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A vet-led podcast discussing military science fiction. We stopped editing out the cursing, but the general level of discussion is likely PG-13 for occasional juvenile crassness. Don't listen to us in church, you may burst into flames.

PRPG, PR&PG, scifi, sci-fi
33 Episodes
It may take another month or two, but we shall return... stronger, faster, mo better!
Capt PAPA-79 & Sgt ROOK-541 are lost on Ruggit V and must face off against a pair of vicious DogBunnies? Fluffy Grumpkins? Pugbit? Flophounds? Fanghare? DeathBunBuns? HoppityCrunches? Nate and his son Chief tell a rickety, silly tale, where Nate makes a bunch of Monty Python references that go over his son's head. 
Beli, Doc Oats, and Nate...almost f*k it up... but here it is
Our Trailer for our FOB Theater on 1985's Enemy Mine Beli, Doc Oats, and Nate
Notes will go up tomorrow. Boogered a thing or two and had to "correct" myself. It's Romulan Warbird and Klingon Bird of Prey
Borger King Locutus in the House Show Notes:
PRPG News - July 2019

PRPG News - July 2019


EDIT: Uploaded louder audio with some minor edits. Show notes:
 Our final installment on the first 3 episodes of this classic anime series.  Part 3 of 3 for Ep 1-3: the SDF-1 Audio clip: Archer (C) Fox (Disney now? So Lana is a Disney Princess? What about Ray? These jokes never get old)
Part 2 of Nate & Doc Oat's discussion on Medics in SciFi Notes on the website:
So, it's after midnight and my eyes are bleeding, but the episode (at least part 1) is up. We ran long so I split it into 2 segments. Here's part one (ep 8). Part 2 will go up next week.  We talk Medics in scifi with Doc Oats! Remember, hydrate and change your socks.
 Not happy with the audio quality. Computer crashed and the recovery file had clicks... @_@ Part 2 of 3 for Ep 1-3: the Battle above Macross
Part 1 of 3 for Ep 1-3: the Battle for Macross Island
Episode 008 Teaser

Episode 008 Teaser


Damnit Jim! I need a Medic.  Next time on PR&PG we discuss Medics (or the lack thereof) in Military SciFi. 
Teal'c son Bra'c is Class 4 Dental, big surprise
SG1 screwed things up and now they have to deal with it.
SG1 & SG3 vs one nasti virii
Poppa Bear, Jay, and Nate discuss Robotics and Drones in the warspace and elsewhere.
Took us forevah! But yes, here it is our discussion of SciFi Tech (specifically weapons) that have entered reality. Railguns, Rods from God, the 3rdArm, and.... ugh Kirk Fu! Also... some plugs:   & and   <<< Get your WarpCore Cafe poster before Saturday March 24th or it's gone! Additional Show Notes:
Episode 006 Teaser

Episode 006 Teaser


A quick teaser, because as always editing is taking too long. AND! to get a plug in for Jeff Carlisle's "Another Night at the Warp Core Cafe" Limited run Print. It's only $45 and only available until Saturday March 24th!
Our Feb 2019 News bonus episode. We talk AI, Star Wars video Games, Starship Troopers the TV show or movie, and much more. Show Notes and Article Links:
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Marc Wason

such a disappointment

Jan 28th

Marc Wason

this episode was great fun

Jan 28th

Marc Wason


Feb 21st

Marc Wason

this is a hoot

Oct 7th
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