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You don’t have to wait to the right time to start getting more from your land now. Discover the simple approach to handle food, shelter, and sanitation on any piece of land.It’s easy to get started enjoying your land without environmental impact. Very often you have the materials you need to get more from your land. Imagine the memories enjoy your receive now.In today’s episode you get a measured approach to getting more from your land. You can start enjoying the outdoors today. It doesn’t have to cost much and you certainly don’t need any specialized equipment.
You can have your dream homestead with the right plan. In today’s episode I’m going to share with you key ideas and concepts to go from taw land to homestead.Don’t make these common mistakes, start strong with your dream today. You’ll discover key approaches that help you build your small farm or homestead.
Use this “Carry Release” meditation protocol to let go of burdens that keep you from the results you desire. Establishing a small farm or homestead can be stressful. There are many decisions to make and obstacles to overcome.A few subscribers ask us to pray for them, or for ways to improve their ability to let go of the struggles. What you’ll find here Is a meditation or prayer protocol that helps remove burdens. Rather than carrying that burden. You will learn to release it and focus on outcomes.Your goals and objectives mean so much more than what holds you back. In fact, much of what holds you back, including money and time, are NOT significant obstacles when put into context. After all we al have the same 24-hours each day. Try this, let me know how it works for you.
There are many reasons to plant trees. Some of these reasons are unconventional and are not obvious. But when you plant trees the right way you create abundance.You can plant trees on your land, but you can also manage the existing trees in the right way. In today’s episode we cover the value of the trees, approaches to management, and provide a primer on forest management.You will be shocked what natural forest management looks like. Forests are in battle for resources. They often fall and grow upon themselves. This cannibalization creates habitat for animals and food for ecology.
Living off the land is a dream for many people. They dream of small animals in a large garden. But can that be done with no money?If you want a small farm, homestead, or state pay close attention because you can have it starting now. There will be adjustments to your lifestyle, but with the right planning it will be a blessing.Let’s explore how to handle income while you’re homesteading. You’re closer than you think to the rewarding outdoor lifestyle and food security you’ve always wanted.
If you want an abundance on your small farm, homestead, or estate, then pay close attention. Too many property owners create unnecessary chores and labor for themselves.Discover an approach it works with nature rather than against it. It helps you do what is necessary while minimizing the inputs to produce high-value crops.You can grow more with fewer outside inputs. You can make better decisions about managing your property without creating extra work. And you can move any piece of land into abundance with this simple observation.Here's one way to go from cover crop to beds ready to plant,
I know you’re excited buying that piece of land, but what should you do first. This is a contrarian approach to getting the most from your small farm, Homestead, or estate.The right thing to do when you buy land is not to clear it and not to do any major projects. In today’s episode you’ll learn why. If you want more from your land it’s important for you to understand the cycles of land, how it lays out, and other observations. You can develop your land more deliberately and faster following this contrarian approach.
I know it seems straight to say no money down real estate when it comes to buying a farm or Homestead. However you can cash flow or property so that at the end of the year it cost you nothing.I will share with you some of the ideas and concepts you can use to acquire land for cheap. And it doesn’t matter how much it cost because you’re gain positive net cash flow and how you use the land.It’s an easy concept that two few discuss because it’s complex. It requires you to plan and focus on outcomes rather than a fantasy of becoming a farmer. This simple truth helps you acquire all the land you want with the money you have today.
Prosperity Homestead helps property owners get more from their land. You can have a small farm, Homestead, or a state that gives so much without the pleading the natural elements of that land.In today’s episode we talk about what is prosperity Homestead, the concepts and the value it brings to you as a property owner. You’ll discover ways to get more from your land and examples of others who have already done the same.
One of our most popular videos is the grass fed garden. It demonstrates how to turn yard waste into thick and nutritious soil. You’ll also have less weeding and more abundant plant growth.Today’s episode I answer several questions that came up from this video. You’ll discover how you can have an abundant garden with little or no effort, plus how the method feeds your garden soil.
