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While everyone is shifting to building remote teams in order to embrace the new hybrid work model, most are missing on establishing a solid foundation of how they want their team to interact and work with each other. Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Shane Emmons to discuss the importance of nurturing distributed teams and cultivating them with the right values and cultural environment to take ownership and navigate any working model easily.Related Links:TeamSnappCheck us out
As we are navigating the new era of hybrid work, employee wellbeing has become the genesis of the mainstream conversation in the workplace. Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with The CEO of  Sapience Analytics , Bradley Killinger to highlight the importance of employee wellbeing and provide insights on how to design a data driven approach around it.Related Links:  Sapience Analytics Check us out
In the workplace, it takes more than just IQ to do great work consistently. Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with The CEO of Six Seconds, Joshua Freedman to talk about the importance of emotional intelligence in building ever lasting companies.Related Links:  Six Seconds: us out:
In Engineering, Devops can be challenging and affect the team's performance. Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with The CTO of honeycomb, Charity Majors to talk infrastructure, engineering productivity and in the between.Related Links:  Honeycomb: Check us out:
 When it comes to work/life balance and wellbeing, it starts with cultivating self awareness on a daily basis. Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Yasmeen Turayhi, Product Marketing Executive in Silicon Valley to break down the pillars of product marketing and how that experience has fueled her wellbeing journey.Related links:The Essential Go-To-Market showGateways to Awakening PodcastProduct Marketing DebunkedTechwadiCheck us out: 
 Working from home post pandemic has blurred the lines betweek work and life.Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Productivity coach Alexis Haselberger to discuss the importance of process optimization in maintaining productivity and achieving work/life balance.Related links:The 4 tendencies at workCheck us out: 
Managing engineering teams effectively takes more than just meeting the expected deadlines.Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Scott Downes, CTO of Invisible Technologies to talk about mindful management, productivity and how to keep your engineering team on track especially in tough times. Check us out: 
Focusing at work can be challenging if you are constantly distracted or bombarded with notifications from your work apps.Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Liza Gurtin, ex Product Manager at Slack to discuss strategies to stay focused at work and eventually get things done.  Check us out: 
As a software engineer, building a great product exceeds writing code and stacking up new features. It's all about building a product that delivers value to customers consistently.  Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Andrew Zimmermann, founder & CEO of Behavior Design Collective to discuss building amazing products driven by customers' sustainable behaviors.Related Links: us out: 
Building developer communities is no easy task. Educating developers in particular highlights certain productivity challenges.  Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Twitch's Product manager Jen Aprahamian to discuss the importance of educating developers to promote awesome products and the productivity challenges in between.Related Links:Twitch for developers: us out:
More than ever, we are prone to distractions on a daily basis and we often struggle to get things done as a result. Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with best selling author of "Hooked" and "Indistractible" Nir Eyal to discuss everything around distractions and what it takes to do great work and take back control over one's life.Related schedule maker The summary article of Indistractible The distraction guideHabits vs routines Check us out:
Building successful products lie in solving real pain using an elegant solution. But products that have stood the test of time have proven to have an additional component: company culture. Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Director of product at Credit Karma Christina Lucey to address the importance of company culture in the future success of your product.Related Links:Product Talk Podcast us out:
As a software engineer, collaboration may not come all naturally especially if you are part of a team. Writing code, fixing bugs, and shipping new features are just a few pieces of the puzzle. So what makes and breaks a high performing engineering team? Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with VP Engineering of Abstract, Rukmini Reddy to share and layout efficient strategies and tactics to ensure effective collaboration. Related Links: us out:
COVID 19 has forced a lot of companies to go remote, mostly with no prior experience in remote work. This puts a lot of challenges when it comes to productivity, process, and much more. Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Director of Quality Engineering at Gitlab, Mek Stittri to discuss remote work culture, processes, and building scalable engineering teams responsible for large scale products.Related Links: culture, work-life harmony, remote work processes, and asynchronous communicationCheck us out:
Productivity is more than just a series of tips and tricks. There is a lot behind that and this is where Neuroscience steps in. Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Neuroscientist and Founder of NessLabs Anne Laure Le Cunff to discuss the science behind distractions and "Mindful Productivity".Related Links: Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity Check us out:
Whether you are a seasoned engineering manager or a software engineer considering the option way down the road, there are certain aspects of management that make the job tough especially with what's going on with the world right now. Our CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with Best Selling Author of Resilient Management Lara Hogan to discuss the essence of building resilient teams that rise in times of crisis.Related Links: us out:
Whether you’re a software engineer or a seasoned engineering manager, P&E is for you. It's a show where we share the best practices, tips, and tricks to get the most out of your day. In each episode, we sit down with tech veterans and experienced software engineers who share with us their story, how they get through their day and best tools/tips to optimize their work/life balance & productivity. P&E is an original podcast from the makers of Veamly, which is a desktop app for software engineers  that connects all their non coding apps like slack, Jira, Github...etc together in a centralized distraction free yet coherent workflow/command center. Season 1 drops soon. Stay tuned!For more information:
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