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A bi-weekly entertaining journey into the world of Project Management. Hosts Braden and Jim discuss all things project management and frankly anything else they find funny navigating the corporate world. Each 30 minute episode is (intended to be) packed with real world advice with a focus on principles more than process. This show has something for everyone from those in a project management career path, to those considering a switch to project management, to folks who manage project managers, to anyone who works in the corporate world and wants a cathartic release.
9 Episodes
In the Season 1 Finale of the Project Pundits Unplugged Pod the guys put on their detective gear and investigate The League of Lamentable Stakeholders. That's right, Braden and Jim discuss how to mitigate the disruptive superpowers of 4 key lamentable stakeholders that all project managers (and really anyone who works in corporate America) face in their daily duties. They discuss The Naysayer, The Whatabouter, The Punching Bag, and of course The MBA. Watch for the visuals (and amazing AI generated graphics and audio), listen for in-depth knowledge (and humor), and send donations in case they get cancelled... It's all riding on this episode, the team is banking on your support going into Season 2 of the PPU Pod to battle another set of party pooping serially sucky stakeholders - will you put on your fedoras, join the battle, and forward this episode to your all your colleagues, friends, frenemies, and family? Or will you enable the Lamentables to continue to wreak havoc? The choice is yours… Join us, socially: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok: Threads:  
2024 Predictions!

2024 Predictions!


In this episode the guys cover a range of topics and put some predictions on the record. Politics, economics, war, Artificial Intelligence (AI), healthcare, nukes, and weight loss are all on the table! We didn’t cover all ‘third rail’ issues though, you’ll find no discussion of religion for instance! After you watch/listen let us know if you’re in agreement with the prognostications or if you think we’re way off. AND apologies on Jim’s audio in this episode, it’s subpar and there wasn’t much more that could be done without re-recording. We won’t point fingers as to who was at fault, but we can say it wasn’t Jim… Join us, socially: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok: Threads:  
Braden and Jim talk about the stark reality that every project manager comes to understand at some point in their career - that you really have zero direct control over the people and activities that you must orchestrate in order to successfully deliver your projects. Hence the title "Steering Without the Wheel". The guys talk about various techniques Project Managers can use to bend people to their will. There are references to carrots and sticks, the mob and The Godfather movie, how to improve your personal relationships, PMs as therapists, Power, Influence, book recommendations and much more... Links to Book Recommendations: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey: 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie:     Join us, socially: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok: Threads:  
Make Yourself Pretty

Make Yourself Pretty


Braden and Jim discuss what it takes to set yourself apart as a Project Manager and as a professional. There are a million things you can do, videos you can watch, and books you can read about self improvement in the professional world, however, the hosts cover some specific experiences and recommendations that can really make a difference. Are there other things that have helped you get ahead? Please share in the comments! Join us, socially: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok: Threads:
Braden and Jim discuss all things Project Management - as a career. Learn about the upsides and downsides of choosing a career in project management, what personality traits align well with such roles, and what sort of earning expectations one should have!   Join us, socially: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok: Threads:
The F’ing PMO

The F’ing PMO


There was no way around it, the topic of PMOs had to be discussed... In this episode Braden and Jim talk about Project Management Offices, what they are, how they are structured, what makes them successful, and what sometimes makes them become black holes sucking the life, and the money, out of organizations. Follow us, socially: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok: Threads:
Follow Jim and Braden's extensive wisdom and guidance and they guarantee you'll be the best project manager, ever. Totally. In this episode your hosts continue their discussion around project management and they keys to success. This episode covers the key principles and steps of setting a project up for success - more about the principles, less about the process. Also covered in this episode: cults, mob-adjacent, houses on Martha's Vineyard, toolbelts, unbuttoning shirts, and straight cash. Follow us, socially: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok: Threads:
Teaser Trailer for the new Project Pundits Unplugged Pod.
Pilot episode! In this inaugural episode of the Project Pundits Unplugged Pod Jim and Braden discuss their views on why they think Project Management is broken, the intent of the podcast, and their views on what project management actually is. And they laugh at themselves along the way... Follow us, socially: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok: Threads:
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