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Welcome to Punch Drunk TV where best frenemies Aaron Pruner and Jack Conway meet each week as they discuss everything they love and hate about TV. From the latest news to their picks for Winner and Loser of the week, these industry insiders offer an offbeat and hysterical perspective on all things television. Follow Aaron and Jack on Twitter at @aaronflux and @flatlinejack, and check out the podcast’s Facebook page at
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Punch Drunk TV Ep. 70: 'Big Mouth' Strikes Again
It is officially the Halloween season which means that DJ SpookNasty and MC Tummy Troubles have emerged from their hidey holes to do their bidding. All alcohol and no sleep make Punch Drunk TV a fun little trainwreck to behold... NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: "SNL" is giving David S. Pumpkins his own Halloween animated special. Tom Hanks will voice the character and the special will air on Saturday, October 28 Kevin McDonald says Lorne Michaels wants to bring the "Kids in the Hall" back to TV Jon Hamm will play archangel Gabriel in Neil Gaiman’s “Good Omens” on Amazon Connie Britton will star opposite Angela Bassett and Peter Krause in Ryan Murphy’s new FOX series, “911” Hulu added “Home Improvement” & “Boy Meets World” to its TGIF programming lineup. All 140 episodes of "Futurama" will begin airing on SYFY on Saturday, Nov. 11. The series will air Mondays & Tuesdays from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., & Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. NBC has renewed Marlon for a Season 2. Jerrod Carmichael signed a two-year overall deal with 20th Century TV -- the company that produced “The Carmichael Show.” He’ll be developing new projects for the company, with the possibility of starring as well. QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Which TV-themed character would make a great Halloween costume? AARON’S LOSERS: "Ghosted" and "Will & Grace"JACK’S LOSERS: "Wisdom of the Crowd," "Will & Grace" and "The Inhumans" AARON’S FENCERS: "Saturday Night Live" and "American Horror Story: Cult" JACK’S FENCERS: "Neo Yokio"AARON’S WINNERS: "Ten Days in the Valley," "Big Mouth," "Rick and Morty," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "The Long Shot," "Last Man on Earth" and "The Exorcist"JACK’S WINNERS: "The Gifted," "Ten Days In the Valley," "Rick and Morty," "Big Mouth" and "Channel Zero: No End House" Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and comment! Find us on Twitter at: @PunchDrunk_TV, @flatlinejack  @aaronflux and @coyjandreau Join the conversation on Facebook. As always, #ClinktheDrink 
Punch Drunk TV Ep. 69 (Part 1): Coy Daddies
Hey Clinkers, it turns out Episode 69 was such a special endeavor on our parts that we had to break the thing up into two parts! So, you're welcome. For the first time in Punch Drunk TV history, we brought a guest on (aside from our lovely wives) to join us in the television chaos. And for you old school Pass the Effin' Remote listeners, you know what that means: It's the return of Jack's favorite game segment, Guess the Premise!  Coy Jandreau from Marvel Movie News and many acting things joins us, mostly to geek out about comic book things and spread some Lethal Weapon love. But as one would expect things get nutty pretty quickly... NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: “The Walking Dead” is now allowed to say “fuck.” That’s right! AMC has buckled and will allow two instances of the f-word each season of “The Walking Dead,” as well as “Fear the Walking Dead.” HBO has officially ordered Damon Lindelof’s “Watchmen” series. Joe and Anthony Russo are turning the Image Comics’ series “Deadly Class” into a TV show at Syfy. The story is a “coming of age journey set against the backdrop of late-’80s counterculture and follows a teen who gets recruited into a high school for assassins." David Cronenberg's “Scanners” is being turned into a TV show. Lionsgate, Paramount and Skydance are all currently fighting to get the series. Spike has canceled “The Mist” after one season. The final six episodes of “Game of Thrones” will cost $15-million dollars each to make. Apple TV is in the process of acquiring new original series to rival Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. One of the projects they have put a bid on is a modern version of Stephen Spielberg’s “Amazing Stories." If done right, it could be a huge win for the platform. THE RETURN OF GUESS THE PREMISE: Coy and Jack pitched new ideas for FOX's "The Nice Girls," Showtime's "Kidding," Hulu's "Dawn," Gaumont Television's Stephen King adaptation, "8" and Lifetime's "A Midsummer's Nightmare" Spoiler: Coy won... Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and comment! Find us on Twitter at: @PunchDrunk_TV, @flatlinejack and @aaronflux Join the conversation on Facebook. As always, #ClinktheDrink 
