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Pro Beauty Talks is a weekly podcast series that delivers information, education, and inspiration from leaders in the professional beauty industry. Whether someone is already in the beauty business or has a passion for beauty and is simply interested in learning more, this is the podcast series for them. Our listening audience will hear from some of the most successful leaders, gurus, and influencers in the profession, including interviews with leading hairdressers, executives from successful product companies, and owners of top salons. Pro Beauty Talks is the go-to source of information about the latest trends, products, and the business of beauty.
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Beth Bewley founded Eufora, a professional clean beauty hair care brand, with her husband, Don in 1997. As a former television producer and owner of a video production and marketing company, she started working behind the scenes for Eufora, managing product development, education programs, and day to day operations. After Don's passing in 2015, Beth chose to step out of her comfort zone and assume the mantel of CEO. Beth's two children now work alongside her at Eufora, continuing the legacy Beth and Don started over 20 years ago. In this podcast, Melanie and Beth talk about the industry in relation to COVID-19 and provides her thoughts and insights into the effects and necessary recovery efforts in the beauty industry. For more information about Eufora and the incredible salon programs they offer, please visit  
Chadwick and Igor have devoted their careers to becoming the world's greatest curl and texture experts. With almost 40 years of experience in the hair industry and diving themselves deep in the world of curls, they have made an impact on thousands of women worldwide. Giving the proper education to each client who sits before them, these two have successfully encouraged their clients to change the way they think about their image and to embrace their natural beauty. In today's world, women constantly want what they don't have. Chadwick and Igor help women recognize that beauty is not only an appearance, its an act. Igor's creative mind and Chadwick's understanding of others needs, they have been able to create a company that changes the way you think about the common house-hold beauty tools and products. Their determination to invent innovative products helping those around the world is inspiring. This is only the beginning of the story, and by listening to this podcast you will feel the love and devotion that they share to help and serve others.
Meryl Kern was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. After her diagnosis, she began to experience a loss of her sense of beauty and sexuality. So Meryl founded Liftique, the first and only Integrated Plastic Surgery and Urogynecology practice in the USA. Kern wanted to create a unique one-stop holistic practice for women where they can get support and solutions from head to toes that are non-surgical, minimally invasive and as natural as possible in order to look radiant, feel confident and live well. After surviving multiple surgeries, Meryl's focus is on non-surgical solutions to address concerns of cancer survivors and other women. In this podcast, Meryl talks about age and the importance of how looking good makes you feel good.  She shares what led to the creation of solutions for the total body, even those that make you "blush".  For more information about Liftique and Meryl, please visit
Linh Phan and Maggie Hancock are powerful beauty industry influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. They are also a power couple and share their love for hair and life. They are uber-talented, sincere, focused, and authentic. I would like to say they are fearless but they would say they have fears just like anyone else. The difference? They move forward even in the face of overwhelming obstacles. Maggie has been a passionate hair connoisseur since she was a child and hair was her destiny. When she got out of school she assisted for a year, worked in a commission salon, owned a salon suite, did chair rental and now owns Moxie salon in old town Scottsdale. She is an international educator with 3 BTC OneShot Awards under her belt. Additionally, she is a member of the Schwarzkopf Professional Artistic Team and a mom to her beautiful son. Linh has been doing hair for over 10 years and considers himself a self-made man that started with nothing and built a name for himself in his uncle's basement. He specialized in edgy, unique cuts and color that didn't fit the basic mold. Also, a member of the Schwarzkopf Professional Artistic Team, his eccentric style attracted a lot of "scene" people. This is what inspired his iconic pseudonym, BESCENE. This dynamic duo had a creative vision. They developed a concept, story, vision board, and compelling authentic passion around what they believed was a fact: that everyone in the world could be blonde, no matter their ethnicity. "One Nation Under Blonde" was born and made a reality. Maggie and Linh brought the concept to SchwarzkopfUSA, they loved it and gave these artists complete and free creative rein to make One Nation Under Blonde come alive. The campaign went viral and continues to break records. This podcast was different for Pro Beauty Talks because it was the first time we simultaneously recorded both video and audio for future production uses. We were on location in one of the studios at the Schwarzkopf headquarters in Culver City, California I hope you enjoy Maggie and Linh's story about how they made One Nation Under Blonde come alive, what the toughest parts were, and what it is like to work together.
