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“Have you ever wondered how Progressive Dairy got its start?” In this episode, hear from the man who started it all here at Progressive Dairy – Leon Leavitt. While Leon has retired from day-to-day tasks, he still drops by the office every once in a while and participates in Progressive Publishing functions. We hope you enjoy hearing our origin story straight from the mind who created it.
Ken McCarty is a fourth-generation owner of McCarty Family Farms, which owns MVP Dairy LLC in Celina, Ohio with partners VanTilburg Farms. MVP Dairy was recently recognized as a U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award winner. Hear from Ken about their holistic approach and mindset around cow comfort, soil health, worker care and community engagement with 4,400 cows and 4,500 acres of cropland in their care.
We are back at the Real Science Exchange and invite you to pull up a chair and join us to discuss the effects of heat stress on late gestation cows. Tonight’s guests, who have worked together on research in this area, Dr. Geoff Dahl with the University of Florida and Dr. Jimena Laporta with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, join Scott Sorrell and Dr. Clay Zimmerman. This episode is sponsored by Balchem Animal Nutrition and Health.
Hear from two guests in this commemorative podcast. The first guest is Karen Scanlon. She is the executive vice president for environmental stewardship for the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. She’ll talk about the purpose of the center’s annual sustainability awards and the process that goes into selecting the winners. This year is the 10th anniversary of the awards program, so she also explains how the awards are evolving and recaps some of the projects that have won in the past. The second guest is Chase Goodrich of Goodrich Family Farm in Salisbury, Vermont. Chase and his sister, Danielle, manage their family farm. It is one of several dairy farmer sustainability award winners this year. The farm has a 1.32-million-gallon anaerobic digester that produces renewable natural gas (RNG) from cow manure and food waste. It is one of the largest anaerobic digesters in the U.S. The digester is a partnership that brings together Goodrich Farm, Vanguard Renewables (developer, owner and operator of the digester), Vermont Gas Systems and Middlebury College, which will purchase much of the RNG produced at the digester.
Today we are going to talk about the past, present, and future of the dairy supply chain and how a powerful cloud-based software tool has connected all players in the industry. Joining us today from Atlantic Canada are Milk Moovement’s Co-Founder and COO Jon King along with AgriBusiness Specialist, Shelly Juurlink. This episode is sponsored by Milk Moovement.
In this Progressive Dairy Podcast, Editor Peggy Coffeen sits down with Dr. Larry Corah, Kansas State professor emeritus and now supply chain consultant for Select Sires. Corah brings his many years of experience working with cattle, feedlots and production systems to the conversation about the future of beef-on-dairy breeding.
Healthy cows are the foundation of any successful dairy, and good health begins well before lactation starts. In this episode, we continue speaking with Steven Landwehr, Annie Vannurden and Rocio Ramirez to discuss the importance of healthy cows and what a little fine-tuning and symptom identification can do for your operation. Plus, we’ll get their take on fresh cow management and the transition cow risk assessment they worked on with Zoetis. This episode is sponsored by Zoetis.
Willow Behrer Farms recently won an innovation award for producing their own on-farm videos to be used for employee training. In this episode, listeners hear from Pete Posnett who is the farm’s herdsman. He’s the one who produces the farm’s videos. And you’ll hear from the farm’s owner – Allen Behrer. Also on this podcast is an introduction to the farm by Emily Barge from the Center for Dairy Excellence. The center is the one that presented the award to the farm. She talks about the center’s own podcast – Cowside Conversations. Learn more about that podcast here.
“Dairy talk with Norwegian Red" podcast is addressing various aspects and discussions around dairy and cattle breeding development and trends. Listen in to learn what Dairy farmers, dairy producers, and subject matter experts in Norway have to say about their work to revolutionize breeding for health and fertility in addition to good productivity and sustainability. Hosted by Kate Stai, Chief Commercial Officer, and Trygve R. Solberg, Product Manager and Technical Advisor for Geno, an innovative breeding organization based in Hamar, Norway, today’s podcast are joined by Olav Østerås, a Special Advisor within Dairy Health and Welfare at TINE, the Norwegian milk processing organization. Olav has held many prestigious positions such as at the Norwegian Veterinary Institution, as Chief Veterinarian of the Norwegian Cattle Health Service, and was also a Professor at the Norwegian School of Veterinarian Science for 16 years. This episode is sponsored by Geno.
Is there a disconnect between ownership, management and employees on your dairy? In this Progressive Dairy Podcast, hear from Bill Eberle, as he provides tips on how to talk so your employees will listen. After spending 17 years as a dairy manager, Eberle brings his people skills to his current role as an account manager with Chr. Hansen.
