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The "Goods & Greats" of Prove It All Night!
PROVE IT SHOW is a compilation of little nuggets of great moments featured on the weekly Prove It All Night! radio show hosted by Pat Byrne, which happens every Saturday night from 9 - midnight eastern time only on
44 Episodes
[Pat seeks desperate and cheap exposure with "The First and LAST Ever Barron Trump Joke-Off!" Plus, a surprise Skype call from Eric Trump!]
[David Peel was a personal friend of Pat's going back many years and this show is in tribute to him and his long career in music. It originally broadcasted one year ago, only a week or so after his death. David Peel was a legend in music, counter-culture, New York City, marijuana, activism, and so much more. His influence on others and the culture at large will be seen for generations to come. "The airwaves belong to the people!" - David Peel, RIP.]
[Pat gets a prank call from John Trenton on the topic: "What's My Problem..."]
[Pat and the listeners accept a tweet challenge from DC PIERSON to write an Outlaw Country Song based on ONE lone opening lyric!. DC calls in to help them out and the band NO MONSTER CLUB provides some backing music, while Jason Sims and Nick Fierro help brainstorm. Then, Pat debuts an exclusive excerpt from Bruce's audio book for "Born To Run". Problem is, Bruce didn't have time to record it, so Little Steve gives it a shot. Also, Pat reads an open letter to scum bag/former friend of the show, Brett "Taking It Too Far" Davis.]
[This week's episode is round two of PIAN's marathon greatest hits. Featuring: David Rees, Jo Firestone, Tom Scharpling, DJ Faye, Terre T, Dave Hill, Sean Kiely, the All-Nite-Tears, and many more...ENJOY! But also... PLEDGE!]
[Pat shares some of his favorite moments from past marathon shows featuring Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen writing custom songs to folks who pledged $100 or more! Plus, a very confused Mayor Healy thinks he's calling a different program. Also featuring guest co-host, Nate K of Burn It Down!]
[Merge records recording artist Mike Krol calls Pat up on the telephone and the two chat about some of the funnier elements of one of rock's most unintentionally funny bands... Hey! Ho! Let's grow to appreciate this episode!]
[Pat takes calls trying to come up with a catchy name for the listeners of Prove It All Night! And then- who walks in? Well, non other than the great TOM SCHARPLING that's WHO! The two share some laughs and shoot the sugar and it's a ton of FUN. So, dig in, STUPID. (J/k, you're not stupid. Please continue supporting the show, thanks ]
[Friend of the show and hilarious comedian, JOE PERA calls in to talk to Pat about sports, friendly wagers, and prunes. Well, the prune part was forced on by way of Pat... you should listen to hear why. Plus, caller John from Mahwah gets the live dub makeover he never saw coming... KEWL DUUUDE!!!]
[Pat interviews lead singer and songwriter of the legendary World Inferno Friendship Society who are currently on tour and play White Eagle Hall this Friday night in Jersey City.]World Inferno Friendship Society - "Secret Service Freedom Fighting USA" - Live at North Six
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