Beauty Changes Lives is leading a disruptive, hyper-targeted, social advertising campaign uniting some of beauty’s most influential brands, salons, and media voices. The “Make Your Mark” campaign aims to transform traditional perceptions about careers in beauty and raise awareness of the career opportunities, possibilities and potential available to licensed beauty professionals. COTY and Ratner Companies are the first two partners to join the campaign. COTY has pledged $100,000 to Make Your Mark and Ratner Companies has pledged a $25,000 campaign contribution. The program is endorsed by the Beauty Changes Lives board of directors, representing some of the most respected names in beauty including Bellus Academy, CND, Cosmoprof, COTY, Kao, Loreal, Make-Up Designory, Paul Mitchell, Pivot Point, Ratner Companies, TIGI, and Unilever. Beauty Changes Lives and its partners aim to raise $1M by 2020 to fund the first phase of the campaign launching January 2020. Our guest is Lynelle Lynch, President, and Owner of Bellus Academy. She is also the founder and President of Beauty Changes Lives. Lynelle will share her story and how she got involved in the beauty industry. She will also discuss how this non-profit 501-c3 impacts future beauty professionals. Since 2012, Beauty Changes Lives has awarded nearly 550 scholarships and changed countless lives. Lynelle talks about the annual Beauty Changes Lives Experience as a key fundraiser for the organization and how BCL works with leaders across specialties to sponsor scholarships, foster mentorships and provide the stage on which to showcase our individual and industry impact. Learn more at or find us on Facebook and Instagram.
Nick Stenson has established himself as an expert in an ever-changing industry and is currently leading the charge for trend innovation at Ulta Beauty in the core areas of hair, skin and makeup services. He is passionate about the success of the beauty industry and as the Artistic Director and celebrity stylist for Matrix, a L'OREAL brand, Nick serves as a platform artist and spokesperson to some of the world’s best stylists at national venues. His video education series has taught techniques to thousands of stylists online. As a beauty expert and color specialist, Nick has hand-developed some of the industry’s most popular trends using prestigious hair color portfolios for Matrix Professional Haircare and Color and has styled Fergie and Nicky Hilton and many more celebrities. His vision for services at Ulta Beauty has led to the creation of the Pro Team, a first of its kind team of influencers and educators who represent some of the biggest brands in the Industry. Together the Pro Team influence and develop stylists and share the beauty industries values, culture and talent. Nick leads the corporate services team to develop and drive the strategic vision and execution of the services business including services innovation, education, marketing, and events. Using a platform that spans frequent appearances on national television, the covers of prestigious industry and consumer magazines, and stages across the industry, Nick is passionate about leaving his mark as a respected professional voice and face of the industry, one known for challenging the world to recognize the beauty. In this podcast, Nick reflects back on his beginning years as a hairdresser and shares his thoughts about the importance of manifesting what you desire in your life.  Please enjoy my interview with Nick Stenson.