Punch Drunk TV Ep. 68: American Vandal Dicks
NEWS: David Lynch told EW in an interview that he’d be open to another season of “Twin Peaks” but it wouldn’t see the light of day for another four years if it happened. Comedy Central has renewed Trevor Noah’s contract as host of "The Daily Show" through to 2022 FOX is developing a TV reboot of the movie “True Lies” based on the 1994 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim will pen the script, which is said to be “a modern version of the story about how a suburban couple adjusts when one of them is revealed to be a spy.” McG and James Cameron are on as executive producers. Entertainment One and Israel-based production company Armoza Formats are developing an American version of their reality show, “Sex Tape,” which will “feature one-hour episodes in which three couples shoot their own sex lives for an entire week. Then they meet with a relationship expert and the other couples to view the footage and confront truths about one another.” AARON’S LOSERS: "The Strain"JACK’S LOSERS: "The Orville" AARON’S FENCERS: "Broad City," "American Horror Story: Cult" and "Rick and Morty"JACK’S FENCERS: "The Emmys," "Apollo Gauntlet" and "Rick and Morty" AARON’S WINNERS: "Channel Zero: No-End House," "South Park," "Vice Principals" and "American Vandal" JACK’S WINNERS: "Broad City," "Master of None," "American Vandal," "The Deuce" and "Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories" Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and comment! Find us on Twitter at: @PunchDrunk_TV, @flatlinejack and @aaronflux Join the conversation on Facebook. As always, #ClinktheDrink
Punch Drunk TV Ep. 67: Dan Aykroyd is the Real Pennywise
  We're on the verge of the most wonderful time of the year -- spooky season is almost upon us! With that said, we tackle a very serious topic in Episode 67: What is horror?  Seriously, since everyone is debating whether "It" is a horror film, we dive into the meaning of the word and what types of horror entertainment we really find scary. Turns out Dan Aykroyd from "The Twilight Zone Movie" scarred Jack and me as children. Who'd have thought? NEWS: 8.6 million viewers tuned into Seth McFarlane’s “The Orville” on Sunday. AMC renewed "Ride with Norman Reedus" for a 3rd season before the Season 2’s Nov. 5 premiere.  George R.R. Martin's "Nightflyers" has been picked up by Syfy. The series is “set in the future on the eve of Earth's destruction and follows a crew of explorers who journey on the most advanced ship in the galaxy, the Nightflyer, to intercept a mysterious alien spacecraft that might hold the key to their survival. As the crew nears their destination, they discover that the ship’s artificial intelligence and never-seen captain may be steering them into deadly and unspeakable horrors deep in the dark reaches of space.” Netflix is keeping fans in the dark regarding the premiere date for “The Punisher.” Instead of being exact, a recent press release promoting the series had the premiere date redacted from the email. Marvel will bring the show to NY Comic Con in October, so it’ll probably hit the streaming service soon after. HISTORY has ordered a sixth season of “Vikings.” The 20-episode season will begin shooting this fall. Season 5 will have a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 29. Olivia de Havilland’s lawsuit against FX and Ryan Murphy for her depiction in “Feud” has moved forward. The defamation lawsuit will begin on Nov. 27. Phil Lord and Chris Miller have moved back to TV after being fired from the Han Solo movie. They are developing a series at ABC titled “We Can Do Better.” It’s about a “newly ‘woke’ soccer mom who must navigate life in the south as a parent, wife, American citizen, and daughter of hardcore conservative parents.” The pilot script was written by “Community” and “Last Man on Earth” alum, Liz Cackowski. With the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards airing this weekend, we dig into some of our predictions. Who do you think should win? AARON’S LOSERS: "Preacher" and "The Orville" JACK’S LOSERS: "According to Chrisley" and "The Orville"AARON’S FENCERS: "Fear the Walking Dead" and "American Horror Story: Cult" JACK’S FENCERS: "I Am Frankie"AARON’S WINNERS: "Top of the Lake: China Girl," "Insecure," "Bojack Horseman" and "Rick and Morty"JACK’S WINNERS: "Rick and Morty," "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver," "Room 104," "The Mayor" and "The Tick" Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and comment! Find us on Twitter at: @PunchDrunk_TV, @flatlinejack and @aaronflux Join the conversation on Facebook. As always, #ClinktheDrink
Punch Drunk TV Ep. 66: 'American Horror Story: Cult' ... Too Soon?
