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Author: Ben Leavitt

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Ben Leavitt interviews a wide variety of guests who have turned their passions into a career and lifestyle. He captures their stories, failures, and tactics to try and help you do the same. Weekly episodes for the doers to keep you motivated, inspired and informed. The mission is to help 1 Million people bring more passion into their lives. Please help spread the movement. Much love
58 Episodes
Andy is a beast in the the fitness Industry and on Social Media. We discuss how he broke through In a hyper competitive industry and how he develops meaningful relationships through Social. Andy had his Instagram account hacked at over 20k followers, forcing him to start over from scratch. He shares that story to help others avoid the same issue. He Is currently crushing It on TikTok as well, and he shares some knowledge on how to leverage the platform for growth. Andy Is one of the realest people I have come across on Social, and he has a ton of value to provide everyone. Enjoy the episode and connect with him on his Socials! Links below Andy's IG:'s TikTok:'s YouTube: Instagram: YouTube:
Katie is a YouTuber that makes content around leveraging Social Media and online branding. She has been on YouTube for a very long time but wasn't always in the Social Media Marketing niche. In this episode we discuss how and why she changed niches. Growing on social media, as well as building a brand and business using Social Media. Katie Is killing It and a must follow on Instagram and YouTube (links below) Katie's YouTube:'s Instagram: YouTube: Instagram:
In this episode, Farokh breaks down how he grew a 10 million follower network on Instagram, in only 2 years. He is one of the OG experts on Instagram and his story and advice are both incredibly valuable. I recommend taking notes during this one and then heading over to Instagram to follow @Farokh. He spreads a ton of positivity, while also dropping knowledge on Instagram and online branding. He is one of the few genuine people in an often fake game, and he has a ton of value to provide. Farokh's Instagram: @FarokhGoodlife: @GoodlifeMy Instagram: @benlealvitt_My Youtube: Ben Leavitt
Todd Is a personal finance beast who has made himself a millionaire before most buy their first home. He was featured In Millenial Money where he shared some of the secrets behind building his wealth and establishing financial freedom. He also shares his secrets behind maintaining the Inexpensive lifestyle that allowed him to build his financial foundation. Beyond the finance side, Todd drops a great deal of wisdom and a great perspective on money and creating wealth. He recently got into the YouTube and Instagram game so be sure to give him a follow, links below. Todd's YouTube channel:'s Instagram: YouTube: Ben LeavittMy Instagram: @benleavitt_ 
Tom Blake Is an incredibly talented blogger and YouTuber. He creates content all about personal finance and making money online. He has turned his blog and blogging for other publications into a full time income. His writing Is out of this world good. He shares his journey In growing that blog and also why he got Into YouTube. His channel has grown to over 3k subscribers In around 3 months and already has a video with over 100K views. Tom Is an absolute beast and as humble as they come. Do not miss the opportunity to follow along and learn from Tom, follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel! Links below. Tom's YouTube channel:'s Blog (This Online World):'s Instagram: @tomblake17My Instagram: @benleavitt_My YouTube channel:
Bob Menery Is a comedic sports broadcaster who creates hilarious content for Instagram, TikTok & YouTube. He Is also the host of the Zapped podcast where he brings on a wide variety of Influential guests to discuss their stories and current events. In this episode Bob shares his story that got him to where he Is today and all of the struggles he endured to get here. He also provides a glimpse into the future as to what we can expect for the future of his brand(s). An amazing story shared by someone who pumps out some of the best content on social media right now. Be sure to follow Bob on his socials and check out the Zapped Podcast. Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the $50 Amazon gift card by sharing a screenshot of you listening to the show and tagging me! Bob's Instagram: @bobmenery Zapped Podcast: Instagram: @benleavitt_My YouTube:'s Instagram: @projectpassionpod
Rahul is an actor who played the lead role in "When Harry Tries to Marry", which was also his first real acting gig. In addition to his acting, he Is crushing It on TikTok where he has amassed over 750k followers, creating entertaining content, as well as educational content on financial literacy. He does an amazing job of blending his passions into a unique offering that is a must follow. He also shares his experiences in the entertainment industry and what it takes to be successful on TikTok. Be sure to give him a follow on all of his channels, you won't regret It. Rahul's Actor/Entertainment links:Website: @therealrahulraiTikTok: @therealrahulraiYT:'s Financial Literacy:Website: @thelaymaninvestorTikTok: @thelaymaninvestorYT: socials:YouTube: @benleavitt_TikTok: @benleavitt
Tyler is a Social Media Marketer & Content Producer that has worked with some massive names and brands. To name a few, he was worked with the likes of Tony Robbins, and brands like RVCA & Toy Machine. Tyler is an Incredibly Inspiring person with a captivating story that he shares with a level of transparency that is truly refreshing. He shares his wins, his losses and all of the things that went into making him the man and professional he is today. He shares a great deal of insight into the world of Social Media, and you get a true taste for just how his brain works and what makes him so successful in the industry. He Is certainly someone I look up to and definitely a valuable person you should keep tabs on. You can find all of his socials down below! Don't forget to participate In the $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. To enter all that you need to do Is post a screen shot of you listening to the show on your Instagram story or feed, and tag @benleavitt_ & @projectpassionpod. You can enter the contest up until the winner Is announced which will be on July 3rd. Winner will be announced on my Instagram story that day! Good luck and thank you for listening. Tyler's Instagram:'s LinkedIn:'s Twitter: Instagram: YouTube channel:
T-Shawn is a rapper based In Dallas Texas. He has an extremely Inspiring story from humble beginnings and a message behind his music that Is equally as amazing. He has a very unique sound that he attributes to a very diverse group of music styles growing up. He shares advice on starting In the music Industry and why he continues to work even through the difficult times. Do yourself a favour and go check out his music and follow him on Instagram, links below. New Single: Music:'s Instagram: Instagram: YouTube:
So often we wait for our Ideas to be validated or affirmed through the actions of others. What good does that do us? Why not be that voice. Have the courage to follow your own thoughts, Ideas and perspectives. Your Idea may be groundbreaking. Don't wait to find out. Everyone knows the saying "You are what you eat". I would take It a step further and say you are what you consume, regardless of what kind. Eliminate negativity In as many ways as you can. Being cognizant of what you are consuming will allow you to easily eliminate negative aspects of your life. Start with Instagram, that's easy. After you do, pay attention. See If you spot any difference, In yourself or your mindset. Even If It Is tiny. If It's positive, I encourage you to take It further. Negative consumption comes In far more forms than just sugary foods. Eliminate all the negativity you can. My YouTube Channel: Instagram:
Michael classifies himself as an "Authorpreneur". He Is a chemical engineer, finance coach, author and public speaker. We discuss his journey and every obstacle he has overcome to reach where he is now. Michael also shares how he was able to pay off his student debt extremely quickly through conscious consumption and financial literacy. Be sure to connect with Michael, links below. Be sure to subscribe If you have not done so already <3Michael's Instagram:'s Website: Power of Yet: YouTube Channel: My Instagram:
It Is easy to play victim and think that you are In a bad situation because of things beyond your control. That Is a losers mentality In my opinion. You have the ability to make changes to control the outcome of your life. Don't play victim, take control. Thank you for listening and much love. Spread the message and Do Dope Shit.My YouTube: Instagram:
We are back baby! Coming in hot with a banger episode with an inspirational entrepreneur. Braydon Ross aka Mr.Airbnb, is an online real estate entrepreneur who helped to start a movement behind rental arbitrage and Airbnb. He shares his story that includes dropping out of school, starting businesses and failing his way into success and his dream car. Be sure to connect with braydon on Instagram and YouTube to follow along with his story and continue to learn.Braydon’s Instagram:’s YouTube Channel:’s Airbnb coaching: Capital: YouTube Channel: Instagram:
Be Vacation You

