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Author: Daren Wride

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Helping pastors and their spouses craft a focused, sustainable life and ministry.
282 Episodes
How can you fulfill your primary calling- making disciples- if you aren’t clear on what a disciple is? Here’s a way to help get it clear in your heart and mind.
It’s been fun, and a little stressful perhaps, learning new tools and tactics for ministry in an online world. It’s time to get back to business and refocus on our core purpose: Making Disciples.
You can’t teach your way out of a leadership challenge…etc
What do you do when you face big changes in your life? Here is a practice my wife and I have found essential.
Dentists are seeing more cracked teeth these days due to higher stress. How are you handling the added stress of the season?
Due to some significant shifts in eating patterns in this calendar year, the change in routine due to Covid has been a health boost in our home.
As with a financial windfall, don’t squander a sudden surplus of time. Here are some ideas on how to strategically use extra time in your schedule.
Want to get hired as a lead pastor? Make sure this trait is genuinely displayed in your life.
My wife and I will not get an extended time off this summer. Here’s why it’s going to be okay.
The story of a pastor who walked through deep, long term addiction.
Here are some lessons and tips from the front lines of producing sermons for virtual church.
Let’s take this opportunity to repurpose our churches and ministries.
What are you doing to make sure you are functioning well when the world around you, or your workplace, is in turmoil? Here are four simple things that will help keep you stable and sustainable.
All kinds of “pivots” being recommended and discussed in these days. Here’s one that I think we’re missing.
This episode is an excerpt from a larger interview I did with Stuart McKnight of I’d asked him a question about some content he’d produced titled “A Theology of Covid.” His comments relate to any crisis situation and will give you food for thought as to how you process and interpret tragedies of any kind. You can see the entire interview on my blog at and you can learn more about Stuart and at, you guess it,
When you face a crisis or challenge, there is a tool or skillset you will naturally draw upon in order to deal with that crisis. But is it the tool that is needed?
Some, simple, easy to establish habits that will make you more effective while working from home.
What if your focus was mission rather than institutional survival?
Here are two simply steps you can take to get your bearings in a new ministry context.
When the dust settles how many pastors will no longer be employed as pastors for a substantial period of time?
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