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They say that High School is Hell on Earth but at Herman Enoch Louis Lynne High School (aka Hell High) those worlds collide when two high school pals make deals with the Devil to rule the school…unleashing a paranormal nightmare in the process. Prom in Hell is a wild, fantastical, comedy adventure through the underworld, by way of high school adolescence. Starring Caroline Vreeland, jxdn, Nessa Barrett, QVE, Ricky Desktop, Stormy Daniels, Sueco, Yoza, and 44Phantom.

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18 Episodes
Danny’s finally throwing the party of the century, but he and Jake still aren’t getting along. As things come to a head, chaos in Lynneville ensues, and Danny and Jake find out that the Devil has a few more tricks up his sleeves. Get your tickets to the Prom in Hell x NoCap livestream here:
Things are getting curiouser and curiouser in the town of Lynneville: sick pets, mysterious caverns opening up in the ground... And though Danny is now the coolest kid in school, his deal with the Devil hasn’t brought all of his dreams to fruition, especially where his crush is concerned. When Danny starts to exhibit some extra strange behavior, conflict builds between he and Jake. Get your tickets to the Prom in Hell x NoCap livestream here:
Another high school student has died under very mysterious circumstances. Danny thinks he might know what went down, and lets Jake in on his secret. Danny and Jake decide to return to the hell portal and see the Devil, to double down on a deal. Get your tickets to the Prom in Hell x NoCap livestream here:
Strange things are afoot in the sleepy town of Lynneville - students at Hell High have been disappearing, and the townspeople suspect occult activity. When one student stumbles into a portal to hell and makes a deal with the Devil, he sets off a chain of horrifying events… Get your tickets to the Prom in Hell x NoCap livestream here:
This special episode, taped live from the legendary Roxy Theater, features Nessa Barrett, jxdn, QVE, Seuco, Yoza, and 44phantom - the stars of Prom in Hell - performing songs from the series soundtrack onstage. Show creator Jared Gutstadt hosts behind-the-scenes interviews with the artists: talking about the creative process, music inspirations, and what may or may not have happened during each cast member’s own Prom night…
A suburban high school has become a portal to Hell after construction workers digging a foundation for the school's new gymnasium disturb an ancient Indian burial ground that had been cursed by the town's evil founder; unleashing a plague of demons whose presence caused numerous  student disappearances and the madness of one teacher.  Get your tickets to the Prom in Hell x NoCap livestream here:
Creator Jared Gutstadt catches up with cast members iann dior and jxdn, while screenwriter Jimmy Jellinek has a few words with Satan himself, Adam Carolla.
Go behind the scenes with creator Jared Gutstadt and cast members Carlie Hanson and phem as they discuss the making the podcast and original soundtrack.
Oliver Tree performs a terrifying exorcism to free jxdn from demonic possession in the thrilling finale to Valentine's Day In Hell.
After following Satan into Hell, jxdn finds the underworld to his liking, and quickly signs away his soul to become a VIP for eternity! Oliver Tree and crew leap into the portal and find the newly possessed jxdn in his private poolside bungalow, where they fool Satan into a drinking contest to save their friend's soul.
Nursing heartbreak after his breakup with phem, social influencer jxdn eXXtra summons the Devil to his Hollywood hype house Valentine's Day party, unleashing hell on earth. After jxdn accompanies Satan back to Hell - and a killer performance by party crasher Carlie Hanson - Oliver Tree rallies jxdn's friends to save him from the clutches of evil. Starring jxdn, iann dior, phem, Carlie Hanson, Oliver Tree, and introducing twerk champion Clappy Gilmore. With Adam Carolla as the Devil.
In a typical hype house in the Hollywood hills, social influencer jxdn eXXtra summons Satan to a Valentine’s Day party hoping to sell his soul for everlasting fame and fortune. After breaking up with on-again, off-again girlfriend phem, jxdn to seeks the guidance of demon hunter Oliver Tree. What follows is a savage and grotesque tale of heartbreak and demonic possession. Starring jxdn, iann dior, phem, Carlie Hanson, and Oliver Tree as themselves. With Adam Carolla as the Devil.
We're back, with the second installment in Audio Up’s “In Hell” series. "Valentine's Day In Hell" is a horror comedy musical podcast that twists the knife on love; satirizing social media influencers, hype houses, and classic teen horror flicks. The first installment “Halloween in Hell,” released Halloween 2020, has been streamed over 1 million times making it the most downloaded scripted, musical podcast of all time. Take a journey to Hell and back with Oliver Tree, iann dior, jxdn, phem, Carlie Hanson and Adam Carolla as the Devil. And don't forget to check out the original soundtrack wherever you stream music.
In the thrilling series finale, the trio escapes once again from the Devil's studio and must find their way out of hell. Will they make the final climb or perish for eternity?
Back in the Devil's studio, the trio confess their darkest secrets.
Dana Dentata and 24kGoldn escape from the Devil's game show - prompting a journey through an evil maze with different portals and dimensions. Along the way, they bump into another of Satan's escapees: Machine Gun Kelly. Find out if the three of them make it out alive or get sucked back into the Devil's twisted game.
The premiere episode for this limited series brings Machine Gun Kelly, 24kGoldn and Dana Dentata into a sinister gameshow where they must sing or die! Only Satan (played by Tommy Lee), decides who lives and who will suffer for eternity in the flames of Hell.
A scripted horror musical podcast, just in time for Halloween. Rock legend Tommy Lee stars as the Devil, featuring original music and performances by Machine Gun Kelly, iann dior, Dana Dentata, phem, and 24kGoldn. On Halloween, Satan lures three performers to his sadistic game show in Hell where they must perform or die. The winner returns to Earth. The losers will play out their showbiz careers in fiery hellfire and damnation.
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