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Psychic Circus w/ Dr. Lars Dingman the Tunes Psychic
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Psychic Circus w/ Dr. Lars Dingman the Tunes Psychic

Author: Dr. Lars Dingman

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Comedy Psychic: I'm funny and psychic both.
62 Episodes
Lars does an in-studio reading for Corryn, an Astrologer who got screwed over by two business partners. How can someone who can 'see the future' get cheated? Its hilariously easier than you think.
Chase the Intern

Chase the Intern


Dr. Dingman gives a psychic reading to Chase the intern... who doesn't seem to understand what 'interning' is all about
Dr Lars appears on the Steve Cochran podcast to take questions from listeners, do a reading for the host and explain why Men are different from Women... and what we can all do about it.
This week, Dr. Dingman says the Universe says Valerie IS the prize, Jodi needs to grab her life back and Tom stands at the gateway to a promising new job
On this episode, Dr. Lars see that Joe's mom is a happy ghost, Todd rows himself up to a new vibration, The Universe talks Tom out of committing a crime and Mike's life is so rocky he needs to sing the Rocky theme to change his vibration.
2019 Predictions SHOW Lars Guests with Patrick & Putney to review his year end predictions for 2018 (100% accurate) and make new predictions for 2019. He also talks with WGN Radio's Patti Vazquez about past lives. Caller Kathy will need crayons to save her marriage, Lars explains his psychic gift comes from Nikola Tesla's secret journals, and Paula belongs in the woods. All on one mystical, hilarious show. For more on Men in the Middle, go to:
This week, Dr. Dingman has lots of surprises for his callers - some they really don't want to hear! Jes got dumped, listen and you'll figure out why. Dr. Kathy's poop tells all about her. Megan is down and only Jerry Lewis can save her. Kristen the comic needs a new Sugar Daddy (or a real job) Kady's getting a ring and Josh is getting baby.
This week's episode features Becca, the Porn Star who won't sleep with her boyfriends... unless they pay her, A Contractor's slutty girlfriend costs a caller a job, Jim's a Swinger and he doesn't even know it and Cathy isn't cheating on her man... just flirting. A LOT. The Universe says THAT COUNTS!
Dr. Lars tells TISH to get off her leash to find her better life.William doesn't jump because he finds his Angel, Clarence.3 Patsy Cline songs tell Michelle to make up with her bestie...before its too late.
Mike has a new job and new lover coming... thanks to his Karaoke skills.Elaine's dead bird points her towards a new chapter.UFO Rich calls back to thank Lars for alerting him EARLY to his Cancer, and is now cancer-free!
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Sherri Lynn Herrmann

You are officially poppin' my podcast cherry, can not wait for my first listen!! Peace

Jul 21st

zedean starshdaow

Sherri Lynn Herrmann how was it for you?

Aug 13th

Natasa Komlenic

Absolutely awesome!

Jul 8th
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