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219. 12 Steps to Goal Setting
Let's continue with the 5 Steps To Improving LinkedIn Connections with Adam FranklinWhat message to send?What happens when you don't get a response?How many follow-up messages should you send?Should you offer a content/resource? Marketing giveaway?What engaging messages can you try?Are video/audio messages better than sentence text messages?How do you know if the contact is interested in your offer?What are the things that would demonstrate a connection's interest?What to do with people who don't have time to consume your offered content but are those who need your content the most?When do you offer a 15-minute call with a prospect?When to offer your prospect to book a sales call?What to do when prospects have expressed their interest in your offer?What are the biggest challenges and how to overcome them when making connections on LinkedIn?How to grow your email list while improving connections on LinkedIn?How to optimize your LinkedIn profile?
Why LinkedIn? How does an entrepreneur, a coach, or a consultant use LinkedIn to win high-value clients?How do you invite your prospects to connect with you on LinkedIn without being annoying and spammy?How important is it to have a good LinkedIn profile that prospects can check out when deciding whether or not to connect with you on LinkedIn?When should you pitch or offer your product or service to prospects and how to nurture the connection?We spoke with Adam Franklin of on how to utilize LinkedIn as a marketing and networking tool for your business.Adam Franklin is the author of Web Marketing That Works and Amazon no.1 seller. He is a professional speaker, a university lecturer, and CEO of Bluewire Media.
The digital marketing landscape appears to be changing."You can't market to your customers anymore. You need to market with them. Bringing the customer along for the journey is the cost of entry." The good news is, you don't have to sell your product or service. You can focus on making your products great, and building a loyal customer base. If you deliver outstanding customer service, your customers will tell their friends — they’ll do the marketing for you.
Youtube as a way to grow your business.
Learn how we can make SEO strategies work for your business!
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How To Create A Minimum Viable Offer with Shelley Brander   Links Mentioned: Related Episodes: 148. How Julie Cairns used Self-awareness and Mindset to drive a $6 Million Turnaround 202. The Offer Creation Process in 5 steps with Micheal Maidens 200. Seth Godin on Marketing strategy - with Ash Roy 026. Survey Funnel Formula with Ryan Levesque - How to ask your way to profit  201. Should you launch your own online course? Take this 2-minute course with Amy Porterfield Now 142. Havard Asst. Professor of Psychiatry - Dr. Srini Pillay - On The Power of The Unfocused 061. Why Attention is the New Currency with Kevin Rogers Ash Roy (00:20): Welcome back to the Productive Insights Podcast. This is Ash Roy, the founder of and the host of the Productive Insights Podcast. Today, I have a very special guest Shelley Brander, and we are going to talk about Minimum Viable Offers and lots more after a successful career as a copywriter and a broadcast producer, creating campaigns for AT&T, Hardrock and other large corporations, Shelley followed her passion and started an improbable side hustle. She opened a local yarn store. Yes, you heard that right - a local yarn store. She and her team of Loops troops have since grown LOOPS into a global brand that's on the forefront of the Modern Maker Movement and includes, and Knit Stars, a global online learning adventure. She's on a mission to knit the world together, and goodness knows we need that right now. She's the author of the book, Move The Needle, which is coming soon to a screen or a bookshelf near you and something I've had the pleasure of having a quick sneak peek at, so thank you for that Shelley. Today, I'm delighted to welcome Shelley Brander from Welcome Shelley! Shelley Brander (01:33): Hi! Thank you so much for having me today. I'm so glad to be here with you. Ash Roy (01:37): It's a real pleasure to have you Shelley, and thank you very much for sharing the manuscript with me. I've had a quick look at it and I absolutely love that little story you share about the tricycle at the very start. So we're going to come and talk about that in a minute, but before we talk about that story, can you give us the quick download on how you went from being a broadcast producer and copywriter for big brands like AT&T and Hardrock to a yarn store, specifically, talk to us about how you came up with that minimum viable offer - that little seed that led to a thriving business, which you now have in a very unlikely niche. Shelley Brander (02:14): Sure. Yes. It was definitely a giant pivot. And the number one question that I get asked, and for me, I sort of hit that wall with advertising. I loved the storytelling. I loved getting to know people and I love connecting with people, but I got to the point that the selling part of it just, I didn't want to do that for the rest of my life....
The Offer Creation Process in 5 steps with Michael Maidens   Links Mentioned: * * * * * Related Episodes: * 175. James Clear On Atomic Habits: An Easy Way To Build Good Habits And Break Bad One * 200. Seth Godin On Marketing — With Ash Roy * 075. Joe Pulizzi — Founder of Content Marketing Institute — Does Your Content Fit Into Your Buyer’s Journey? * 148. How Julie Cairns Used Self-Awareness and Mindset to Drive a $6 Million Turnaround (and How You Can Too) – Part 1 of 2 * 149. The 3 Steps To A 6 Million Dollar Mindset With Julie Cairns — Part 2 of 2 * 180. Market Research Masterclass with Copywriter — Alexi Neocleous A 3-Pronged Approach * 052. Specific Mindset Techniques To 10X Your Prices — With Kyle Tully * 199. Email Marketing Tagging Strategies with Barry Moore Ash Roy and Michael Maidens Video Transcript (This transcript has been auto-generated. Artificial Intelligence is still in the process of perfecting itself. There may be some errors in transcription): Ash Roy (00:00): So, what does the customer need to believe? In business, we call it Psychographic Segmentation. What sort of Psychological mindset does a customer need to be in, to need to buy a product? Michael Maidens (00:09): Yeah. So almost how far down the journey, do you want to pick them up? And then you take them that little bit further on their journey, which usually it's through content or through an experience, or that can be educational content or whatever it might be. And then your offer fits into a part of their journey. Now what's also important is where you drop them off on the journey. Ash Roy (00:32): Welcome back to the Productive Insights Podcast. This is Ash Roy, the founder of and the host of the Productive Insights podcast. If you're watching this on YouTube, welcome to our YouTube channel. Over the past 10 years, today's guest has built a business and a lifestyle around helping knowledge-based businesses reach and impact millions of people online. He's helped many businesses in the health and personal development industries, launch digital products, physical products, and innovated the way in which documentaries are launched online. We'll be talking about that a bit later. More recently he's created a flagship product and coaching group called the Offer Academy, which enables students and clients to see their magi...
