoss Hero Collector and the brand new Official Star Trek Online Starship Collection.  Check out all the exclusive ship models – including the U.S.S. Gagarin and the U.S.S. Chimera – at nd use code PRIORITY10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase with FREE SHIPPING. This week on Episode 482 of Priority One --- We ‘Trek Out’ Star Trek’s longevity according to Franchise Captain Alex Kurtzman, and Lower Decks showrunner Mike McMahon takes a victory lap after the season 1 finale! In Star Trek gaming, we dive further into House Shattered and STO Devs drop in on the team to say "Hello!" Then, Gray takes us down memory lane with another RetroTrekGame review followed by our review of the Season Finale of Lower Decks. Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! This Weeks Community Questions Are: CQ: Do you believe the Star Trek Franchise is diverse enough to avoid ‘Franchise Fatigue? AND CQ: What Lower Decks content do you want to see in-game? Story missions with Beta Shift? Tulgana IV location map? The Dog? TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan Alex Kurtzman Takes 5 Alex Kurtzman is a busy man. Other than his work on “The Comey Rule” and the upcoming “Silence of the Lambs” television adaptation titled “Clarice”, Kurtzman also works on a little franchise called Star Trek. This week, Kurtzman sat down with the Hollywood Reporter’s “TV’s Top 5” to discuss everything he’s been working on - and while we may or may not be excited for his other projects - well...let’s just say we aren’t partnered with the Thomas Harris Podcast Network. Kurtzman spent a lot of time talking about Star Trek: Discovery, which is of no surprise - the third season’s premiere is set for October 15th. When asked about how long the series would likely run, Kurtzman was frank in both the series' praise and direction - as well as in the Showrunners commitment to keeping Trek fresh. Along those same lines, Kurtzman noted that he had plans with ViacomCBS for Star Trek that reached - currently - to 2027. When asked whether he was afraid of over-saturating the market with Star Trek, Kurtzman expressed that he felt the world needed the franchise, and that diversity in programming was the key to keeping it relevant. Lower Decks NYCC Panel Last week, in episode 481 of Priority One, we talked about the New York Comic Con Star Trek happenings. But if you’ll remember, we skipped coverage of the Lower Decks panel because it was spoiler heavy. You’ve had a week to catch up, but if you still haven’t watched the season finale of “Lower Decks”, skip to Star Trek Gaming! -- SPOILERS INCOMING -- During the Comic Con panel, Showrunner Mike McMahan and the cast of “Lower Decks” talked about what happened in season 1, and where their characters were heading for season 2 - sans, sadly, Fred Tatasciore’s Lieutenant Shaxs. There were some fun ideas on how to bring back the battle-hardened Bajoran - and discussion on whether he was really dead - or just mostly dead. About half way through the panel, the cast was joined by series special guest Jonathan Frakes, and that’s when things got predictably spoiler-y. As it turns out, Frakes spoiled plot points for co-star Jack Quaid before the show even started. Of Riker, and his appearance on Lower Decks, Showrunner Mike McMahan stressed the characters' fun attitude and joy.  And if you’re concerned that Boimler will mysteriously find his way back to the Cerritos for the Season 2 premiere, fear not. He will be on the Titan. Mike McMahan Talks Lower Decks This week, Mike McMahan took a Season One victory lap - of sorts - hitting Youtube, Variety, and Inverse to discuss what happened on and off screen during “Lower Decks” first season. On Youtube, McMahan explained his thoughts behind using the Pakled as the finale’s “Big Bads”.  He continued those musings with Variety, before moving on to spoilers - and cheeky possible-spoilers. ”We’ll see the Titan next season because Boimler is off the Cerritos, and we’ll be seeing Capt. Riker again as well. Boimler has been talking about moving on to bigger and better all first season, and now we’re going to see what happens when he gets what he wants.”. McMahan said Councilor Troi would NOT make in appearance in Season 2. But when asked if OTHER TNG Alumn would join, noted, ”That, my friend, I will not tell you, I would say, feels like a pretty good chance of it.” McMahan told Variety that the second season of Lower Decks would dive deeper into sexuality - Mariner’s specifically - saying ”For me and for the writers as we were making this, we didn’t intentionally mean for anybody to be strictly heteronormative or straight or cis. Every Starfleet officer is probably at the baseline bisexual, in a way. That being said, I am not the most amazing person at writing those kind of stories. I think we get a little bit better about it in the second season.” Mike McMahan Keeps Talking Lower Decks Heading to Inverse, McMahan may have answered a question we’ve asked on Priority One. Could Lower Decks be an off-kilter representation of the Cerritos’ adventures through Starfleet gossip? ”If you’re in Starfleet, and all this stuff has happened, it would be like if you were in the military now, and you were reading about — or hearing about – [real events] either officially or word