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David Hollander, The Sandman℠, helps his listeners sleep well at night because they know their assets are protected. Financial and investment services offered through Liberty Wealth Management & Liberty Group LLC.
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If you have not filed taxes yet, find out some of the strategies still available to you. Learn about how to inform your kids on how to be successful with business and finances. How would you deal with a sudden change of health and its impact upon the rest of your family? Get all the answers in this week's episode of Protect Your Assets.
Do your children have any interest in your business or finance? Tune into this week's "They Say" segment to find out good ways to get your kids to learn about finances and running a business.
How does the market keep gaining momentum despite the increase in cases of the coronavirus? Find out in this week's market segment.
7-4 Financial Freedom

7-4 Financial Freedom


Do you have the financial freedom to retire when you want to and make it last? Go through all the facts and weigh your options with the PYA Retirement checklist in this episode of Protect Your Assets.
7-4 "They Say" Podcast

7-4 "They Say" Podcast


Do you know the average stay for a Long Term Care? See what "They Say" and if its true or not!
A look into the major indexes and more as new cases and reports of Covid 19 may lead to another lockdown. Is the real estate market going to rebound?  what is the state of Manufacturing? Find out all the answers in this weeks Market Series.
Tune in to learn how to pick up an extra $100,000 in retirement income. Find out how to maximize your social security and to learn about potential mistakes people can make when collecting their benefit.
Is Social Security Taxed? This week’s “They Say” uncovers the myth that you don’t have to pay taxes on your SS income benefits because that would be double taxation.
Why is the market behaving the way that it is given everything that’s happened with Coronavirus? We look at some of the unpredictable market events in light of Covid-19 and trends in the retail and durable goods sectors. We discuss unemployment, cases by state, a vaccine and how news is impacting the markets.
6-20 It's Not If

6-20 It's Not If


Find out 3 helpful secrets that your family can use when your health fails.
Is buying a variable annuity for retirement always a good idea?
The market ended up positive for the week. Find out the reasons why in this week’s market recap.
Are you hoping to retire sooner rather than later? Find out 5 things to do before you retire so can live the life you want to!
Volatility continues in the major indexes in the past week. How will the Coronavirus continue to shape the economy? What is the Fed saying about the current state of events? Find out in this week’s market recap.
All major indexes ended the week in the green. Oil continues to move in the right direction. What else happened in the market this week. Find out in this week’s market recap!
6-6 "They Say" Podcast

6-6 "They Say" Podcast


Do you work for a big corporation such as Oracle, Lockheed, or Intel? Find out what "they say" in this weeks segment
5-30 The Nine

5-30 The Nine


9 Types of People You’ll Encounter in Retirement There are numerous surveys and studies that have been performed on how people approach and live in retirement. When you zoom out, you can see that there are several different types of people you will encounter during your ‘golden years’ – some you want to be like and others you would rather avoid. The key is, they all can provide lessons for living a fulfilling retirement – and today David Hollander shares The 9 Types Of People You’ll Encounter in Retirement and What You Can Learn From Them.
6-6 Reset 401k Now

6-6 Reset 401k Now


Do you work for a large company such as Oracle, Lockheed, Intel, or even Visa? Find out how to maximize your 401k and reset things in your favor in this week’s episode of Protect Your Assets.
Retirement: To enjoy or not enjoy, that is the question.
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