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Professor Theo's Mystery Lab

Author: Jonathan Joy

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The town of Splendid, West Virginia has a higher than average number of kid superheroes, giant bugs, time travelling teens, and much more bizarre activity. Professor Theo's Mystery Lab on the campus of Splendid University is somehow at the heart of it all. Though he doesn't like to divulge all his secrets, the Professor does enjoy sharing his hometown bedtime stories, sure to delight the young, imaginative one in your life.

Written by Jonathan Joy, based on his newspaper column of stories for kids, this is a 10-15 minute podcast, updated weekly, rich in fun, playful tales. Support this podcast:
210 Episodes
Help Pug and her dragon friend, Doug, escape the clutches of Professor Cruz. --- Support this podcast:
Library Quest 2

Library Quest 2


An advocacy tale and another tribute to the library and its many valuable community services. A follow up to Library Quest #1, which was released in September 2023. --- Support this podcast:
A father and son time travel from 2024 back to the Huntington Mall and its 1983 Gold Mine arcade. --- Support this podcast:
When the construction of a Mega Mega Mega Mart threatens the Mysterious Moors, our young ecological superheroes stand up to Mr. Mega. --- Support this podcast:
Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner


Five new poems and a Winter Break writing challenge for youngsters. --- Support this podcast:
Blitz Jinglepot returns in the follow up and conclusion to last week's action packed holiday tale. It's time for Saint Nick Squad 8 (Part 2): Blitz Jinglepot in the Mad Multiverse. --- Support this podcast:
When Santa is mistakenly blasted into an alternate universe, the Saint Nick Squad is called in for a rescue mission. Blitz Jinglepot and the Mad Multiverse (Part 1 of 2) is included. --- Support this podcast:
Poultry pals Turk and Pork Chop return in their 8th Thanksgiving special for kids. --- Support this podcast:
A werewolf tale for your Halloween delight. --- Support this podcast:
13 Days of Halloween

13 Days of Halloween


Professor Theo's ode to Halloween. --- Support this podcast:
200. Cryptid Clash

200. Cryptid Clash


Kid Superhero Buck Travers takes over the mic for our 200th episode. Quantum leaping whiz kids Tanner and Max return. Mothman returns. Bigfoot and The Flatwoods Monster make cameo appearances. --- Support this podcast:
Library Quest 1

Library Quest 1


A tribute to the library and its many valuable community services. --- Support this podcast:
Get in the Halloween spirit with Professor Theo's annual costume recommendations. --- Support this podcast:
Professor Theo's annual Back to School special is here! --- Support this podcast:
Professor Theo encourages listeners to follow their heart, using his friend Barry - a seven foot tall singing, dancing, and playing dinosaur - as an example. --- Support this podcast:
Breaking news from the Splendid School Board and A Poem About a Butterfly.  Also, Professor Theo has homework for young listeners.  --- Support this podcast:
If you like ghost pirates, treasure hunts, and Eastern Kentucky, this is the episode for you. --- Support this podcast:
The conclusion to Professor Theo's apocalyptic After The Fall series. --- Support this podcast:
Cletus Cavalier Finale

Cletus Cavalier Finale


A summary and conclusion to space ranger Cletus Cavalier's latest galactic adventure. --- Support this podcast:
Pride Poem 2023

Pride Poem 2023


Professor Theo shares a poem and message of Pride, for Pride Month 2023. --- Support this podcast:
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