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On this episode, Carey Anne Nadeau interviews the insurtech startups participating in the Spring 2019 Hartford Insurtech Hub accelerator, powered by Startup Bootcamp. Contact information for the startups are listed below & each will participate in a demo day on April 26, 2019. To attend, RSVP here ( 0:47 | Panya Chheng, Co-Founder & CO, Medyear. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 9:40 | Jay Pugliese, Co-Founder, CareValidate. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 18:40 | Matt Kay, COO & Co-Founder, Talem Health Analytics.  Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 26:22 | Frederico Capello, COO & CFO, Co-Founder, See Your Box. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 36:29 | Gilberto Spencer, CEO, Co-Founder, Claimspace. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 46:20 | Matthew Elan Smith, Co-Founder, Pineapple. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. 55:42 | Abraham Ventura, CEO, Pitch Gauge. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. 1:01:28 | Charlie Robinson, CCO, handdii. Visit: or email: & follow on LinkedIn. 1:15:43 | Ori Blumenthal, Co-Founder & CTO, Skywatch. Visit: or email: & follow on social media: LinkedIn or Twitter. 1:22:31 | Anant Tailor, Chief Commercial Officer, Dream Payments. Visit: or email: and follow on Social media: LinkedIn
I’ve invited Paul Tetrault to join me on the golf Course, Paul is the Executive Director of the Insurance Library, a hidden gem of information, resources and knowledge about the evolution of insurance products and new innovations, spanning back 132 years. You can find more information about the Insurance Library at
Video version: chats with Roy Mill, Co-Founder and CEO at Joshu. A platform for insurance product development and distribution. They enable insurance product owners at MGAs and Carriers, to build, deploy, and update their products for digital distributions on the platform. It shrinks the process of product development to allow the product owner to experiment on the platform before committing major resources to full development (without losing control over your product). A VERY interesting episode!For the High Ds you can skip ahead to 5:00 where we actually start chatting insurance.Roy Mill:
Video Version: chats with Actuarial Leader, Survivor Finalist, and author of the book Winning Conditions, mostly about her awesome book.Christine Hofbeck: Conditions: Nerds gets a cut if you buy it using the link above.
Video Version: chats with Josh Butler, Founder and CEO, and Jacob Geyer, Chief Insurance Officer at CompScience. They are on a mission to prevent workplace accidents. They're bringing perception technology from the autonomous vehicle industry into insurance for this crucial purpose. They package that technology into Workers' Comp.Josh Butler: Geyer:
Video Version: chats with Sri Ramaswamy, Founder and Co-Founder at, a predictive analytics engine that provides context and explanations along with predictions and insights thus avoiding the black box problem. Currently, they're focusing on Litigation Management, Severity Management, and Claims Portfolio Management. #insurance #insurance #claims Sri Ramaswamy:
Video Version: chats with Coach Joe Lukacs, Founder at Magellan Network about his experience coaching financial advisors and insurance agents, and about the mindset, habits, and motivations needed for sales success. A very fun conversation!Coach Joe Lukacs: Network and Mastermind:
Video Version: one of the weirdest insurance content creator mashups I could've ever imagined, Darren Bloomfield chats with Chris Stanley, author of 21 books, Founder and CEO at IA Path. They discuss independent adjusters (IAs), claims, the future of insurance, carefully crafting a live you love, and so much more. An incredibly fun episode! #insurance #claims #independentadjuster #insurtech Chris Stanley:
Video Version: chats with Chris Senkbile, CEO at Ferro. Ferro helps speed up renewals for insurance agents by 75% 🤯! Note for High Ds: Jump to 10:50 where we start talking about insurance. Chris is a broker (to this day) and recognized his customers hated THE PROCESS of insurance, and identified that commercial P&C needed a true client platform so he went ahead and created it. #BrokerTech #Insurance #InsurtechChris Senkbile: Ferro:
Video Version: chats with Tanner Hackett, CEO at Counterpart. They are an insurtech MGU focused on the very old-fashioned Management Liability side of insurance. A fascinating conversation!Tanner Hackett:
Video Version: chats with two young actuaries that are visibly improving the actuarial space for future actuaries. AN AMAZING CONVERSATION! Don't miss it!Dominic Lee: Adler: Show Notes (because actuaries):Dominic's social:Instagram: @themaverickactuary @Dominic Lee @maverickactuary @themaverickactuary's Social:- YouTube: Blog: IG: LinkedIn: TikTok:
Video Version: Bloomfield chats with Diandra Nims about her life as a Media Liability Underwriter. #Insurance #Insurtech #careers Diandra:
Martin Calhoun, has had an incredible career in the sales and sales management side of the insurance industry and he's currently available for his next adventure. Interview by Meg McKeen.Martin:
Video Version: Tony chats with Ed Halsey about #insurance, #insurtech, and a bunch of random topics.Ed Halsey: Episode with Ed:
Video Version: chats with Bobbie Shrivastav, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Benekiva. Bobbie and her team have created a platform for Life, Annuity, and Disability insurance to help them with claims processing handling claims intake all the way to payout including audit, all from a claimant first perspective. #insurance #insurtech #lifeinsuranceBobbie Shrivastav:
Video Version: chats with Ben Lewis, VP of Insurance at Edge Case Research. Edge Case Research and Edge Case Risk Management help companies go to market with safe autonomous technology AKA self-driving cars. A fascinating conversation about this crucially important topic of the future of insurance.Ben Lewis: Case:
Video Version: chats with Kate Stillwell about why and how she built the first parametric earthquake insurance product in the US. An incredibly interesting conversation that you simply don't want to miss.Kate Stillwell: Flood:
Video Version: chats with Caribou Honig, Chairman, and Founder at Insurtech Connect. This was such an incredible conversation that I won't even try to summarize. Quite simply, don't miss this one!
Video Version: chats with Frank Giaoui, Founder and President at Optimalex. Frank holds a PhD in Compared Law & Economics from La Sorbonne. He's also a Post-Doc researcher at Columbia in Contract Law & Economics. His company Optimalex takes Legal Predictive Intelligence to the highest level of accuracy and fairness: their suite of legal predictive solutions analyzes settlements and legal decisions on damages compensation through up-to-date machine learning and natural language processing techniques. #insurance #insurtech #legaltech Frank Giaoui:
Video Version: chats with David Wright, an actuary turned salesperson, and life-long nerd and deep thinker. David runs the amazing The Not Unreasonable Podcast. David is authoring a series of essays titled "The Social Science of Insurance" that I expect will quickly become #insurance classics!The Social Science of Insurance: Wright: Not Unreasonable Podcast:
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