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Author: Dr. Corey J. Nigro

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Weekly discussions and perspectives on all aspects of psychology, neuropsychology, psychopharmacology, and mental health topics. Psychoeducation, information, misinformation, controversy, and passion about an incredibly relevant and misunderstood medical field.
Comments (4)


my gosh the woman is TERRIBLE! and how ignorant and offensive of her to label bulimics as the "ones with weight on them".

Feb 15th

Tilly Leaona

really bad podcaster. good information but he speaks horribly sounds like he is reading from books without knowing what they even mean. ew.

Aug 25th

Irina Ivanova

What's with the spooky sound in the beginning of the episode? It really made me shiver 😟

Jun 19th

Mindy Vest

OMG! Listening to this almost brings me to tears 😢, and I am at work (lol). I was married to this, almost EXACTLY, as you describe it, for 15 years. I had no idea what was going on, the egg shells and the knot in my stomach the size of Texas, just at the thought of going home. being there was EXACTLY like sitting at a slot machine pulling the handle and just waiting to see if you should brace, or breathe. it is terrifying and you unravel, feeling like you are crazy. I tried to roll him what was going on and how I felt, but he would tell me I was imagining things and I didn't feel like that because there WAS NOTHING WRONG HERE. it's traumatic. then to pursue a divorce with this kind of personality is a whole other level of "fun." wow! this really resignates... thank God I escaped with some of my mental health still intact. untreated and un diagnosed... its a ride that I wouldn't wish on anyone as a spouse.

Nov 30th