After getting her Industrial Engineering degree, Diana dove head first into corporate America taking her first job as Associate Brand Manager at Procter and Gamble. She spent 8 years at P&G, lived in 4 different countries and developed her passion for the beauty industry when working on developing the makeup and skin care line for Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci as Global Brand Manager. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, she was in charge of conceptual product development, marketing, global expansion and celebrity relationships including Scarlett Johansson, Monica Bellucci and Felicity Jones.  The next step in Diana’s career was a category jump to the telecommunications world focused on Latin America. The valuable lessons served her well, yet a return to beauty was eminent. After leaving Palladio Beauty, she decided it was time to live her dream by creating a brand that really makes a difference in the world and No B.S. Skincare was born. This innovative indie beauty brand featured in Refinery29, Cosmopolitan and Business Insider, prides themselves on creating a new kind of skincare by bridging the gap and making it easy and affordable for everyone to have a chemical-free and eco-friendly beauty routine. Because, let’s face it, not everyone has the time for a 12 step K-beauty routine or money for a $300 bottle of champagne serum!  Listen as Diana talks about her brand and the cult-like following it has enjoyed. This talented female founder of No B.S. has a contagious enthusiasm for this beautiful brand. Trust me, I have started using many of the products and I have to say, they are no B.S. Enjoy my chat with Diana Briceno!
Boom Boom Brow Bar is 11 years strong!! As one of the first walk-in brow bars in NYC, Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom) empowers others to celebrate their own personal gorgeousness without breaking the bank or making appointments. She makes brows fast, convenient, affordable and FUN-27K+ served last year…377K+ since 2008! Brow Power to the People! A self-proclaimed eyebrow queen, Boom Boom went to the Fashion Institute of Technology, trained as an esthetician, and is now a top brow educator-IBS New York is a constant. She knows there’s no such thing as natural beauty, but she does believe a perfectly done brow is an instant eye-lift. The K-BOOM Brow being the most popular style- a long, full, straight brow with less of an arch. Boom Boom believes that shaping brows while sitting up is the best. It allows for symmetrical arches and better judgement of where brows should begin and end in relation to the other features on the face, which helps to make them proportionate. Features get distorted when lying down, making it harder to create a shape that will ultimately look good when standing up. She also uses Flash Wax, a low-temperature, creamy, soothing lavender was that’s super gentle- even on sensitive skin! In this podcast, Malynda shares how she started her brow queen journey and grew her business to serve over 75 clients a day. She also talks about all things brows and her philosophy on creating the perfect brow service for each client's individual needs. As a successful businesswoman, Malynda shares her thoughts about the importance of work-life balance and why bigger isn’t always better. The New York Times loves Boom Boom: Vogue does too: Refinery29 named Boom Boom Brow Bar one of the top 10 spots to get the best brows ever: Just walk-in…The Real Housewives of New York did! Also seen in In Style, Bustle, Byrdie, PopSugar, The Knot, Nylon, Vogue UK, Spa Week, American Spa, Eye Lash, Newsday, The New York Post… Shop for products, services and gift cards on:  Instagram: @BoomBoomBrowBar Facebook: @BoomBoomBrowBar  Twitter: @BoomBoomBrowBar.  Contact:  Glow Communications 207-781-2598
Daisy Jing is the CEO and founder of Banish, a multimillion-dollar skincare company that only sells on its website, Daisy started Banish by accident; she had struggled with acne all her life and decided to create a YouTube channel documenting her struggle. That YouTube channel has over 700 videos and 70M views today. From there, she realized many current skincare ingredients such as fragrances or fillers break her out and so she created her own products out of her kitchen. All the products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, do not contain any of the ingredients that cause acne for her (namely silicones, mineral oil, petroleum, artificial preservatives colors and fragrances). The rest is history. Daisy was awarded Forbes '30 under 30' in manufacturing, as well as an Inc.500 entrepreneur and awarded in LA's "Fastest-growing female-owned companies in Los Angeles". She also serves on the board Of Entrepreneur Organization-Los Angeles, is a member of Young Entrepreneur Council, and has sponsored and mentored many young female entrepreneurs through her alumni, the Duke Alumni Association. Most recently, she is a TEDx speaker and speaks regularly about the struggles we battle with perfection and how to overcome our own inner critic. In our girl to girl talk, Daisy and I discussed what it was like to grow up feeling unattractive and having acne at a very tender age in a girl’s growing up years and what that was like. She candidly shares how she started with her first YouTube video in 2009 with absolutely no idea she would attract such a following. Her purpose was to help others with similar issues or concerns and she did that. This became her passion. In 2013 she decided to create Banish with the same goals. To help people who have skin issues. Daisy talks about how she uses social media with intention and purpose and how she avoids the "device addiction" so many people have. Yet, she also talks about the “skin positivity” movement and how that message IS supported through social media and specifically Instagram.  Daisy is focused, driven, and committed to making a difference and she has grown her business into a multi-million-dollar company. At the same time, her number one goal is to help others with similar issues and helping them overcome their own inner critic.  She has generously offered listeners of this podcast the opportunity to enjoy $10.00 off your purchase of Banish products by using this special code: The URL will be in our show notes. Enjoy my chat with Daisy Jing, CEO, and Founder of Banish Inc.
