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Paul, Cassidy and David put their taste buds and palate for real beef to the test with a blind taste test of Burger King’s traditional Whopper and the fake meat in the Impossible Whopper.
In this episode, Colorado-based chief meteorologist and drought planning consultant Brian Bledsoe shares his weather forecast for the coming months, as well as the importance of having a drought plan. He also lists a few things to include in the drought planning process – one being forage insurance.
On this episode of the Progressive Cattle podcast, Frank Mitloehner, professor of animal science and air quality specialist at the University of California, Davis, discusses beef’s roll in climate change. What battles should beef producers fight? Is climate change real? And, is biodiversity the next “Achilles’ heel” in animal agriculture? You won’t want to miss it.
Joining us on this episode of the Progressive Cattle podcast is Ranch House Designs’ founder Rachel Cutrer. She shares social media tips, how much you should include in your marketing budget and ways she has seen seedstock producers adjust during the pandemic. And, did Paul really say he takes oxytetracycline (OTC)? Yes, yes he did. This episode's sponsor is King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management. VIRTUAL EVENT! Join the King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management at the Application of Advanced Genetic Technology in Beef Cattle virtual lectureship. Beef cattle genetics experts will teach producers how to apply advanced genetic technologies in the real world of seedstock and commercial cattle production Feb. 25-26 online as a Zoom webinar. Learn more and register here.
Join David, Cassidy and Paul as they look back at 10 years of Progressive Cattle and what was happening in the beef industry when the magazine got its start. You’ll also hear special guest Elliott Dennis, a livestock economist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, wrap up this year’s cattle markets and what he forecasts for the first quarter of 2021.
David and Cassidy chat with our own Irons in the Fire columnist and podcast contributor, Paul Marchant, about his newly published book, “Musics of a Would-be Renaissance Cowboy.” The book is a collection of Paul’s columns for Progressive Cattle and its sister magazines. He shares the inspirations that have helped his career in ranching and how collecting that experience and learning about others helped shape his new book. The editors also chat about major events of 2020 and where the beef industry goes into 2021.
David, Paul and Progressive Cattle editor Carrie Veselka visit with Hugh Aljoe, a range and pasture consultant and director of producer relations at the Noble Research Institute. Hugh discusses those common hurdles that producers see when buying new equipment, adopting new record-keeping programs, and building a mindset for data and analytics. He additionally shares how the pandemic has affected producer attitudes in the past months.
Join Paul, David and Cassidy on the Progressive Cattle podcast for a visit with the legendary cowboy poet and performer Baxter Black. Baxter shares a look back on his start in column writing and cowboy poetry, and his connection to his readers and listeners. He also shares a preview of his new series of audiobooks with stories about life and love on the rodeo circuit.
Join David, Cassidy and Paul as they host the podcast from the sound stage at the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo in Burley. Their guest is Randee Munns, a veteran barrel man and rodeo clown who has worked events across the northwest U.S. for almost 40 years, and is still working the circuit at age 70. They discuss the importance of returning to fair events after a long stretch of isolation in the age of coronavirus.
We’ve talked about the challenges the current pandemic has brought to the beef industry, but what about the opportunities? Listen in as David, Cassidy and Paul talk with University of Idaho meat scientist Phil Bass about possible innovation in the cow-calf segment all the way to retail.
Packer segment dynamics - with John Nalivka of Sterling Marketing Inc. joins Paul, David and Cassidy to explain how packers are faring during COVID-19 recovery, monopoly investigations that have begun on packer pricing, and how the industry is catching up with the backlog of cattle that are still waiting to be processed. 
Jim Robb, senior analyst with the Livestock Marketing Information Center, visits with David, Cassidy and Paul for a discussion about livestock markets and feed outlook heading into summer 2020. Listen in as Jim addresses slaughter number increases, placements into feedlots, heavier carcass weights, use of the Defense Production Act, packer and labor shortages and the summer plantings for corn.
Join David, Cassidy and Paul as they visit remotely with Kim Brackett, a member of NCBA’s advisory panel for Beef Quality Assurance programs. The four chat about market premiums on BQA, advisory panel discussions on pain management and antimicrobial use, stockmanship seminars for the coming year, and participation in programs among producer segments. 
Recruiting and retaining talented employees seems to be a consistent challenge across the beef industry. In this episode David, Cassidy and Paul talk with Rick Machen of the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management about a series of articles he wrote for Progressive Cattle on employee management. Other topics such as social distancing, the stock market and what’s coming up in the April issue are also on the table. You don’t want to miss it!
Join David, Cassidy and Paul as they ask Nebraska cattleman Shane Wobig to weigh in on his experience with the Premium Red Baldy program, a genetically verified partnership between the Red Angus Association of America and the American Hereford Association. They will also preview the March issue, including articles on easing into artificial insemination, the economics of sexed semen and some insight on how chutes and facilities can perform best with cattle behavior. And, Paul chimes in on calving season and his travel wardrobe woes.
In this final podcast episode from the 2020 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention, editors David Cooper and Cassidy Woolsey visit with NCBA chief executive officer Colin Woodall. Woodall was made new CEO in the fall of 2019, and shares what goes into selecting a location for the NCBA convention; also his perspective on his first months and goals he has for the association; key issues for the industry related to fake meat, exports and price transparency; and some of his own background coming to the new position. David, Cassidy and Carrie wrap up with their takeaways from a successful 2020 show.
Progressive Cattle editors David Cooper and Cassidy Woolsey share the second of three podcasts from the 2020 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention, this time with presenters from Cattlemen’s College . In this episode, David and Cassidy chat with Michael Bishop, director of strategy for Vytelle and his presentation on in vitro fertilization; Tom Brink, the CEO of the Red Angus Association of America about value programs and balancing management for genetics with marketing; and then talk with Dr. Dusty Abney, a cow-calf consulting nutritionist for Cargill’s nutrition division Provimi.
Join Progressive Cattle editors David Cooper, Cassidy Woolsey and Carrie Veselka from the 2020 National Cattlemen’s Beef Associations Industry Convention and Trade Show. For the first of 3 podcasts. In this version, the editors talk with Will Sawyer of CoBank about Walmart’s decision to get into beef with its processing plant; Dr. Jared Decker from the University of Missouri, about research into traits related to hides for southern climate cattle; and with Dr. Shalene McNeill, NCBA’s executive direction for nutrition science, about the upcoming dietary guidelines.
The Progressive Cattle editors David Cooper, Cassidy Woolsey, and Carrie Veselka kick things off at the 2020 National Cattlemen’s Beef Associations Industry Convention and Trade Show. How is the weather? Is that a taco hat? Listen as they get things started and introduce some of the industry guests from across the industry you can listen to in our three-part podcast episodes.
Join David, Cassidy and Paul as they discuss with Derrell Peel, a livestock marketing specialist at Oklahoma State University, the impacts of the wildfires in Australia and the relevance it has to the U.S. beef industry. Peel also touches on important topics such as China’s new phase one trade deal, as well the economics in importing beef in the U.S.  You’ll also get a sneak peak of the February issue including what is required before moving cattle across state lines, how to make photographing purebred cattle a breeze (or close to it) and ranching in the state of Florida. And, the best lunch at a bull sale is up for debate.
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