Too many land owners will show a picture of their land and then ask for feedback on a public forum. This gets you ideas but doesn’t get your results.There is a better approach to getting the most value from your land. It starts with how you understand your goals and objectives.You will learn more walking your land then you will getting advice from a stranger. More importantly you’ll develop a relationship with the characteristics of your land that makes your living there more harmonious.
In a world full of consumers being a producer is an anomaly. If you want financial and food security listen very carefully. Today’s podcast covers key areas that are necessary to have a prosperous Homestead.If you’re high income professional homeowner or landowner then you’re in the right place. Too many talk about green and healthy foods yet barely understand what is necessary to produce this kind of value.You could be the influencer that creates the value that people want. Quality food, high value goods, and security in community. Are you willing to be the change that’s necessary for a better future?
If you haven’t noticed groceries cost more than they have in the last 5 to 10 years. If you want quality food you have to work now for your own food security.It starts with how you approach the food and the meals you eat in your home. Today’s episode talks about three simple tips to get you started.You don’t need a green thumb to have fresh and healthy food in your home. It’s a matter of practice rather than wishing prices would go down. You can overcome this inflation in food and housing with smart simple steps.Listen carefully this advice will serve you for generations.
Now that you own a piece of land it seems exciting to cut down all the trees. Yeah that is the worst possible thing to do with your land.Clearing wouldn’t land should only be done after these important steps. Avoid common mistakes with land ownership by listening to this podcast.Too many landowners are eager to strip the land of its trees to start pasture or a homesite. But what do you really know about that land to help you get maximum value from it.The right approach to clearing land helps you get more from that land now without making costly mistakes.
You can still have everything you want from your small farm, Homestead, or state. The difference is when prices go up you have to be smarter about what you build.Construction cost of nearly doubled since 2020. It cost more to build a home assuming you can even get on the waiting list for a builder. What options do you still have available to have the home you’ve always wanted?Your choices come in design not in waiting for things to improve. It’s possible the economy could be bad for 3 to 5 more years. That means prices won’t go down but you’ll still be living with less.If you want maximum utility had your land and to get more with what you’ve got and then listen carefully to this episode. I’ll introduced to a concept and mindset that opens more opportunities for you.
What if your life could be easier by simply how you design your small farm, Homestead, or Estate? Understanding how the world around you works helps you work with that world.The world around us has an order to things. Understanding this cosmic pecking order helps you get more from nature while living in harmony. Do this for unlimited resources, comfort, and abundance.To further advance your knowledge of natural systems and holistic land management, join this unique newsletter,
King with clients we want to help them get what they want. However we want to make sure the land expresses itself in a way that makes it easy to manage this land. Today’s episode describes just that.For some land you can do what you want. But other land has challenges that need to be remediated. Using historical maps, satellite images, and other technology tools you can design a better property.This better property serves your lifestyle while providing ecologically sound environments for wildlife. You can start using your land today with the right design. You don’t have to clear cut or destroy the land to start enjoying the land.
There are many exciting projects that would increase your happiness with Land. But how do we accomplish these projects in a reasonable manner time and with good outcomes.There is a holistic approach to improving land utility and value while enhancing it’s ecological profile. In today’s episode will cover how to approach those features of your land in the most optimal way.
Why fear climate change? Use increasing rains and dry spells to transform your land. Discover a simple approach that allows you to get more from your land under the climate conditions you have.There are very many useful methods to manage land. The best methods increase the ecology and value of your land. Are you using the right method for your environment?If you face increasing range, do you have water mitigation strategies. If you have a dry season are you hydrating the land? Today’s episode covers methods and approaches to consider in an ever-changing climate.These methods help you get more from every acre of land you on. You’ll be able to raise better crops, healthier animals, and better enjoy your land each day. You can do this without fancy equipment, irrigation, or abandoning and unproductive piece of land.
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