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Author: Daren Wride

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Helping pastors and their spouses craft a focused, sustainable life and ministry.
304 Episodes
Did you know that being in a position of power can create things in your heart and mind that can damage your leadership? Here’s what’s happening and how you can protect yourself. Here is the link mentioned in the episode:
How many of these ways are you being paid? What you to do if you are underpaid in these areas.
The primary activity of churches, pastors, indeed all followers of Jesus Christ is to be making disciples. The book DNA of a Christ Follower unpacks the “what.” Here is how we are beginning to answer the “how.”
Introducing the new Disciple Making podcast with Daren Wride and Tim Beadle.
Yep, made it to 300 episodes! Here is a review of where this podcast has come from, where it is going, and one big lesson for you to apply in your life and ministry.
When we think our role as pastors and Christian leaders is to build the church, we might be distracted from the real calling of making disciples.
Do you feel like a success in your ministry? How do you define and measure success? Consider these seven metrics.
He was adamant: “It’s broken, we know it’s broken!” Do you agree that the way we generally do church is broken? How do we ask these kinds of questions and address the challenges without being…jerks?
Are you speaking in a way that people can understand? There are some simple principles and tools that can help.
Have you taken the time to figure out the kind of person you are especially called to reach as a disciple who makes disciples?
The question is “What is the greatest current hindrance, bottleneck or hurdle to your church moving ahead?” You probably won’t like the answer.
Yeah, I’m tired of those words too! It’s time to quit expected stability and retool for rapid constant change.
Sometimes life and ministry is about working a plan, but sometimes it’s about recognizing and responding to interruptions.
Young or new pastors seem to face an inordinate amount of attack. Here’s why and here’s what do to about it.
Here is a simple idea to carry with you into the year that will help keep everything else aligned.
A report on my 38 days of “nightmare mode” and some thoughts about moving forward into the New Year.
Here is a technique I learned from an “interesting” marketer and Youtube personality for focusing in and getting some important things done.
Have you ever stopped to think how many truths and applications the people you serve are exposed to through our ministry? How do we keep this volume of t-units from overwhelming them and helping them develop the habit of NOT applying the Word?
We sometimes think that if our job it tough, then we're not where we're supposed to be. What if leadership is supposed to be challenging?
Sometimes the hits we take in leadership cause us to pull back from the gifts and callings we have received.
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