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Author: Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci

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Programming Throwdown attempts to educate Computer Scientsts and Software Engineers on a cavalcade of programming and tech topics. Every show covers a new programming language, so listeners will be able to speak intelligently about any programming language. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store
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Search at Etsy


What actually happens when you type something in the search bar at the top of and hit enter? This awesome interview with Liangjie Hong, Director of Data Science and Machine Learning, answers that question all the way from the philosophical (what should we show first?) to the inner workings (what is a reverse index and how does it work?). We also dive into what it's like to intern at a tech company. Happy Hacking! Show Notes:
Every interview we do is such an exciting and unique experience. Patrick and I had great pleasure in hosting Andy and Dave, authors of "The Pragmatic Programmer". We pick their brains on a variety of topics including rapid prototyping, the 10x engineer, tech leadership, and how to get your first coding job. Their new book, "The Pragmatic Programmer: 20th Anniversary Edition" comes out today! I hope that this interview inspires you all to grab their new book; it will definitely be a book-of-the-show for me. Show notes:
Surprise! Weekend episode :-D Every piece of code you write is either going to be for computer-to-computer interaction, or for human-machine interaction. For the latter, how do you make your interface easy to understand and use? Erik Kennedy, independent UX/UI designer, dives into user interface (UI) design. We cover the best tools for making quick prototypes, common design mistakes, and his journey from software engineer to freelance designer. This episode is a great way to get excited about design and has plenty of resources for first-time designers. Check out the show notes for details! Show notes:
Functional Programming

Functional Programming


Hey all! Since episode 82, we received a ton of email asking for more info on functional programming (FP). To cover FP in great detail we are thrilled to chat with Adam Bell. Adam is the host of the Corecursive podcast and an engineer with many years of experience in FP. In this episode, we dive into what FP is all about, when it's useful, static/dynamic typing (our favorite topic), and other areas of FP. Thanks again for all of your emails and support. It is a treasure to hear your inspirational stories and we are so greatful to be creating content for over eight years. Happy hacking! Show notes:
Terminal and Shells

Terminal and Shells


Hey all!! Ask and ye shall receive! Someone in the Programming Throwdown discord suggested that we cover terminals and shells, so here we are! Despite sounding simple on the surface, there's decades of complexity around terminal emulators and system shells. Patrick and I unpack this and more in today's episode! Thanks so much for all of your emails and support on Patreon! It's your enthusiasm and financial support that enable us to teach so many people, and we are eternally grateful for your support! Show notes:
From Combat to Code

From Combat to Code


Hey all!! Today we are sitting down with Jerome Hardaway. Jerome is an Air Force Veteran and the founder of Vets Who Code: a non-profit dedicated to training Veterans in web development and connecting Veterans to hiring managers around the World. Whether you have served in the military or not, this inspiring podcast gives us all a glimpse into the boots of someone who rotated into a career in software development after school, and is full of great advice for newcomers to the field. Learn more about Vets Who Code, including how to donate to the cause, in the show notes below! We have more interviews in the future, but the next two months will just be Patrick and I. Keep sending us emails with topics that you want us to cover! Show notes:
Image Processing

Image Processing


If you use ASCII encoding, the entire Oxford dictionary is about 5 million bytes. A single 4K image contains 25 million bytes. If you watch a 4K video running at 60 frames-per-second, over 300 dictionaries worth of data are going through your tv every second. Let that sink in for a moment. One of the most magical areas of engineering is image processing. Everything from the way the images are stored to advanced AI techniques like face recognition have mind-boggling complexity. In this episode, we scratch the surface of image processing, but if an area from this show interested you and you would like to learn more, let us know! Show notes:



While the web is one of the easiest platforms for deploying software, it can also be one of the trickiest to debug. People have many different browsers, and some have plugins or settings that restrict functionality. It may be extremely difficult to reproduce errors on your development machine. As a result, we want to discover as many errors as possible before we launch a new site. With node.js and people running javascript on the server, static checks become even more important. Enter typescript! Typescript is a language that transpiles to javascript, but along the way it adds type checking and advanced javascript features. After checking the types, typescript produces javascript that can run in almost any browser. Show notes:
Happy New Year! Today we are sitting down with Stephen Wolfram, inventor of Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha, and Wolfram Language! In this super interesting episode, Stephen talks us through his journey as a mathematician, software architect, and language inventor. It was truly an honor to talk to Stephen and hear about his decades of experience. Check this interview out and give us feedback! Show notes:
Holiday Party

Holiday Party


Hey all! This is our annual holiday show! We give away prizes and talk about random news stories :-D. Thanks to everyone who chatted with us on Discord, and looking forward to a super exciting 2019! I'll be sending an email to all prize winners later today! Show notes:
Comments (16)

Ravi Suri

great podcast, it's one of the few (only?) programming podcasts that has straight useful info and isn't just interviews. unfortunately they really hide this by doing lots of interviews too and then also filling the first half of the useful episodes with various odds and ends. but the second half of the topic episodes are great, new listeners should try skipping to that to get a sense of what the show is all about.

Oct 13th

Hans Thedinga

Hi guys. Great podcast! The discussion on economics...hmmm, may I recommend an article?

May 10th

Adam R

Terrible. Nothing but BS for the first 50 minutes.

Apr 30th

Armand Ballaci

Hey guys, I just thought of giving you a try... Honestly I find you cool and the topics and stories somehow interesting... Typescrip

Apr 21st


the first hour is interesting but they are talking about various topics. while interesting it was very disappointing

Apr 12th

lokesh p


Feb 19th

Павел Лиференко

Wow! What a Guest!

Jan 15th

Mohammad Ardestani


Dec 11th

Elijah Matthew Hassertt

Recently found the show and love it. I'm going to school for Computer Science right now. Thanks for putting out educational content in a fun and listenable format!

Sep 16th

Martin Červenka

Thanks guys for nice podcast! btw. downloading episodes is very very slow and hard, often ending with an error.

May 13th

David Caulfield

Great talk, really need to work on the sound though

Jan 9th

Avi Mathur

is it about Haskell at all ?

Dec 5th

Aaron Christopher Loomis

I normally use virtual box.

Nov 10th

Dillon Purvis

great topic, unfortunately Jason's audio totally disintegrates halfway through the episode :/ it returns at the end though

Oct 20th
Reply (1)

Santiago Calderón (Perejil)

Sound quality could improve. Love the intro music!

Sep 8th
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