Instead of giving you a quirky intro to this entry, let's just dive right into the question of the week: What TV genres and trends have stayed their welcome and need to go? It's one of many topics we address in Episode 66 and invite our dear Clinkers to play along in the comments of our Facebook page. Join us, won't you? NEWS: According to TorrentFreak, Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” has hit a billion illegal downloads. You monsters! The season premiere of “American Horror Story: Cult” brought in 3.93 million viewers. This is a 24 percent decline in ratings compared to last year’s "Roanoke." Netflix has placed a two season order for a “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” prequel series from Ryan Murphy and Sarah Paulson called “Ratched.” It will begin in 1947 and follow “Ratched’s” path from “nurse to full-fledged monster,” and it will “track her murderous progression through the mental health care system.” The first two episodes of “Inhumans” premiered on 676 IMAX screens over the weekend, grossing an estimated $2.6 million globally. In America, it brought $1.5 million in at the box office. To put it into perspective, this past weekend’s 40th Anniversary screenings of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” brought in $2.6 million at the U.S. box office. Ouch. Lin-Manuel Miranda updated the “Magic School Bus” theme song for Netflix’s reboot. While Kate McKinnon will star, Lily Tomlin is returning to supply the voice for Professor Frizzle as she hands over the keys to her younger sister Ms. Frizzle (McKinnon). Antonio Banderas will play Pablo Picasso in Nat Geo’s next season of “Genius.” Chris Pine has signed on to play Bobby Kennedy in an untitled limited series for Hulu. Sean Spicer will be a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Sept. 13. Hillary Clinton will be a guest on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Sept. 19 HBO will bring an end to “Veep” after Season 7 in 2018. Syfy has canceled “Blood Drive” after one season and “Dark Matter” after three seasons. TNT canceled “Will” after one season. It averaged just 697,000 viewers per episode. After Amazon renewed “Z: The Beginning of Everything” and opened up a writers room for a Season 2, spending roughly $7 million on the new episodes, it decided to cancel the show instead. AARON’S LOSERS: "Disjointed" and "Little Evil" JACK’S LOSERS: "Gear Dogs" and "ABC Fall Preview" AARON’S FENCERS: "Preacher" and "American Horror Story: Cult"JACK’S FENCERS: "Guilty Rich" and "Claws" AARON’S WINNERS: "Epic’ly Later’d," "You’re the Worst," "Twin Peaks" and "Room 104"JACK’S WINNERS: "American Horror Story: Cult," "Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale" and "The Deuce" Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and comment! Find us on Twitter at: @PunchDrunk_TV, @flatlinejack and @aaronflux Join the conversation on Facebook. As always, #ClinktheDrink
Punch Drunk TV Ep. 64: Who's Defending 'The Defenders'?