of mouth through people who have been on ships, or people catching up. There are so many people on these ships, of course they’re going to talk to each other. They’re going to take real life events and put those into media. I think what I’m trying to say is there is no one unifying theory of communication. To me, it’s more that there’s going to be mosaic of communication. There’s things that are going to be popularized, there’s things in the news, there’s things you’ll learn at Starfleet academy there’s going to be stuff you’ll hear rumors about. It’s out there and it’s going to be known.” If you’re wondering about the “First Contact” uniforms making an appearance on Lower Decks, McMahan had an answer for that too! ”I’m very fascinated with the idea that we have replicators [in Star Trek] that can make anything. But who’s designing that stuff? It becomes like intellectual items, like why aren’t they all eating Lincoln’s last meal? The more you look at it, some ships would have different stuff, which is why you’d want to get the thing with the purple stripe on it, which goes all the way down to uniforms. I mean why is Starfleet even in uniforms? It’s not to make them camouflaged and they’re not strictly military. It’s representational of who Starfleet is.” STLV 2020 CANCELLED We’ve got some breaking news tonight, thanks to our Associate Producer Shane Hoover. According to NBC news affiliate Las Vegas 3, the official Star Trek Las Vegas convention has been cancelled. From the website, "Creation Entertainment, the company that brings the Trek convention each year, has announced that the December 2020 show is not going to happen due to pandemic-related reasons. The Star Trek convention will resume next year in Las Vegas on August 11 - 15 at the Rio.” Though we couldn't find any OFFICIAL release from Creation Entertainment at the time of this writing, their previous STLV 2020 page is no longer accessible. Instead it gives way to the 55th anniversary of Star Trek - and creator Gene Roddenberry’s 100th Birthday - in 2021. Keep your ear right here for more on the news. Star Trek Gaming News by Shane Hoover and Thomas Reynolds Venture(Beat) into the Final Frontier By Thomas Reynolds Newer captains may find it hard to believe (and older captains harder to accept), but Cryptic Studios opened its doors before the NX-01 first left spacedock. This year Cryptic celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and last week tech business magazine VentureBeat published an interview with Cryptic CEO Stephen D’Angelo. In the interview D’Angelo shows off his toy cabinet (he has a Galaxy-X model, not that we’re jealous or anything), and speaks about thirteen years with a game company driven by outside IP. Saying specifically of Star Trek Online,  ”Star Trek is a universe more than a storytelling style. We’ve tried to, like I said, give people an experience in that universe that captures the look, the feel, and the stories, but going for the diversity the universe offers”. D’Angelo also talked about being STO’s executive producer when it went free-to-play, the changing nature of the game’s playerbase, and the company’s history in the MMO space as a whole. The Titan Reprises A Familiar Tune? By Thomas Reynolds Captains, be advised: the Trek nuggets in this segment may spoil your dinner. Proceed with caution. Last week’s season finale of Star Trek Lower Decks captivated us with drama, tragedy, callbacks, comedy–you know, all that jazz. While the show taketh away (RIP Shaxs), it might also giveth STO players something they’ve wanted for a very long time. On October 9th, the official STO Twitter account dropped a screenshot of the in-game Titan and quoted its swingin’ captain’s call to action. Admittedly, this doesn’t explicitly say what is going on with the Titan in 2411. Cryptic may have simply been capitalizing on the ship’s newfound public awareness. However, we had it from Ambassador Kael himself that “there’s something coming from Lower Decks soon-ish,” but he couldn’t tell us about it lest he ”spoil a surprise in the last episode.” It’s hard not to imagine a T6 Luna-class is finally in the cards, and  its holodeck has the Bourbon Street Bar already loaded. Or maybe we’re getting little horga'hn ground devices for the upcoming Tulgana IV map. Synth Wave: the Extended Remix By Thomas Reynolds Hopefully you’ve had a chance to play House Shattered’s new TFO, “Synth Wave,” since it was released last week. If you have, you might've noticed some of the escaping ships really seem to like the Utopia Planitia Starbase, because they never leave it. On October 9th, the official STO Twitter account also confirmed that ships were getting stuck within the starbase, which means they could never leave and the TFO could never end. Cryptic says it’ll fix the issue with the October 13th patch, and the event will be extended by another week to make up for the bug. Apparently you shouldn’t let homicidal AIs write your Holodeck code.
