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Pseudo-Intellectual with Lauren Chen

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Elitists operating in pop culture, establishment politics, and the mainstream media have decided that their opinions are the correct ones, dismissing anyone who disagrees with them as intolerant or uninformed. While other commentators may be vying for insider clout, Lauren Chen is one "pseudo-intellectual" who's happy to be on the outside.
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In this show, we take a look at the BBC's new series "Who Are You Calling Fat," which aims to promote body positivity and fat acceptance, but which some have accused of glorifying obesity and denying the health risks associated with being overweight. Then, Don Cherry is fired for statements about immigrants. Also, why communists don't understand economics, and how LGBT indoctrination among children is only getting worse.Get the smile you want with Candid's aligners. Go to and use code LAUREN for $75 OFF :)Get your Black Rifle Coffee today: and enter the code LAUREN for 20% OFF your first order!
No Nut November, the internet challenge where men abstain from sexual activity for an entire month, has gone viral. But a Rolling Stone article recently accused the movement of having ties to the far right and misogyny, and it’s far from the only publication to do so. Does NNN deserve the hate? Or is it a needed balance to our society’s over-reliance on pornography?Become a part of the FreedomWorks community! Text 'Lauren' to 52886.Enroll at Ashford University now by going to
In an interview with the Telegraph, Wednesday Martin encouraged husbands to let their wives cheat on them as a Christmas present, arguing that monogamy is harder for women than it is for men. This isn't the first time a major media outlet has touched on the subject of female infidelity. Are women really less suited for marriage than men? And why is there now a push to excuse women's infidelity?Go to and enter the code LAUREN for 20% OFF your first order!Get your L. organic tampons, pads, and liners RIGHT NOW by going to visit 
Michael Moreno, a student at Weber State University, recently released audio of his instructor, Ryan Wash, going on a strange, racist anti-white tirade in which he questioned the existence of space. As disappointing as it is, this is par for the course when it comes to the far-left's takeover of academia.Get your QUIP toothbrush and start brushing better TODAY. Go to to get your first refill for FREE!
Katie Hill, the former congresswoman from California, was recently the victim of "revenge porn" when nude photos of her were posted online without her permission. As tragic as that was, the photos also drew to attention to her improper relationships with current and former staffers. In her resignation speech, Hill condemned misogyny and the leaked photos and evoked #MeToo-style rhetoric. But considering she resigned to avoid an ethics investigation, was this hypocritical?
Vice recently did a video exploring "formicophilia," which is a kink involving bugs, such as maggots and worms. Yes, really. In contrast to that, Kanye West finally released his gospel  album "Jesus Is King" and is living a new Christian lifestyle.
In this episode, we take a look at the subreddit r/ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM, a hub for far-left activity and calling everyone Nazis.Quip starts at just $25 and you'll get your first refill FREE at
A Texas father is losing custody of his 7-year-old son James, who his mother insists is a trans girl named "Luna." Then, what being post-political means in a clown world gone crazy, and why Miley Cyrus is in trouble for saying "You don't have to be gay." And finally, several Pachamama idols that were in a Catholic church were thrown into the Tiber River. Some Catholics cheered this, others condemned it as "thievery," and many more wondered what they were doing in a church in the first place.Get your L. organic tampons, pads, and liners RIGHT NOW by going to visit
While you might think that Gentleman's Quarterly would be a bastion for the masculine in this era of feminism, in reality GQ has a very different idea. In its most recent edition, the "New Maculinity Edition," the magazine features pieces from "experts" on masculinity such as Hannah Gadsby, the feminist activist behind the infamous Netflix special "Nanette." Lauren weighs in on their ideas for this new masculinity. Protect your home with SimpliSafe! Get FREE shipping and a 60-day risk free trial at 
Over the past week environmental activists from the Extinction Rebellion movement have taken the internet by storm. Who exactly are these people, and what are they protesting for? And, why is it easy to imagine that they produce more methane than livestock? These and other important questions will be answered in this episode. Protect your online activity TODAY with ExpressVPN. Get 3 months FREE with a 1-year package at
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Keymer Wilingham

Feminists HATE MEN! They want men hooked on porn and worthless. Narcissistic low lifes.

Nov 12th
Reply (1)

Keymer Wilingham

Great Episode. The biggest issue is that women don't understand, or rather refused to understand, that men and women are attracted to different things. A woman saying that she refuses to downgrade is probably looking at it from a purely financial standpoint. Which is borderline idiotic because that's not how men view women. We just don't care how much money you make three-quarters of the time...

Oct 9th


I have a question. How do you measure "distress"? I do not know a single teen or preteen in my life that hasn't shown distress....

Aug 11th
Reply (1)

Max Stahl

What the hell was that Disneyland fight, a scene from Jackass?

Jul 30th
Reply (1)

Marco DM

Until fascism and nazism won’t be correctly grouped with socialism and communism. Politics and history will always incomprehensible

Jun 17th

Victor Garcia

it seems like this common in liberal cities

Jun 12th


"Toxic Fandom". I've never heard that before. It's so true. People are ridiculous with these shows. it's just a show, move on with your lives haha.

May 28th
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