Every time Jack exclaims we'll have a short episode, we end up going over three hours. So needless to say, Episode 64 goes long. But there's a lot to be covered: We workshop some new morning show personalities for you all, discuss  Joss Whedon's feminist short-comings and throw some names into the "Game of Thrones" death pool. [Have you checked out CastBox, yet? It's a cool platform and it's free to join -- for both listeners and podcasters alike. Go there, won't you?] NEWS: The “Stranger Things” creators have confirmed a third season is a done deal and they would like to wrap the series after a fourth season -- which hasn’t been ordered yet. Paul Scheer has been tapped to write the pilot for a “Galaxy Quest” TV show. The original cast from the movie have been approached to star but no new details have emerged. The “Xena” reboot is officially dead at NBC Lorne Michaels confirms that season 24 of “SNL” will run live coast-to-coast. Stephen Soderbergh is working on a new series for HBO titled, “Mosaic,” starring Sharon Stone and Garrett Hedlund. Soderbergh calls it a “branching narrative piece” where viewers will be encouraged to download an app to their mobile device which will prompt choices a viewer can make while watching the show. Mosaic will have a “fixed universe” and the choices you make won’t actually impact what happens in the story. Instead, the app will allow viewers to rearrange the story into a different order, or at least view things in any order they choose. Starz has picked up a new series from Jerry Bruckheimer and RZA tentatively titled, “Black Samurai.” It’s based on Marc Olden’s 1974 book of the same name and will star Common as “an American Army Ranger named Robert Sand who meets a Japanese martial arts master and trains to become a samurai. After his sensei and brothers are murdered, he embarks on a “worldwide journey of both revenge and self-discovery.” In a statement, the producers say the show will be “a mash-up of the spy and martial-arts genres and infused with the heart, soul, and music of Common and the Wu-Tang Clan.” Netflix has renewed “Friends from College” for a second season. Vincenzo Natali, the director of ‘90s horror movie “Cube” -- as well as episodes of “Westworld,” “Hannibal” and “Orphan Black” -- will direct the pilot episode for Kevin Bacon’s “Tremors” series. MTV is bringing back “MTV: Unplugged” on September 8. As AVClub states, the show will cater to a “new generation of people who probably have no idea who Eric Clapton is.” The premiere will feature an acoustic set from singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes. We don’t know who else will be featured but a press release from MTV teases an "eclectic, superstar lineup of global pop culture artists." After the success of MTV’s rebooted “Fear Factor” series (starring Ludacris), the network has renewed the series for 20 more episodes. ABC has tapped Gary Janetti (a guy who wrote for both “Will and Grace” and “Family Guy”) to write and produce a “The Jetsons” live-action multi-cam sitcom. Seriously. QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Which "global pop star" would you want to see play acoustic on "MTV: Unplugged?" AARON’S LOSERS: "Marlon" and "The Defenders"JACK’S LOSERS: "Dice" and "Marlon" AARON’S FENCERS: "Preacher" and "Atypical" JACK’S FENCERS: "Parker Plays Disney," "White Gold" and "The Defenders"AARON’S WINNERS: "Game Face," "Rick and Morty," "Room 104," "Difficult People," "Game of Thrones" and "Halt and Catch Fire" JACK’S WINNERS: "Desus and Mero," "Rick and Morty," "Game of Thrones" and those classic "Disney Park Videos" on YouTube Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and comment! Find us on Twitter at: @PunchDrunk_TV, @flatlinejack and @aaronflux Join the conversation on Facebook. As always, #ClinktheDrink  
Punch Drunk TV Ep. 63: Dan Harmon Shows You His Spiral
It's been a garbage fire of a week. We can all agree on that, yes? So while we attempt to concentrate solely on the TV items of the week that really got our attention, Episode 63 of Punch Drunk TV does delve a wee bit into the chaos America has gone through over the past few days. There's talk of Nazis and Donald Trump in this episode. You've been warned... NEWS: HBO still thinks "Confederate" is a good idea and has released a new statement defending the series’ development. HBO Espana and HBO Nordic accidentally posted this Sunday’s episode of “Game of Thrones,” titled “Death is the Enemy,” ahead of time. HBO has been in an alleged standoff with a hacker who has demanded money from the company. HBO denies offering the hacker money, but an email was leaked detailing a “$250,000 bounty payment.” In the end, new episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Insecure” and “Ballers,” along with shows that have yet to premiere, “Barry” and “The Deuce” were leaked to torrent sites. Bryan Fuller and Martha De Laurentiis have begun talks in bringing "Hannibal" back for a fourth season. Amazon is turning the Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett novel “Good Omens” into a miniseries starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant. NBC is shutting down Seeso later this year.  