Be Vacation You


Everyone on vacation is far more open to meeting new people, taking on new experiences and opportunities. Why not be like this in everyday life as well. There are amazing people and experiences around you in your normal life that we all let slip away because of our approach to them. Every exchange is an opportunity and your approach to it has a strong connection to the eventual outcome. Be vacation you.My Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:
Bilal is a creative and an entertainer who delivers his content primarily through Instagram and YouTube. He has been creating content from a very young age and that desire to entertain has continued to stick with him. He dropped out of film school to pursue his career in entertaining full on this past year. He approached entertaining with a business like mentality, always playing the long game to remain motivated and consistent. He is a man with a plan and well worth following. Check him out on his socials down below!Bilal's YouTube:'s Instagram:'s Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:
Dee is a true entrepreneur and expert within the apparel sector. He has founded numerous companies that have had great levels of success in a hyper competitive market. Dee shares his perspective on entrepreneurship, school and everything in between. So much value here, especially if you are interested in the clothing industry. Be sure to check out Dee on his socials and listen to his podcasts. Dee is killing it and always doing big big things.Dee's Instagram: Chat: podcast: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:
Niamh is a professional actor and has been acting since she was discovered at the age of 4. She shares the ins and outs of what its like to be an actor and what the industry is really like. She shares how she balanced her career with attempting to have a "normal" life where she went to school while also acting. Niamh is an incredible actor and even better person. This episode is amazing for anyone who wants to be an actor or who has wondered what it's really like. Her movie The Giant Little Ones hits theatres soon so check it out in a theatre near you. Be sure to listen to the full episode and then connect with Niamh on Instagram! Niamh's Instagram:'s Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:
Every piece of adversity or failure provides you with an opportunity. It is a choice to have this mindset and seek positive opportunities resulting from negative situations. Having this perspective can dramatically improve your life and reduce time spent suffering. I challenge you to seek out an opportunity that presents itself because of a negative. Continue to consciously do this until it becomes a habit. I am confident you will see the impact. My Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:
Jack is a Canadian YouTuber and entrepreneur based on Hamilton Ontario who has used creative interview videos in combination with savage pranks to gain some serious traction on YouTube. In just a little over a year Jack has surpassed 200k subs and shows no signs of slowing down. Beyond YouTube and comedy, Jack is a great business mind as well with far more at play than you would think. His hustle is relentless, and he lives his life by a play hard and work harder mentality. Be sure to connect with Jack on all of his socials for some hilarious content.Jack's YouTube:'s Instagram: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:
Be a kid again.

Be a kid again.


Do you remember how awesome it was being a kid? How care free you were and how you just did what you wanted. I want you to try and recapture some of that. Be okay with who you are and follow your gut, it will take you where you're supposed to be. Life is short and its on you if you don't enjoy your time here. Be a kid again, have some fun and be YOU. Be sure to rate the show 5 stars and subscribe so you never miss an episode! My Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:
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