Sara Happ is the founder and CEO of Sara Happ Inc. a beauty company creating luxury lip products sold in 400 stores nationwide and distributed in 20 countries. Started in 2005, they are best known for launching the first-to-mass lip exfoliator of its kind, The Lip Scrub, and the cult-adored glossy balm, The Lip Slip: One Luxe Balm. A Chicago native and USC alumna, Happ began formulating the "lip scrub" while working for ESPN in Connecticut where the freezing winters left her with persistently chapped lips. When a Google search for "lip scrub" returned no results, Happ decided to create what simply did not exist. A broadcast journalist, Happ knew nothing about the cosmetic chemistry but knew exactly how she wanted her Lip Scrub to feel and taste- and more importantly, the results it needed to deliver. Using her kitchen as a test laboratory, she concocted The Lip Scrub through trial and error, mixing sugar and essential oils to produce an exfoliant that transformed the texture of lips, instantly.  Sara Happ is a celebrity favorite and has become a must-have for celebrities including Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, and many more. Host Melanie Kopeikin has been a devotee to the entire range of lip care products created by Sara including her favorites the Lip Slip and Dream Slip. Sara shares her story and what it was like to grow her business from the kitchen to where she is today. She also talks about life, leadership, and priorities.
Greg Gilmore is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. He has spent more than 15 years mastering the art of hair. He has developed into a unique, talented and comprehensive hair master possessing a true passion for the beauty industry and hair care. At the early age of 16, Greg began assisting and shampooing in local salons. He was eager to get a jump-start on his peers by learning everything he could about hair prior to graduating from cosmetology school in 2004. Greg Gilmore's years of concentration in haircuts and color services have made him one of Los Angeles's top Haircut Experts and Colorists specializing in textured hair. Today, Greg has continued to invest in himself by taking additional education courses in color theory by Paul Mitchell Color Systems, L’Oreal Professional, as well as acquiring a diploma from Vidal Sassoon Academy for Advanced Haircuts.  Greg Gilmore was named one of Cleveland’s top 50 stylists by Blow Magazine in both 2008 and 2009. He was featured as a platform artist at the 2011 Spectrum Beauty Expo in Los Angeles. He was also featured as a platform artist at the 2016 Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show and has had work featured on all major news networks such as NBC, FOX, and CBS. Currently, Greg is an Associate Artist/Educator representing one of the world's leading texture brands; Design Essentials. Greg provides product knowledge and speaking engagements all throughout the United States. Greg was also named Design Essentials Artistic Educator of the Year in 2018. He has done work on award shows such as the ESPY Awards, NAACP Image Awards, Bet Awards Red Carpet as well as VH1’s Basketball Wives Reunion Show. Greg's work has been published in magazine's such as Rolling Out, Runway, Upscale magazine and many other publications and television shows that showcase the hair artistry of Greg Gilmore. Greg has been requested by the likes of Toni Braxton and is currently working with notable clients including but not limited to Olympic Gold Medalist Dawn Harper, Moniece Slaughter from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, actress and model Rosa Acosta, reality TV stars Tami Roman, Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives, Actresses Rochelle Aytes, Angell Conwell, Vivica A. Fox, Amber Stevens West, and others. Those who have worked with Greg would say that he is an excellent conversationalist and clients affirm that he is the greatest at what he does. He is a trendsetter and has an unbelievable ability to transform hair into art. His life’s mission is to touch people’s lives in a positive way. His focus is to make a difference in the world however big or small and to encourage positive progression towards a better tomorrow one head at a time. Greg has a beautiful voice, is articulate and authentic. I learned a lot from him in this podcast. I learned about the importance of having goals and sticking to your dream. Please welcome my guest, extraordinary hairdresser Greg Gilmore