Seth Meyers is developing a “The Munsters” reboot at NBC. According to Deadline, it will be “a half-hour single-camera” series and “follow members of an offbeat family who are determined to stay true to themselves but struggle to fit in in hipster Brooklyn.” Netflix has canceled "Gypsy" after one season but has renewed "Ozark" and "GLOW." Netflix has signed a multi-year deal with Shonda Rhimes, creator of ABC's "Grey’s Anatomy," "Scandal," "How to Get Away With Murder" and "The Catch."  Jenji Kohan, the creator of "Orange is the New Black" and "GLOW," has a new show coming to Lifetime. It’s called “American Princess” and is an hourlong drama about a woman who runs away from her old life to serve as a “wench-in-waiting” at a Renaissance Faire... NOPE. Nia Vardalos, the woman from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," is set to star in a new dramedy for Bravo called “Suburban Famous.” It’ll be loosely based on her own life experiences—and, apparently, the time she met the Chewbacca Mom while doing a morning show... QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What show do you watch to help you relax and go to sleep at night? AARON’S LOSERS: "The Strain" and "Ryan Hansen Solves Crime on Television" JACK’S LOSERS: "Baller Wives," "Swedish Dicks," "I Hart Food" and Donald Trump’s "Real News Updates" AARON’S FENCERS: "Preacher" and "Rick and Morty"JACK’S FENCERS: "Rick and Morty" and "Weekend Update" AARON’S WINNERS: "Vice News Tonight," "The History of Comedy," "Ducktales," "What Would Diplo Do," "Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later" and "Game of Thrones"JACK’S WINNERS: "States of Undress," "Desus and Mero," "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Game of Thrones," "Hoarders" and in a special Winner/Fencer/Loser combo... "Voltron: Legendary Defender" Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and comment! Find us on Twitter at: @PunchDrunk_TV, @flatlinejack and @aaronflux Join the conversation on Facebook. As always, #ClinktheDrink  
Punch Drunk TV Ep. 62: Like Harrison Ford, We're Getting... Tantric?
Welcome to Punch Drunk TV. We're a podcast that drinks and yells about television. Do you remember us? It's been a while ... three weeks to be exact. And holy crap so much has happened in the 21 days we've been on hiatus! There was Comic-Con and the TCA Summer Tour but now Jack and Aaron are back, so let's just get into it, shall we? NEWS: Disney will pull all their movies from Netflix at the end of 2018. But hey, they’ll be creating their own stand-alone streaming service that will launch in 2019. After 21 years, Jon Stewart will be starring in his first stand-up special on HBO. YouTube has announced a Karate Kid sequel series, titled "Cobra Kai," starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, reprising their roles in a new half hour comedy. It’ll follow Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence as they manage battling dojos. Former "Walking Dead" showrunner Glen Mazzara will be bringing "The Dark Tower" TV series to the small-screen. It’ll apparently follow the story of the books, which the movie did not do. Netflix has just acquired the rights to Mark Millar’s Millarworld, aka his entire line of comics which includes the likes of "Kick-Ass," "Wanted" and "Kingsman." And others Jack should talk about. Netflix is partnering with Joel and Ethan Coen for an original Western anthology series called "The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs." Told in the Coens’ signature sardonic style, each episode of the series will focus on a different tale of the American West. The Coens will write and direct all six episodes, which will star "O Brother, Where Art Thou’s" Tim Blake Nelson as the eponymous Buster Scruggs, along with “many others.” David Letterman is teaming up with Netflix for a six-episode series of “in-depth conversations with extraordinary people, and in-the-field segments expressing his curiosity and humor.” About the show, Letterman says, “I feel excited and lucky to be working on this project for Netflix. Here’s what I have learned: if you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first. Thanks for watching, drive safely.” Lifetime has renewed "UnREAL" for a fourth season, keeping the show on the network through to 2019 Fox has a live musical version of "A Christmas Story" coming in December. It’ll star Maya Rudolph as Mrs. Parker, Ralphie and Randy’s mother. ABC asked Sean Spicer to join the cast