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Author: Daren Wride

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Helping pastors and their spouses craft a focused, sustainable life and ministry.
260 Episodes
As more and more churches are compelled to go online, we need to think through what is different about an online vs live experience. 
A bit of my experience in preaching multiple services over the weekend and some things I've learned along the way.
The way we do church has changed in the past week, and will continue to change. How will you adapt your ministry?
Sharing some experience and advice for how to deal with crisis from the pulpit.
Are you focusing more on being called out or sent out?
Important information about being intentional with the discipleship pathway in your church.
What can we learn and takeaway from listening to people who are in a variety of ages and stages of ministry?
Wrestling with the question of ministry competition within the Church.
Personal accountability is important, especially as a leader. Here is how I keep myself accountable and keep myself on track.
Where are you trying to grow and develop right now? Be sure maintain the posture of a beginner and revisit the basics!
A question from a friend that got me thinking about the big picture of all I do. Get the Weekly Planning Template Here. 
Two nuggets from an influential  leader who recently died.
The final instalment of "Planning Your Year" sermon.
Part 3 of the "Planning Your Year" sermon. 
Part 2 of my sermon titled "Planning Your Year".
Part 1 of a recent sermon of the same title that I recently preached.
Here’s a little “digestive reset” we do from time to time that often snaps me out of a season of not feeling very well.
Here’s what happens to your time if you don’t pin it down!
Why it’s important for ministry people to track how many hours they work.
As a preacher or Bible teacher, do you lean toward clear and simple, deep and novel, or manage to marry the two?
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