Katharin von Gavel is a trailblazer and an industry leader in the professional pedicure and foot care industry. Katharin spent the first 25 years of her career owning and operating Medi-Spas and Clinics in Canada, USA, South America, and Europe, with a subspecialty in advanced foot care. Always dedicated to education, training, and mentorship, in 2000 Katharin launched the North American School of Podology (NASP), offering a range of educational services to promote best practices, policies and standards for the pedicurist and foot care specialist. In 2007 Katharin recognized the need to increase the awareness and importance of healthy feet due to lifestyle changes and founded Footlogix, the world's first and only Pediceutical foot care line, with the simple philosophy to elevate the pedicure industry and provide professionals around the world with the means to give an exceptional foot care experience. In this podcast, Katharin shares her journey and her incredible focus on her vision for the company.
With decades behind the chair in “big beauty,” Innersense Organic Beauty Founder Greg Starkman’s fascination with the formulation and product development morphed into a passionate obsession after the birth of his special needs’ daughter. Recognizing the parallels between the toxins in conventional beauty products and the alarming number of health issues facing their industry peers, Morgan’s arrival cued Greg and his wife Joanne to trust their inner sense and an organic beauty company was born. As ingredient guru for the socially viral brand, Greg is a leading force in the safe cosmetics movement, pushing the boundaries of green and conscious chemistry with sustainably sourced and meticulously processed ingredients. The brand is lauded with a number of distinguished awards including an Allure Best of Beauty seal for its groundbreaking Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner duo and I Create Lift Volumizing Foam.  In this podcast, Greg shares his thoughts about the growth of clean and green beauty products and formulas. He talks about what we should be looking for in ingredients and the importance of mindful, and responsible manufacturing. Greg also shares his love story. He and Joanne have lovingly created this beautiful “conscious” brand while at the same time nurturing their lives together. Please enjoy my interview with Greg Starkman, CEO of InnerSense.
Ronit Enos is an award-winning ideation coach, public speaker, and business strategist. She practices innovative approaches that allow entrepreneurs to achieve optimal work/life balance. With a diverse leadership background in service and education, including as a special forces training instructor for The Israeli Defense Forces. With a background also as a flight attendant and caterer, she founded and owned Maxime Salon on the south shore of Massachusetts. The salon was an award-winning salon including recognition as Best of Boston, six Salon 200 awards and more. Ronit is a giver and she is inspired by inspiring others and helping them achieve their own personal greatness. So, she became a business strategist and coach. One of the programs that she facilitates is Salon Cadence.  In this podcast, Ronit provides insight on how to capture more time in our lives and how to think and behave like successful business owners. And, you can also make time to give and volunteer. As an example, Ronit’s company gives 1% of their earning to Hair to Stay and their members help do the same Check out what is going on with scalp cooling and the prevention of hair loss during chemo treatments. They just formed an alliance advisory board for hair to stay including Sidney Berry, Jim Bower (Salon Interactive) and Chris Nedza of Zeezor, and others (still in the works) to help grow the funding for men and women in the need of hair going through chemo.  In this podcast, you will hear Ronit talk about the importance of taking care of you first and how she does that for herself. Thank you for listening to Pro Beauty Talks with Ronit Enos
We are honored to welcome Robert Schaeffler back to the show today. You may remember that Robert was a guest on Pro Beauty Talks while he was an exec over at Henkel. We caught up with Robert in his new digs in NYC, where he is the CEO of the mega-niche brand Deva Curl. A little back story on this brand that is of interest. Deva Curl is a brand that was founded about 25 years ago and is a portfolio company of Ares Management, LP. Its legacy is as a founder organization. There are two Deva Curl Salons in the city, one in SOHO on Broome and the other on the upper west side on 79th. These two salons serve over 60,000 guests per year.  This growing category of specialty products, services, and education focuses on the needs of the “curly girl”. 