This week on Episode 481 of Priority One --- We ‘Trek Out’ a Frakes facts feast from friends, Stewart’s Sonnets sayonara, and Kathrine is the Kid’s Captain! In Star Trek gaming, we’re joined by Star Trek Online’s Community Manager Mike “Ambassador Kael” Fatum to discuss all of the goings-ons in the Star Trek Online universe! Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! This Weeks Community Question Is: CQ: Have you played Crypto Space Command and if so, have you invested in those Star Trek Auctions? If so, what ships did you get and how have you enjoyed the final frontier in CSC TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan Jonathan Frakes’ Multi-Article Trekmovie Discussion Last week, on episode 480 of Priority One, we brought you an interview from with the ever-entertaining Jonathan Frakes. As we noted at the end of the story, Trekmovie promised more with the Actor/director - and they delivered! Prepare yourself for a trek-nugget feast. First, Frakes spoke about Picard season 2 - noting that he expected to start shooting in January - before admitting,in regards to story ”I don’t know what the plan is for season two.”. BUT, he did have some interesting news about Riker’s appearance in season 1 of the series, telling Anthony Pascale of Trekmovie ”So I was directing episodes four and five. The nightclub episode and the one with the nuns [...] And there was no mention of this “Nepenthe” story, which ended up being episode seven. Then somewhere late in the shooting of those two episodes[...] they called and said, “What do you think about doing this?”[...]But it was not part of the plan. When they broke the season, there was no Rikers-in-the-cabin thing. It happened somewhere during a re-break..” Later, Frakes was asked about directing future trek series, including Short Treks. When asked to pitch an idea for the short-form series,  Frakes replied ”I was just about to say musical. I’m dying to do something in that world anyway, ever since Maurice Hurley, who was our showrunner briefly on Next Gen, took me to lunch and said, “What do you like?” I said, “I like jazz. and I like baseball and I play the trombone.” The next thing you know there I was in the holodeck with Minuet. I think that a musical, especially in a Short Treks, would be spectacular. I think it’d be wonderful.” Frakes Continues With Trekmovie While Frakes expressed interest in directing Strange New Worlds, he admitted to knowing nothing about the series  - BUT he DID shed a little light on the oft forgotten Section 31 series. ”I actually had Boey [Yeon Kim] and Erica [Lippoldt] with me on The Ready Room with Wil Wheaton because they wrote 303 of Discovery and they’re very optimistic. But obviously, it made sense to the network to do Pike’s show before Section 31.” In it’s next installment, Trekmovie spoke to Frakes about directing “Sub Rosa”, and his thoughts on “Code of Honor”. In regards to the season 7 episode Sub Rosa, of which Frakes directed, he reflected on how he approaches sub-par scripts ”my philosophy [...] is ‘I’m going make the best version of this show that I can make.’ There’s nothing gained by admitting ‘Oh, my God, this story doesn’t make any sense. This is ludicrous.’ [...] If you take those notes to the producer of the show and point them out more than once, as I have done, and that producer or showrunner doesn’t feel the same way, then you’ve got to suck it up and make the best episode you can make.”. Frakes was frank about “Code of Honor”, echoing many fans sentiments when he said ”I think they should take it out of the [streaming catalog]. I think it is a great time to make that kind of – as small as it is – to make that kind of a statement would be fabulous.[...]Maybe it should be included with an appropriate statement of reason. A proof of concept. This is not who we are. This is not what we stand for. It’s an embarrassment to the franchise and Gene [Roddenberry] would want us to do this. Something like that.” Sir Patrick’s Sonnets Wrap Sir Patrick Stewart is a gift to humanity. He proved it once again on his social media channels when, at the start of the pandemic, he began reciting Shakespeare’s sonnets. The sonnets started at the behest of Stewart’s wife, Sunny Ozell, and quickly became a shining light in dark times. But, as we trekkies know “All Good Things…” This week, on October 3rd, Stewart read sonnet 154. From his twitter post ”Sonnet 154. The final one. Here's to everyone who has been so kindly watching and listening to these sonnets. We never expected anything like this and we appreciate it enormously. Thank you! #ASonnetADay” Sir Patrick wore a black tuxedo and sipped a martini - and also showed off a beautiful bookmark. Trek out the link to his tweet in our show notes. Star Trek: Prodigy’s Newest Addition A few weeks ago, we covered the news that CBS All Access would present a panel during ReedPop’s Metaverse Event --- a virtual event taking place in lieu of New York Comic Con. Well, the four day virtual event began Thursday, October 8th … and on noon/eastern that day, Star Trek took the virtual center stage. The hour-long video included three panels: First was a discussion with the Lower Decks cast and crew moderated by Wil Wheaton. That panel, we’ll save for next week since it contains spoilers for the season finale of Lower Decks Following Lower Decks was a Star Trek Discovery Panel that featured several actors from Season 3. During the segment, the actors shared some information about the emotional and mental state of their characters after having jumped over 900 years into the future. We were also given the opportunity to meet