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Author: @teamhumble & @dayleeo

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Welcome to ProductSense! The show where we talk about our favorite Eco Friendly Tech Products shared on, a blockchain product discovery website! → find us on twitter → @philcampbell and @dayleeo → discord → Support this podcast:
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cHK0C2ynHWiOz9va0faYwe finally managed to get a podcast up for today, we should be  able to do positively negative as well, we are just grabbing lunch and  then we should be able to have an easter monday chilled chat after that  -- we wanted to get product sense done first however because we have  some @steemhunt token news about daybit and coingecko!--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
steemhunt is nearly the end of the IEO run and it's been a total  success.  now i'm starting to see a bunch more dApps and projects (even  outside of the steem blockchain) doing IEO's -- i wanted to quickly  touch on that today and also give you a bit more information about the  steemhunt project. dayle also gave us three products she loved on  steemhunt this week too! :) enjoy! :)--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
feels good in life when you back the right horse, when you can see  how community has moved forward and evolved, when the people you back with your time do the thing they say they were going to do and you can see how speculation can turn into something less formless and into  something with substance -- the future is very bright for the steemhunt team and product verticals moving forward.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
incredible news this morning from the @steemhunt project that their first IEO sale on an exchange sold out in 3 MINUTES -- as mods on the steemhunt platform obviously we are over the moon about the potential of the HUNT token moving forward and we are looking forward to the reviewhunt vertical more than ever -- it's a fast show today, twenty minutes as we are recording in the morning and we have a busy day ahead. Send in a voice message: this podcast:'S PICKS'S PICKS==== so want a bunch of real world activities i can tend to each day,  hydroponics, bees, like real world actions, each dapp enabled, that  others globally can take part in. cannabis money end up doing good in society Send in a voice message: this podcast:
we manage to get our back to back podcasts done today  ( and productsense (yay go us!) -- we discuss a few  of the recent posts by @steemhunt and then get into some ecohunts from the steemhunt platform and talk about packaging and brand advocates on youtube--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
just sneaked in the last product sense of the month of january, a little bit of a chat about all things grains and pulses, the need for an instant pot (and a tesla) and discussion of hype over actuality when it comes to redesigning the whole packaging ecosystem.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
videohunt? also reviewhunt.. .http://block-review.comprice of HUNT tokens -- (Initial Exchange Offering) from Dayle. .. Send in a voice message: this podcast:
like we really really wanted to sneak a little show in before  the new year and all the buzz factor of the new year and everything so  we just got it together and knocked it outta the park -- wishing you all  an amazing 2019 and maybe to making some major eco changes in your  lives next year!---- PHIL DAYLE1-- Bioskin — Planty square — Ecobox — Send in a voice message: this podcast:
consider WAY past the GIFT, think of your health and the planets health. is entering oceans in increasing amounts, and scientists expect it to outweigh all fish in oceans by 2050 (32 years from now)-- from a UN report... 90.5 percent of the 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste produced since mass production began about 60 years ago is now lying around our planet in landfills and oceans or has been incinerated. If we don’t change our ways, by 2050, there will be about 12 billion metric tons of plastic waste---- great pacific garbage patch (kinda working, long way to go) x ECO STYLE HUNTS (from @steemhunt) Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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