201. Should You Launch Your Own Online Course? Take This 2-minute Quiz With Amy Porterfield Now (See the Links Mentioned Section) Are you tired of sprinting on the old-time for money treadmill? What if I said you could do with the information ... what Henry Ford did with cars? Amy Porterfield — the host of Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast — and I talked about her Digital Course Academy and how she used it to generate an 8 figure business over 10 years. She wasn't an overnight success ... to me that's a myth. No get rich quick schemes here. Far from it. I'm telling you it takes work and focus. But it can be done. The internet has created an opportunity that never existed before. You can 'inventorize' your knowledge in the form of information products. If you're considering launching your own digital course then this conversation is a MUST.     Links Mentioned: * Should you launch your own online course? Take this 2-minute quiz * * * * * Audio Books Mentioned: * High-Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way Related Episodes: * 175. James Clear On Atomic Habits: An Easy Way To Build Good Habits And Break Bad One * 145. Amy Porterfield Video Strategies * 200. Seth Godin On Marketing — With Ash Roy * 170. Ryan Deiss From Digital Marketer Reveals The 5-Step Conversion Funnel That Turbo-Charges Your Business Growth * 075. Joe Pulizzi — Founder of Content Marketing Institute — Does Your Content Fit Into Your Buyer’s Journey? Ash Roy and Amy Porterfield Video Transcript (This transcript has been auto-generated. Artificial Intelligence is still in the process of perfecting itself. There may be some errors in transcription): Amy Porterfield (00:00): They wanted more lifestyle freedom, financial freedom. I wanted to create when I wanted to create, what I wanted to create and how I wanted to create it. 88% of my revenue comes from just two digital courses. And so I really do believe in the power and the freedom that Digital Courses give you. Ash Roy (00:18): You're not going to just be able to go and get results. It takes time, it takes consistent effort and the results will come, but you've got to keep working at it. Welcome back to the Productive Insights podcast. This is episode 201,
Seth Godin On Marketing — With Ash Roy Seth Godin and I caught up on the Productive Insights YouTube channel to talk about a few things recently. The conversation meandered around business growth strategies. A lot of these strategies are particularly relevant in today's rapidly changing environment. Here are some excerpts from our conversation: The truth is, we live in a noisy world and it's hard for a business owner to be heard in the cacophony of voices out there. We have two choices: Spam people or find our minimum viable audience and go from there. Great companies exist because they have empathy. While Apple has taken a different path lately, Seth explains that from his conversations with Steve Wozniak he knows that Apple started its journey using empathy marketing. Steve Jobs' ability to lead (rather than to manage) was to decide when to say "no". He was able to decide where his grit was going to lie and we can too. "Fine" is a goal. You don't have to be the 'winner' you just have to serve enough people who care. To cater to a small community that resonates with your product is scary, but you need to learn to 'dance with fear' You might say: "But Seth you've been doing this for 20 years ... what if I'm starting today? How do I make a difference? How do I make a mark in the world?" The answer: You start with one person and so delight them that they'll tell their friends. We talked about the conversation between Seth and me, which led to my blog post titled "Just begin" Seth explained how in the first three or four years he wrote, his blog had dozens of people read it not thousands. We talked about a habit focused planning as an alternative approach to goal-focused planning. Goal-obsession by definition robs you of the present moment and keeps you distracted with the future. Seth explained that goals are different from outcomes and risk is different from fear. We talked about how we as business owners can contribute to preserving the environment. A cultural shift away from the Milton Friedman profit-at-all-costs mindset is the key to solving this. And it starts with us. We riffed on how to survive and thrive in a world increasingly driven by machine-learning and the importance of being a creator and facilitator of valuable networks. Here's a thought experiment for you: Imagine there was no internet and there were only 300 people in the village ... in that setting what would you do to make those 300 people want to talk about you. How do you do the really hard thing of being worth talking about? We talked about emotional labor and the fact that it's is work worth doing. Links Mentioned: * * * * * Related Episodes: * 175. James Clear On Atomic Habits: An Easy Way To Build Good Habits And Break Bad Ones * 107 Sonia Simone On How To Be A Prolific Content Marketer Timestamps: * [0.30] We're in a very noisy world. How does a business owner who's looking to grow his or her business make something she loves * [1.05] You have two choices: Spam people or find your minimum viable audience and go from there * [2.03] Seth's view on how Apple built a great business * [3.10] Great companies exist because they have empathy - Seth * [3.28] Apple's product strategy is interesting. * [4.
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