Ian Alexander and Blu Del Barrio. And, although they couldn’t go into too much detail about their characters, we at least had an opportunity to get to know them as actors. Last, but certainly not least -- the BIG announcement that exploded all the social medias --- Kate Mulgrew is returning as Captain Kathrine Janeway for the Nickelodeon Star Trek Animated Series: Prodigy. Although, this part of the panel was short in comparison -- and no clips or trailers were debuted -- We heard from Kate as to why she decided to jump on board… let’s hear what she had to say: Star Trek Gaming News by Shane Hoover and Thomas Reynolds The Widening Gyre Event! By Thomas Reynolds The Year of Klingon continues as the Empire marches into civil war. Another one. Honestly, you could set a ship’s chronometer to their societal collapses… cliodynamics and all that jazz…  But as alliances shatter in a storm of intrigue across the quadrant, one question remains paramount. Nope, not what it means to remain Klingon, but are we getting new stuff? The Widening Gyre event started on PC, October 6th and ends Nov 5. In that time, you need to run the newest Featured Episode, “Partisans” OR the new TFO, “Synth Wave” at least once per day to earn the Imperial Rift ship equipment set. Equipping pieces of the deflector-shield-engine-core-set buffs a bewildering array of ship stats, including exotic damage, energy weapon damage, and control expertise. However it also unlocks the devastating Weaponized Mycelial Emitter, putting J’ula’s devastating doom shroom power in players’ hands. House Divided: Synth Wave (TFO) By Thomas Reynolds Well, that’s segways nicely into the next piece of content to drop this Tuesday…. April 5th, 2385 (for anyone still hung up on the human Gregorian calendar) will always be remembered as the day Mars burned. The synth attack on Utopia Planitia mystifies and disturbs galactic society to this day, and the Khitomer Alliance is taking steps to ensure it never happens again.The new “Synth Wave” TFO, now on PC, puts captains in a holographic simulation of Mars’s desperate defense (similar to the Battle of the Binary Stars). Of course, the outcome is inevitable. But if the Alliance can learn anything from this tragedy, then 92,143 Federation citizens will not have died for nothing. Star Trek Online: Tier 6 Upgrades By Thomas Reynolds Do you wish your T6 Juggernaut could have that New Ship Smell again? Well, Star Trek Online has something better than a pile of air defresheners: available starting October 6th, the new Experimental Upgrade token will add a universal console slot, device slot, and active ship trait slot to whichever T5-U or T6 ship it’s applied. Once you do that, the upgrade will be freely available for all ships of that type on your account. Each token will sell for 1000 ZEN, or in bundles of 3 for 2000 ZEN. But from October 6th through November 5th, players can receive one free token for their account. This summary merely scratches the surface of this new addition, and reading the full post is highly recommended (link in our show notes). T6 Mirror Warship By Shane Hoover Bust out the knives, agonizers and goatees, because STO’s latest Infinity Lockbox Ship is taking us back through the Mirror. Now available in the Infinity Lockbox, the T6 Mirror Warship is based on the Constitution-class U.S.S. Defiant as seen on computer displays in Star Trek Discovery. This warship sports a 5/3 weapon layout and a heavy Tactical focus, including a new “Terran Goodbye” starship trait. It also sports two Commander level bridge officer seats. Crypto Space Command: Discovery Is Off The (Block)Chain By Thomas Reynolds Crypto Space Command’s 6-week crossover event with Star Trek: Discovery winds to a close on October 15, as the show’s third season launches on CBS All Access. And in the event’s final days, bidding on event-unique ships continues at a feverish pace. Two ships remain on the block: At the time of this recording the U.S.S. Yeager - which will close on October 8th -- is presently bidding at $19,000.00, and bidding on the U.S.S. Discovery itself will start by the time this episode drops on October 9th. Other ships in the event have sold from between $580, to almost $7,000. If you’ve placed bids on these ships, or even won one of them, then please reach out to us at Because we have, like, just a ton of questions.
This week on Episode 480 of Priority One --- We ‘Trek Out’ UberEats newest ad campaign - trust us, it belongs here - Jonathan Frakes spoilers, Discovery’s second go at a first impression, and what H. Jon Benjamin thinks of tribbles! In Star Trek gaming, Star Trek Online teams with Gameheads - providing actionable support for people of color, and Modiphius releases a helpful “Star Trek Adventures” Dev blog tutorial! Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! This Weeks Community Question Is: CQ: Are YOU concerned about “The Vulcan Hello”s low viewership numbers? TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan The Captain and the Master Talk Tomato This week, SIR Patrick Stewart and Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker - Mark Hamill - sat down with Charles Thorp of Men’s Health to discuss their new advertisement campaign for the food delivery service - “Uber Eats”. In the three ad series, Captain Picard portrayer Sir Patrick faces off against Luke Skywalker Stager Mark Hamill in Connect Four, Air Hockey, and some - well - let’s call them deep-rooted family issues. Besides talking about the similarities and differences between the two franchises, the pair recalled their time on-set. Sir Patrick discussed his first day of shooting, saying ”I was doing my first scene where I appeared on camera as Jean-Luc Picard. I was walking down one of the Enterprise corridors, and one of the sliding automated doors opened on my left and there was Commander Riker played by Jonathan Frakes. The script had him saying something to me, and I was just supposed to nod and then walk away. The director called, “Cut!” Then Jonathan yelled out, “That’s what they call British face-acting!” The whole crew laughed, and I remember gratefully thinking that I was going to be spending all of this time with funny people. This is going to be alright.” But Wait, There's More! Stewart had some interesting comments regarding his unknowing inspiration for Captain Picard, telling Men’s Journal in part ”I trained and worked out for years before I ever got in front of the camera playing Picard. My father was a military man, and he ended his military career at the end of the second World War in 1945, as a regimental sergeant major of The Parachute Regiment. For every gentleman from the outside looking in, he was a superstar. It took me decades to come to the realization of how much he influenced me not only as a man but also as an actor, especially when taking up Picard.[...] through him I had an incredible role model for the character, even if I wasn’t consciously pursuing it.” Finally, if you ever feel guilty about loving Star Wars or fantasizing about a crossover - DON’T! You’re in good company, according to Sir Patrick ”I will admit that, at least for us on Star Trek, we have fantasied about a combined universe between Star Wars and Trek movie. There have been a lot of ideas thrown about on putting together two iconic universes, and having all of these great characters coming into contact. I would personally get such a kick out of that.” The article has a ton of interesting tidbits - and the ads are fun - so we encourage you to head to our website and trek out all of it! Jonathan Frakes Talks Disco Season 3 Sir Patrick’s “The Next Generation” co-star - and prolific television director - Jonathan Frakes Rikered a chair to talk with friends of the network, Hot off his Galaxycon Event, Frakes chatted with Anthony Pascale about the characters, events, and shooting of Star Trek: Discovery, season three - and in true Frakes fashion, probably told us more than he should have. When asked to confirm his directing of three episodes this season, Frakes gave away some plot beats, saying ”Yes, I did. I actually just rewatched 303 a couple of days ago. Season three is really wonderful on Discovery, by the way. So the first episode is Michael Burnham alone in Iceland [for location shoot], which is a foreign land. And she meets “Book” [David Ajala]. The second episode is the entire crew on Discovery. And the third episode, which is the one I was fortunate enough to get, is their reunion. And it is very heavy on the emo.” Later in the interview, Frakes discussed Trek’s newest stars. He showered praise on Book actor David Ajala before moving on to the newly announced Blu del Barrio (Adira)). ”Blu is so well cast that as the character reveals themself, I think they’ll be a new favorite. Much like Tilly—do you remember how offbeat and non-Star Trek Tilly felt in the beginning? Blu brings a different dynamic and a different color totally, but a brand new color to the palette of the group. Much in the way Tig [Notaro] did.” Star Trek: Discovery’s Pilot Doesn’t Soar on CBS In episode 476 of Priority One - released on September 4th - we told you about Star Trek: Discovery’s re-airing of its pilot - “The Vulcan Hello”. Want to know how that went? Are you sure? “The Vulcan Hello”, which originally aired on September 24, 2017, was repeated for terrestrial television audiences exactly three years later - September 24, 2020. Back in 2017, the series premiere - which aired at 8:30pm EST - pulled in a solid 9.5 million same-day-viewers, according to USA Today. Three years later, Variety reported  that viewership had dropped to a disappointing 1.7 million viewers, losing out to ABC’s season 5 premiere of “The Match Game” (2.9 million viewers). So what does that mean? Well, right now, it only means that “The Vulcan Hello” had 1.7 million viewers.  The three year old episode was, as mentioned previously, a repeat - even to Network television viewers. There’s no need to panic. Right? H. Jon Benjamin Talks Tribbles One of Star Trek’s most divisive episodes seems to be the Season 2 episode of “Short Treks” titled “The Trouble With Edward”. From the IMDB summary “Newly minted Captain Lynne Lucero is excited to take command of the U.S.S. Cabot. That is, until she meets Edward Larkin, an ornery scientist who believes he has found a revolutionary new use for tribbles.” You remember Larkin, right? The guy who wanted to breed Tribbles for food. That Edward Larkin. This week, Edward Larkin himself - H. Jon Benjamin - did absolutely nothing to ingratiate himself with the episode detractors. Benjamin sat down with to talk about Bob’s Burgers, Archer, and “The Trouble With Edward”. Benjamin admitted to report Craig S. Semon ”I never thought I would make it in the ‘Star Trek’ universe but I did.  