Dairy life: It’s not for the faint of heart. Success only comes when every member of your operation is running in sync. In this episode, we’re speaking with Annie Vannurden of Silverstreak and Bluestreak dairies and Steven Landwehr and Rocio Ramirez from United Dairies. Listen in as we discuss how every single role on their dairies is important and can make an impact as well as share what antibiotic stewardship means to their dairies. This episode is sponsored by Zoetis.
Editor Walt Cooley interviews Pete Kappelman, the senior vice president of member and government relations for Land O’Lakes. They talk about sustainability and more, specifically about Land O’Lakes’ recent decision to perform on-farm sustainability assessments for all of their membership and what that will look like in practice. Kappelman says that agriculture has been “dragging its feet” a bit in the area of sustainability, but he’s excited the newest generation of dairy farmers – like the one that has taken over his own family farm – sees it as an opportunity.
This episode covers robotic manure scrapers, manure handling efficiency, becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and more with Jeramy Sanford of GEA. This episode is sponsored by GEA.
On this episode of the Progressive Dairy Podcast, Editor Peggy Coffeen sits down with Kelli Retallick, Director of Genetics and Genomic Programs, Angus Genetics, Inc. Kelli recently spoke at the Professional Dairy Producers Annual Business Conference, held in March in Wisconsin, where she informed dairy producers of the collaborative work between the American Angus Association, beef supply chain and dairy genetics industry to create a beef-x-dairy cross that please the feed yard, packers and consumer. In our time with Kelli today, she will help us understand why not just any black bull will do when it comes to selecting genetics for dairy beef crosses.
Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) and Progressive Dairy magazine recently partnered to create the Nexus Innovation Awards. Five companies were selected by a panel of dairy producers as winners of the award from among more than a dozen applicants. The companies presented their new innovations live on stage at PDPW’s Business Conference, March 17-18. Editor Walt Cooley presented the awards and moderated their live presentations. This episode contains recorded content from the live event and one-on-one interviews with a representative from each of the winning companies.   
Mallory Embree is Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Native Microbials, a company focused on improving animal health and nutrition by leveraging the microbiome. The company has invested several years to scientific discovery to understand the complexity of the rumen microbiome, and the critical role it plays for cows. In this episode you’ll learn about the importance of the microbiome, implications for the dairy industry, and how Native Microbials is delivering novel feed additive solutions that can benefit farmers. Mallory is joined by Alfonso Lago, President of DairyExperts. This episode is brought to you by Native Microbials.
In this Progressive Dairy podcast, editor Peggy Coffeen takes a deep dive into in vitro fertilization (IVF) with Boviteq’s Dr. Shantille Kruse. They discuss how some herds are using this reproductive technology to move the needle on genetic progress, while at the same time, controlling heifer inventory and adding value to offspring.
Hillcrest Farms is home to Georgia’s first robotic dairy farm. Hillcrest Farms started in 1941 on the perimeter of Dearing, Georgia. It has continued to be owned and operated by the Rodgers family and is now on its fourth generation, three of which still work on the farm today. In this episode, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Mark Rodgers about his family’s involvement on the farm. With the future generations in mind and to help with their labor challenges, the family made the decision in 2019 to install five DeLaval VMS V300 robots into their retrofit barn. Their herd currently sits above a 90-pound average milk production, with a positive outlook on growing that number even more. Recently, Hillcrest Farms opened up their farm for agritourism. Mark shares about the agritourism experience on their farm and shares some insight on the future of his farm with robots in this new podcast episode.  This episode is brought to you by DeLaval. If you’re interested in learning more about the DeLaval VMS V300 or want to talk with a DeLaval representative, please visit our website at
Dr. Jennifer Walker is a former dairy veterinarian who is now the director of quality and care for Danone North America. She oversees Danone's milk quality and animal welfare programs for the 700 U.S. dairy farms that supply the company’s milk. In short, she says her job is to "make sure the cows are happy, and the milk is awesome."
On this Progressive Dairy Podcast, editor Peggy Coffeen sits down with Amy Penterman from Dutch Dairy in Thorp, Wis. She is a dairy farmer, crop insurance agent, and the newly elected president of the Dairy Business Association. Amy talks about grassroots advocating and lobbying in a virtual space and opportunities to open dialogue with the environmental community.
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Listening to you from Manitoba. I really enjoy the magazine and since finding the podcast, can't get enough of it. Keep the content coming. On a personal note, I love the interviews with producers.

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