of "Dancing with the Stars." Sean Spicer said no. Vin Diesel is out to reboot "Miami Vice" for NBC. According to AV Club, the reboot “will reflect today’s sexy police officers, as well as the many changes the past 27 years have seen in cocaine” MTV is rebooting TRL, aka "Total Request Live," and will premiere on October 2. It’ll be shot at the network’s iconic Times Square studio, which has been expanded to 8,700 square feet to allow for bigger audiences and simultaneous productions that will cater to its new accompanying digital segments. Jack’s favorite show, "The Middle," will end after its upcoming ninth season Hulu is adding the classic TGIF lineup to its service. That’s every single episode of "Full House," "Family Matters," "Step By Step," "Perfect Strangers" and "Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper." Amazon has announced that Prime subscribers can now enjoy their own batch of old ‘80s and ‘90s sitcoms. "Roseanne," "3rd Rock From The Sun," "A Different World," "Grace Under Fire," "Cybill" and "Grounded For Life" will hit the service in August. BBC is working with former "British Baking Show" host, Mary Berry, on a new food competition series. It’ll tentatively be titled "Britain’s Best Cook" and have Berry branching out from the baking realm into the “wider world of food.” AARON’S LOSERS "Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later," "The Lowe Files" and "Friends from College"JACK’S LOSERS: "The Lowe Files" and "Hooten and the Lady" AARON’S FENCERS: "The Strain" and "Mr. Mercedes"JACK’S FENCERS: "Comrade Detective," "The Last Shot" and "Game of Thrones" AARON’S WINNERS: "World of Dance," "Icarus," "What Would Diplo Do," "Room 104," "Get Shorty," "Rick and Morty," "Insecure," "Twin Peaks" and "Ozark"JACK’S WINNERS "Funny How?," "Ozark," "Room 104," "Voltron" and "Get Shorty" Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and comment! Find us on Twitter at: @PunchDrunk_TV, @flatlinejack and @aaronflux Join the conversation on Facebook. As always, #ClinktheDrink
Punch Drunk TV Ep. 61: San Diego Comic-Con Nonsense
It's the week before Comic-Con so we're extra loopy. Please forgive the rambling and get yourselves ready for SDCC insanity! Oh, also we talk for three hours ... and some of the show is about TV, promise! What are you looking forward to at Comic-Con? Are you going? Shout us out in the comments -- maybe we'll meet up for drinks and hugs! NEWS: Bill Skarsgard, aka Pennywise from the "IT" remake, is going to appear in Hulu’s “Castle Rock” series. He won’t be reprising his role as Pennywise, instead he’ll play “a young man with an unfortunate legal problem.” Hulu is now offering HBO and Cinemax subscriptions “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will return with new episodes to HBO on October 1 Netflix is developing a TV show inspired by Gerard Way’s Dark Horse comic book series “Umbrella Academy.” According to AV Club, “The series centers on a team of seven former kid superheroes, attempting to sort through the aftermath of their childhoods under the watch of a distant, mysterious adopted father. (Also, there’s a guy with a gorilla body, a time-traveling 10-year-old, and a woman who can kill you with a violin, if the previous description sounded a little too down to Earth.) “New Warriors” casting announcement: We have our Squirrel Girl! TNT has renewed “Claws” for a second season “Empire” and “Star” will crossover in their back-to-back season premieres on Wednesday, September 27. Michael Jackson’s estate and CBS are teaming up for an animated Halloween special. “Titled Michael Jackson's Halloween, the hour-long telecast will follow millennials Vincent (MacGyver star Lucas Till) and Victoria (The Flash film's Kiersey Clemons), who meet “accidentally” on Halloween night and find themselves, along with Ichabod the dog, at a mysterious hotel located at 777 Jackson Street called This Place Hotel. Once inside, Vincent and Victoria go an unexpected, magical adventure of personal discovery, culminating in a spectacular dance finale featuring an animated Jackson.” AARON’S LOSERS: "Chris D’Elia: Man on Fire" (Netflix) and "Will" (TNT)JACK’S LOSERS: "The Hollywood Puppet Shitshow" (Fuse) and "Candy Crush" (CBS) JACK’S FENCERS: "Hood Adjacent" (Comedy Central) AARON’S WINNERS: "World of Dance" (NBC), "Castlevania" (Netflix), "Preacher" (AMC), "Twin Peaks" (Showtime), "The Bold Type" (Freeform) and "The Defiant Ones" (HBO)JACK’S WINNERS: "Better Call Saul," (AMC), "GLOW" (Netflix), "Tour De Pharmacy" (HBO), "The Nineties" (CNN), "Lockup" (MSNBC) and "Castlevania" (Netflix) Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and comment! Find us on Twitter at: @PunchDrunk_TV, @flatlinejack and @aaronflux Join the conversation on Facebook. As always, #ClinktheDrink
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