I was a ‘Star Trek’ fan when I was a kid. It was really cool. I was thrilled to be asked.” On playing the - unique - character, Benjamin said ”It wasn’t particularly hard to play that guy, because he was oblivious. I’m not sure he knew how despicable he was. So that was the fun of it. From what I gathered, there are some ‘Star Trek’ fans that took issue with that the way tribbles were discovered. People get very deep into everything working perfectly or logically based on the ‘Star Trek’ universe. Maybe that was a problem, but that’s not my problem.” Finally, Benjamin addressed the fact that he may have been the first person to eat a Tribble, saying ”That’s true. But you never know. You never know if Scotty drunk ate one.” Star Trek Gaming News by Shane Hoover and Thomas Reynolds Cryptic Studios Announces Collaboration with Gameheads This week, it was announced that Cryptic Studios - the game development studio that designs Neverwinter, Champions Online, the upcoming Magic: Legends, and -- of course -- Star Trek Online --- has teamed up with a local organization called Gameheads. What’s important about this particular nonprofit organization, is that it welcomes low-income youth and youth of color between the ages of 15 to 24 in the Bay Area into a program that trains them in video game design, development, and DevOps.  Together, these young adults will work with experienced game developers at Cryptic to  “provide discipline-specific discussions, panels, and presentations and mentor students in their desired fields, such as Environment Art, Level Design, or Narrative Design.” Additionally, Cryptic has made a financial donation to Gameheads as well as the NAACP Personally, I believe this is an excellent partnership. You see, there is substantial evidence that points to a systemically racial barrier that makes it incredibly difficult for low-income youth of color to move up and out of poverty. Additionally, there’s evidence establishing inherent racism in technology… and no, I’m not saying your toaster burns your toast cuz you’re Carribean. But, what I am saying is that current algorithms -- those that drive facial recognition technology for example -- have time and again misidentified individuals of color. You see, to the ghost in the machine, anyone who’s not white pretty much looks the same…. But, the thing is… that ghost is programmed by an industry led -- predominantly - by white people. So, helping students break into the tech industry is one positive way of ensuring that the tech industry remains inclusive and equitable… for the consumer and for developers.. A New Event! A New Event Prize Concept! By Shane Hoover In a blog posted Tuesday September 29th, Ambassador Kael announced an upcoming event to accompany the next Year of Klingon content release. This “Widening Gyre” event runs from October 6th through November 5th on PC. No details are provided yet about the Event itself, but the Grand Prize is breaking new ground for STO events. By completing 20 daily progress cycles in the Widening Gyre, Captains can obtain an entire 4 piece space equipment set, the Imperial Rift Space Set. So far details are scant on the set pieces, but the descriptions provided in the blog point toward a Science-based set that is trying to synergize control abilities with energy weapons. It’s too soon to give you a verdict on how we think it’ll perform, but stay tuned, Captains. Once the stats are released, you can bet we’ll be sharing our evaluations on the next show! It is said that reputation is everything. Ah, the daily grind. It’s just part of the MMO experience, right? You run the same missions over and over to gain a reward that takes days, months or years to complete. However, if you’re tired of grinding marks for another reputation system in STO, then you will be pleased with the latest news. You can now skip the grind. Well, you can skip some of the grind. Well, you can now skip some of the grind in one section of one part of the systems available to grind in STO.  Now available for purchase -  a Tier V Reputation buyout from the Zen store.  Starting at 3,000 Zen, you can pass go and proceed immediately to Tier V for a single reputation on a single character. Although, the price is reduced proportionately, depending on how much progress in that reputation you’ve already made. For example, if you’ve made it to Tier 3 and just are not able or willing to continue earning those marks and running the daily project, then the price of 3,000 zen is reduced proportionately. Keep in mind, if you thought you were getting around the grind - ha - nope. You will still have to spend at least 60 days getting to Tier 6. But, this is manageable with the Tier V mark reward amount, since you get at least 600 marks when you achieve Tier V - but you still have to run those daily projects What does this mean for you, the player - what type of player are you? New: Players new to the game should avoid this purchase as the process of leveling the reputation is something you will need to do anyway, unless you plan on buying it for all reputations, and even then, because this only goes up to tier 5 which isn’t even half the progress to tier 6.  