65% of today’s population has some kind of texture to their hair. Our culture is changing and it couldn’t be more timely for curly girls and guys to have solutions they are afforded by Deva Curl. Hairdressers, get educated on how to please your curly, textured clients and possibly increase your clientele by a whopping 50%. As CEO, Schaeffler is poised to strengthen DevaCurl’s position as the #1 curly hair brand and build the business into the global leader of curly hair. Born in Germany with advanced degrees from the Asian and North American markets, he brings a diverse background with a keen understanding of the global haircare market. In this podcast, Robert gives us an inside look at the DevaCurl organization and what the future looks like for the company. He also shares his thoughts about his "open door and open floor" philosophy. Thank you for listening to this podcast with Robert Schaeffler CEO of DevaCurl.  
As a company grows and evolves it must continually and objectively assess its own effectiveness and make changes. Some may call it “course correction”, others may call it “self-disruption”. Whatever you call it, it is about not being afraid to take risks, do things differently, and trust your instincts. Sport Clips has done just that. This organization embraces change and taking necessary risks has contributed to its success.  Founded by Gordon Logan more than 25 years ago with the first location being in Austin, Texas, the salon chain now boasts more than 1800 locations in the US and Canada. There is no doubt that embracing change comes from the top and that it continues to be one of the most powerful strategies for success. In this episode, Melanie interviews Julie Vargas and Mandy Friendshuh. Julie is an innovative, results-driven leader with over 28 years of experience in the industry. She currently serves as Vice President of Career Opportunities at Sport Clips. Julie has been with the company since the beginning. She is responsible for creating and building strong programs, sourcing, training, and driving brand awareness.  Mandy is Sport Clips’ Director of Technical and Operational Success. She brings with her over ten years of experience in the beauty industry.  These wise women share their thoughts about why they decided to make changes in Sport Clips' educational strategies, what they did to smooth the transition and create buy-in from their team. In this podcast, you will hear their advice about how to embrace change, create a pathway and vision for the team, and how important collaboration is when activating new initiatives. Please welcome Julie and Mandy from Sport Clips
Our guests on today’s episode are Scott Nichols and Patrick Butler from Floyd’s 99 Barbershop. These two "show up" and represent this incredible organization in very important and meaningful ways. Floyd’s is an alternative twist on an old school classic established in 1999 by brothers Paul, Rob and Bill O'Brien. Floyd’s is not a traditional barbershop. It has thrived over the past twenty years and carved out its niche in this industry. Interestingly, Floyd’s 99 stylists and barbers offer a wide range of services for men & women.. Each salon is designed to have a fun, engaging neighborhood hangout vibe with great music, high energy and lively conversations taking place. Of note, are the unique murals that are painted on the exteriors of the buildings. This spells out the individualism of each location. Patrick is the Technical Director of Education at Floyd’s and has over 25 years of industry experience. He spent 10 years at American Crew as an International Educator where he helped to establish technical academies across North America, Europe, and Asia. He has taught men’s haircutting and grooming in over 10 different countries and possesses a strong background in beauty and grooming product sales and distribution. Scott is a franchising guru. Recently appointed to lead Floyd’s franchise related efforts, he brings over 25 years of franchise experience working for nationally-recognized brands like Dunkin’ and Jimmy Johns. Scott will refine the company’s franchise program and build a solid foundation that will work to take the brand to its targeted expansion goals. In this podcast, Patrick and Scott share their thoughts about Floyd’s, which makes it a very special place to work, and what makes it unique. They also give us some insight as to what has made them successful and their vision for the future. Thank you for listening to my interview with Patrick Butler and Scott Nichols from Floyd’s 99 Barbershop!