Casual: Casual players may feel like this is a decent deal, skipping what seems like a significant in-game time sink. But if you consider yourself a casual player, 3000 Zen is probably not a small investment for you, and that can get you things you’ll use to play the game. Like an account-wide T6 ship, for instance. And if you’re paying to avoid playing the game, this really the hobby for you? Experienced: Experienced players will have a better understanding of exactly what they are getting out of the purchase and be better placed to evaluate if it’s worth the price to skip ahead a little. But in general? No. No player should purchase this.  Elite: Honestly, this seems like it’d be heresy to an elite player. Who already has all their reps finished anyway. Rainbow Tribbles, Because We’re Better Together By Thomas Reynolds Well, captains, the 2020 Summer Event has come and gone like a beautiful Risian sunset. You know, back when Risa had sunsets. And while we’ve all enjoyed our fast ships and fabulous costumes, there’s one event item that’s snuck in under the tachyon grid and into our hearts. The Rainbow Tribble grants you a 2.5% critical chance in ground combat when you pet it. That in itself is pretty good--but it stacks with each active Rainbow Tribble on your team. Hand one out to everyone on your away team, and you’ll be looking at a 12.5% crit chance buff to every team member. Rainbow Tribbles go for 50 Lohlunat Favors from the event store, or 1 million EC on the exchange at the time of writing--a pittance for this kind of power. OTHER GAMING NEWS Star Trek Adventures: The Blog of Dev So you backed the Humble Bundle. You have hundreds of dollars’ worth of prime Star Trek roleplaying material at your fingertips. Great. Now what? Well don’t worry, Modiphius has you covered. Posted on September 23rd, the first post of 2d20 developer Nathan Dowdell’s blog series will walk you through the basic concepts of Star Trek Adventures character creation. Much of it will look familiar to anyone who’s played RPGs in the past (you say “proficiencies,” I say “disciplines”). But it’s definitely encouraged reading, whether this is your first time on the Final Frontier or you’re back for more glorious battles.
This week on Episode 479 of Priority One --- We ‘Trek Out’ Star Trek’s Emmy Haul, Noah Hawley’s shelved Trek plans, Star Trek Universe’s New York Comic Con offerings, and Nostalgia at the movies! In Star Trek gaming, Timelines releases “Neither Created Nor Destroyed” and one of our audio editors, Gray, is stepping up to the mic for a look back at Gaming in the Star Trek Multiverse! Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages Let us know on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting our website! This Weeks Community Question Is: CQ: How do you feel about Noah Hawley’s Star Trek Film? Do you like the idea of moving away from Kirk and Picard? Do you think Federation Ideals should need to ‘be saved’? TREK IT OUT by Jake Morgan Star Trek’s Emmy Showing 2020’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards show was a lot like the year itself - unorthodox. The awards ceremony, which ran from September 14th to September 19th,  “honor[ed] outstanding artistic and technical achievement in a variety of television program genres, guest performances in weekly series, as well as exceptional work in the animation, reality and documentary categories.” The awards streamed throughout the week, and aired its final night on FXX ”Virtually-Live”. All nominees were required to pre-record an acceptance speech, the winners being played and the rest discarded. There was even a snafu when announcing the “Guest Actor in a Drama” - Ron Cephas Jones won, but Jason Bateman was announced the winner. Star Trek’s showing at the awards was much like the 2020 Creative Arts Emmy Awards Show and 2020 itself - a bit of a letdown. First, the good. On Wednesday September 16th, Trek took home its first Emmy Award. The crew behind “Star Trek: Picard” won the “Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special” for it’s work on the episode “Stardust City Rag”. The episode faced - and bested - some stiff competition, including  “The Mandalorian” and “ Westworld”. We would like to extend our congratulations to the team for its impressive win. For a full list of the winners, trek out our link to Variety in the show notes at Noah Hawley On His Trek Offering We’ve discussed unmade Star Trek movies Ad nauseam. Whether it’s S.J. Clarksons Kelvin IV, Tarantino’s piece of the action, or Noah Hawley’s recently shelved - and mystery shrouded - Star Trek offering; many many hours of talk have been had about zero hours of visual media. Guess what we’re going to do now? No, we’re not going to perform the Star Trek theme as a polka. Right? No? No. We’re going to talk about unmade Star Trek movies! But this time, we’re getting to pull back the veil of Noah Hawley’s script thanks to Hawley himself. Get your favorite sauce ready - we’ve got trek nuggets! On September 15th. Variety released an interview with Hawley, mainly talking about the upcoming fourth season of “Fargo” - of which Hawley created and serves as showrunner. Guess what else came up? No, not Polka Trek? What’s with you? He talked about his “in stasis” Star Trek script, saying ”We’re not doing Kirk and we’re not doing Picard. It’s a start from scratch that then allows us to do what we did with ‘Fargo,’ where for the first three hours you go, ‘Oh, it really has nothing to do with the movie,’ and then you find the money. So you reward the audience with a thing that they love.” Hawley With Later in the week, on September 18th, Entertainment Weekly released another article with the Writer/creator/showrunner to once again discuss Fargo’s fourth season - and Star Trek.  When asked about the script, Hawley explained ”I can't say much about it except it's an argument for why humanity should prevail and why we should come together and unite, which I think is important – to look at the United Federation of Planets and remember at some point Earth is what we are now and then we invented warp technology and met extraterrestrial life and everybody came together. But how? How did we get from where we are now to where they are then? And what happens if that utopian reality is challenged? There are times of challenge and war when we have to prove our values all over again. Maybe there's a time in the Federation where this ideal is challenged and it won't survive on its own. It needs to be saved.” Star Trek Universe’s NYCC Plans In episode 473 of Priority One, we talked about the Star Trek cinema shuffle, including Noah Hawley’s script rumors. We also discussed the cancellation of New York Comic Con’s in-person festivities. This week, ViacomCBS released its plans for the New York Comic Con Metaverse online portal! Starting Thursday October 8th at Noon - and totally ignoring Priority One’s production schedule - Star Trek takes the virtual stage with its Star Trek Universe offering. “Star Trek: Lower Decks” and “Star Trek: Discovery” are set to do the heavy lifting, with saying in part ”Join the creator of Star Trek: Lower Decks, Mike McMahan, and series voice cast for a special edition of CBS All Access’ official Star Trek after-show, “The Ready Room,” as they dive into the season one finale with host Wil Wheaton.”. The website continues ”Be the first to learn the latest about Star Trek: Discovery before season three premieres on Thursday, Oct. 15, exclusively on CBS All Access, in Canada on Bell Media's CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave, and on October 16 on Netflix in 188 countries. Join series stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman and Wilson Cruz; new cast members David Ajala, Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander; and series co-showrunners and executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise, for an exclusive conversation on what’s in store for the U.S.S. Discovery crew.” If you’re interested in trekking out ALL of ReedPop’s New York Comic Con offerings, TVLine posted a concise listing of the schedule.We’ll link that, and the other articles discussed, in our show notes. CBS Sunday Night Movies Returns If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, you likely had a few VHS tapes of your favorite movies, and some were probably recorded from their broadcast television airings. As such, you probably knew some - or all three - “Night at the Movies” Bumpers! Well break out the VCR, some Keebler Magic Middles Cookies, and your favorite Cabbage Patch Kid - CBS is about to get nostalgic. Sunday Night Movies is making a limited-run comeback! In the face of the current epidemic, Viacom CBS has decided to fill some scheduling holes with the old favorite - CBS Sunday Night Movies - using the recently-re-acquired Paramount Pictures library. Starting on October 4th at 9:30-11:30PM  ET/ 9PM-11PM PT with “Old School”, the movies will run for six non-consecutive weeks - with the first four being thematically scheduled for school release and Halloween respectively. Following “Old School” will be “Clueless”, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, and “Scream”. “Coming to America” will round out the offerings on November 29th, but the big news - for Star Trek fans, anyway - is that “Star Trek: Beyond” will get it’s Broadcast premiere on November 1st 8-11:00 PM, ET/PT! For a link to the full schedule, trek out the link in our show notes! Star Trek Gaming News by Shane Hoover and Thomas Reynolds Star Trek Timelines “Neither Created Nor Destroyed” From September 24th through the 28th, Ferengi, Augments, and Bajorans will destructively interfere with each other in Star Trek Timelines’ “Law of Conservation” Galaxy Event. Emory Erickson and Altan Inigo Soong beam in as event crew, assuming Transporter Chief Rand gets their transport patterns straightened out. Whoever prevails will claim Roger Korby as the event’s ranked reward...or is it actually his android duplicate? Who can tell? RETROTREK The world of Star Trek gaming is vast and varied. We want to spotlight some previously released Star Trek games. Whether to celebrate a classic, or make a new introduction, we’re slingshotting around the sun for our new regular segment, RetroTrek. And now, here’s Gray with a popular Star Trek video game celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Game: Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
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