Sam Villa is changing the industry, one hairdresser at a time. Whether teaching face-to-face in small hands-on classes, on the main stage or reaching his millions of social media followers, Sam changes people. He is a true leader that brings out the best in others. As the 2017 NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, he is known for doing things differently to challenge, inspire and motivate change. In this podcast, Sam talks candidly about his journey from being an athlete to a hairdresser inspired by his father who was a barber and Vidal Sassoon. This icon shares his views on education and the importance of continuously growing your skills. He also advises salons and stylists on why they need to view retailing differently and he provides some great tips for re-thinking your retail strategies.  Follow Sam: Facebook: @SamVillaPros YouTube: @SamVillaHair Twitter: @SamVillaPro Instagram,: @SamVillaHair Pinterest: @SamVillaHair
Meet the creative geniuses and co-founders of The Longhairs. This is a company that is all about men with long hair. These "out of the industry" mavericks found a unique niche for guys with "flow". They advocate for hair equality and celebrate men's long manes with hair whips and high fives. They also make Hair Ties For Guys, the finest men's hair ties in the world, and other superior products for men with "lettuce". They are just launching their specialized hair care products designed especially for this global fraternity. Co-founders Chris Healy aka "El Rubio" and Lindsay Barto aka "El Moreno", were college fraternity brothers who started a digital marketing agency in 2012. Inspired by the notion that men shouldn't have to wear the same hair ties as their little sisters, they started The Longhairs as a blog, publishing original content every week and eventually launching Hair Ties For Guys. El Rubio is a writer, traveler, avid skier, and recreational athlete. El Moreno is a creative technology and interactive media enthusiast and recreational athlete with a wife and two daughters. Listen as the Longhairs share their story including how they ended up on Shark Tank and how they enjoy being business partners with Mark Cuban. They will also share all the 411 about The Great Cut, a record-setting charity event they held early in the year. This incredible record-breaking event resulted in a donation of 339 pounds of hair to Children With Hair Loss. Thank you for listening to this podcast with the Longhairs.  
Angel del Solar knows there is a difference between living by design versus living by default. Angel and his partners did just that. They worked hard and achieved their goals when they developed the prestige grooming brand 18.21 Man Made. Cofounders Aston LaFon, Angel del Solar and David del Solar saw a deficit in the male grooming market and they went for it. Why 18.21 Man Made? The name references two amendments to the U.S. Constitution—the 18th, which initiated Prohibition, and the 21st, which ended the national ban on alcohol. Because these mavericks couldn’t find the men’s goods they had been searching for, they decided to “bootleg” their own. The bottles are cleverly designed to look like old-time beer cans and whiskey flasks! In this podcast, Angel shares his journey as a young hairdresser from Pamplona, Spain to Seattle, Washington where he worked for Gene Juarez Salon and Spa. He then on to open Angelo Mendi salons. After that, he joined the Pureology creative team, and then Enjoy as an art director. Serendipitously, he and LaFon met, had common beliefs and ideas and they became colleagues and friends. After a few years, the two decided to collaborate and they became partners in a distribution group called Credible Culture, in Texas. Angel shares how his brother David joined the business. The three of them ultimately designed a distinctly masculine line that gentlemen could own with pride. Listen as Angel shares his 3 guiding “rules” that none of the partners deviated from as 18.21 Man Made came to life. These three non-negotiables were each product had to look cool, smell great, and perform.  This clearly has been accomplished. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @1821manmade
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